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Investigate and produce a report about the marketing department within Cadburys ltd

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Introduction In this assignment I have been asked to investigate and produce a report about marketing department within an organization. This report will contain information about the organizations products and range of services which they provide to their consumers. It will also identify the legal constraints on marketing, business understanding on its customers and competitors. I will use different types of analytical techniques to support the development of the product. The organization whose new products I will be analyzing is Cadburys LTD. History of Cadburys Cadburys is one of the biggest organizations that produce chocolates, cocoa and drinking chocolate within the world. Cadburys was established in 1824 by John Cadbury, he first decided to open a grocery shop when he was 20 years old. The chain of success for Cadburys was first placed in the fashionable part in Birmingham. In 1831 John Cadbury decided to change the grocery shop to the form of a manufacturer which produces and sells drinking chocolate and cocoa. In 1650s cocoa and drinking chocolate had been introduced into England. In the 1650s the customers of Cadburys were Birmingham's rich families because the costs were very high and the rich families only could afford to buy. During the 1850s John Cadburys sons Richard and George joined the company. This partnership dissolved in 1860 and a year later John Cadbury retired leaving his sons Richard and George, to continue the business. Cadburys now has factories all over the world in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Japan and several countries in Africa. Marketing 1"The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably" The Charted Institute of Marketing Marketing is about understanding customers and finding ways to provide products or services which customers want. This can be done by presenting right the product, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. SECTION 1 Task 1 (A) ...read more.


* There is no other mint related product within the Cadbury range or any other product produced by Cadburys. * A Cadburys Milk Mint chip is already popular in the 200g format, so the business has more customer base. * Cadburys put a lot of money into research and development * Confectionary has managed to maintain a high level * Cadburys has good profits * Cadburys has well known good quality products * Cadburys has its products priced higher tan most of its other competitors * The costs of the company are too high. Cadburys are making a low profit on chocolate bar due to the high costs Opportunities of Cadburys Milk MINT CHIPS Threats of Cadburys Milk MINT CHIPS * More countries are joining EU so bigger market to launch * There are a lot of competitors within the confectionary market * Cadburys has a good public image known for its good quality * Cadburys established products can be restored with new packaging and promotional prices * Cadbury's could look to develop new products in new markets. * The high level of money is needed to launch to the market * The pricing on their products is too high Cadbury's could lose sales if a competitor was to launch a new product. * There is other mint products that produced by the competitors SECTION 2 Task 4 (A) Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy is involved with identifying and meeting the requirements of customers successfully so that the organisation can meet their objectives. For example marketing strategies in Cadburys Ltd require detailed research to find out about: * Customer requirements * The right products to develop to meet customer needs * How to position the product or service in relation to other products and services * The right marketing mix The 4ps for Cadbury Ltd products The 4 P's are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. ...read more.


already high if they increase the prices their sales and profit will go down Place * They sold their products through internet to retailers and wholesalers this reduced their cost, this is because it is cheap to sell through website * They have raise their profit and sales by selling Boost Guarana it to shops * There are no disadvantages because 99% of customers come from these places. This is indicated from Cadburys research they made. Promotion * Tokens encourage customers to buy the products * There are wide range of people watching TV * Coronation streets is very popular this means that wide range of people can see the Boost Guarana advert * TV advertising and coronation street advert are expensive Cadburys DREAM Advantages Disadvantages Product * The colours used suit with product image * The colours are bright and attractive * The product image appeal to the target market * Ingredients are linked by the customers this shows from the research Cadburys done * Is different from other chocolate because Dream made with white chocolate * There is no disadvantages because Dream chocolate has made good profits and it has reached to its target market Price * The price they charge is affordable and it is similar to the prices within the market * Customers get special offers with sales promotion * With penetration cost Cadburys have made a good profit due to the number of people purchase the products * There is no disadvantages because Cadburys made good profit with this price strategy Place * They sold their products through internet to retailers and wholesalers this reduced their cost, this is because it is cheap to sell through website * It is not good idea to purchase on internet because of security issues Promotion * Wide range of people watch TV * Sales promotion increase customer base * Coronation Street it has wide audience * Advertising on TV is expensive method to use Introduction To Marketing Unit 11 Guler Balaban 1 ...read more.

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