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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Human resource planning is the process of analytically reviewing human resource requirements to make certain that the required numbers of employees with the required skills are on hand when and where they are looked-for.

    Getting the basics right, both in administration and in core routine processes, is vital to gaining the trust of the organization in HR and to people considering it as an effective function. The foundations present the indicators of the two factors that make up the foundations. 'Supports people management' at its basic is also the ancestor to HR being able to facilitate people management. The foundations 1. Gets the fundamentals right Supports people management ? Delivers excellent services via high speed, low cost processes over the long term, not just the short term ?

    • Word count: 2930
  2. Flexibility. This essay will explore the employees and employers need for flexibility and hint at how the employees can align their work and personal life. The nature of work has changed in the context of globalisation. This has redefined flexibili

    The nature of work has changed in the context of globalisation. This has redefined flexibility in one of many ways: "It is the increased pace of change and the heightened significance placed on workforce flexibility which marks out the present from earlier periods" (Blyton et. al, 1992). Today flexibility has been recognized as a competitive advantage, and different forms of flexibility have been emphasized in different circumstances. Firms need to stay competitive outside the firm with rivals and obtain as much market share as possible, hence external competition.

    • Word count: 2330
  3. This essay will examine work-life balance by viewing it through the individuals, employers and governments perspective. Firstly, the issue of work-life balance will be explained. Secondly, how work-life balance is negatively affecting the individ

    In fact, workplace flexibility is an integral part of work-life balance to respond to the needs of employees at different stages of their lives (Hill et al. 2008, p.166). However, a significant disparity exists between male and female views of workplace flexibility. Conversely, workers and employers have different views with employees placing too much balance on life and employers on work (Johnson & Chadwick 2009, p.37). Nonetheless, employers also sought to achieve benefits for themselves from these new programs. For instance, the Kellogg Company introduced six-hour shifts in the 1930s and the morale of the workers and productivity increased (Lockwood 2003).

    • Word count: 2775
  4. Jinnikins Jeans' approach to HR

    Motivation of performance and competency building is insufficient. There are no objective criteria for individual performance evaluation. Without objective evaluation, JJs is having problems understanding de-motivation and other performance-related problems. There is no feedback system. The flaws in its performance management activities require resolution. Specific areas of improvement is the establishment of clear job functions, basic but complete rules covering performance targets and measures, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and transparent communication to ensure feedback sharing. Part I. JJs approach to HRM Jinnikins Jeans' (JJs) people management is informal and loosely structured making it a method of managing personnel without completely adopting HRM structure and strategic components.

    • Word count: 2534
  5. This journal talks about how the relationship of different personalities can contribute to career success. The benefit of career success goes to both individuals and organizations.

    According to Sonnenfeld and Kotter (1982), there are four stages of career theories in the career research development process. Psychological perspective is the first stage.The second stage is sociological perspective. The third stage is a combination of both psychological and sociological perspectives and the fourth stage is the current direction of career research. A certain high position in the organization also plays a major role on how an individual can climb the corporate ladder more succesfully compared to others. Those with higher internal control (meaning the person who believes that they control their life) make more money and obtain higher career statuses compared to those with higher external control (meaning they believe that their environment, some higher power or other people control their decisions and their life).

    • Word count: 2128
  6. Staffing the organisation

    An example is "medical investigation" which is not performed in CooperVision that could possibly lead to long term issues. The last part of the essay suggests recommendations for improvements in the recruitment and selection process with regards to the cons. For example, there is suggestion on performing medical checks on all employees before the decision to hire the personnel as some medical condition might make the candidate unfit for the job. Conclusion states structured, fair and professional selection process must be used in order to hire the right person. Introduction To manage a growing organization with 95 employees requires a Strategic Human Resource plan to maximize the use of people.

    • Word count: 2528
  7. The case is focused on ICI Pakistan, a public limited company. The company is experienced various regarding its training program which are highlighted in the later pages. The case thus revolves around the task of evaluation of MTO program assigned to Mr.

    The case provides an insight of the management training program of ICI which have a vital role in achieving company's goals. Company's MTO program started in 1976 after a number of developments were undergoing in personnel arena. It had threefold functions which were: i. To induct young talent at entry level ii. To recruit persons to be groomed succession planning iii. To enable the company to provide trained manpower to the community without any charge The major timeline with reference of HR is shown in the figure shown adjacent.

    • Word count: 2261
  8. People Issues in The Boundary Hotel. Boundary in all has 95 staff which comprises of kitchen, housekeeping, front of house staff and back office. Hierarchy is simple as this is the boutique property it does not have complicated organization structure.

