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Human resources

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Human Resources Management Human resources management is using staff as a strategic resource to improve the business performance. This emphasis on recruiting staff needs, skills and training in order to get the best work force to meet the business objectives. The main purpose of human resources management in AJP is to ensure that it is used and develops employees. Key area of human resources management 1. Manpower planning: this identifies needs where skills are needed from hiring to firing. 2. Recruitment and selection: this insures business objectives are met and employ skilled and trained people who are suitable for the job. It also brings new ideas and values to the business. 3. Training and development: this allows new employees to settle down comfortably and quickly in order to start producing for the business, support employees in attempt to achieve personal goals. 4. Appraisals: this decides whether employee will receive pay rise or incentives. How human resources department in AJP provide its services Employment law is increasingly complex both in UK and EU level and the department assess and advise on the impact of such changes, making changes to their procedures and recommending policy changes to AJP leadership team and the corporation. They also look at and deal with other issues such as recruitment, employee relations' policy and procedural matters and any staffing related matters. Introduction E1: E6 In this unit I'll produce an analytical report on AJP Ltd showing how the business manages its human resources. I'll provide a comprehensive overview of the human resources management showing its importance to the business, including all four of following functions: 1. Human resources planning 2. Recruitment and selection 3. Training and development 4. Performance management Human resource planning Human resource planning encourages employer to develop clear links between their business plans and their Human resources plans. It gives employers effective control of number and cost of staff employed. ...read more.


It should contain enough information to support the application form and CV, highlighting the most relevant evidence. If the application lead to interview, it means the letters are effective. Information from the CV of applicants is crucial to the recruitment and selection process. When planning recruiting, AJP need to consider what qualities are needed from the candidate. The experience and qualification the candidate has is clearly represented on the CV which makes it an important document for the recruitment process. Curriculum vitae: this document lists a person's achievements, hobbies and interests under suitable headings. A letter of introduction stating which job is being applied for and giving relevant references should accompany CV. A careful produced CV and letter of application is a means by which applicants for a job will sell themselves to AJP. It is often the first contact with AJP and if it makes no impact then there will be no interview and no job. A CV should contain relevant factual information but not details of what a person hopes to do. A CV will include: Personal details: o Name o Address, including postcode o Telephone number, including STD code o Date of birth, correct age o Whether male or female Education and qualifications: o List qualifications with the highest first; where grades are quoted be consistent o Ensure that the employer knows what level the qualifications are (e.g. vocational A level) Employment history: o List employment in reverse chronological order, the most recent first include: the name of the employer and the nature of the business Dates of employment in months and years Summary of main duties and achievements Details of any machines operated Put in more about the current post than others Adequately explain any gaps between employment. Other information: o Hobbies: Make sure you can talk about these if asked, that you actually do them regularly and that they are positive, watching television will not impress Indicate any skills which you have acquired or training associated mention any responsibility teamwork or organisational skills involved Balanced the interests that you list and do not put in too many. ...read more.


AJP is committed to making decisions without thinking of the employees by using autocratic management style, which enables employees to know about the decision made after ward through the human resources. AJP has a progressive and competitive policy on performance and reward, design to recruit, motivate, and develop and to retain high qualified staff. By using performance management, AJP will be able to identify the weak areas of employees and determine which training is required to rectify the situation. Maslow's motivation theory suggest that all employees need to be properly trained in order to carry out their job. AJP must determine why the particular employee is not properly trained; whether it is because the employee was not provided with sufficient induction training or whether technology advanced so much that new training is needed. By monitoring these aspects, AJP can ensure all of its workers are properly trained and well motivated in their work. This will ensure that all workers will work to the best of their ability. There is potential for conflict where performance management and appraisal systems are used. Some workers may not agree with the fact that they are constantly monitored during working hours and conflict may occur if an employee feels that they have worked hard enough to gain an appraisal yet the appraiser does not. Targets set by the appraiser may be another source of conflict. Employees may feel that the targets set are too high which can lead to serious disagreements. By properly monitoring the training and development and performance management of all employees, AJP can ensure that all staff are trained to the highest possible standards. Training can also improve customer service on offer in AJP therefore increasing customer satisfaction. When customer receive good service, they will return to AJP and this will increase AJP's sales and add to the future success of the company. Reference: 1. 3rd edition Business Vocational A Level by Roger Lewis & Roger Trevitt 2. Advanced Business by Michael Fardon, Frank Adcock, Ian Birth, David Cox, Michael Matchan, Sean O'Byrne and John Prokopiw 1 Adetoke Temitope Adefioye ...read more.

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