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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Training, development & education within the management process

    Education is also, concerned with a long-term prospect of the person involved. It is concerned with all aspects of life rather than a specific skill or activity. Whereas training although it is offering knowledge, it is more skill orientated and it is directed to specific activities or range of activities. Therefore, it is concerned with the short-term prospects of the person. On the other hand, development is less specific and is concerned with the long-term view. It has to do not only with the "acquisition of broader knowledge and skills" (Brown & Moburg, 1980, p.397), but also with the individual growth as essential distinguishing feature of development as Warren is putting it (Warren, 1969).

    • Word count: 2318
  2. Identify key factors that aid performance in football. Evaluate the relative importance of these key factors with reference to the achievement of effective performance.

    The work of Horn (2001) and Gifford and Noblet (2002) has established different stressors that effect players. When looking at how arousal effects performance it is important to look at the different theories. The Inverted U and Drive theory attempt to explain how arousal affects performance. All the psychological factors discussed will be backed up by theory from Cox (2002), Horn (1992), Gill (2000) and Hackford and Spielberger (1989) This essay will discuss each key psychological factor in relation to effective performance. Motivation is described in simple terms as the direction and intensity of effort or behaviour (Horn 1992 and Gill 2000).

    • Word count: 2456
  3. Report: Peterborough City Park Project Management Case

    Therefore time is the predominant factor which takes precedence to cost and quality, in the project control triangle. This report seeks to: 1) Identify the project stakeholders, their likely concerns and priorities. 2) Produce a network diagram and GANTT chart for the project. As well as calculate the latest date the project must start to meet the opening ceremony, the earliest and latest start times for each activity and any available float. 3) Consider the adjustments and alterations to the project plan in the event that once the project has started bad weather threatens to cause project delays of up to six days.

    • Word count: 2375
  4. With the use of at least two detailed examples identify the main responses of mangers in private sector organisations to the 'ageing' of the workforce.

    The demographic projectionists did not foresee the continuous fall in birth rates, therefore, it has hit the United Kingdom and various other countries like Japan and Germany hard. Consequently, now this situation has come to light, governments across the borders are attempting to curtail the negative impacts of our ageing population on the economy. 'For the first time in history, the old will start to outnumber the young (Penycate, 2000: 1). The baby - boomers are now in their early fifties, their prime earning years, with few children.

    • Word count: 2431
  5. You have recently been appointed as the Design Manager for a company, with the mandate to establish a new design office for a team of people comprising of both electronic design engineers and embedded and PC software programmers.

    The manager's job is to conduct the orchestra, not try to play all the instruments. When you see positive results, let people know. Indeed, share both the failures and successes. Once the team can see what is happening they can begin to make changes to improve their performance. Above all, your job as the manager is to give your team permission to win. Let them know it is important to you. Let them know that they can succeed, and involve them wherever possible in the process of leading a winning team. 1.1 Meetings Al1 managers have meetings with their team.

    • Word count: 2793
  6. Network Security & management.

    Static - In this case a static object, such as a key, is one that remains the same. Dynamic - In this case a dynamic object, such as a key, is one that changes every time it is used. ACL - Access Control List is a list used in some devices to authenticate a source and check its authorisation. Abstract Network security and management is becoming increasingly important as file sharing becomes more popular amongst computer users. As advances are made in networking technology allowing for innovations such as wireless network access, a huge security issue has been raised with past solutions being inadequate to deal with today's issues.

    • Word count: 2773
  7. Review of Theories and Approaches to Communication and Work in Groups.

    with each module having it's own teacher and being taught on alternate weeks. The group itself consists of 23 learners, approximately half of whom are also studying on the PGCE (FE) programme with the remainder being basic skills practitioners. As such the group has a very diverse mix of age, experiences and qualifications, indeed several members of the group have never before studied at this level. Given this, it is very easy to see that choosing an approach or method to use with the group could be very problematic. Having said that I recognise that this is likely to be the case with any group of learners and agree with the view that

    • Word count: 2110
  8. Human Resource Management, or HRM, is relatively new to many countries; however, in the United States of America the term has been employed for over fifty years.

    An organisation achieves comparative advantage by applying its people effectively, putting emphasis on their knowledge and initiative to meet a clearly distinct purpose. HRM is aimed at recruiting competent, devoted people, managing and rewarding their performance and developing key capabilities. Human resource management has many distinguishing features, its prompt has been the success of the Japanese at managing people, and despite the fact their firms seldom have personnel departments, so HRM represents a rethink by personnel professionals. It places increased importance on development through training and career planning and has the capability of persuading all managers that the improvement of their human resources is their job and not the personnel departments.

    • Word count: 2069
  9. Explore the interplay between the interests of academics and practitioners in Strategic management.