    1) People issues in The Boundary hotel which could be shown through business performance check. Sr. No. Key Performance Indicators Rating ( 0-10 ) Overall Rating 1 Customer Service * Is the service satisfying and standardised? * Is the guest happy? * Is the USP creating WOW factor? * Guest loyalty? * Is the sales staff capable? 6 5 7 5 5 5 2 Product ( Food and beverages, rooms) * Guest delighted with service and quality of stay? * Is pricing of product is premium and competitive to rivals? * Perishability? 8 7 6 7 3 Sales * Are the sales are being achieved according to set objective?

    • Word count: 2973
  9. The Gender Gap in relation to the labour market.

    The main example of this is the gender pay gap i.e. the difference between how much men are paid compared to women. This gap continues to be in favour of males "The mean pay gaps for full-time, part-time and all employees in 2008 were 17.4 per cent, 15.2 per cent and 21.3 per cent respectively1 (ONS)". So why does this occur? One reason for this difference can be the human capital difference that an average male comes to the labour market with, rather than a woman. This originates to a deep-rooted view in society about gender segregation; in particular what society perceives is a suitable type of employment for the different genders.

    • Word count: 2647
  10. Organisational Development

    It is situated in the northeast of London, with a population of 225,000 and it was formed in 1965. The elected representative comprises of the Mayor, 60 Councillors forming the Cabinet, a Leader chosen from the ranks of councillors. They have the overall responsibility for Council budget and policy framework. It employs over 4000 staff. Services are provided by three directorates - Adult Social Care, Children and Young People and Environment and Regeneration. Also, there are five corporate directorates - Management board (Chief Executive and the heads of Services), Governance and Law, ICT, HR and Finance. At the heart of Waltham Forest Core Values actualisation is the Management Standards checklist.

    • Word count: 2238
  11. Critically discuss the Best Fit approach to strategic human resource management (HRM)

    The paper will conclude with assessment of how this research into strategic human resource management (SHRM) should be developed from this point forward and its implementation in real life. HRM includes everything associated with management employment relations in the firm. 'Strategic' implies to be critical in HRM for organisational effectiveness. How firm should make strategic choices in labour process is widely debatable topic that attracts international attention. Best Fit approach proposes that HR strategy will benefit if it is properly integrated with its specific organisational and environmental framework. However it is challenging to identify the most important contingencies in certain complex organisation and effectively bond them.

    • Word count: 2983
  12. Business Psychology

    There are six personality types: - The four humours - The Greeks believed that the body was made up of four main components or Four Humours. These Four Humours needed to remain balanced in order for people to remain healthy. The Four Humours were liquids within the body- blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. These could be connected to the four seasons of the year: Yellow Bile with summer, black bile with autumn, phlegm with winter and blood with spring.

    • Word count: 2625
  13. Star sign recruitment

    However, there are some companies that consider the candidates' blood group such as some Japanese companies as they believe that people of different blood groups have different characteristics <http://www.allsands.com/health/bloodtypeperso_zud_gn.htm>. There are also other companies that select candidates based from Chinese zodiac year of birth such as Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) in Thailand to make sure that the zodiac of the employees are supporting the managing director's zodiac so that there is no obstacle for the company improvement. For thousands and thousands of years, people believe that many natural events are supernatural as they could not explain them scientifically.

    • Word count: 2452
  14. Psychological Contracts

    (Clutterbuck 2005, pp.361) A psychological contract differs from the legal contract of employment in nature. The latter primarily describes "mutual duties and responsibilities of employees and employers in general terms." (Atkinson 2007, pp.207) They may be "inferred from actions or from what has happened in the past, as well as from statements made by the employer, for example, during the recruitment process or in performance appraisals."(Atkinson 2007, pp.209) The legal contract is regarded by employees as a part of the relationship with the employer. Therefore, these obligations included in the legal contract are more like promises or expectations, which do not "precisely represent the reality of the employment relationship."(Wellin 2007, pp.32)

    • Word count: 2055

    Profitability of a business is mostly dependant on its employees according to Dr. Robert, CEO of OPP Limited (Little, n.d) Therefore, it is up to the managers to create a work environment wherein the employees would be satisfied and be willing to work. In essence of the above, the motivational theories that we will be discussing in this report will aim to explain how the employees can be motivated and delve in to some real life examples where application of these theories has proved to be successful. MASLOW'S THEORY Maslow's Theory of motivation is essentially a hierarchy of needs developed by Abraham Maslow during the 1940s era but is still widely in use today.

    • Word count: 2815
  16. Retail in India

    T. Kearney Inc. places India 6th on a global retail development index. India is having the highest per capita outlets in the world - 5.5 outlets per 1000 population. Around 7% of the population in India is engaged in retailing, while USA has 20%. In a developing country like India, a huge portion of consumer expenditure is on basic necessities, like food. F&B and tobacco accounted for as much as 71% of retail sales in 2002. But the pie is falling down from 73% in 1999.

