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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Building and Planning

    The process will be well organized, managed, and regularly evaluated for improvement. Traditionally, a physical inventory count is executed once a year by many organizations. Throughout the process, all shipments and receipts are detained (which often holds up the shipment process), and employees count everything in stock. Once inventory is calculated, inventory records are corrected and companies know what they have in inventory for a short time.

    • Word count: 521
  2. Leadership and Change Management

    A single IBM eServer iSeries system provides a scalable, flexible platform for SAP software, enabling a central view of all manufacturing operations. (IBM, 2006) Warehouse efficiency has improved by around 14%, pick order times have decreased by about 32%, and staffing costs have declined by some 8%. Total annual savings of approximately $17 million have been achieved, and sales days outstanding have been reduced by 14%. The company runs smoother the employees are happier the end result is more efficient.

    • Word count: 852
  3. Role of HRM

    The constant evaluation of the effectiveness of the organization results in the need for the HR professional to frequently champion change. Both knowledge about and the ability to execute successful change strategies make the HR professional exceptionally valued. Knowing how to link change to the strategic needs of the organization will minimize employee dissatisfaction and resistance to change. Human Resource Planning, HR people need to determine the long-term/short-term human resource needs, area they need and the requirements of jobs. Job descriptions and job specifications will be designed base on the outcomes of the job analysis information.

    • Word count: 755
  4. Conceptos estadisticos y de diseo de la investigacin

    Se refiere a los "m�todos para organizar, resumir y presentar datos de manera informativa". "Por ejemplo, cuando el gobierno de Estados Unidos informa que, de acuerdo con los censos decenales, la poblaci�n de su pa�s fue de 179,323,175 en 1960...y de 248,709,783 en 1990." (Lind, Mason y Marchal, 2001). Estad�stica Inferencial Un ejemplo aplicado en el cultivo de camar�n serian los estudios poblacionales. Tomamos muestra de la densidad de camar�n en peque�as �reas de los estanques despu�s sacamos el promedio de estas densidades y podemos inferir el total de camarones en un estanque.

    • Word count: 966
  5. English literature

    Shakespeare tells this information to the audience before they see the play so the play doesn't seem so traumatic, instead of people crying at the end, they would be prepared and it would also create tension for the audience with anticipation of events. The prologue gives the audience an introduction of the play, so they are prepared to cope with the struggles of their tension and emotions. The audience would be happy and relaxed from the previous scene as Romeo and Juliet just got married.

    • Word count: 985
  6. Exploring Personal Values

    It is not enough for a person to "talk the talk" results are indicated when a person is "walking the walk." My goal is to achieve the greatest possible good for society through my business ventures. I focus on what can be done to improve the well being of the greatest number of people in my organization to provide the best customer services. One way of doing this is to enforce different rules and regulation followed along with corresponding sanctions, in order to achieve what works best for business.

    • Word count: 886
  7. Organizational Trends

    Recognize and define the problem or opportunity 2) Identify and analyze alternative courses of action, and estimate their effects on the problem or opportunity 3) Choose a preferred course of action 4) Implement the preferred course of action 5) Evaluate the results and follow-up as necessary Decision-making is arguably the most difficult task an individual will attempt during his or her management career. Ethics will have an enormous impact on the process during each step. Specifically, an individual's morals and values help define who they are and influence what they perceive as right and wrong.

    • Word count: 921
  8. Threats to online Trading companies in APA style

    Several attributes of this technology have profound implications on electronic commerce, driving the re-definition of business. He also sated that "These attributes include global connection and access, technological complexity and change, time to market, and legal and regulatory requirements, and these same attributes play an important role as enablers of threats to the business' information infrastructure." (Anderson, 1997). He also described that "Information security has several components and attributes that must be considered when analyzing potential risk. Broadly, these fall into three categories: availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Threats in any of these categories can seriously disrupt business.

    • Word count: 928
  9. The intent of this paper is to briefly discuss ethics as it relates to the field of operations management. Ethics, Operations Management and ProfitabilityEveryday decisions are made that affect shareholders and employees

    Respectively, implied in the "proper management" (regardless of the specific task or responsibility) there exists an implied sense of ethics and an expected adherence to certain acceptable business standards and practices. The intent of this paper is to briefly discuss ethics as it relates to the field of operations management. Ethics, Operations Management and Profitability Everyday decisions are made that affect shareholders and employees. Reducing costs may increase a shareholder's value and help sustain a company's employability. Consequently, with the loss of money come decisions on how to save money, reduce costs or increase cash flow (Brealey and Myers, 2001).

