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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. How does British Gas fulfil its obligations to stakeholders in terms of ethical business practice and socially responsible corporate behaviour?

    In December 1999, BG plc completed a financial restructuring which formed the company BG Group plc. BG Group plc later demerged in 2000 to create two new companies BG Group plc and Lattice Group plc. Since demerger the range of products offered by British Gas include home security, plumbing, and kitchen appliance cover. A business can have many different stakeholders such as customer, employee or the owner of the business. Stakeholders have an interest in what happens as a result of the firm's activities. There are two types of stakeholders, primary and secondary. Primary stakeholders are those stakeholders "whom a business affects and interacts with most directly" while secondary stakeholders are those stakeholders "whom a business affects in an indirect or limited way" (Fry et al, p124)

    • Word count: 1013
  2. What factors contribute to make a good leader and how might your style of leadership vary to be successful when involved in individual, team and racket activities?

    One thing, however, is imperative. The captain has to be virtually irreplaceable. He has to be the main man, sure of his place in the side or team, secure in the knowledge that his work-rate, his commitment and his talent cannot be questioned. It is certainly the only way a captain whose preferred method is to dish out roasting's on the pitch on a regular basis can retain his authority. Footballers are quick to see the chink in any team-mate's game or any dip in his standard and a captain's words would bounce back at double speed if he let his own game drop in quality.

    • Word count: 1236
  3. What are the factors contribute to make a good leader and how might your style of leadership change to be successful when involved in individual, racket and team activities.

    Others lead because they possess great minds and ideas. And then there are people who stumble into leadership because of the times or circumstances in which they find themselves. Managers and generals use intimidation, not leadership. Leadership is a complex moral relationship between people, based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good. Ethics, then, lies at the very heart of leadership. All leaders display common traits: discipline, obligation, commitment, emotion and charisma. Some characteristics of leaders include intelligence, dependability, emotional stability, and communication skills.

    • Word count: 1142
  4. Explain the influence of group membership patterns on Intra-Group Communication.

    (Shein 1980) Groups can be distinguished into two types. Membership groups are actual identifiable groups such as clubs, ones family, and a group of students or friends. Reference groups are those groups, which we aspire to belong. It may be that we wish to belong to a particular social circle or to increase our status by joining a prestigious golf club. We can further differentiate between groups by those to which we are ascribed (the family) and those to which are achieved (the golf club) To understand intra-group communication we need to understand how a group forms and functions.

    • Word count: 1510
  5. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Stakeholders are usually people who have any sort of interest in the business, this don't necessarily have to be financial such as shareholders just general. This can vary from suppliers, Board of Directors, and founders to even customers. I will now go on to about my given Company, Unilever. Every company has its own work style. Unilever is an international producer of foods, home products and personal care products. It has a worldwide turnover of more than 47 billion Euros for the year 2000, with 295,000 employees and branches in more than 100 countries.

    • Word count: 1741
  6. What factors contribute to make a good leader and how might your style of leadership vary to be successful when involved in individual, racket and team activities?

    * Communication * Respect for group members * Respect from group members ( are a role model) * Enthusiasm and empathy * High ability (in a subject) * Deep knowledge (of a subject) * Charisma and confidence According to Carron (1981) new leaders are selected in two ways. Firstly, Carron said there were "emergent" leaders who rose naturally from their group or who were selected by their peers. This happens frequently in sporting events as the new leader will have the support and respect of their team mates (e.g. A basketballer scoring many decisive points during a match).

    • Word count: 1747
  7. Does leadership style matter?

    These different methods are used when certain situations occur, for example in the beginning of the movie Any Given Sunday the coach has to use high risk and low relationship method to coach the team. The reason why he chooses this method is because the team lacked the basic skills and he had to take a risk and change their practice style and get them to learn the basic skill. However, to do this he has to practice low relationship to teach them the necessary skills to be a competing football team.

    • Word count: 1540
  8. In the second part to this assignment I am going to be elaborating on the poster in a booklet to how the social influences can be compared to the public services and to sport

    Therefore individuals are being motivated to staying together as a group by, 1. the person wants to be involved in the group and vales membership, or 2. the benefits they can get from the group. Later research showed that cohesion could be put onto two different types! 1. Task cohesion- relates to how well the team works together to achieve common targets and goals. I.e. to win the league or domestic cup. The teams desire to win and be the best is directly linked to their level of group effort and teamwork.

    • Word count: 1417
  9. How can change affect an organisation and what impact might it have on employees? How should change be managed? Discuss the factors, which must be taken into account when implementing change.

