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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Management Information Systems - The Technology-based Home of the Future.

    (62) He suggests that this is simply just the way it will be, given that larger, technology driven, companies are looking at entering the housing market. At no time in his article does he look at the issues involved in these new technologies. On the other hand, Stephan S, Intille, a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences, working with the team on the MIT Home of the Future Consortium looks at several issues concerning these new technologies. In his article "Designing a Home of the Future", he addresses issues such as whether or not the future home should automatically make all of the adjustments to the environment, or perhaps there is a better way.

    • Word count: 2057
  2. Describe and analyze your learning from these experiences, identifying the implications for you as manager.

    As there was no one to give orders to the group the members felt that no one really wanted be too outspoken, or to take charge of the group. I felt that we were holding back. On the occasions we had group meetings we would struggle to convey information to each other. . We agreed one what needed to be done but we didn't get it done. Looking back I believe the problem to be poor quality communication. For example, when we were talking in groups we would each decide the tasks, which needed to be done, then we would assign them to a certain member of the group.

    • Word count: 2020
  3. Individual Behavioral Case Analysis of a furniture store.

    The increasing confusion in the ordering process and escalation in workload have gradually deteriorated their morale. In June 1997, the remarkable drop in business turnover has finally provoked anxiety in the management team, which decided to confront the problem of poor collaboration network within the company. The Senior Operation Manager, Barry Searle, was called upon and asked to resolve what seemed to be every senior manager's concern: "How do we streamline the order process and make it easier for employees - especially those working from remote facilities - to enter ordering information?" Barry put together a new development team in an effort to improve the existing workflow.

    • Word count: 2666
  4. Why is organization culture and organizational politics important to information and knowledge management?

    Culture is the way we do things around here, a set of tacit assumptions that have developed over time. It is a form of unspoken knowledge, the seldom discussed assumptions that are behind the actions we take. Once a culture is acquired it is inherently stable. To improve the way an organization manages knowledge and information, change must be introduced. But in some cases, introducing change of any kind is analogous to throwing a spanner into a well functioning engine. Depending on the organizational culture and politics, it could be akin to throwing a monkey wrench and a power drill or two into the organizational engine.

    • Word count: 2013
  5. Should Software Engineers Be licensed?

    It is important to note that the subject of concern is safety-related software engineering not software engineering in general. Professional Organisation Membership In principal the notion that all involved in should be members of an appropriate professional organisation is in the best interests of the field of computing and the public. It will improve the robustness and quality of safety-related software. The problem lies with defining the grey area that signifies whether or not people are involved in the development.

    • Word count: 2643
  6. Report on Cheapo Oils' Health and Safety Issues.

    * Fire risk, either in a vehicle or near the oil storage tanks Sensitisation to the oil * Oil spillage or leaks (slip hazard) * Oil splashes into eyes * Risk of personnel being hit by moving vehicle The basis of successful safety management is the installation and maintenance of effective systems aimed principally at the prevention of accidents, ill-health and other forms of incident which result in loss to an organisation. Such systems should identify the standards to be maintained and the systems for monitoring and measuring performance in the achievement of these standards1.

    • Word count: 2625
  7. A Report on Recruitment and Selection.

    The report will also include a bibliography and appended documents. The Documents for Recruitment and Selection There are 4 main tasks involved for the process of recruitment and selection. If these tasks are done thoroughly the organisation will have good recruitment and selection process. They are: * Job analysis of the job (appendix 1) * Job description (appendix 3) * Person specification (appendix 4) * Job advertisement (appendix 5) These tasks were carried out on the chosen job of Sales Manager at an Argos store.

    • Word count: 2275
  8. The factors that motivate first line management in engineering companies.

    In every organisation motivation is a major subject. Every organisation wants its employees to be motivated to work and the organisation will try to help its employees to be motivated to their work. In summary, this research is of both personal and generic value in illuminating the impact of motivational techniques within a chosen organisational setting. Literature Review Engineering is simply context of the study but not the core. In the same way first line management are the population to be studied. Evans (1992) defines the First-Line Manager, as "the supervisor is the official manager of the work Like a manager he is responsible for determining objectives, planning/organising, communicating, controlling, motivating, etc", and this will be the definition brought forward for this study.

    • Word count: 2391
  9. This is a report for the Directors Board of the Cosmopolitan Hotels, to identify the projection of improving the business of the Wheatley Park Hotel over the next year.

    * We will offer 500 basic memberships that worth �500 each p.a. to local residents for using leisure facility which would potentially generate �25,000 extra profits p.a. 1.2 Quality Policy Statement and Measurable Objectives 1.2.1 Offering Quality Service After doing some researches based on academic theories and practical results and interviews, Total Quality Management (TQM) is a way to create competitive advantage to give the best services to customers - we have to focus on the service quality offered to customers in the competitive hotel environment.

