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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Management of innovation. Innovation means implementing new ideas for making new things, so it might be different in different organization . For banking it might be best customer service and new online tools for customers to access their accounts

    So they made new innovative product to attract more customers. According to Flanagan (2008), "There are many different models of innovation. Operationally, innovation management concerns the application of various tools and techniques. AT a more strategic level innovation models aim to predict the behaviour of organizations within industries so that more effective innovation decisions can be made". (Flanagan, 2008) Best practices of Innovation Management There are different kind of processes in innovation, but because of the writing limitation given by my tutor, I will discuss some of them. Process Innovations The changing in the transformation process to get the new and improved product is a part of process innovation.

    • Word count: 1027
  2. This business research applications paper will be used to discuss the marketing tools that are used by Kmart, Target, and Wal-Mart. In addition, it will evaluate the three organizations Web sites customer service.

    Each of these sites uses customer surveys to find out what is important to their customers. These surveys enable the organization to design Web sites that will attract consumers to the sites to increase the organization's sales. Marketing Tools of Kmart To ensure the attraction of added traffic to the Web site, Kmart uses the marketing tools of banners, brand names, and email. Kmart.com (n.d.) stated, "The main points of marketing for Kmart are names like Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, and Martha Stewart products that are offered for sale." These product lines are the ones that Kmart has relied upon to provide credibility to their online Web sites.

    • Word count: 1169
  3. Case studies - Why did Morgan Stanley underinvest in information technology? Blockbuster vs. Netflix: Which will win out?

    While greater investment in information technology would certainly push productivity higher, one should not underestimate the transition taking place in the labour market. 2. Why was the merge with Dean Witter disruptive for the company? The merger was disruptive for a multitude of reasons. One being that the companies' technology was never implemented properly causing countless hours of problems which caused the company to lose much needed revenue and profit. This caused the brokers to be inadequate with the tools necessary when assisting their clients.

    • Word count: 1673
  4. International Business Strategy of Royal Dutch Shell. This is a report on Shell international strategy using their entry in the Nigerian Oil industry, as a benchmark for their international activities.

    and NAOC (5%). Shell is the only international company, supplying industry customers with gas as Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG). The company operates in the country's first deepwater oil discovery producing more than 200,000 barrels per under the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO). This is a report on Shell international strategy using their entry in the Nigerian Oil industry, as a benchmark for their international activities. Segmentation Geography * Africa makes up 10% of the world population, with Nigeria the most populous with 150 million * Oil was discovered at 1956 in Niger-delta * The Country is dependent on the oil revenue produced from the region Demographic * Oil industry is largest industry in the Nigeria, however a rapid growth of other industries such as the mobile telecom market and retail sector.

    • Word count: 1983
  5. Ethics and Governance. Shells response to Corporate Social Responsibilities in the Aftermath of the Ogoni 9 execution in 1997

    To make matters worst, these locals had lost their livelihoods of fishing and farming, to pollution resulted from Shell operation such as flaring, land and sea pollution through spillages, emission. Most Ogoni people peacefully protested against their deplorable situation, under a movement called Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP lead by Ken Saro-Wiwa. While a few frustrated locals turn to militancy for a resolve and began destroying shell properties. In 1997, under the then military government, in the interest of oil companies, the protests which were gaining momentum was targeted, as members were torture, imprisoned and in some cases murdered.

    • Word count: 1327
  6. E-Business Strategy Paper. Developing an e-commerce website to sell your product or services is a very smart move. This enables the company to business at anytime

    Strategy is not only about what a company should do but also what the company should not do. The plan that is put into place should act as a guide to help the company through phases of the business. It should also help to identify any problem areas to help you avoid them and determine a way around them. Conducting a SWOT Analysis will determine internal and external strengths, weakness, opportunities, and risks. A competitive analysis grid will show the differences between you and the competition. Developing a balanced score card will help to measure performance toward the strategic goals that have been set. Forecasting the return on investment (ROI) will show the perceived benefits of the project.

    • Word count: 1186
  7. Manangement approaches - The basic four that will be explained later are scientific management approach, behavioral approach, management science approach and contingency approach.

    The advantages of this approach are as follows: this approach can divide the duties between the managers and the workers very clearly in comparison with the past. The approach is based on this theory that the right people will be selected to do the right thing, which largely improved the labor efficiency (Taylor, Frederick W., 1911). Moreover, the workers will be rewarded if they can propose some useful suggestions during the working process. However, there are still some disadvantages existing in this approach.

    • Word count: 1181
  8. National Cranberry Cooperative case study. This case analysis will investigate two primary problems faced by NCC (1) Long waiting period of trucks during unloading of berries at RP1 and (2) Too much overtime cost. This case will also look at a secondary

    Long waiting period of trucks during unloading of berries at RP1 and (2) Too much overtime cost. This case will also look at a secondary problem, specifically, the inaccuracy of grading of berries. Supporting Argument It is necessary to address the truck's queuing problem in 1970 in order to attain NCC's planned increase in output of water harvested crop from 58% to 70% the following year. The queuing/idle time during unloading also creates unnecessary costs particularly the cost of leasing trucks and hiring drivers. Also, Cranberries' market price is influenced by the government regulation Cranberry Marketing Order 1070, which mandates owners to scrap 10% or 200,000 bbls of harvested crops, thereby reducing income for the same resources used.

