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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. The Retour vers le Futur project that was implemented in Novotel gained different responses from its staff. Initially, most of the staff members were not quite motivated to do the project. They just wanted to wait and see and do it afterwards

    The changes included selecting general managers, developing an assesment center, changing the structure and operations of the administrative corporate center, changing the internal structure, changing work routines, developing team works, developing progress groups, and trainings for reinforcing and cementing the changing routines and work practices of the organization. Analysis These analysis below are based on theories that are mentioned in Organizational Behavior, written by Kreitner and Kinicki. Organizational Culture The effort to discover Novotel's cultural history insipired the achievement of new ideas and accord. It then helped the core management team to identify and recommend future directions for the organization.

    • Word count: 1531
  2. The concept of internal controls has been in existence for many years. The passage and implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley has brought the concept to the fore, especially regarding compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Even without this strict l

    An immediate strength is the fact that the office manager receives the invoice in the mail and routes it to Accounts Payable. This is clearly a separation of duties and allows for someone not directly involved in payables to be the first to see an invoice. Once Accounts Payable personnel receive the invoice, their main function of reviewing, coding, and entering the invoice to the proper expense account comes into play. There is no mention of how the coding process works, but most computer systems today can be set up to default to certain general ledger accounts for a specific vendor.

    • Word count: 1280
  3. Human Relations and Organizational Behavior

    His intellectual development may be conveniently divided into two phases. During the first period in Germany, after the First World War, his philosophy of science and psychology of individuals developed. The second period, in the United States, from the 1930's until his death in 1946, involved a market shift in his interest from the individual to the group and the birth of group dynamics as a field of study. In this brief paper I will trace some historically intriguing antecedents of later work in Lewin's earliest papers, which are not available in English.

    • Word count: 1249
  4. Warehouse Managements Systems at

    When the mispick has occurred either through the picker or the data records this could cause a cumulative error leading from one problem to the other. Due to the inaccuracy of the stocks in warehouse, the account details in the order processing department and the sales forecast figures will also be inaccurate. Thus enabling further errors to be created one after the other before having to identify and resolve the first problem, therefore causing each error to overlap and be costly to the company.

    • Word count: 1874
  5. CS2079 Task 1: Review of a journal article

    As part of that research it was decided that the employees would not be informed about the monitoring taking place as it could affect the results. The research did not break any code of ethics, as all members of staff had agreed to the rules and regulations in the company handbook, which allowed the company to monitor electronic communication. That meant the data on individuals was not passed up to management. Only the overall figures were reported to management after the research had been completed but nevertheless there is an ethical issue at stake and it is vital for employers to build trust among themselves and the staff.

    • Word count: 1018
  6. Contrast how leadership styles vary and assess their impact upon their performers

    Experience is one of the most important qualities to possess, It is the gathering of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities, for example a person that has participated in an Olympics then retires and becomes a coach will already have respect an trust of his or her teaching group as the group knows of their experience. Finally a great value a person can have is communication skills this is the ability to verbally interchange information.

    • Word count: 1201
  7. An example of a personal development plan

    Evidence can be seen in this module and every other module I have been involved in where each piece of work has been processed on due dates. My ability to be an effective time manager has declined somewhat in the last few weeks. I have been unable to keep to a schedule of tasks due to my daughter's ill health. Devoting more of my time in caring for her has seen me fall behind, although it has been household chores that have suffered.

    • Word count: 1496
  8. It true to say that the splits within the WSPU arose primarily because of the intransigent and despoticleadership of the Pankhursts

    She drafted a democratic constitution, accepted by much of the membership, which included members voting the leaders in. The Pankhursts disagreed with it, which led to Teresa Billington-Greig, Charlotte Despard and a fifth of the WSPU's membership splitting off to form the Women's Freedom League. The fact that they split off shows that they were themselves uncompromising. Additionally, they could be accused of causing the split by intentionally challenging the WSPU's policy and ideas. Similarly, Sylvia Pankhurst could be accused of being just as uncompromising as her sister, Christabel, in the 1914 split. Sylvia was told by Christabel that she had to 'toe the line' or sever all links with the WSPU.

    • Word count: 1186
  9. What factors contribute to make a successful leader and how might your style of leadership vary to be successful when involved in individual, racket and team activities?

