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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. A critical review of Biedenbach et al, 2008, The Challenge of Organizing Change in Hypercompetitive Industries: A Literature review, Journal of Change management, vol.8, No.2,

    The study is overall done relatively well thus it is a good paper but there is some limitations. Biedenbach?s study indicates some authors being skeptical of hypercompetition. Biedenbach et al (2008) indicates that hypercompetition is definitely present and supports this with a study indicating sustained competitive advantage. In this study hypercompetition is a required condition in order for Biedenbach?s argument to be valid since it is looking at the challenge of organizational change in hypercompetitive industries. This condition is definitely present in the past, present, and will definitely be around in the future due to the constant change in many industry environments.

    • Word count: 1634
  2. How The Mighty Fall - descibing the reasons for company decline.

    When a business develops further than its capability to seal its main places with the correct group, it has put itself in the position to fall. If the business does not have control, it can begin to try to develop further than what is able to maintain, knowing the business fiscal and managerial resources. In addition, if the business does not have control, it can guide to opposing from the main principles, toward the inside, position of business not joined to the plan, choose assignments that profit executives, not the business.

    • Word count: 1116
  3. Sales management and ethics.

    (Clive 2011) In organizational set up, ethics can be explained as the rules or standards governing the behaviours and performances of individuals and organizations. (Clark and Lattal 1993) The subject of business or sales ethics has been around since the very first sales exchange trade. For example, the Code of Hammurabi, created nearly 4,000 years ago, listed out that Mesopotamian rulers attempted to create honest prices. In the fourth century BCE, Aristotle discussed the vices and virtues of tradesmen and merchants.

    • Word count: 1585
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: an examination of the performance of Serco

    Over the years, Serco supported approximately 25,000 jobless people by offering them a range of practical programmes such as Employment Zones, along with Flexible New Deal and the Work Programme (The work programme 2012). Recent activity happened in South Yorkshire, where Serco was chosen to carry out the Work programme (Dearne Valley Business Forum 2012). So far, Serco managed to pull off its main objective, by shifting ten individuals? life, assisting them in achieving a secure and sustainable life as to what the Welfare-to-work operation have promised (Serco 2012).

    • Word count: 1871
  5. Research proposal - The impact of diversity on Business studies and performance in Business Department of HELP University College (HUC).

    Sub problem 3: What is the impact of nationality on business studies? Main Problem 2: What is the impact of different diversity on performance in business department of HELP University College? Sub problem 1: What is the impact of gender on the performance? Sub problem 2: What is the impact of races on the performance? Sub problem 3: What is the impact of nationality on the performance? Main Problem 3: What is the impact of diversity on different major in business department of HELP University College? Sub problem 1: What is the impact of diversity on Accounting major?

    • Word count: 1899
  6. Ben & Jerry's Ethics and Corporate Citizenship

    (Kinsman, 2004) In 1988 Ben & Jerry?s created a Mission Statement, which aims to produce, sell and distribute top quality products, than make profits but also giving career opportunities and financial rewards for their employees and to play a major role in society as a business to improve life quality local, national and international (Ben & Jerry's, 2012). Ben & Jerry?s accomplishments: The company has been very successful with creating grassroots changes in their community. Below are just a few of them? 1.

    • Word count: 1276
  7. Anbalysis of Customer Service at Omega Watches.

    After receptionists recognize the demand of the customer, e.g: watch strip shortening or caliber malfunction, the demand will be assessed individually: e.g.: watch strip shortening can be processed in the back stage within 20 min (XXX), while caliber malfunction need to be further diagnose with the problem, sent to local manufactory workshop to be fixed(XXXX). The customer will be informed with the repair period, alternatively with the service receipt, customer is also able to track the after-sell service status by accessing the customer service website, or call the 24hr service line.

    • Word count: 1710
  8. Collective Bargaining in the USA.

    The Unions wanted to make sure they kept collecting these dues because a lot of them had political ties and they used the money they received from their members to financially assist politicians or political events. The employee had no say how the money was used. These labor unions started to become sneaky and coercive and it was because of this that certain laws came into effect such as: The National Labor Relations Board, The Fair Labor Standards Act and The Taft-Hartley Act.

    • Word count: 1680
  9. Were business schools to blame for the financial crisis? What should business schools do to help prevent similar crisis in the future?

    The cause of the financial crisis cannot easily be pinpointed on any one reason, but instead a number of causes that have been critically debated in the search to find an explanation in order to prevent future occurrences. Corruption and ignorance has been put forward as an explanation for the crash, with lack of knowledge and skills from MBA graduates to deal with high-risk situations and decisions under pressure. The lack of ability of business schools to use more critical techniques and to teach efficient and effective response to economic events (Currie et al., 2010)

    • Word count: 1085
  10. Online Banking and the Problem of Fraud.

    Technology Background of the Issue E-banking includes the systems that enable financial institution customers, individuals or businesses, to access accounts, transact business, or obtain information on financial products and services through a public or private network, including the Internet.5 Hundreds of financial institutions offer online banking services, making it possible to pay bills, check account balances, and transfer funds using software.6 Customers access e-banking services using an intelligent electronic device, such as a personal computer (PC), personal digital assistant (PDA), automated teller machine (ATM), kiosk, or Touch Tone telephone.5 While the risks and controls are similar for the various e-banking

    • Word count: 1207
  11. Transaction cost economics (TCE) is similar to game theory where all the parties to the contract is assumed to understand the strategic situation and will position themselves accordingly;

    In the world today globalization plays a major role. Specialists are emerging as firms no longer see the need to vertically integrate. New modes of transportation: - air travel, interstate trucking were introduced. The computer has made communication almost instant. Banks have large sums available for investment based of the firm?s ability to pay back. Changes in production technology create better quality of goods at lower costs. Government regulation increased and this changed how firms compete in the marketplace. TRANSACTION COST DEFINITION Formal definition of ?Transaction costs? is rare in the literature.

    • Word count: 1728

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