    • Word count: 1031
  9. Production and Operations Management at Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont. Beau Ties is experiencing mismatch in supply and demand due to the perceived rapid growth. The insufficient supply of 7,000 units per year leads to two important decision of the company: (1

    The strategy that we are recommending is for Beau Tie to rent their own facility and produce the target sales volume of 27,000 which yields to the highest potential savings of $515,345 with overtime starting on the 8th month. And to further improve the ordering system, leasing telephone facility and hiring 2 CRS during peak hours of 10 to11 am will help attain the target of minimizing the customer's waiting time. Problem Statements/Key Issues In line with the goal of meeting the intermediate revenue target of $810,000, mismatch in demand and supply will surely to occur; thus two major concerns are raised to meet the said target.

    • Word count: 1571
  10. Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA. KEY ISSUES / PROBLEM STATEMENT Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA, Inc., (TMM) is confronted with its rising problem with seat supply and one of the main culprits is the seat defects. Reflected in the decreasing run rat

    It notches a 50% premium for overtime, resulting to an additional cost of $7,311,542 per annum. The increasing number of cars sitting off the line with defective seats or with no seats at all, end result to a loss in production because of waiting and rework. There are 18 vehicles found at the parking area having defects in seats which have an equivalent potential loss in sales with $ 679,320 per annum, based on the 17% pretax profit. ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES The following alternatives were identified by the group with their corresponding analysis: 1. Send TMM - QC in KFS and assign inspector at the receiving dock.

    • Word count: 1469
  11. Knowledge Management. This research aims at addressing the gap in perception of efficacy of KM and its real implementation in SMEs. Because in SMEs operations, they depend on the driving force of the managers so the study was decided to understand their c

    For example, some authors distinguish knowledge by technical and strategic types, (Liebeskind, 1996 taken from Nunes et al., 2005). However, the more common classification of knowledge is explicit knowledge, implicit knowledge and tacit knowledge (Srikantaiah & Koenig, 2000; pp. 223; Nonaka, 1994; Nonaka &d Konno, 1998; Cavusgil et al., 2003 taken from Nunes et al. 2005). KM in organizations is a process composed of managing knowledge critically to meet existing needs, spotting and exploiting existing and acquired knowledge assets and to develop new knowledge in order to take advantage of new opportunities and challenges (Quintas et al., 1997 taken from Nunes et al.,2005).

    • Word count: 1598
  12. Leadership. The purpose of writing this assignment aiming to analyse the key leadership skills and which skills are critical for a leader in todays business environment.

    The research also reported that the time spent on leadership development. They fund that most senior executives spend less than 25 percent of their time on leadership development and head of the leader were not spent more time on leadership skills. It is important to develop the leadership skills, because it affects the whole company. What is more, leadership used to be about honest, integrity, fairness, following rules and laws, and being true to your value. In today's society, with competition for business and resources, the scope of problems that can occur in leadership ethics has expanded exponentially.

    • Word count: 1273
  13. The main aim of this report is to explore the extent to which concept of corporate social responsibility can play a major role in positively influencing the operations of PPR.

    Conclusion and recommendations It has been recommended that Pinault's PPR should streamline the operations of the organisation in such a way that the products retain their value and luster while at the same time striving to minimise the impacts of environmental degradation through its activities. This must be done in such a way that does not compromise on quality since luxury brands are meant for prestige. Why is corporate social responsibility (CSR) important to business during the contemporary period? The concept of corporate social responsibility has become topical during the current period but there is no one agreed definition about the whole concept (Knights and Willmott (eds.)

    • Word count: 1596
  14. Free essay

    Case Study: Quench

    2. Problem identification Quench is a target of bad media attention with regards to its environmental issues linked to packaging, sustainable resources and ecological logistics. The global economic downturn has not helped improve its situation, resulting in declining sales. As business' social responsibility become increasingly important in the eyes of stakeholders, Quench's position as a social responsible organisation is tarnished. The company's steady growth over the past decade has been attributed to its competitive pricing strategies, strong advertising campaigns and a good reputation.

    • Word count: 1182
  15. Critique of Tony Morden and David Bowles' article "Management in South Korea: A review" in MCB University Press (1998), Management Decision 36/5.

    The writer's main focus is South Korea management, which is really well defined and enforced by a lot of quotations which make this paper really complete about the topic. There is no kind of data that has been used or gathered, like qualitative and quantitative, just literature and journals which enforce the writers review about Management in South Korea. Firstly the writers do well with an overview that explains the Korea, culture and business culture; it was really pleasant to have the basis of Korean management.