    Practitioners consider that much academic research is irrelevant to the problems they face, difficult to understand and often unreadable. By contrast, academics complain that practitioners ignore their work. Emphasising the differences between the two groups can be counter-productive since both can benefit and even thrive on the cross-fertilisation of ideas (Wright-Isak and Prensky, 1995). Academics can provide a flow of new ideas without which professional practice might become stale. Practitioners have the opportunity to undertake repeated tests of academic ideas in the marketplace and often develop new approaches and methods of data collection in the course of addressing clients' problems.

    • Word count: 2146
  10. One characteristic of the rebirth of the small business sector within the UK economy over the past two decades is the growing presence of members of ethnic minority communities in business ownership.

    On the other hand the high amounts of ethnic minority ownership may be a survival strategy stemming from continual prejudice. Culturalist Explanations It's argued ethnic minority groups posses unique characteristics that influence them culturally and psychologically towards entrepreneurship. Some cultures have a distinct spirit of self-sacrifice, self-denial and hard work fuelling entrepreneurship. Certain religions are said to place an emphasis on strong work ethic, diligence and frugality facilitating entrepreneurial characteristics. A growing co-ethnic community of contacts is a source of competitive advantage.

    • Word count: 2279
  11. Management accounting.

    In the past, managers have dismissed the view that behavioural issues are a major consideration in management accounting systems. They have focused on the financial performance and not on such qualitative factors. However, as time pass, the behavioural context has become more important as it gains the notice of researchers. National and corporate cultures are also becoming an issue in designing the management accounting system. In the discussion that follows, an attempt will made to shed some light as to the effects and impact of the behavioural context. The specific management accounting systems that will be discussed are budgeting system and activity-based costing system.

    • Word count: 2644
  12. Why employees are assets and not just costs?

    Therefore, I will be using a wide variety of journals, books and web sites. WHY EMPLOYEES ARE ASSETS AND NOT JUST COSTS? An organisation contains a range of productive resources, such as tangible assets (buildings, facilities, equipment, property), and intangible assets (like brand, image, human skills, information and knowledge, people). Resources are managed to achieve particular purposes, results and outcomes. They embody distinctive capabilities that allow organisations to stay in existence and achieve competitive advantage. The management of these resources is an essential management task. Employees can make or break a business. Good employees can produce extraordinary results while marginal employees can drag and keep business down.

    • Word count: 2507
  13. Employee satisfaction have always been important issues for organizations.

    Employees may find that the significance of any of these facets changes as work events unfold. In addition it is possible for employees to be satisfied with one facet without being so with others. According to Bavendam Research, employees with higher job satisfaction: * believe that the organization will be satisfying in the long run * care about the quality of their work * are more committed to the organization * have higher retention rates, and * are more productive. In the late 1950s, Frederick Herzberg, considered by many to be a pioneer in motivation theory, interviewed a group of employees to find out what made them satisfied and dissatisfied on the job.

    • Word count: 2982
  14. Critically evaluate the notion of scientific management. Is it still a relevant concept for understanding contemporary work organisations?

    By means of quantitative methods, Taylor managed to improve accuracy and successfully contributed to determining measurement of employee output. The theory of scientific management was established through the use of time and motion studies conducted at the Midvale Steel Works, where Taylor was an employee. He aimed to record the fastest possible times of completing jobs and sought the most efficient methods. In order to carry out the study effectively Taylor employed two principles; firstly, in timing any job, he would break it down into its smallest component parts; and secondly, he would seek the quickest time in which the job could be done consistently.

    • Word count: 2489
  15. The meaning of management is important to be able to establish whether the term management is generic.

    I have been requested to examine the concept of management and tell her what I understand by the term. The second task of the report is to study whether management skills are generic, depending on the sector and the industry. My senior expects to read my view and adequate justifications for whether side of the argument I decide upon. 2.0 Understanding "management" and application of generic term in management 2.1 Meaning of Management Hospitality management is a combination of all services and products sold to people outside their houses. Hospitality as an industry could well be defined as: the serviced provision of food, beverages, accommodation, leisure and other facilities purchased out of home.

    • Word count: 2728
  16. History of Motivation

    to get to the most effective formula for the group/ individuals. History of Motivation Motivation must have existed since the evolution of humankind. It might have been in existence in different forms in different societies and situations. Our ancestors must have had some self-motivation to be able to create fire from their need for warmth and cooking and creating tools and weapons in their need for survival. The less motivated individuals or groups or those who might have been motivated in different ways might have been left behind in the competition against those whose motivation were in tune with the needs of the time.

    • Word count: 2080
  17. Identify people management and development policies and practices in place in Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council which make a substantial contribution to the organisation's success.

    The Personnel Services function encompasses all aspects of Personnel, Training and Occupational Health and Safety. 2.3 The Strategic Personnel Unit researches and develops the Authority's People Management and Development policies and procedures, these are then considered by the Personnel Services Strategy Group, the Corporate Directors Group, the Trade Unions via Staff Council and the Personnel Committee, once all these stakeholders are satisfied that the policies are in line with the Council's Corporate Aims and Objectives, legal considerations, non-discriminatory, cost effective and promote fairness and equity to all employees, they are then adopted by Council.

