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IT issues in a high street fashion retail company. This report will address the following issues of IT integration in the company and its affect of the way business is done

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Name: , ID: , Date Company Name: Title: IT issues in a high street fashion retail company. Introduction: Terms of reference: The fashion retail company requested this report on 28th August 2008, to find out how Information Technology issues would affect the ability of the staff to perform in their jobs. Purpose: This report will address the following issues of IT integration in the company and its affect of the way business is done: 1. To suggest the best network for the main company office and explain its advantages and disadvantage in the work environment. 2. To explain the affects of the Data Protection Act on the business and its employees and suggest how the senior management can ensure that the staff are aware of the guidelines to follow for the company to be compliant of the Act. 3. To suggest the best way to market the company's products on the internet. What information should be included in the company website and how the website should be designed to attract and engage as many customer as possible. 4. To explain the benefit of a supplier database and how it will help the buying office to carry out its work efficiently. ...read more.


4. If these rights are violated then the consumer has the right to sue the violating company and claim compensation. * Database: The buying office needed to connect with the suppliers to be able to know the status of their orders and track the delivery, as well as to let them know their stock position so that new stock could be delivered to their premises. * Network and Topology: The shop's survey shows that it is a single building shaped liked a rectangle, and the area is roughly 20 meters square. The staff at the till need to be connected to the management office to share information on their computers. The layout of the workstations is also simple, as the tills are next to each other and the management cabin is also in the same line but a little bit further to the customer tills. * E-commerce: The existing customers said that they would like to shop on-line. They also wanted to know when the new stock had arrived and when a sale was on. They disliked the idea of giving the same information again and again . So they wanted to have their contact details stored in the website database, which could be accessed by them securely for any alteration. ...read more.


If a cable breaks, the complete network will shut down so care should be taken to keep the cables intact. In the appendix, a diagram is drawn showing how BUS topology will work. Advantages: 1. When their database is installed, the buying office can easily share information amongst the staff and the will all be able to see the same information. * Ecommerce: How can the retail shop use their website to generate more business? 1. Send newsletters personalized emails to announce sales. 1. Post fashion tips on the websites and send email alerts for customers to see these tips. This way customers will come to the website, and check out the new stock. 2. The website should contain testimonials of existing customers so that new customers are are encouraged by the good customer service. 3. In compliance with the Data Protection Act, the customers should be given full access to the information available about them, and a password should be given to let them change their information as they like. 4. A click-stream analysis on the website, can be used to make more profiles of customers and this can be used as another database, so that the company knows which pages do customer s visit most. 5. They can sell their products 24 / 7 by applying e-commerce. ...read more.

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