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management Strategy

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From: Oluwatobi Akintola Commercial Director Sony Ericsson To: The Board of Directors Sony Ericsson Subject: Our Company's Management Strategy Contents 1. History of our company 2. Scope of our business 3. Our Stake Holders 4 Governance Chain 5. Consideration for our position with relation to ethics and social response 6. Conclusion/Observation/Recommendation 1) History: When buying any electronics, customers have a trust on brands with a longer existence and good brand name. The brand recognisation is more if a company is longer in operation. Sony Ericsson has enjoyed a constant customer stream though we are too young as compare to mobile manufacturers "giant". These Clients buy any new mobile phone released in market by the Sony Ericsson brand. A Look Back into the History of Sony Ericsson as a Company Our company was formed seven years back in 2001 jointly by Sony and Ericsson. In London we have our head office and they are specialised in producing following products currently: - Hi-tech accessories - Mobile phones - Mobile music devices - Wireless systems - Wireless voice devices - Wireless data devices When Two Companies Joined Forces Again, the joint venture of Sony Ericsson was introduced in 2001. ...read more.


Hatch and Schultz (2003), Balmer (2001), Knox and Bickerton (2000), as well as Ind (1997) and Kapferer (1997) state that we have to fulfil the requirement of all the stakeholders not specially the cutomers but all of them whether they are internal or external. Ind (1997) further states that to have a complete brand we must look after need of all stakeholder. 4) Corporate Governance: The way in which rights and regulations distributed to us in the manner of laws is the term corporate governance is all about. We have to keep corporate governance in our practice in order to make decisions. Corporate Governance structure of our company OUR COMMITMENT TO CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Sony Ericsson is committed corporate governance in higher standards and it must be in the way we run our business. We guide our employees in how can we keep our rules and regulation in good manner by the help of our different policies and directions. Our Company's reputation must be very high in terms of honesty and corporate relationship by its respective, professional and preserved nature to all. Our corporate governance can be made more effective as we have to take certain measures, controls and procedure so that we get high standards. ...read more.


All of our products have different names as per their nature, for e.g. K800. This product was sold in very short period of time for which the name was assigned. These brands are used all over the world. That's why our company is known worldwide. Our strategies are constant all over the world and the strategies are respected in the entire world. Our company has capabilities to match our local requirements and our products are same in all over the world but their might be some difference in the m as per the requirement of the local market. Reference:- Master's Thesis by Hanna Haggqvist & Camilla Lundkvist from Lulea university of Technology'2008 http://www.rlmagazine.com/RLMagazine_7thEdition.pdf Conclusion:- * Our company has to do a research work for all the times so as to improve our products. * As Sony Ericsson is a good innovative company we have to keep a good eye on the better marketing programmes so as to make it a huge success. * Market has to be covered completely by our products when they are launched. * Our strength is team work and we have to follow the same to get good results in the future and we have to overcome our weakness by working in team. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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