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Important trends in Softwire communication

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Network Management II Assignment 1 Important trends in Softwire communication By: Jacy Logue Student #: 2025949 Important trends in Softwire Communication Computers are found in basically every large business around the world, this is because it helps business's become more effective and efficient. One of the main factors that help business's become more effective and efficient includes communication. Computers allow employees and business's to communicate in a far more effective way, including file sharing, hardware and software sharing as well as communicating in general. In order for communication to occur between computers they must be connected in some form or another to allow the transmission of data, which, when connected form networks. Networks can be anywhere from two computers connected together, hundreds in a university or office all the way to the internet, which is basically a series of smaller networks all combined. Networks are more commonly connected through different forms of cables (hardwire), however now a days as technology is ever advancing more computers are beginning to be connected to networks without wires. Dividing connections to a network into two main categories, Soft and Hard wire, each possessing unique advantages and disadvantages to individual consumers and business's. Hardwire essentially means a physical objects used for data transmission, such as cables. There are three main cables currently used to connect networks and they include; twisted pair wire, coaxial cable and fiber-optic cable. ...read more.


Offering very little flexibility for employees and business's while they are on the move and constantly changing locations. This causes further problems in cases when man made objects or natural objects make it very difficult to directly connect computers or networks together. Wireless media offer solutions to these problems and offer benefits that cables cant. Wireless media such as radio waves, microwaves and satellite can be used when cables cant and are able to offer further benefits such as; greater mobility allowing people to be connected for longer periods as they can be connected while on the move. It can also be used in cases mentioned above where objects block the way for cables to be installed. Wireless networks are also much easier and faster to install, and therefore networks can be set up quickly in meetings and conferences as long as business's have the necessary equipment. Wireless networks may seem like the perfect answer and alternative but it does have several disadvantages just as cables do. The main problem with having a wireless network would be security issues. As data is transmitted through the air it becomes easier for anyone with the right equipment to intercept the data. With cables data can be directed more specifically to a target; however wireless networks depend on data to be broadcasted everywhere or over a larger area where the target may possibly be. There is also a great chance for errors to occur when network are wireless. ...read more.


Marketers dream of being able to this and with wireless communication and internet they are able to do so. This also benefits the consumer as they can be in more control for what advertisements are bombarded at them and also benefiting from receiving information at a more appropriate time and place. The ubiquitous internet also allows employees to be connected while on the move, and allowing them to obtain data when necessary from wherever they are located. Overall it can be seen that wireless technology has the potential to offer many benefits that cables are unable to do without enduring further costs. Although the idea of being mobile and being able to transmit data over longer distances is something business's wish to have, using wireless media presents greater security risks and increases the rate of errors. It is therefore dependent on what a company wants the network to do, and what constraints they have; e.g. cost constraints, physical barriers or the need for extra security and privacy. While wireless components have disadvantages they should not be neglected when the use for them is required, it simply means there are different implications for managers to deal with. There are also methods to deal with these problems as new standards for encrypting data on wireless networks are emerging and therefore security will become less of a problem in future. Provided attention is paid to these issues, wireless networks could be a good option for many organisations and will no doubt become increasingly common in the future. ...read more.

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