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In order for a business to be successful in the world today, they should possess all four of the functions of management. These four functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

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Functions of Management Management: Theory, Practice, and Application MGT/330 Introduction In order for a business to be successful in the world today, they should possess all four of the functions of management. These four functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It is important that all of these aspects of management be understood to enable a business to be successful at meeting their goals. Examples of performing these four functions are planning by delivering a set of values that are strategic, organizing by building an organization that is dynamic, leading by being able to mobilize people, and controlling by making changes and learning. All of these can successfully be carried out through communication and decision-making. Planning Planning is setting goals to be put into place to be reached. The correct courses of action that will be taken to meet these goals and to determine how the goals will be accomplished are decided in advance. Bateman and Snell (2009) ...read more.


Organizing can be used to build a team of managers that can effectively use resources that can provide a business with the competitive edge, and enable the business to provide complete customer satisfaction. At Spirit Manufacturing, the mid-level and lower-level management work together, to organize the goals that are set by the top-level management. These goals include the style, type, and design of the products. The lower-level management will inform the employees on how these goals are to be carried out to satisfy the requirements of the top-level management. This is done through a process known as leadership. Leading Leading is being able to effectively and successfully communicate with, and motivate employees, groups, or people that lead to a higher level of performance by inspiring the employees that work in a business. Leading requires that management work in close contact with their employees. Working in close contact with the employees will help the management team to guide and inspire the employees in the right direction to accomplish the teamwork, and organizing the goals. ...read more.


At Spirit Manufacturing, the managers have to implement changes to the style, type, and design of the products, as these changes are needed. The managers may also have to adjust the price of the products to be able to meet the goals that they have set for the business. The managers can look at the past marketing strategies, and are able to make cost effective changes that will enable the business to meet the goals. Conclusion To implement the four functions of management, businesses can use technology to aid them in this task. By using the four functions of management, managers will be able to obtain the knowledge that is necessary to having a competitive advantage when it comes to customers, suppliers, and others. It is important for any manager to have a thorough understanding of the four functions of management to ensure that a business is successful in meeting the goals that have been set for that business. Rodacker (2006) stated, "Effective communication is the key to planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the resources of an organization to achieve its stated objectives. ...read more.

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