    • Word count: 730
  10. Decision-Making Model Analysis

    The rational decision-making process consists of five basic steps. First, the individual must define the problem. Second, the individual must identify the criteria. Third, the individual must identify all possible consequences of each alternative. Fourth, a set of alternatives must be developed. Fifth, assessment of the results or penalties of each of the alternatives must be performed. Finally, the decision maker must make a choice and implement the alternative that best aligns with the goals of the organization. The underlying rational for the model is efficiency (Dessler, G. 2001, p. 115). The Problem Defined As a step towards better understanding the rational decision-making process, we will apply the model to a simple case.

    • Word count: 699
  11. Organisational Culture

    Sainsbury's like to treat their producers and traders fair and to pay them a reasonable wage. Sainsbury's do not produce products if they know that they are going to be a danger to their customers. The beliefs and values of Sainsbury's link to their objectives because they intend to produce high quality and offer a high quality service which is their main objective. To separate employees from customers at Sainsbury's, employees wear a uniform. Customers are then able to establish who work for the company in case they need any help or advice about in-store products.

    • Word count: 687
  12. Change Management

    Hay, S (1997, p13) explains 'Embracing change and the turbulence it can cause requires maturity in a manager. Faced with the moving target of quality childcare, change is part and parcel of everyday nursery life...' What problems are arising with the proposed changes and why? Many of the staff at the school feel hostile towards the changes that are being implemented in the setting. Staff believe their skills and qualifications are being undervalued, as management are employing staff who are not trained to the same level as themselves and resent the fact that they shall still be working alongside them.

    • Word count: 921
  13. Understanding People in the Workplace.

    The decision making process of the group was very democratic, using a majority voting system. The presentation plan we put together consisted of a brainstorming session, to get some initial ideas. We worked out the basic structure of the presentation and then carried out individual tasks for our allotted piece of the presentation. This was supported by regular meetings to track progress, help each other and work out any problems. Individually and as a group we performed in depth research into the subject matter and also the technique and choreography of effective presentations.

    • Word count: 609
  14. Negotiation and conflict.

    The sources of conflict such as the goals, values, tasks, resources, rules and communication were all known. Both countries had very similar sources of conflict, for example the goals of both countries was to come to an agreement with the opposing country while insuring that their country would survive. On the other hand along the conflict process model, the manifest conflict that consisted of the conflict style, decision, and overt behaviours varied from group to group. One group's decisions could vary greatly from another group's. Having different variations of the manifest conflict would eventually lead to different conflict perceptions and conflict emotions, and thus each opposing group would have a different conflict outcome.

    • Word count: 884
  15. Would the implementation of a Code of Ethics be problematic? How can the Code best be implemented? What other measures do you consider effective without implementation of a Code of Ethics? What else is in place? Discuss

    He claimed that therefore they had no bearing on the maintenance of public trust. It could be argued that in the absence of any other, more rigorous, set of sanctions and controls,specifically drafted to ensure quality of service to the customer, the aspirational aims of a code of ethics would be at least a starting point. However, the implementation of a code of ethics for the Police Service of England and Wales would result in confusion and 'double jeopardy' for officers, already subject to the rigorous controls of the Police code of conduct.

    • Word count: 740
  16. Case Analysis: Federal Express.

    On the other hand, there is The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 which gives workers and unions protection and rights. The two laws are distinct in their statutes. The Railway Labor Act is to prevent any labor disputes that could place a restraint on the flow of interstate commerce. However, the National Labor Relations Act is to protect workers from abuse from mismanagement. The main difference between the two are, RLA warrants only a national union whereas the NRLA allows unions to be formed locally.

    • Word count: 757
  17. Corporate identity is what a company or organisation uses to describe/ sum up what it is, and what it stands for.

    To do this it may employ the help of public relations companies, or use paid advertisements (or both) to get the right exposure. If the public has negative perceptions of a company or an organisation it can be very difficult to remove this image from the publics mind. It may be the case that the image the public has of a company may be a very limited view of what it is they do, in which case they may want to raise awareness within the public or within their particular market.

