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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Labor Force

    and public administration are major employers in the West and South West of Scotland. Moreover labour demand projections (also below) demonstrate that employment capacity in these areas, along with health and education, will grow in future years within Scotland. As a result, in planning future provision it will be important for the University to ensure it meets the demands of projected shifts in the local economy. The Labour Market: Local vs. National Context National Statistics' (Nomis)2 local area labour force data has been disaggregated for a sample of local authorities within the West and South West of Scotland: Argyll & Bute, Dumfries & Galloway, East Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire, Eilean Siar (Western Isles), Glasgow City, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire.

    • Word count: 2202
  2. Changes at the NHS Trust

    Theories from the functionalist perspective were used by the management to manage its employees. Functionalism meant that organisations have various roles or functions necessary to maintain order and stability (Lemieux 1998:34). This can be observed by the fact that the NHS having a Weber's bureaucratic approach, where there is delegation of tasks from managers to employees as mentioned in the case study "The domestics are divided into teams under a supervisor and are designated an area of the hospital" [section3; line 31-33].

    • Word count: 2769
  3. significance of unions in Australia

    Firstly, this essay will outline the key points of the Boeing case study. Boeing is currently facing a lot of scandals and crises. Boeing needs to implement and change their systems in order to survive. The major scandals within Boeing company, includes lack of communication skills, outdated technology systems, cultural diversity issues, low staff moral and poor structure operating systems. The models will provide a strong framework and will guide Boeing to a better position and in addition each model will justify how and why diagnosis change are unavoidable, radical and will have to be built up overtime as a continuous cycle because change and adaptation are essential for survival (Burke 2002).

    • Word count: 2567
  4. Free essay

    Gender Discrimination and effect on Empolyee(TM)s Motivation in Pakistan

    The Constitution thus establishes clear and specific guarantees against discrimination on the basis of sex. Gender Discrimination in Pakistan: The employment challenge in Pakistan is not only huge; it is also highly discriminatory as far as we are concerned with female, where half of the population is concerned. No matter how poor, deprived and unemployed Pakistani's are, the burden of deprivation and degradation, and the inhuman conditions that Pakistani women suffer in the world of work are far worse and as has been documented by numerous studies. Owing to the embedded system of patriarchy in Pakistan, discrimination against women in Pakistan is far worse than in most other developing countries.

    • Word count: 2868
  5. Retetion Project

    There are two basic categories of turnover: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary turnover can either be avoidable or unavoidable. Avoidable turnovers can be prevented by the organization possibly by providing a raise of pay or practicing job rotation where persons are given new jobs to perform. Unavoidable turnover on the other hand is based on the employees' own action. For example employees may quit or fall out of the labour force because of retirement or other means such as going back to school or health care problems so have to find another job.

    • Word count: 2032
  6. People and organisations

    (Peter F. Drucker, 1999) A number of theories of management have been put forward and used over the years to guide and direct the management process, (Stewart, Dorothy M, 1994). In the outline below, some of the management theories have been highlighted and descriptions given on how they can be used to assist the organization meet some of the key challenges of the 21st century. 1. The two factor theory In management, two factors influence performance among people in the organization.

    • Word count: 2771
  7. History and Myth about HR

    He explains that many of the tasks of human resource managers are just time-consuming and can be abolished. Moreover there is no effective output that can be seen as proactive for the company. According to Kaufman (2006, p.30) it is right that many of today's HR departments are too bureaucratic and do not focus the same goals as the company. A reason therefore might by the HR mission statement. "To provide quality services and support in hiring, training, staff relations, benefits, compensation, and safety beyond the expectations of all employees, enabling them to better serve our external customers."

    • Word count: 2957
  8. key factors which shape the role and practices of the HR/Personnel function within an organisation

    This essay will critically review some of the ever changing factors which shape and challenge the role of an organisations HR function. The organisation in focus is Unique Party Inc, an American owned party goods distributor employing approximately 100 personnel, segmented into managerial, clerical and operational personnel. The organisation known as 'The Prestige Balloon Company' was founded approximately eighteen years ago by the current President. At this time the business was primarily managed and run by a married couple employing a handful of personnel within a small distribution facility.