    • Word count: 1394
  16. Is money a chief motivator of all job-related behaviour

    The more you recognize your employees' efforts, the more productive and loyal they will be. Tschohl (2008) noted that "Most people underestimate the power of recognition and, yet, it's something we all want, even crave". Both verbal and written recognition can bring back many wonderful effects, especially written recognition. Otherwise, most employees only get any attention is when they make mistakes, when they are under a bad situation. People do not just want to be recognized once a year or a month, they wan it everyday, If not as Bob thought "I worked like a dog, including an entire weekend

    • Word count: 1964
  17. Discuss the use of Information Technologies/system for efficient and effective management of inventory. Provide a real-world case that used information technologies/systems successful for their inventory management.

    - Out of stock situations can be avoided. - Shoppers get a better deal as system becomes more efficient. - The right products are available at the right stores at the right time. - Boost sales. Information Technologies/System Information Technology (IT) is any computer-Based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization. Information technology can be an important enabler of business success and innovation. ((Haag et al, 2008, p. 8). There are many type of Information Technologies/System in the market or currently in use which Wal-Mart could chose from before deciding on the RFID implementation.

    • Word count: 1951
  18. Servant Leadership

    For VDOT, the inputs would include the Six-Year Plan, funding, employees, technology, and equipment. These inputs go through a process where they are planned, organized, motivated, and controlled. (McNamara, n.d.). Outputs for VDOT would be the completion of projects on time and within budget. Enhancing the quality of life for the public by improving the traffic flow and making the roads safer would be the outcome. Using the System Theory with the integration automated project management tools would organize the projects. A project management tool would allow for scheduling projects, planning resource usage, planning project timelines, and tracking projects status.

    • Word count: 1931
  19. Comparing and Contrasting Business Cultures

    Native Nigerian companies will display massive hierarchical behavior; the country thrives on its rich tribal traditions and culture. The management team is expected to stand up and lead very strongly. Top level management is likely to make decisions with or without consulting employees under them, and they expect their decisions to be carried out specifically as told. Communication with Nigerians is very diverse. It has about 300 ethnic groups with their own dialects (www.worldbusinessculture.com). Surprisingly, English is a language that brings different ethnic groups together.

    • Word count: 1964
  20. SWOT analysis of Imperial Tobacco

    Porter's 5 Forces Model 1. Currently Imperial Tobacco is Britain's 2nd largest tobacco company in terms of production, with its main competitors being 'Gallaher LTD' (now owned by Japan Tobacco) in the UK market and 'British American Tobacco LTD' in international markets. Together Imperial Tobacco and Gallaher control approximately 80% of the UK market.1 The oligopolistic nature of the market has allowed for abuses within the industry. In April 2008, Imperial Tobacco, alongside Gallaher, was investigated by the OFT for engaging in collusive behaviour alongside 11 retailers, including Sainsbury's and Tesco, for fixing cigarette prices.2 The decline in smoking rates within mature markets has made

    • Word count: 1900
  21. Foxconn case

    First of all, the human right of not to be injured (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, Meyer, & J., 2010) was violated by Foxconn. Both of the two young employees were beaten by others when they made mistakes. One of them, Sun Danyong, was beaten as he lost one of the iPhones prototypes. Another one, Xiangqian was discovered with wounds on his corpse which may lead to his death. The right to the truth (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, Meyer, & J., 2010) was also violated by Foxconn. The surveillance video recording Xiangqian's death went missing. If the reason behind is to cover the truth of Xiangqian's death, Foxconn will be said to be unethical.

    • Word count: 1302
  22. Free essay

    Child abuse

    Hence, in these cultures, the infant may stay in the same room as the parents or sleep in the same bed. An Asian custom called cao gio involves rubbing a small, warm coin on the child's body. This practice is considered a common folk remedy for fever, but it may be seen as abusive by other cultures. Another example concerns the use of caretakers to watch young children. In some cultures, for example, the use of a full-time nanny or babysitter is considered neglectful because the child is deprived of seeing his or her parents and having the consistency of parental care.

    • Word count: 1758

    If received too late (or company defaults), the director could require the representations to be read out at the meeting (Sc 169 (4)). Due to the weighted voting clause contained in the articles, it might prove difficult to obtain a simple majority of the votes; therefore support from other members would be necessary. If this can be achieved, the director could be removed under Sc 168 CA 2006. If the simple majority cannot be secured, the director will be able to block the resolution.

    • Word count: 1844
  24. Globalization of Healthcare

    It is well known that foreign students come to America to earn their degrees then move back to their respective country to be medical doctor performing these procedures. A trend is something that always starts out small (plastic surgery) then grows into something larger (surgeries and procedures for health issues). This specific trend has grown so big that it is now known as "medical tourism", which refers to the "thousands of Americans who travel to other countries each year in search of more affordable health care.

    • Word count: 1011

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