    • Word count: 2721
  10. Annual Anxiety: The Quest for the Ideal Performance Evaluation

    The bottom line is employees want to know how they are doing, and their companies want to tell them. In a nutshell, the problem with most systems of performance evaluation is their failure to address more than a handful of specific traits the company deemed important at one time or another. The solution involves more than developing a new form, however. There are at least six factors that will lead a company to produce a system that works for employees, managers, and the company. Performance--The first factor necessary in the quest for the ideal performance evaluation is that it must be exactly that: performance based.

    • Word count: 2612
  11. Managing Diversity within the Organization

    Primarily, challenges associated with diversity need to be addressed and overcome in order to prevent serious problems. Challenges of Workforce Diversity The challenge facing diversity is to bond an organization that may be divided along lines of sex, race, ethnicity, religion and generation. Society is made up of different people therefore making it often difficult to unite those differences without creating a uniform strategy. One has to bear in mind that diversity in one business will be different from another business (Hodson, 1993).

    • Word count: 2128
  12. International Leadership & HRM The effective leadership model

    For example, interpersonal relationship orientation and task-oriented leadership behavior can effectively improve the performance of the organization and employee satisfaction. The characteristic of today?s global business world is by increasing the competitiveness and sustainable development. There is a very important thing, is the leadership. A business sustainable development is one of the biggest factors in their senior managers how to manage and lead. An important part of the operating organization, which is guiding the members toward goals and objectives, it is the process of leadership (Thomas and Cheese, 2005).

    • Word count: 2972
  13. What do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by discrimination? What do you see to be the primary moral justifications in favour of affirmative action? Based upon your position do you believe that affirmative action is justified? Why, or why not?

    The answer to this fundamental question is critical to answering additional questions regarding the essence and scope of discrimination. For example, is rational discrimination backed by good reasoning wrong? And is affirmative action, actually promotes equality or does positive discrimination in fact contradicts the notion and produce adverse results? The concept of discrimination mediates between moral and legal reasoning and is a subject that open grounds to many ambiguous and conflicting debates as it violates one of the fundamental ethical principles. Due to the boundless amounts of explanations for the existence of discrimination, it is too broad in scope for this essay to analyse in the depth required.

    • Word count: 2469
  14. HR Case Study - Nitish, a highly promising recruit, is finding it difficult to perform well in his job and is losing motivation

    Lack of consistent organization culture i.e. not completely mechanistic or organic in the company 3. Organization lacks structure hence leading to Role conflicts Eg. Meena who is an Operations Head is handling HR division without a clear reporting head 4. Director roles of Finance and HR are vacant implying the lack of Role models for the respective departments Opportunities 1. Head office appreciates the work for the divisions from India and France out of the existing 12 country divisions; hence viable chances of growth 2.

    • Word count: 2041
  15. HRM Essay. Every company in the modern world will have to handle employee disciplinary and grievance issues.

    employee thinks , believes or even feels as unfair , unjust or inequitable.? Discipline and Grievance both are "two faces of same of coin. The employee is direct to follows the discipline guidelines. Meaning of Discipline is relationship between teacher to a Student, Father to a Son and Employer to an Employee. In an Organization if Employee does not follow the instructions regarding Discipline then there is a Punishment for the particular employee. Whereas grievance is the topic that a reported registered by the worker to take care of by process provided in the union contract.

    • Word count: 2632
  16. Culture of HS Engineering. HS Engineering as a company is facing some potentially drastic changes to its values and identity

    Using an analogy of an overseas war, this will be fought on two fronts; the home front and overseas. The approach on each front will determine the future identity and profitability of HS Engineering. UK As with any major changes, one must always start with the home front, and the importance of eliminating any problems before the move cannot be stressed enough. Bower (1966) described corporate culture as ?the way we do things around here.? Using this loose description, HS Engineering has traditionally established itself as a family run firm, with many family members in key posts within the firm.

    • Word count: 2143
  17. Importance of Recruiting and Retaining the most skilled, qualified and talented staff in todays globalized economy

    An effective plan is of no use if unskilled and unqualified people are working on it. Hence an organization should recruit talented people only who can meet the global challenges faced by the organizations today. Also their retention is important because if an employee leaves the organization, it affects adversely. Recruitment process is very costly and time consuming, hence retention is important. INTRODUCTION In today?s world of Globalization, it is important for any organization to adopt International Human Resource Management. The Human Resource Managers have to think globally and the major challenges for them to work internationally are global recruitment, selection, training and managing diverse workforce.