    • Word count: 2813
  9. Appraisal HRM

    2.1 Performance Management A simple way to describe performance Management it is "A process that significantly affects organizational success by having managers and employees work together to set expectations, review results and reward performance" (Bowen, J. 2007) 2.2 Performance Appraisal "A formal system of review and evaluation of individual or team's job performance" (Bowen, J. 2007). 2.3 360-Degree Feedback "A performance appraisal method that involves evaluation input from multiple levels within the firm and external sources as well" (Bowen, J.

    • Word count: 2028
  10. Religious studies

    The law for abortion is unfair because no person should be aloud to decide to kill an unborn baby who hasn't even come into the world. Some women can take advantage of the law for abortion because they can persuade two doctors by saying that if she gives birth to the baby it can affect her mental health. She could be lying and easily get away with it. The law is too simple. On the other hand, the law can be seen as fair as abortion is the only decision for some women as they might be having family problems and if the baby is born things could get worse and couples relationships could lead to a divorce.

    • Word count: 2175
  11. Age biases in employment: Impact of talent shortages and age on hiring

    According to the research article by Kan, Parker and Wilson (2007) the rise of older workers in the work force has been accompanied by increased evidence of discrimination against ageing workers while international research claims that age was a primary barrier to employment. The literature identifies old age as being from 50 years and above based on the concept of age-stereotyping which involves use of negative occupational schemas by members of one group to judge members of another. The article estimates that 44 percent of the New Zealand workforce population is composed of those over 40 years of age.

    • Word count: 2183
  12. Designing a Job

    When I went to their HR manager to take the information related to my topic he sent me to the project manager of IT depart Mr. Shafiq-UR-Rehman because all the work related to job designing (IT depart) is a responsibility of this man. He told me that they need highly qualified, enthusiastic, hard work and challenge facing people and for this they have design a job description, according to their job description the nature and scope of work are as follows: * Assist the application analyst and design.

    • Word count: 2022
  13. Nestle Pakistan

    It is difficult to find the key that unlocks people's motivation to work, but there are several distinct elements that motivate people. Using HRM techniques can improve quality, productivity and customer service. Research indicates that employee satisfaction leads to good service which in turn leads to customer satisfaction resulting in increased company performance. This report will hopefully be of interest to all those people who have either started or are considering to start working on the topic of HRM, especially that of Multinational Firms.

    • Word count: 2413
  14. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

    with 334,402 employees. Founded for almost 100 years and with a large pool of employees, it is still existing and operating successfully. There must be some reasons behind-a good management system. One reason that could not be denied is Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd possesses a good and effective human resources strategy. It adopts a special hiring and training technique for talents and practices for encouragement of employees. Background Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a huge electronics manufacturer which was established in Osaka, Japan with a creative slogan "Ideas for life".

    • Word count: 2216
  15. Citi Home Mortgage

    loan originations. The current method of determining the salesperson's commission is a shortcoming that affects: 1) the TLC's general attitude about the relative opacity of how incentive pay can be predicted and affected, and 2) may be a factor in the relative 'fairness' of how loan applications are registered and processed. Compliance with fair lending laws is essential and must be addressed within the current system of compensation as well as any revised compensation system that is proposed. The current compensation method takes into account how the salesperson performed on several key criteria. TLC's are quantitatively and qualitatively judged on performance related to four key factors: 1.

    • Word count: 2552
  16. What is Knowledge Management?

    Rather that seeing employees as factors of production and looking for ways to use human and material resources for greater efficiency, today's most successful managers cherish people for their ability to think, create, share knowledge and build relationships. Knowledge management builds upon the principles of information by trying to determine not just what has been formally published by the organisation, but to determine or develop an understanding of what the total organisation "knows". That is, it tries to tap into the collective conscience of the organisation to develop an understanding of how individuals and groups have used, analysed and acted upon information to meet the corporate strategic goals.

    • Word count: 2411
  17. Discuss the different methods used by your chosen organisation to identify a suitable employee. Evaluate the issues raised in the use of the interview as a selection method for your organisation and state how these issues can be addressed?

    Furthermore personal skills such as "initiative and team-working ability, as well as good communication skills"( www.britishairwaysjobs.com) are actively as important for candidates. Leadership qualities are essential for management and senior positions. British Airways "recruitment methodology is based on looking at capabilities - also known as competencies. These capabilities are sets of behaviours, skills and knowledge that can be determinants of job success and focus on what the role for which you've applied involves". British Airways selection process involves three stages. Stage one consists of an online application form and CV. If candidates qualifications and work experience match up to the required criteria candidates will be asked to attend day long assessment centre.

