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IT and the Workplace. The problems faced by the Avtovaz company are said to stem from the presence of a computer system that is very inefficient and not integrated at all. This system makes it very hard for the organisation to improve itself and become c

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´╗┐Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 The Selected Company 3.0 The Problems Faced by the Company 3.1 Problems Concerning Speed of Delivery of Information 3.2 Problems Concerning Security of the Information 3.3 Problems Concerning Communication 4.0 The Solution to the Problem - The Selected Area of Technology 4.1 What is the Management Information System 5.0 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Technology 5.1 Advantages of the Technology 5.1.1 Enhancements in Communication 5.1.2 Reduction in Costs 5.1.3 Creating New and Exciting Jobs 5.2 Drawbacks of this Technology 6.0 Impact of Management Information Systems Technology on Avtovaz 7.0 Functionality of the Technology 8.0 Similarities and Differences with Other Technologies 9.0 Conclusion 10.0 Reference Abstract In this report, the objective is to make an investigation and a research of a certain type of information technology in the workplace and the way that this technology would be able to bring about positive advantages to the organisation. For the company that was selected, the system that was proposed to be developed is a management information system. The problems faced by the Avtovaz company are said to stem from the presence of a computer system that is very inefficient and not integrated at all. This system makes it very hard for the organisation to improve itself and become competitive, especially in light of its recent joint ventures with other car manufacturers. The presence of this kind of system has caused for the organisation to be unproductive and slow. Here, the management information system technology will be examined terms of its functionality, its various advantages and disadvantages, and the similarities and differences of this technology on three other areas of technology. ...read more.


Examining the above, the present system that is of a manual nature is indeed problematic in the sense that it is slow, it causes for errors in communication, lack of security, reduced organisational performance, and inability to become more competitive. 4.0 The Solution to the Problem - The Selected Area of Technology The problems that have been identified have to be addressed in the most effective way possible and to do this, it is recommended that Avtovaz adopt the use of a management information system in order to be able to manage the dissemination, storage, processing and retrieval of information. In essence, it would mean totally replacing the present system with the new automated system that is likely to solve most of the problems that are being faced by this organisation. 4.1 What is the Management Information System In this section, the management information system technologies will be explained. Within the sphere of information technology, there exists a number of very different technologies that are specifically designed to accomplish a number of different tasks an in some cases, these tasks are related. Information systems technology is a facet within the sphere of information technology and there also exists many kinds of information system types and the type of information system that is being proposed for Avtovaz is the management information system, which is a type of information system that would be responsible for the storage, processing, retrieval and dissemination of information between and across organisational departments. It also provides information that enables the management to plan and to coordinate business processes at the organisation (Laudon and Laudon 2007), (BPC ? MIS, 2009), and (Management Information Systems, 2009). ...read more.


Hence, it can be said that this system does exhibit similarities of a internet application, a security application and an application to ensure ethical use of data. 9.0 Conclusion The main issue that was identified as causing for low efficiency levels at Avtovaz was their highly outdated and improperly integrate computer network. The computer system was viewed as being dysfunctional without any sort of semblance and it clearly lacked the ability to provide this organisation with superiority when it comes to the collection, processing and distribution of information within the organisation and between departments. After making an examination of the problem that was faced by Avtovaz, the ideal solution was implement the use of a management information system, which was a type of information system that is designed to improve how the organisation handles its information. This can be said to be a system that is able to manage the important information to the upper management for decision making activities. This system was found to have a number of important advantages and a few disadvantages as well. It was found that the system was very functional and its functionality was something that would enable the organisation to perfect the management of information to achieve is strategic business objectives. 10.0 Reference Laudon K and Laudon J, 2007, ?Management Information Systems ? Managing the Digital Firm? Pearson Education International ? Tenth Edition Management Hub ? Information Management Advantages, 2009? available at: http://www.management-hub.com/information-management-advantages.html Retrieved on ? 18-11-2009 BPC ? MIS, 2009? available at: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/glossary/management-information-system.htm Retrieved on ? 18-11-2009 Avtovaz, 2009 ? available at: http://www.gm-avtovaz.ru/new_ru/index.php Retrieved on ? 18-11-2009 Management Information Systems, 2009 ? available at: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-management-information-systems.htm Retrieved on ? 18-11-2009 Business Bible ? Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology, 2009: available at: http://www.smallbusinessbible.org/advan_disadvan_informationtechnology.html Retrieved on ? 18-11-2009 ...read more.

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