    • Word count: 699
  18. From goals and outcomes to Missions and Standards.

    Instead, when the mission of a prison is defined as confinement, it is most appropriate to evaluate the prison according to the quality of the confinement that it provides. What, then, constitutes quality of confinement? Dimensions of Quality of Confinement Evaluation that emphasizes the confinement mission of a prison, and de-emphasizes rehabilitation, is not as narrow as it may seem at first, nor is it insensitive to the welfare of prisoners. Coercive confinement carries with it an obligation to meet the basic needs of prisoners at a reasonable standard of decency.

    • Word count: 729
  19. Cross-cultural communication in business.

    (i) Leaders face differences in cultural and ethnic backgrounds that may influence the way a person makes decisions. Misinterpretation among the different ethnic groups and they way they decipher communication, read body language and the level of context in communication processes are all differences a leader may encounter that may affect the way a person will make a decision. Upbringing and the way people are raised will also contribute to the decision making process. Leaders must understand that not all people even from the same culture behave the same way all the time.

    • Word count: 559
  20. My Story of the Parable of the Sadhu.

    Stephen wanted to help the man back to the village; every group did only the bare minimum and went on their merry way. Something occurred to him that had a powerful impact on his thinking about corporate ethics. This situation happens to people everyday in the corporate world. Someone see another person down or uses another person as a stepping stone to move up the ladder. This type of behavior is used to get what they want no matter how many people they hurts to reach their goals.

    • Word count: 764
  21. Is job simplification an effective way to design work?

    Job simplification refers to breaking complex work down into a sequence of simpler tasks to be conducted by different employees, resulting in narrowly defined standardised jobs characterised by limited skill requirements and little autonomy. (Jewell, 2000) Hence, the fundamental question that I am going to answer is if, standardising work procedures and employing people in well-defined and highly specialised tasks, an efficient and effective way for an organisation to design its jobs. I plan to answer the above query by understanding the development of job simplification, its pros and cons and its actual importance in today's modern and professional organisations.

    • Word count: 716
  22. Workplace Dispute Summary.

    banking sector in general. The battle for Wachovia spilled over into the law courts, with First Union filing suits again SunTrust over its hostile takeover bid. The Federal Reserve Board is being dragged into the midst of the duel. Even Wall Street analysts are in on the action, issuing statements to the effect that one or other of the two warring factions has the greater chance of taking control of Wachovia. In the ensuing months Wachovia had to defend its position in several lawsuits related to the merger and the hostile proposal.

    • Word count: 763
  23. The pace of business is getting faster and faster.

    drive this point: System changes must happen fast! This is where the Unified Modeling Language (UML) enters the picture. UML is the industry-standard modeling notation for object-oriented systems, and is the premiere platform for rapid application development. "Sybex, Mastering UML with Rational Rose 2002" 2. Requirement modeling - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # The Use case diagram # A use case diagram serves to display the relationships between the actors and the use cases in a system.

    • Word count: 832
  24. A Full Service Advertising agency is an agency that's involved in all types/forms of advertising, this is as opposed to agencies that only deal with specific forms of advertising, like Media advertising, which specialise in buying TV and radio space etc.

    Working directly under the Client Manager/Managers is the Account Handling Group, which will be headed by an Account Director. They are responsible for individual Client accounts. When a new Client signs on with an agency, or proposes to, it is the Account Handling Groups task of preparing an account. This will usually consist in looking at research, defining the target audience, looking at competitors etc. Should they decide to go with the company, the Account Director will be in charge of buying on behalf of the client? This could be in the form of buying slots of TV time, newspapers, or hiring artists, photographers etc.

    • Word count: 982
  25. What do you think are the main implication for operation managers.

    3 the operating manager should know TQM meets the needs and expectations of customs. 4 because TQM covers all parts of the organization, and every person in the organization contributes to quality, so the operation manager should takes an organization-wide perspective to design, plan, implement, training, and improving. 5 Operation manager should know two board type of failure which affect TQM implementation: the TQM initiative is not introduce and implemented effectively. After the TQM has been introduced successfully its effectiveness fades overtime. For overcoming these failures, typically these prescriptions include the following: 1don't define quality in TQM narrowly; it includes all aspects of performance.

    • Word count: 653

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