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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. HRM The process of identifying and hiring the right talent is particularly difficult in Singapores competitive financial services sector. This is compounded by the countrys small population which limits the talent pool.

    Without hesitation, my answer is the quality of the people. For not only are our people hardworking, quick to learn and practical, Singapore also had an extra thick layer of high calibre and trained talent" (Lee 1989). In the next few decades, people, with their capacity to acquire, apply and create and capitalise knowledge will be key to Singapore. A society that values talents and encourages talent development will have an edge over others. In order for Singapore to remain competitive, she needs the fullest development and participation of her indigenous talents. In addition, the supplementing and leavening effect that foreigners provide with their skills and new ideas is needed.

    • Word count: 3653
  2. Personality. In my opinion, because personality can be understood from behaviour, managers in the majority of organisations feel that there is a necessity to understand their employees individual characteristics.

    "There is a predictable interaction between personality and a tendency to behave in certain ways" (Middleton 2002). In an article published recently, regarding how employers and managers should pick the right people during interviews, it points out that it is important to, "Get to know them, and take time to mull over the final decision, paying attention to the applicant's personality rather than qualifications or experience. Find out how well they get along with others and how enthusiastic they are. And be sure the job suits them" (Fairweather 2007). When recruiting new employees, Miss Theresa Tan, Lee Hwa Jewellery's senior human resource manager states what she looks out for in applicants is, "A pleasant disposition, positive mindset, someone who is a goal-setter with energy and perseverance, and who is willing to work long hours" (Hahn 2007).

    • Word count: 1420
  3. Human and financial resource management

    Electricity, telephone, TV license and heating costs will also need to be taken in to account. 3. Cost object/ element - Any item for which a separate measurement of costs is desired is known as cost object (Encyclopedia, 2006). The cost object for DIC student common room will be running the student common room for a year. The cost element are the elements that consists the cost of manufacturing, they consist of three elements i.e. Labour, materials and expenses (Scribd, 2008).

    • Word count: 1370
  4. External and Internal environment factors in Industrial Relations

    (Michael Salamon, 2000) While management style is a set of proposals and actions that establishes the organization's approach to its employees and act as a reference point for management. (Michael Salamon, 2000) How industrial relations are conducted within a particular organization is determined by the frame of reference through which its top managers perceive the formal relationship with individuals and/or their representatives. Alan Fox (1966) suggested that managers may adopt one of two basic views: the unitary and the pluralist perspectives.

    • Word count: 2547
  5. Communication Technology and Culture

    Since when radio, TV broadcast and even now internet is developing, they are almost impacting others. In Hong Kong, the local Canton Pop is one of the examples. Before the western music style corroded, the Canon Pop still keep with the traditional Chinese lyrics, and be more Cantonese opera( Benson and Chik). Somehow, when the radio and TV this broadcast is becoming more common, the Chinese version of America hits and North America Jazz was born. It also impact on production market through radio and movies technology in 1930s in Shanghai.

    • Word count: 692
  6. History Essay on Haig

    Source A shows a different image to the one shown in propaganda, not only is the soldier isolated from the rest of his platoon, which shows that every man is for himself out there, but he is alone in front of the General which shows that there is a lot of space for things to go wrong between the two different ends of the front line. The dialogue shows that even the higher-ranked soldiers knew that the General just wanted to move his drinks cabinet a few feet further towards Berlin and that the General just sits back and watches

    • Word count: 802
  7. Group Theory and Leadership

    BACKGROUND Importance of Groups in Organization Every organization is made of its individual members. If the needs of an individual and the demands of the organization are opposite, there is sure to be a conflict. Thus, it is the work of the management to arrange the individual and the organization in order to achieve proper goals (Mullins, 2005). Groups are social and interpersonal tools or technology of action through which we achieve success which is beyond individual power (Thompson and McHugh, 2009).

    • Word count: 2346
  8. Health and safety at work - asbestos

    Another guideline that helps to keep them safe is the Reporting of Injury and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. This requires that all work places must provide an accident report book. ASBESTOS Asbestos was used as a building substance in the UK from the 1950s through to the mid-1980s. It was used for a lot of reasons and was ideal for fireproofing and insulation. Any building constructed before 2000 (houses, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc) can contain asbestos. Asbestos materials in good condition are harmless unless asbestos fibres become airborne, which happens when materials are damaged. Strong concerns about the health hazards associated with asbestos had been described many times over the years such as the "evil effects of asbestos dust".