    Using change of culture as an example. Bill gates who co-owns Microsoft has managed to create perhaps the 'most successful business machine' evident today. A company such as Microsoft relies very heavily on its employees to maintain and help build the reputation, which Microsoft has established. A reason for this very high level of productivity at Microsoft may be the 'culture'. Unlike many other organisations Microsoft has an informal dress code, offices are very laid-back and Communication is entirely by e-mail, this is the type of workplace, which Microsoft employees have to deal with.

    • Word count: 1772
  10. What do managers do? How important is managerial leadership for the running of effective organizations?

    Now let us consider systematically what managers do - the functions they perform and the specific tasks included in these functions. The successful managers capably performs four basic managerial functions: planning, organization, leading, and controlling. Planning In general, planning involves defining organizational goals and proposing ways to reach them. Managers plan for three reasons: (1) To establish an overall direction for the organization's future, such as increased profit, expanded market share, and social responsibility; (2) To identify and commit the organization's resources to achieving its goals; (3)

    • Word count: 1332
  11. Describe psychological theories of leadership

    It was found that leaders tend to be slightly taller than their followers. Terman 1904 asked teachers to describe playgroup leaders. They were reported to be active, quick and skilful. Bavelas 1960 saw that leadership traits as quickness of decision, the courage to take risks, coolness under stress, intuition, and luck. Stogdill 1974 reviewed a large number of studies and found that leaders are slightly more intelligent, more extravert and more sociable. Bray and Campbell 1974, found that managers who were most frequently promoted tended to score highly on oral communication, human relationship skills and need for advancement. McClelland 1975 sees the need for power as a prerequisite to assuming a managerial role.

    • Word count: 1791
  12. In the light of early management practices, discuss the role of the manager in Australia in the first decade of the 21st century.

    Management practices have been existing for thousands of years, however, it has only been in the past several hundred years that management has been systematically investigated and studied. The Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century, largely due to the introduction of the widespread use of machines in organizations to substitute human power, acted as a catalyst, marking the start of the serious study of management and organizations. (Robbins et al., 2000, p. 41). The arrival of machine power, mass production, and reduced transportation costs aided the creation of big corporations that incorporated Adam Smith's 'division of labour' technique to improve productivity (Shafritz and Ott, 1992, p.

    • Word count: 1002
  13. To what extent do you feel that The Body Shop has been successful in meeting the expectations of its stakeholders?

    By dedicating a chapter to each stakeholder group, Body Shop hope to demonstrate its holistic approach to monitoring, auditing and reporting on the company's performance against its stated targets and ethical policies in a cohesive way. Through examining the Body Shop value report 1997 and other relevant material, in my opinion, Body Shop hope to achieve a high level of success to meet the expectation of its stakeholders and it has made many improvement in performance. However, it still needs some improvements.

    • Word count: 1611
  14. Strategic management of British Airways

    In order to strive for its strategic objective, careful strategic decision will be required to be implemented. The present essay discusses strategic review of British airways by conducting both external and internal analysis. Porters five forces, Porters valuable chain, TOWS matrix, industry life cycle etc will be used to measure strategic analysis of BA in this essay. SECTION 1- EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 1.1. Porter?s Five Forces Porter?s five forces is one of the important strategic tool used in the analysis of competitive nature of British airline industry. Porter?s five forces will help in assessing the strategic position of British airways in the airline industry and also helps to design strategic decisions for the company to increase the profits.

    • Word count: 1835
  15. Lenovo Purchasing and Supply report

    By developing the reverse logistics, Lenovo can be benefited from the secondary market by reducing the overall cost of manufacturing the product, improve customer service and the revenue for the company. (Referencing link) The green supply chain The green supply chain and sustainable supply chains are really helpful for the firms to survive in the competitive market. These chains help eliminate or reduce waste, save some resources and help achieve competitive advantage (porter and lindle, 1998). Greening initiatives include proactive " design for disassembly", design for remanufacturing, use of recoverable energy resources, sustainable raw materials, environmental friendly transport system.(referencing case)

    • Word count: 1174
  16. SkandiaBanken Case Study: 1. Analyse SkandiaBanken using the competitive forces and value chain models. 2. What is SkandiaBankens business model and business strategy? How do information systems support this strategy?

    Rivalry among current competitors: Rivalry refers to the competitive struggle for market share between firms in an industry. SkandiaBanken has managed to mitigate against this through: 1. Going into a business that does not have many other competitors. SkandiaBanken was the first bank in Sweden of its kind, that is, ?branchless?. 2. Regional expansion as is evidenced by opening another bank in Norway and planned expansion into Denmark. 3. Rapid Growth Rate of the bank Bargaining Power of Buyers: this is the ability of the organisations customers to bargain down the price of services or ability of the customer to drive up operating costs by demanding better quality and services.

    • Word count: 1556
  17. Business Ethics Case Study - Shell drilling for oil in Artic waters.

