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In this section of my coursework, I am going to investigate the scale of the UK Travel and Tourism industry.

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E2 A full description of the scale of UK industry and its economic significance, quoting relevant data accurately In this section of my coursework, I am going to investigate the scale of the UK Travel and Tourism industry. I will be looking at:- * Consumer spending on Travel and Tourism Industry * The number of people employed in the industry and the types of jobs * Number of tourists coming into the UK * Number of UK residents taking holidays in the UK and outside the UK. The travel and tourism industry is a multi-billion pound industry and has had a major impact on the economy in terms of consumer spending and employment. Consumer spending on travel and tourism in the UK There were 27.5 million overseas visitors who came to Britain in 1998, spending over £12 billion. The British Tourist Authority estimated that by the year 2003, this figure would increase by 44% to £18 billion a year spent in the UK. However these figures were generated before the devastating foot and mouth outbreak, so these figures may well have decreased considerably. The Travel and tourism industry is continually growing because towns and cities are developing their attractions to encourage more visitors from overseas and in the UK to travel to their destinations. ...read more.


Each time, adding to the development of the destinations. The number of people employed in the industry and the types of jobs One of the largest industries in the UK, is the travel and Tourism industry. It has one of the highest employment figures in the UK creating around 50,000 new jobs per year and already employing 1.7 million people. Numbers employed in Tourism ('000) Hotels and other tourist accommodation 318.7 Restaurants, cafes, etc. 356.0 Bars, pubs, clubs 364.1 Travel agents, tour operators 83.5 Libraries, museums, culture 77.0 Sport and other recreation 291.7 Self employment in tourism industry 94.0 Total employed in tourism industry 1,685.1 Source 'Collins Advanced Vocational Travel and Tourism' Pg69 Tony Outhart. This table shows the total amount of employees in the Travel and Tourism industry, also breaking them down into different sections. The area of which has the most employees is bars, pubs and clubs, with 364 thousand who are employed in these fields. This is because in my opinion a lot of the public choose to spend their leisure time in such places as bars, pubs and clubs as they are good places to socialise and meet new people so they need adequate staff to be able to cope with such public demand. ...read more.


Number of UK residents taking holidays in the UK and outside the UK This is the section where I'm going to look at the amount of British people that actually take holidays within the UK and also overseas. The graph below shows the statistics from 1998. UK Residents Trips (Millions) Spending (£m) Cumbria 2.9 £380 Northumbria 4.2 £340 North West 8.4 £970 Yorkshire 9.2 £940 Heart of England 16.8 £1,160 East of England 13.0 £1,290 London 11.6 £1,055 West Country 16.6 £2,670 Southern 10.9 £1,245 South East 10.5 £825 Source 'Collins Advanced Vocational Travel and Tourism' Pg70 Tony Outhart. People within the UK like to take holidays in the UK as well as overseas. For people taking short trips or weekend breaks they tend to choose to stay in the UK rather than travel abroad, as most of their time that way would be taken up with travelling. But when they have a longer period of time to take the holiday, which's when they like to go abroad. The above chart enables us to see the amount of Britons that take holidays inside of the UK. The above table shows how many people took holidays within the UK in 1998, and where they took their holiday. The Heart of England seems to be the most popular destination for people to travel to within the UK, whereas the most money was spent in the West Country. ...read more.

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