    • Word count: 1921
  9. How trainig can contribute to an effective organization

    As we can see, the definition refers to a present job and this means not only training new employees but also introducing new technology or bringing employees up standards. Training is part of Human Resources Development. Human Resources Development has been defined as an organized learning experience, conducted in defined time period, to increase the possibility of improving job performance and growth. (www.nwlink.com) HRD is divided in three main categories. Training, development and education. As we mentioned above training improves human performance and introduces new technology.

    • Word count: 13156
  10. Reflective Commentary on Group Presentation Task Work

    Reflection can be directly linked to learning because it enables an individual or a group of individuals to refer to past experiences, which then enables them to come up with new solutions and ideas to tackle future tasks and problems. According to Rowntree(1988), reflection means studying one's own study methods as seriously as one studies the subject and thinking about a learning task after doing it. He maintains unless this is done, the task will almost certainly be wasted. This report will go on further to analyse and evaluate two critical incidents, which occurred during the group case study of Dyson, and give a conclusion on lessons learned during this reflection.

    • Word count: 2148
  11. Google - Quality of Work Life

    it's best to do one thing really, really well. Their main focus is on one thing "search" i.e. they solve search problems and provide continuous improvements to their service that makes finding information on the web as fast as possible. And provide light to the unexplored areas. 3. Fast is better than slow. They know time is valuable. By chipping extra bits and bytes from their pages and increasing the efficiency of their serving environment, they've broken their own speed records many times over, so that the average response time on a search result is a fraction of a second.

    • Word count: 1478
  12. Role of Technology as a Knowledge Management Solution

    This will allow a valid conclusion to be made in which I will assess its effectiveness. In a year long study of international best practice (Skyrme et al, 1997), two definitive factors were identified. The first was to utilise knowledge that already existed within the firm, for example, by sharing best practices. Too frequently the knowledge needed to complete certain tasks, was found in other parts of the organisation. This information may have not been known or difficult to access.

    • Word count: 2618
  13. SG COWEN: New Recruits

    On Super Saturday, candidates from core business schools are interviewed for position of associates. This year1, 30 candidates makes to the final round of interview with bankers from which 20 offers are to be made. Decision on 26 candidates is already taken, out of which 18 are selected and others are rejected. The remaining 4 candidates from "maybe" category are Natalya Godlewska, Martin Street, Ken Goldstein and Andy Sanchez. Bankers (interviewers) are having a hard time deciding among the four candidates. Problem is further complicated by different positive and negative attributes (with respect to job profile)

    • Word count: 1139
  14. strategic approach to human resource management and development

    Human resource prospects does not depend on improving initiatives not joined to organisational objectives and social or cultural background factors, neither in best practices production. Rather it depends on ensuring that when making decisions in managing people, strategic intentions are considered. There are controversies that the functions of Human Resource is still under pressure in demonstrating its value added features to an organisation. Strategy according to Michael Armstrong has two fundamental meanings - it is forward looking and it is also a declaration of intent - what we want to do, and how we intend to do it."Strategy is the

    • Word count: 3524
  15. Training Needs Analysis

    In order to evaluate International Visas the mission statement, organisation structure, and corporate culture have been taken into account. When considering the mission statement of International Visas it is clear that it is an important part of the organisations ethos. It is argued by Freeman that basic assumptions about the organisations purpose, its values, its distinctive competencies and its place in the world. (Stoner & Freeman, 1992, p188). A mission statement is a relatively permanent part of an organisations identity and can do much to unify and motivate its members. Although the mission statement of International Visas is clear the message has to be communicated across the network of offices and not just within head office in which to improve motivation.

    • Word count: 2778
  16. HR reactives to Economic downturn

    Since the previous recession in 1990 the United Kingdom economy has changed its emphasis away from industry towards service and knowledge-based economy, heavily reliant on the banking sector. In the tougher economic climate. It is vital that Human Resources Management are aware of the external business market so that they can react to changes that occur. It is vital that costs can be controlled and employee skills grown and nurtured for future capacity. Surplus labour must be streamlined and at times reduced without having a major impact on employee engagement or organisation performance.

    • Word count: 1793
  17. Performance Management

    By exploring the benefits of appraisals for measuring performance and the views of line management & employees, it will be possible to consider the various weaknesses and arguments of abandonment and alternative modern approaches of interpreting appraisals/performance management. One of the key problems which arise from appraisals from a managers perspective is that they dislike the attributes required to be subjective in the appraisal process. "Managers experienced the appraisal of others as a hostile and aggressive act against employees that resulted in feelings of guilt related to being critical of employees" (Levinson, 1970, Cited Bratton J & Gold J, 2003, p252).