    The leaders characteristics and style, the situation itself (the size and nature of the group) and the members characteristics in terms of their expectations and preferred style of leadership. This is shown in the model below taken from "Physical Education and the Study of Sport" Fielder's contingency model of leadership looks at the way the leader interacts with the situation; he defined leadership using two different classifications; 1. Task orientated leader, the focus is upon what has to be achieved, the needs of individual group members are less important.

    • Word count: 1257
  10. Dispute Summary Paper

    In 2003, my place of work solved a confrontational issue using the Negotiation Settlement method of ADR. Negotiation Settlement is where both parties voluntary agree upon the damages incurred and the method used to resolve the issue. This is a cheap and rational method used to solve issues as quickly and quietly as possible. My boss and the employee who was confronted with a conflict at work both agreed that there was a problem and that it did need to be resolved.

    • Word count: 1200
  11. Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

    It is fascinating to perceive the regularity of how one's hunt for advice becomes part of a daily-routine. Perhaps this is because another making a decision relieves the immediate work, effort, and study required. In this way, it is very similar as to how decisions are made in the work place. There are many people who enjoy their entry-level or, even, associate positions and rather prefer to avoid seeking further development within the organization. Some would define the reason for this to be less stress-involved; there is minimal decision making and no one to answer for. Unfortunately, because of this pattern of thinking and simple human-nature, not only do some persons rob themselves of better-paying and higher respected

    • Word count: 1101
  12. The quality improvement customers didn't want - Summary

    and "we'll have to install a system like this as some point anyway, as soon as the government or the insurance companies decide that it's the way to go". After the meeting, Allen was still wondering whether to do it or not. He thinks about the fact that they are doing quite well and thinks about his passion when he begun his career, "talking with customers". The case describes that they often do surveys and use techniques to measure customer satisfaction.

    • Word count: 1646
  13. Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

    In general, the team accomplishes very little while in the forming stage, this is usually a result of the team members being distracted. Next, the storming stage occurs. This is characterized by competitive and strained relationships. The team members realize that the task is different or more difficult than originally thought. Consequently, there is much blaming, defensiveness and confrontation. Team members experience impatience, frustration, anger, resistance and procrastination. Some progress towards the team's goal may be made during this stage.

    • Word count: 1877
  14. Express Print (Publishers) LLC Report

    II. Overview of the company's products: PRODUCT PRODUCT TYPE BRIEF EXPLANATION Magazines Entertainment magazine: * Pehla. * Telelife. * Soney TV. * Primarily TV. Guides. Real estate magazine: * Majlis. * Premier property magazine that is published in both Arabic and English. Directories * Kompass. * E.P. publishes the Kompass business systems in print, on CD-ROM and on the Internet. * Dubai Property & Construction. * Not published yet, only a dummy version is being used as a trial. * Represents a new idea of having the addresses of construction companies in one place. Packaging Corrugated cartons: * Outer cartons.

    • Word count: 1949
  15. An American Perspective on International Corporate Social Responsibility

    The logical scheme is illustrated as follows: global democratic corporate social economy corporate governance responsibility outcomes democratisation corporate social approaches principles, processes, and practices "Democratisation" presumably involves broader and greater stakeholder influence on corporate management decisions, if not broader and greater stakeholder ownership of the firm. (Technically, the term "democratisation" can also refer narrowly to increased investor rights vis-�-vis management as agents.) There are efforts underway for broader stakeholder participation layered on top of increased shareowner democracy. These efforts have occurred in several forms or venues.

    • Word count: 1003

    Communication skills Mr. To demonstrated good communication skills while performing his duties within the marketing division. His ability to listen to the bank's new clients (small and medium enterprises- SMEs) and convey to his colleagues clients' needs for financial funding was demonstrated in the successful implementation of Vietcombank's micro-credit program supporting SMEs, particularly in private sector. Mr. To effectively interacted with the project finance division and clearly explained SMEs' concerns on mandatory collaterals in applying for banking financing. Thanks to his efforts in passing feedback from SMEs, the rigid financing procedure in which financing decisions had been based on the collaterals rather than on the feasibility of business plans was removed.

    • Word count: 1631
  17. Emotional Intelligence as a Moderator of the Relationship between Conscientiousness and Performance

    Other strengths noted the similar type indicating the control over the variables. A limitation that arose was the nature of the study by using university students whose work experience is minimal compared to older generations. With all experiments the sample group used is not always going to represent the larger population, however it does provide a guide to the hypothesis, which measured the results. Researchers have suggested that emotional intelligence and regulation can vary to fit with particular personality traits.

