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Improving Secretary

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Marketing Assigment Student: Amy Barry Andrew Paul Introduction For the course Principles of Marketing we had to either introduce a new product or to better a product or service for the Faculty of Social Economics. We, Amy Barry and Andrew Paul, decided to better the service of the secretariat. Seeing that both of have had bad experiences using that service here at school, we decided to better that service. We also decided on this service because this a very important part of the Faculty of Social Economics, because this is what is considered the nerve station of that faculty. As follows, we will give brief descriptions of the current situation is and elaborate on each point. And then we will explain what we will do to improve it. The subjects that we will tackle are as follows: > Personnel competency, > Work hours and office location, > Manuals, > Notifications, and > Student services. Personnel competency What we consider personnel competency is the way that the staff deals with the students, and the way that they handle problems and help the students. In this section we will also talk about how they relay information to the students. > Current situation There are not enough workers to handle all the work and students that are coming there for help, which causes a very stressful situation. ...read more.


And student office hours will be from 9.30 am to 12 pm and then again from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. So you see that in between the student hours there is enough time for the workers to handle other stuff. That also has to be done. And as for the location, we don't find that the current location is particularly bad, but they should either move to a larger office where there is more space to do everything that has to be done, and more space to accommodate all the students that are currently coming in there. Manuals In this section we will talk about the fact that they don't distribute the Mentorate, Management skills and Student manuals anymore via themselves. > Current situation They have decided to put these manuals online on the blackboard so that the student can print them and have them for themselves. They do not distribute these manuals any longer. > Improvements We do not think that this should be the case, because it is supposed to be a service from the school to make those manuals available to the students. We understand the fact that they would say that they are cutting on costs, but in that case you could ask for a low price to compensate for those costs. Although that price should not be too high because, there already is a problem with the financial aid. ...read more.


Because of this problem that occurs often at the end of the year, most students refrain from searching for their grades, and consequently are not sure about the grades that they have obtained over the year. > Improvements They should make sure that all the teachers have handed in their grades and have them in a neat file put away, so that if in any cases the grades were not placed online the students would still have easy access to their grades. This is very important because that is the main reason why students are attending this school, and if they are unable to get their grades, they loose their motivation for attending school, because there is no way for them to find out what has happened over the past year. CONCLUSION SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS > They give notifications on class changes and rescheduling. > They are willing to help at times. WEAKNESSES > Not all employees have a good education and are able to deal with the situations that present themselves. > There are few workers for all the work that has to be done. OPPORTUNITIES > Get a larger office. > Have more employees for all the work that has to done. > They can give there workers a management skills course. THREATS > All students start referring to the student services center for all their needs. > The students can rise up against them. ...read more.

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