    • Word count: 2155
  17. Customer Service booklet for TJX

    9 Solving the Customer's Problems 9 Customer service problem solving involves: 10 Customer/Consumer protection 10 Follow -Up with the Customer 10 Complaints procedure 11 Customer Service booklet for TJX Who is TJX? The TJX Companies is one of the leading off-price retailers of clothing and home fashions in the United States and worldwide, ranking 119 in the most recent Fortune 500 listings. With over $20 billion in revenues in 2009, TJX has more than 2,700 stores in six different countries around the world and approximately 154,000 Associates/employees.

    • Word count: 2953
  18. Compare and contrast two models of HRM, one of which must be the Harvard model beer et al In contrast I will be using the Harvard Framework for HRM and the Burke-Litwin model.

    The main section of the model outlines four HR policy areas: - Human resource flows - for example recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal and assessment, promotion, disciplinary - Reward systems - such as: pay systems, motivation, etc. - Employee influence - delegated levels of authority, responsibility, power to different staff - Work systems - definition/design of work and alignment of people. The above areas then lead to the four HR outcomes, which have to be accomplished: - Commitment to the organisation/ aims and objectives - Congruence between the policies - Competence throughout the organisation - Cost effectiveness The long term

    • Word count: 2484
  19. Human resource management in action- Case study

    This proposition has been carefully designed to make changes in the current workforce management, work culture and training programmes which are essential to get the required results. Who? Working in conjunction with our Human resource team, we decided to choose our 'central store' identifying it as our key business unit and get the most accurate results. It was found that we have a total of 100 staff members who are responsible for the shop - floor work; they are supervised by 12 supervisors.

    • Word count: 2373
  20. Corporate Governance

    As such, the optimal firm structure that minimises agency cost, under contract theory, is one emerged from a process of natural selection of business forms and approved by the market, for example, through the use of independent directors. Independent directors are not exposed nor are they subjected to pressures caused from conflicting interests. They would not be blinded by conflicting interest, generally peculiar in nature, and expose the company to excessive risk taking. Contractarian theory assumes the nexus of contracts foundation of corporation and hence directors, in exercising their duties and obligations under the corporations act, are merely performing their side of the contract.

    • Word count: 2696
  21. With the desperate state of the UK economy, should managers resort to autocratic practices to survive the recession?

    There is definitely a close relationship between them, and to successfully manage people, one needs to exercise the role of leadership. Whereas Mintzberg (1973) assumes that leadership is part of the managerial role, Bennis (1989) and Kotter (1990) both separate leadership and management into two distinctive subjects (see Wilson, 2004). Leadership is focused on people, emphasises a personal and active attitude to achieve goals, and does not necessarily take place within hierarchical structures. Management tends to be rather impersonal, focused on strategies, structures, and systems.

    • Word count: 2414
  22. Analysis of HR function and recommendations

    WHERE HR FITS IN: At Allianz HR fits within the company by supporting and contributing towards the development and accomplishment of the company's corporate strategic business plan and objectives through its HR business objectives. It is seen by the business as a strategic partner, an employee advocate and a change mentor. As stated by Dessler (2004) employers these days want HR "to address strategic issues involving the competitiveness and performance of their firms" (Dessler, G. 2004, p 5). Allianz has a tall organisational structure in place, following a mixture of the functional and divisonal structure.

    • Word count: 2386
  23. Self study plan. My long term career objective is to become a HR manager working within a large national or international company that demands high standards from its employees.

    However, I do have some challenges, which is in oral communication and presentations. I cannot give formal presentations as well as I would get nervous quickly and start losing concentration on what I have to say. I feel that this is due to the fact that I am not confident in standing up in front of people and giving a presentation or speech. I also have a weakness in solving problems and critical thinking, as I cannot always solve a problem without guidance which shows that I prefer to be given step by step guidance which then helps me in solving complex problems.

    • Word count: 2184
  24. Relationship Marketing of OPTIONS THE FASHION MALL

    Loyalty program offered various value added benefit to their members in the form of tie ups with other establishments such as discounts at leading hotels and coffee shops, tie ups with credit card companies, offered free tickets to movie shows/events sponsored by the store exclusively to members of its loyalty program and an exclusive newsletter informing developments in the store and a facility of nominating family members as First citizen members of the store. Shoppers Stop offers online catalogues of various merchandises on their website and customers can also shop and order online.

    • Word count: 2850
  25. HRM. In this essay we are going to discuss the main types of appraisal method used in organisation and critically evaluate which ones are the most useful in practice, and also the discussion is included about the advantages a properly implemented apprai

    areas of performances where improvements would occur if appropriate training could be given; D to motivate the employee to do better in his or her present job by giving the worker knowledge of results, recognition of merits and the opportunity to discuss work with his or her manager. Appraisal reviews are usually categorised into three types. A Performance reviews, which analyse employees past successes and failures with a view to improving future performance. B Potential reviews, which assess subordinates suitability for promotion and further training C Reward reviews, fro determining pay rises.

    • Word count: 2611

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