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Investigating the Importance of Customer Service, with examples from a hotel business in Limerick.

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´╗┐Amy McNamara Assignment 1 Customer Service ________________ Table of Contents INTRODUCTION2 Define and explain Customer Service and it significance to modern organisations. Customer Service Brief Customer Service History 3 Describe your chosen organisation The Pier Hotel Comprehensively discuss the different types of customers in your organisation Customer Categories4 Internal Customer of The Pier Hotel External Customers of The Pier Hotel5 Corporate Customers of The Pier Hotel Discuss the principles of a customer orientated organisation Customer Orientated Originations6 Construct a comprehensive organisational chart(s) for your chosen organisation Organisation Charts Proposed Organisational Chart 7 The Pier Hotel Organisational Chart8 Provide a comprehensive sumary of customer service responsibilites based on your chart(s) (Discuss specifically the role of frontline staff) Customer Service Responsibilities of The Pier Hotel9-10 Evaluate customer service policy as seen in your organisation (Mission Statement, Vision Statement Customer Charter etc.) on the practices of the organisation Mission Statements My Proposed Mission Statement Vision Statements My Proposed Vision Statement11 What is a Customer Charter Customer Charter of The Pier Hotel My Proposed Customer Charter for the Pier Hotel12 What you should expect from us Frequently asked Questions13-17 Hotel Facilities17-18 Contact Information18 Bibliography18 ________________ Introduction Over the past thirty years Customer Service has been evolving, and will continue to do so the more we practice in organisations. The significance of customer service does not go unnoticed. There are many attributes involved to make it successful in practice. Customer Service has to be a team effort and not just the responsibility of the staff dealing with the public directly. Most customers have the option to go elsewhere is the quality of service is lacking, which in my opinion makes good customer service a source of competitive advantage. In this assignment I have looked at different aspects of what customer service brings to a company. I have researched customer service in its past and have done a comprehensive summary on an organisation I have chosen to illustrate how customer service is used in present day and the significance in evolving customer service in the future. ...read more.


Working alongside the marketing director, both works hard to provide good rooms rates and advertise them accordingly. Events Manager ? The events manager of the Pier Hotel is very attentive, patient and strategic. When an event is being hosted in the hotel it is the events manager job to make sure customers are happy with the service which includes food, drink, music, arrival of cake and ensuring the customers? guests are also pleased with our service as they are potential future customers. Prior to booking the event in the hotel, the event manager has to show that the hotel is the correct fit for the customers function. This is mainly achieved to listening to the customer and making sure we can accommodate what they need for a successful night. The events manager uses the customers? first name as it creates more of a personal feel to show the customer they are important to us. Bar Manage, Accommodation Manager, Restaurant Manager, Head Chef, Night Manager & Front Office Manager ? Department managers are more involved in the customer service of The Pier Hotel. They all deal with customers regularly on a daily basis to oversee all operations of their department including staffing, employee schedules, staff functions, responsibilities, stock management etc. they are responsible for operating their department resourcefully and economically, satisfying guests and handling any problems that may arise. Full Time/Part Time Department Staff ? The full time staff of the Pier Hotel have the most contact with customers. It is vital for that all staff have strong commutative skills as they interact with external and internal customers. They have to be organised, professional and courteous along with being able to follow instructions from managers. It is their job to ensure customer satisfaction by going that extra mile with a smile. All management and staff have to be in constant communication to guarantee the smooth running of the Pier Hotel, and customer happiness. ...read more.


Airport Shuttle (surcharge Room Facilities: Hair Dryer Iron & Ironing Board Tea/Coffee facilities Telephone Wi-Fi Internet Connection Alarm Clock-Radio Cable Television In-Room Desk with chair and stationary En-suit in all rooms Room Extensions from Rooms: Front office dial ?0? Bar dial 701 Kitchen dial 702 Restaurant dial 703 Room Service dial 704 Child Rates: Children under 12 years stay free of charge when using existing beds. Children under 2 years stay free of charge for baby beds. Children 12years or older are charged 25% of the room stay per night for extra beds. The maximum number of extra beds/baby in a room is 1. If extra bed or crib is requested management needs to confirm as they are subject to availability. Complaints: If you have a bad experience during your stay and would like to make a complaint the first point of contact should be hotel management. Please approach any staff member as they would be happy to assist you in any way. The staff member will contact or notify a manager, or alternatively complaint forms can be located at front office desk. We at the Pier Hotel hope no complaints will occur during your stay with us, but if a problem does arise be assured that our management team will do everything within their power to resolve the issue expeditiously. Damages, Breakages and Antisocial Behaviour: Respect, Courtesy and Poise are the morals by which guests will be dealt with whilst staing at our hotel. Unfortunately there are a few who do not treat our staff or property in a similar manner and for those we need these regulations. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you, whether they are staying in the hotel or not, cause to the hotel, accommodation and its contents. We ask that you report any incidents as they occur. Contact Us: Telephone: (061) 317179 Fax: (061) 317182 Email: [email protected] Website: www.thepierhotellimerick. ...read more.

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