    • Word count: 2691
  18. Difference between personnel management and HRM Personnel Management is basically an administrative record-keeping function, at the operational level.

    He is also responsible for the operations of personnel manager at divisional and branch levels As the Chief of the Personnel Department the Personnel Manager has to get effective results with the co-operation of all the employees working in the department and by showing the validity of the concept of the team work. The success of the personnel department should be considered in terms of its own individual performance. Strategic Role of Human Resource Management Human resource management is concerned with the development and implementation of people strategies, which are related with corporate strategies, and ensures that the culture, values

    • Word count: 3275
  19. Applied business Psychology

    However, she then became the admin secretary where she was not dealing with the public much. It included more of typing out referral letters, taking calls for the doctors, ordering equipment for the surgery. After 4 years of being an admin secretary she was offered the position of being the assistant manager which she took up. She was the assistant manager for 2 years and now has become the practise manager. Mrs Bhoja said that as a practise manager her job role included; dealing with patients, handling complaints, making sure that the partners of the surgery filled out insurance papers/ general practitioners reports that the doctors would need to fill out, making sure that the schedule

    • Word count: 2164
  20. Employees Relation

    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_bargainingling disputes and grievances) Managing the relationships between employees and employers grows more complex and more critical every year You need a strong relationship between employers and employees to navigate the human resource minefields of sexual harassment, employee threats of violence, equal employment opportunity, executive compensation, plant closing and relocations, and downsizing and workforce restructuring. A good example of trade union reorganisation using collective bargaining is a story of a dying man and his 7 sons. The story in brief; the dying man laying in his bed asked his sons to come together because he wants to explain them something.

    • Word count: 1819
  21. Impacts of technological developments on the organization and its HR functions

    Not only in the developed nations but this phenomenon is spreading very rapidly across the world. As of June 2000, the worldwide on-line population was estimated to be around 333 million (Nua Research 2000) which has grown to doubled now. Information technology (IT) is considered to be a critical infrastructure in organisations across the globe. Which is also emerging as an effective contributor to the performance of an organisation, it is often discussed that the success of IT in organisation is attributed to strategy, consistent delivery, systems usability which suggests that human resources (HR) in the organisation plays an important role.

    • Word count: 3607
  22. Audience Requirements

    You may need to adapt the environment so that the students with special needs sit in appropriate positions in the room. people with hearing difficulties who lip read would prefer the person that is saying something to stand some where they can see their lips so that its easy for that person to read their lips. You should always stand facing the lip reader to give them the maximum opportunity to receive the message. If you have audience with disability problems, such as wheelchair users, the layout of the room should be considered.

    • Word count: 1837
  23. Types of Business Activity

    Private owners risk their own money so are determined for their business to succeed. In the UK there are very few public businesses left. Most businesses have been privatised. Examples of public sector businesses today include: - Her Majesty's Custom and Revenue - collecting the taxes - National Archives - the body responsible for looking after government records and records from the courts of law. Example of private businesses include: Virgin, Intel, Tesco, Cadbury Schweppes and LastMinute.com. Cadbury is public organisation in the private sector. Because I can go and buy shares from Cadbury and I'll become a shareholder.

    • Word count: 3516
  24. I have written a detailed description for a recruitment and retention process of John Lewis. I have also explained all the terminology and given examples for each one. I then included all the documents involved in the process

    Vacancy Vacancy is when John Lewis needs someone to work for them. For example: businesses like John Lewis they might need someone for their web selling department to designing and selling John Lewis products. The vacancies might arise because may be it's, for example, Christmas time or John Lewis is growing. Job Analysis Job analysis outlines what the job involves doing. For example: someone who works in the sales department they would be expected to sells John Lewis products. Just because they work in the sales department that don't mean they don't do anything else they still have to do the basics like customers service.

    • Word count: 2949
  25. There are several duties and responsibilities that play a major role in the office of an Organizational Development Consultant Firm. The Human Resource Consultant, the Strategic Organizational Development Consultant and Training and Team Development Consu

    Jennifer Cramer is best suited for this role, based her background and years of experience. Clients will have the advantage of having an expert on their team to evaluate their company current Human Resource processes for compliance. She will focus on the process of how her clients are effectively employing personnel to obtain the organization goals and objectives. The following will be the duties of responsibilities of Jennifer Cramer: ? Advice clients on a range of issues and scenarios relating to HR ? Provide operational and strategic support and advice clients on issues that can help the organization to become more productive and unified ?

    • Word count: 682

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