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IVillage.com - the leading womens network online.

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- The Leading Women's Network Online: Perspective of new market expansion by Gnjatovic Margareta Jovic Jelena Pargovska Biljana Rybachuk Anya Executive summary The following report is aimed to present the short overview of the iVillage.com Inc., its current business model and the factors behind its success as well as the prospects of the company's further expansion to the Balkan area. The paper provides appropriate information about iVillage.com - the leading women's network online - for the potential investors who are willing to invest into the expansion project. The risen issues include the business model used by iVillage.com, the areas of the business model (community, sponsorship, comers and direct marketing, consistent content, and broadband initiatives), the information about the market to be explored, the factor behind the choice of target market and group, important managerial issues, namely swat and five factors analysis, and competition overview. The possible implementation plan was proposed for the future expansion of iVillage.com to Balkan region. The plan contains 11 steps that are vital for successful business idea implementation. Last but not least the probable recommendations are provided. Table of Contents: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 INTRODUCTION 1 1. IVILLAGE.COM AT A GLANCE 2 1. COMPANY'S CURRENT BUSINESS MODEL 3 2. THE CHOICE OF MARKET TO EXPAND 5 2.1. BALKAN AREA IN BRIEF 5 3.2 THE DECISION ABOUT THE TARGET MARKET 5 2.2. THE DECISION ABOUT THE TARGET GROUP 7 3. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 8 4. MANAGEMENT ISSUES TO BE DISCUSSED 9 4.1. SWOT ANALYSIS 9 4.2. FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS 10 Threats to entry 11 The power of buyers 11 Power of suppliers 11 The threat of substitutes 12 Competitive rivalry 12 5. COMPETITION ANALYSIS 13 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 16 REFERENCES: 17 Introduction Although today men still dominate in the Internet world in terms of presence on the net, the cyber world is a space which can be used by women for numerous applications in various fields. ...read more.


5. Conduct system and site development taking in consideration that it should be done in different languages and in correspondence with the local tastes and preferences. 6. Test it before making the site available for the potential visitors and update the site when necessary. 7. Make up marketing plan: 7.1. Product - offer wide variety of products and services that are applicable for the demand of target market. 7.2. Price - the price of products available on the site should be adjusted to purchasing power of the given target group. 7.3. Promotion of the iVillage.com products and services should be done through different medias such as: internet sites e.g. companies main sit (American) so that the people who are living outside the target market but are still interested in purchases could found out about it, different women magazines covering the same channels as the iVillage.com, posting the ads of the internet address at universities and other women institutions. 7.4. Place (distribution) - managing of logistics and supply chain. 8. Make up financial estimations - as any new venture we are not expecting the high profits but due to the high growth rate of the target market we believe that business will become profitable in perspective. The detailed financial estimates will be presented to potential investors. 9. Performance review - the performance review of the sites should be done on regular bases in order to use as an improvement tool for future restructuring and re-development of the sites. 10. Measure the impact (both positive and negative) on the targeted group and evaluate it for future operations. 11. Constantly revise your plan to cope with demand of the target group. 4. Management issues to be discussed In conducting the feasibility study of the venture, it is essential to use some well-established managerial techniques, such as SWOT and Five forces analysis for getting better picture of the business potential. ...read more.


Further thorough examination of them from economic and strategic perspective led to the decision about the choice of final target market - countries of ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro, FYROM, Bosnia & Herzegovina) for the strategic issues and Greece for its highest economic development within other countries of the Balkan region. Obviously, there is a huge gap between the strategy perceived by iVillage.com in the US and the one that should be conducted in the Balkans. The propositions concerning different target group was made for the reason that Internet in targeted countries is used by other demographic groups and the possible implementation plan for reaching this group. Since the investors are considering other investment alternatives, the plan presents a competition analysis of iVillage.com and the advantages the company has over its competitors and other companies that are not direst competitors (e.g. Reflect.com). iVillage.com has particular weaknesses and threats as well. There are monitored in the above report for further consideration by the management with the purpose to minimize them and turn into weaknesses. As one of the solutions, a strategic alliance may be formed with the local business units in order to share risks and get an inside to the selected target markets. Finally, the recommendations for iVillage.com on Balkan include: * build its strategy on the strategic business assets; * provide high quality content for getting site stickiness on Balkans as well; * to run a referral program for new users especially those with medium Internet literacy; * provide one-to-one consulting services; There is a recommendation for the investors as well. First of all, there is always a dilemma faced by eBusinesses - to choose between growth and profits. Logically that profit-making is the key goal of any investor. However, one should not forget about the strategic issues of long term returns that may heavily exceed the short term ones. Since the target markets have high growth rate and potential, they are likely to generate profits in the future. ...read more.

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