    • Word count: 2649
  18. Responding to Kohn 'Why incentive plans can work'.

    The reward becomes an end in itself and the motivation is there for earnings and performance management to be carried out, especially due to the fact that the directors are privy to information which the shareholders (principal) will only know if the directors choose to truthfully reveal it. This paper appears to be highly selective in its selection of examples to demonstrate the failure of motivation theories. Kohn looked at the response of a group of welders at a Midwestern manufacturing company to the removal of financial incentives and came to the conclusion that financial incentives diminished productivity as productivity was seen to increase in the aftermath of the removal of the incentive scheme.

    • Word count: 2203
  19. 'To what extent and in what ways might the study of motivation assist management in maintaining and achieving a high level of performance from their employees.'

    Motivation is crucial in explaining why management today implements certain policies and also strategic planning. Most psychological theories both early and contemporary have their roots at least to some extent in Taylorism. Taylor believed that workers would be motivated by obtaining the highest possible wages through working in the most efficient and productive way. This approach is known as the rational - economic concept of motivation, also linked with Adam Smith and J.K Galbraith in their explanations of neo - classical economics. Adam Smith believed in economic reward for success and no reward for failure.

    • Word count: 2121
  20. Discuss using examples why the problem of scarcity is central to the understanding of economics, Is it possible to solve the economic problem?

    These were all free goods. There were enough of these resources to fulfil all the wants of the people. Why would a person be selling fruit if everybody could just obtain it themselves for free? But as the populations in certain societies expanded rapidly the relative amounts of goods available were diminishing. People would have to compete for the goods. Therefore the goods were scarce. The dilemma was labelled the 'economic problem.' Everybody is faced with the problem of scarcity.

    • Word count: 2169
  21. Strategic management - Dunlop University is a higher education establishment situated in a rural area of the South Midlands. The university prides itself on its numerous schools of education, which include Architecture, Life Sciences and Arts and Humaniti

    Armstrong, A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, Kogan Page, 1999) Abstract The purpose of the assignment was to highlight problems within the organisational structure of the Department for Biological and Molecular Sciences. The problems highlighted, were: - - Poor organisational structure - Ambiguity in the department - No indication of innovation within the current culture - A fragmented department with political alliances growing - Mechanistic rather than organismic organisation - Vertical communication was one way. - Managerial incompetence relating to gaining commitment - Centralised rather than decentralised organisational structure allowing little or no innovation and implementation of staff ideas.

    • Word count: 2027
  22. Roots and causes of racism in the workplace

    Racial discrimination in the British workplace deals with non-white workers doing a very simple task for a low payment with no possibilities of climbing through the hierarchical layers of the job promotion scale. More recently, Britain saw a massive inflow of a black cheap workforce directly imported from Britain's colonies and ex-colonies,but also in the post-war period the British government directly recruited Black workers. "They were recruited to do jobs which no one else would do..."(Camellia Palmer,`Discrimination at work',1997) The British government installed legislation and policies to reduce immigration at the end of 1960's with the RRA (Race Relation Act)

    • Word count: 2277
  23. Youth works Rossendale - case study.

    Central to the success of the Youth Works programme is the appointment of a full-time neighbourhood based Programme Manager, whose key role is to co-ordinate activities and initiatives provided by statutory and voluntary agencies, and identify and fill gaps in provision and delivery. The Programme Manager works closely with referring agencies and groups such as the Youth Offending Team, police, drug action/support/referral agencies, schools/education, youth services, social services, probation, voluntary groups, community volunteers, resident groups, parents and, most importantly, the young people themselves.

    • Word count: 2139
  24. Quantitative Techniques for Business.

    Year Quarter Labour Turnover 1998 1 518 2 516 3 520 4 511 1999 1 513 2 498 3 513 4 505 2000 1 519 2 517 3 517 4 508 2001 1 500 2 512 3 519 4 516 Moving Averages Moving averages focuses on the average values of the data provided in order to calculate the forecast for a certain time period in the future. This method calculates the 'mean' of the data provided. However, it should not be used if the data contains values that are slightly abstract in comparison to the other values in the set, as it can distort the average figures, making the forecast unreliable.

    • Word count: 2426
  25. "Time management".

    Stated on www.mindtools.com "The process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life." Setting myself small goals helped me to complete assignments and get them in by there deadlines and manage my time effectively. When analyzing my time log for the week I also found there were some things that I had to give priority to, such as going to work. I had to give priority to work as I had not got much money but this was an important and not urgent task as I didn't need the money for anything particular and could have spent more time doing research for forthcoming assignments.

    • Word count: 2040

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