    • Word count: 2164
  18. how does psychology take into account individual differences in the workplace

    In terms of Intelligence it can be defined by Alfred Binet has the using practical sense of good judgement- relying on the ability to understand (Arnold J., Silvester J., Patterson, F., Robertson, I., Cooper, C. & Burnes, B., 2005). Intelligence can be measured by using an intelligence quotient test; these were developed for educational purposes in order to detect the abilities of students. However IQ tests can be biased because there are culturally bounded, to certain ethnic groups. For example North Americans that take the IQ tests have an advantage over their non- American counterparts simply because the tests have been designed to impose the assumptions of the designers (Davis, B., Sumara D.

    • Word count: 2257
  19. Discuss the view that the management of stress is gaining greater importance

    With this is mind it is important to understand why this is happening and what factors contribute to stress in the workplace? And why the management of stress is gaining more importance in the workplace. In which there are a few factors to consider. Firstly what is stress? This is defined has a "state accompanied by physical , psychological or social , dysfunction which results from individuals feeling unable to bridge the gap between the expectations and requirements placed on them".

    • Word count: 2146
  20. E-Tickets & the five business functions

    Checking-in with an e-ticket the passenger usually comes to the check-in counter and presents the confirmation or reservation code. In some airlines it's not even necessary to present the code, as the reservation is confirmed solely on the basis of the passenger's identity. After confirming the reservation, the passenger checks-in his/her luggage and is given a boarding pass. Having an e-ticket also allows any passenger without luggage to check to completely skip the check-in counters and proceed directly to security.

    • Word count: 2210
  21. British Airways: Why are recruitment and selection important?

    British Airways (Corporate Responsibility Report 2006: p 6) claims: "Our employees are critical to the success of our company." Therefore, being one of the world's biggest airlines, the importance of recruitment and selection processes is essential for BA in order to ensure that not only employees are appropriately chosen, but the service experience, influenced by staff suitability, is beneficial for the passengers. Human Resource Management (HRM) models are used by British Airways in order to ensure that company strategies are achieved through suitable recruitment and selection processes as well as other HRM procedures.

    • Word count: 2432
  22. People Management and Development

    Training is also seen to be beneficial to employees as it allows them to learn more and therefore allows them to have a greater span of knowledge and skills. From an employers' perspective, training is used as vital tool for success in order to stay ahead of competition. The environment in which businesses operate within are rapidly advancing and developing every minute, as the market place is being introduced to all the time. It is therefore important for businesses to stay ahead of the game as well as competition by providing their employees with sufficient training in order for them to familiarise themselves with the constantly upgraded methods of technology that is being introduced.

    • Word count: 2163
  23. How can you create a successful International team-1

    Groups are seen as having a motivating, inspiring influence on the individual, drawing the best out of him or herself as a detached individual. Groups can have a healing effect on individuals, bolstering their self-esteem and filling their lives with meaning." Groups also play a very vital role in every ones life. Similarly, most of the work in an organization is also performed in teams. This, in turn, results in either the success or failure of the whole organization. Companies have now started to emphasize that their employees are good 'team players' in order to work productively and comfortably with each other.

    • Word count: 2219
  24. Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

    Some people and organisations have a stronger moral compass than others. Ethics don't always comply with peoples values. Values tend to be more narrowly focused. They can be either ethical or unethical. For example companies may each have a mission to drive their environmental protection policies but the overall mission is to maximise profit for its shareholders. The two may be in conflict. Ethical considerations are often wide ranging and relatively global in their appeal. We are all increasingly seeing a moral imperative to protect the environment. Ethics are often dependant on national culture.

    • Word count: 2137
  25. Concept of flexibility.

    Also, they states that many kinds of organisational re-structuring has been taken as an indicator of the existence of 'flexibility'. An organisational change is often related with changes in labour flexibility. There are other ways of explanation of labour flexibility. Atkinson and Meager (1986) defined four types of flexibility: 'numerical flexibility', which is the adjustment of numbers of employees in relation to changes in demand; 'functional flexibility', which changing views of what organisations should be doing based on competences and involving external contracting or outsouring; 'pay flexibility' that performance-related pay and distancing flexibility which is the provision of labour by external contracting or outsourcing whilst 'distancing flexibility', which relates the provision of labour by external contracting or outsourcing.

    • Word count: 2249

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