    • Word count: 1922
  18. Management Information Systems

    The problem that can be emerged in this computer system is students' data security. They have to exit properly from the BPO or school homepage to ensure nobody can continue work with their data. Problem Formulation * Building competitive advantages through telecommunication and networking * Does the student have fair competition regarded with using information system in selecting their application * The system has not provided a real time data application due to security in their database Building competitive advantages through telecommunication and networking A communication revolution is taking place that directly or indirectly affects the job of every manager and the primary catalyst is the Internet and the World Wide Web.

    • Word count: 1553
  19. Teamwork. The purpose of this assignment is for each learning team to apply what team members are learning about successful teams to an in-depth analysis of itself.

    Once everyone agreed to the team charter, it was suggested that each person on the team be a leader for a week, leaving the last week without an actual leader. The plan was to let the last week have everyone work together without a leader, but to draw virtual straws to decide who would post that week's team assignment. The team members were listed in alphabetical order, which is the same order each person was assigned a week. Team A was successful at reaching the next stage of development, which is storming.

    • Word count: 1757
  20. Maximizing the Performance of the Working Woman

    A firm must create a positive, can-do culture, which allows employees to be themselves. Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest airlines observes that there is a difference between a workplace where everyone goes through the motions and a workplace where people are turned on and eager to perform well, either individually or as a group (Hiam, 2003). When workers feel good about themselves, it is much easier to gain their cooperation to work towards team and individual performance goals. To maximize the performance of the working woman, employers can adopt specific strategies that offer her respect and integrity in today's business world.

    • Word count: 1604
  21. "Leadership is defined as the use of non-coercive influence to shape the organizational goals, motivate behavior toward the achievement of those goals and help define group or organization culture."

    Daily Departures: 2,800 flights a day Employees: More than 34,000 total Employees throughout the Southwest system. Fleet: * The Company's fleet has an average age of about 9.5 years. * The average aircraft trip length is 558 miles with an average duration of about one and one-half hours for 2003. * Southwest aircraft fly an average of about 7 flights per day, or about 11 hours per day. Southwest Airlines Distinctions: * Southwest's average passenger airfare is $87.42, and the average passenger trip length is about 730 miles. * Southwest has ranked number one in fewest Customer complaints for the last 13 consecutive years as published in the Department of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer Report.

    • Word count: 1997
  22. Risk identification, analysis and control in a company.

    Obviously as a large international company they have many risks. There are internal and external risks. To transfer there gas and electricity they need pipes and cables so there is always the risk of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes which cant be controlled so its just the aftermath that they would need a risk policy for. Also risks such as technological advances in power sources such as solar power wave power etc will need to be monitored because if they aren't up to date there is a risk of competitors advancing beyond Scottish power and providing cheaper electricity.

    • Word count: 1282
  23. Difficult Personality Traits: Their Effect and Resolution in the Workplace.

    Difficult people can be responsible for attitudes at work deteriorating and negativism growing. They can be responsible for absenteeism, significant loss in productivity and lost clients. They can frustrate and demoralize individuals and teams. You spend every day of your life negotiating, interacting and communicating with people in your workplace. This project is an essential survival tool for anybody who deals with people. It will help you to identify ways to motivate the inactive, face abusive situations in an appropriate manner and learn how to work with caustic personalities. It offers specific behavior responses for each of the major personality types.

    • Word count: 1941
  24. Discuss the various issues of managerial behaviour and related matters raised by this case study.

    Mary Rogers does not instil any confidence in Jane when she effectively 'dumps' this new role. Up until now, Jane has been performing specific task functions and has no real knowledge of how to manage people as she has previously been performing the duties of a cashier and looking after mortgage advice accounts - more task orientated skills rather than managerial ones. The refresher course she attends includes nothing on this either and Jane immediately falls into what McGregor calls the 'Theory X' assumption of human nature.

    • Word count: 1409
  25. Heuristic evaluation is an essential element of systems' development.

    Consistency and standards Different words, situations, or actions should not mean the same thing. Or Identical words should not do different things. ? Error prevention Even better than good error messages is a careful design which prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. ? Recognition rather than recall Make objects, actions, and options visible. The user should not have to remember information from one part of the dialogue to another. Instructions for use of the system should be visible or easily retrievable whenever appropriate.

    • Word count: 1025

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