    Finally, three approaches are suggested along with evaluation. The case 1 The situation and key facts In July 2012, Royal Dutch Shell, one of the oil giants, implemented an offshore drilling project in the Arctic Ocean?s Chukch and Beaufort seas. Peter Slaiby, the vice-president of Shell Alaska, outlined that the hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic contained nearly 27 billion barrels (Biger, 2012). However, the issue was disputed by Greenpeace (n.d.) in a campaign named ?Save the Arctic? which claimed that oil spills could not be entirely avoided. The Pew Environment Group NGO (n.d.)

    • Word count: 1815
  18. Quality Control Report on Datalink Industrial Corporation's Production of ProDot 2612A LaserJet Cartridges.

    To offer best quality products at most economical prices to end-users and to enhance our quality testing standards so as we may further improve in our products. 3. Our Mission, Our goal at ProDot is to provide affordable options for printing supplies. We promise for a superior quality and service at unbeatable prices, and in return, we hope to earn your faith and business continuously. PRODUCT OFFERED 1. Ribbons, Refills for Dot Matrix/Line Printers of more than 150 types.

    • Word count: 1901
  19. In this essay the evolution of management over time and how Google have tailor made their methods of management will be discussed and analyzed

    The stamp down of authority had hit home hard, where employees, managers and owners were easily identifiable. Everything had adopted a more systematic approach where hierarchies were introduced and distinct definitions of authority and responsibility were introduced. This kind of management was usually enforced in large, specific industries such as car factories were specific goods had be to produced in its own specific process. Over time it seemed that employees were feeling worked out and worthless. These employees were not seen as individuals but were seen as groups of people, there was no acknowledgement of variance. The social aspect of the employees was not taken into account; make them feel that they are invaluable.

    • Word count: 1875
  20. RESEARCH CHALLENGES REPORT. This paper reports on the challenges, both practical and theoretical, experienced when this research methodology was employed in studying the key considerations for a long term success in large family businesses.

    It offers a critical review and personal reflection with regards to whether and why the research approach applies to the dissertation in question. Introduction All research designs, irrespective of where there being applied, have their merits and demerits. Therefore, when choosing a research method/design to be used in a given study, there are many factors that need to be considered. While undertaking a dissertation, several approaches may be considered including evaluation of research requirements and then developing a research plan.

    • Word count: 1628
  21. Use extended examples to compare and contrast the characteristics of a growing and a mature product market. Critically discuss how different product market phases affect a companys cost recovery

    Since the business partakes in a sector with fairly less competition, the amounts of products available are accordingly little. During the growth stage, demand is high. As a result, companies generate rapid growth, which allows the firm to expand and further increase their market share. One effect of this is a high - generated amount of cash flow (Haslam et al., 2000). While the market is booming, more and more competitors are entering and, therefore growth starts to slow down and ?physical output tends to fall away? (Haslam et al., 2000: 90). Due to the increasing number of active businesses new segments emerge and, product differentiation can be recognised.

    • Word count: 1677
  22. James Dyson - A biography

    It was also here that James found companionship with his art teacher Deirdre Hindmarsh whom he married in 1968. Still a student, James alongside Jeremy Fry developed several inventions. Most notable of which are the Sea Truck and Ball Barrow. Dyson operations Dyson ltd was established in 1992 and it manufactures some of the most innovative electrical home appliances. The first and major product was the Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner. Dyson has a wide range of products, from vacuum cleaners to washing machines to dryers and heaters. However, vacuum cleaners are the company?s star product. According to The Guardian, in 2010 Dyson had a 40% share of the vacuum cleaners? market (Finch, 2010)

    • Word count: 1531
  23. Business research design - this paper will focus on a dilemma faced by hospitals in the rising turnover rates of RNs.

    However, the shortage of nurses in the health care industry is a crucial indicator the health care system in crisis. According Doctor Kathryn Grams dean of the University Of West Georgia School Of Nursing stated? health care professional expect to see 20% shortage in nursing by 2015? (Bishop, 2012). Nevertheless, researchers has develop firm research questions, generate a research design, to include establish a sample design to use for collecting data. Organizational Dilemma Research Question Retention problems like those experienced by the hospital that contributed in the HSM study lead to several research questions such as (1)

    • Word count: 1023
  24. The SWOT analysis of Chengdu International Travel Service Agent

    Therefore, diligence makes or breaks a company and the diligent employees are really an absolute advantage. Because Will use the Sofitel that is the business centre of a five star hotel as the office, it can provide him many opportunities to build new business contacts and please consumers. Besides, the agent is always clean and has good quality filtered coffee. It caused that Will?s agent has a good work environment. Furthermore, a famous entrepreneur Aaron Meredith, who has been involved in network marketing since 2003, said that as a place where employees get important task and have a successful meeting, work environment is very important (Meredith A, 2007).

    • Word count: 1720

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