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In this essay, I am going to evaluate the effect of job satisfaction on work performance.

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Does job satisfaction generate high worker performance? In other words, do happy workers work harder? In this essay, I am going to evaluate the effect of job satisfaction on work performance. It is not the first time that this topic has been investigated. There is a lot of past research which link these two variables. The topic is still a live one and is even more important in the twenty-first century given the longer working hours culture. A recent survey show that a great number of workers lack job satisfaction these days compared with a decade ago. Today companies intent on achieving growth and profitability need to consider job satisfaction as it not only saves costs in terms of staff retention but may also increase profitability due to increased staff performance. In order to achieve these aims the modern manager needs to understand what motivates his workers, what job satisfaction means to them, how it can be measured and how it can be implemented practically in the workplace. Some studies found that there is no link between those two criterions whereas other studies found that there is a slight link. ...read more.


This leads to consideration of why one worker might enjoy a certain role while another worker hates the same role. Investigation has found that workers are satisfied when the employer provides them with the things that they value (Value Theory). According to the Value Percept Theory, value play important role in job satisfaction. Values are those things which workers wittingly or unwittingly want to seek or attain. Workers' frequently evaluate their job satisfaction according to specific criteria such as pay, promotion, the extent to which they are supervision, their relations with co-workers, and the work itself. In addition, different people value different things. This depends on age, culture, background, country, etc. A number of studies suggest that satisfaction with work itself is the strongest driver of overall job satisfaction. Researcher began focusing on those issues in the 1950 and 1960, and come up with the result that boring jobs may be easier, but not absolutely better. One of the most influential of the theories that relate to the nature of jobs to performance is (Hackman and Oldham's jobs characteristics theory 1976). This theory is based on assumption that people can be motivated by intrinsic nature of job tasks. ...read more.


In summary, Happy workers work and perform better. Researchers have put a considerable amount of effort into attempts to demonstrate that the two are positively related At a general level, workers are satisfied when their job provides the things that they value. Many of those values deal with the things that your work can give you. In addition, according to the value percept theory job satisfaction depends on whether or not a worker receives from his or her boss the things that are important to them. Research has linked job satisfaction to a number of environment variables. Job satisfaction has been shown to correlate with job characteristics. Not only does job satisfaction have an impact on a individual's working life but in addition it may well be the case that job satisfaction is highly correlated with life satisfaction for the simple reason that people spend a large proportion of their time at work. Mood and emotions are important factors in job satisfaction, The experience of positive emotions by employees on the job can have positive effects on employees and organizations, whereas the experience of negative emotions can have the opposite effects Sometimes workers go the extra step by engaging in behaviours that are not in their job description. Organizational commitment is another attitudinal variable that is popular among researcher. Commitment concerns the workers attachment to the organization. ...read more.

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