    • Word count: 2431
  18. Asbestos: The health risk This report discusses Health and Safety issue that appears in Bolton Wanderers FC

    British Lung Foundation (2012) says that asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre which is mined in various parts of the world, notably South Africa and Canada. It can be processed in several ways for industrial use. Its properties of resistance to heat, electricity and sound, make it useful for a variety of purposes, particularly brake linings and insulation. HSE (2012) says that asbestos is a problem because large amounts of asbestos were used in new and refurbished buildings before 2000.

    • Word count: 2465
  19. Recent events in the banking sector have brought the issue of bonus payments into the spotlight. With reference to appropriate motivation theories, critically evaluate the statement the money motivates"

    Money, apparently, becomes the common measure to assess how effectively they work. It also comes out the question whether money is regard as the major motivation for the employment at work. While most of people consider money as a motivator at work, there are some theories taking further opposite consideration about this complex viewpoint. According to Ray French et al, 2011, ? Motivation to work refers to the forces within an individual that account for the level, direction and persistence of effort expended at work?. Besides, The dictionary of Business and Management defines ?Motivation may stem from processed taking place within an individual (intrinsic motivation)

    • Word count: 2192
  20. Discuss the main factors and issues that the Sparkle corporation took into consideration when decided to allow individual factories in different countries to carry on with their own approaches to HRM.

    Furthermore, responsibility was allocated all the way to the lowest possible level in the firm as a management principle, strengthening Sparkles' image of a well managed, open minded organisation. A study by Lawrence and Lorsch (1967 cited Jackson 2002 p.44) states that 'One of the key aspects of the strategic management of modern organisations is the balance between differentiation and integration'. Jackson (2002 p.44) argues that 'While flexibility is required in the way business is conducted differently in different locations, there is a need to integrate activity and coordinate not only business activity, but the way people are developed and deployed within the international organisation.

    • Word count: 2511
  21. Recent events in the banking sector have brought the issue of bonus payments into the spotlight. With reference to appropriate motivation theories, critically evaluate the statement that money motivates.

    They are tangible visible to others and contingent on performance. According to Dan Ariely a behavioral economist a bonus is a performance based pay dependent on a good performance. On the other hand, W. Edwards Deming criticizes the use of pay-for-performance scheme for its vagueness. Measuring performance is problematic because it is really subjective and based on manager?s views and values. It can cause unrest within the company if some of the workers would feel underestimated what would make them demotivated or dissatisfied about their jobs (French et al., 2005).

    • Word count: 2021
  22. Being part of a team is more important than leading it." Discuss.

    This idea has also been embraced by the business community. Yuki Funo the Chairman and CEO of Toyota motor, states that the ?Toyota way is the way to number 1?.[2] One of the principles of the Toyota way is to ?add value to the organization by developing your people and people can be developed by molding them into exceptional individuals and teams to work within the corporate philosophy2. Organisations constantly strive to develop new products, services, new technologies and deliver them to the market.

    • Word count: 2043
  23. In any consulting assignment what are the most important factors in determining a successful outcome?

    can be objective, independent, and trustworthy, (b) probably possess the needed experience, expertise and analytical skill, and (c) should have the time to take on projects that organizational members do not have.? (Armenakis and Burdg, 1988; pp.340). In general this report relies on the work related to consultancy success factors done by McLachlin (1999), Appelbaum (2004) and Schaffer (2002). As well as some success factors Schafer (2002) also provides a list of ?fatal flaws? that if present are likely to lead to an ?implementation gap? between the proposals of the consultant and the actions of the client.

    • Word count: 2338
  24. Communications barriers - "My shortcomings as a listener and how I plan to overcome them"

    Scope: Scope of this assignment is not only limited to the individual as communication is a vital skill in today?s complex business world. It is necessary to all of the functions that a business performs. It is the tool that allows information to flow between people. If we are able to have a visible meeting with the person, we can use body language such as nodding and other gestures to show that we are eagerly listening. If we are having trouble understanding fully, try paraphrasing what has been said back to the speaker to clarify any points.

    • Word count: 2163
  25. Head hunting. The growth of the executive search industry

    Therefore, considering the fact that ?the top incentive head-hunters offered was a better salary, followed by better career opportunities and a better title? (Rodier, 2011). It seems there is no doubt that this new field of commercial industry has thrived dramatically in the last 30 years throughout the world. In fact, that is part of the reason why a large number of people became willing to receive calls from head-hunters. Under increasingly intense competition, the emergence and growth of the headhunting business meets the great demand of a consultancy market as the pace of the internationalisation of companies is accelerating.

    • Word count: 2213

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