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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. The role played by Line manager and HR in ensuring the HR strategies are efficient and effective

    Today CEOs and line managers recognise the key role of HR in helping their companies gain a competitive advantage over both domestic and foreign competitors. This competitive advantage can only result from HRM practices, which are jointly developed and implemented by human resource (HR) specialists and line mangers (Papalexandris and panayotopoulou, 2004). In this report I have explained the roles of HR specialist and line managers separately and then moved on to the integration of HR strategies. I have shown how the strategies of HR are been implemented by both the mangers and how the devolution of responsibilities helps the organisation and simultaneously creates problems.

    • Word count: 2335
  2. Operations Mgmt

    The cost of this shipping especially with the prices of fuel and up-keep on equipment alone will eventually pay for the new facility. The P and T facilities rely on the S facility for production of parts and materials, then for S facility to ship them to the T and P facilities, making eight shipments per day 70 miles - one way (90 minutes) and only once a day there is a back-haul with parts for the S facility. So, this means that there is 7 dead-heads back to the S facility.

    • Word count: 2689
  3. Introducation to business

    Organizations ranging from house decorators to consulting firms to restaurants and even to entertainers are types of service businesses. * Retailers and Distributors act as middle-men in getting goods produced by manufacturers to the intended consumer, generating a profit as a result of providing sales or distribution services. Most consumer-oriented stores and catalogue companies are distributors or retailers. See also: Franchising * Agriculture and mining businesses are concerned with the production of raw material, such as plants or minerals. * Financial businesses include banks and other companies that generate profit through investment and management of capital.

    • Word count: 2139
  4. Inventory Management System

    DFML has a long-term vision and plans to expand activities gradually in the automobile industry, i.e. the mother of engineering industry; as a number of other sectors of the economy depend on it, directly or indirectly, for their income. Some of these sectors are engineering, electronics, metal, rubber and plastic. The ultimate aim is to achieve 90% localization by 2015. The company also imports and market "HYUNDAI" Commuter Vans, which are not being manufactured in Pakistan. The sale of these vehicles is supported by complete after-sales service, through a 3'S dealership network.

    • Word count: 2236
  5. International Business Management

    There is a discrepancy between the term global marketing and global marketing activities. 2. Globalisation Marketing standardised product in the same way everywhere in the world as a single entity in globalisation and involves developing marketing strategies. Globalisation organizations employ standardised products, promotional campaigns, prices and distribution channels for all markets. Globalisation requires total commitment of international marketing as world is a single entity. For example, Levi's' jeans, Nike trainer and Coca-Cola (C. Vignali, 2001) Globalisation refers to the shift toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy (Charles, 2007)

    • Word count: 2964
  6. Business Regulation Simulation

    Examples of PAH are Benzo (a) pyrene, Benzanthracene, Benzofluoranthene, Fluoranthene and Nanthalene to name a few; 10,000 groups of known PAHs can affect human health by way of breathing, drinking, and touching dependent on the group derivative (Wisconsin.gov, 2004). PAH does not have a designated reportable quantity (RQ) in the 40 CFR 302.4, the site dependent derivative will determine the RQ limit. AI has a prescribed limit of 5 milligrams per liter of hydrocarbons. Derivatives of PAH are probable known carcinogens. AI is considered to be a "direct discharger," a facility that discharges wastewater directly to surface waters.

    • Word count: 2819
  7. Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce

    Five employees were under review for termination, two were chosen for retention and retraining while three will be terminated. Carl Haimes Carl Haimes is a contracted employee who has a performance level that is above average while working above the median in productivity. A concern that was evident in relation to Carl was an issue of harassment by another employee who was alleged to be in violation of sexual harassment laws in regard to sexual orientation. Facing continued verbal humiliation from a colleague due to his sexual orientation; Carl reported the offense to management under the violation of Title VII

    • Word count: 2964
  8. Employee Motivation

    * The study of motivation is to predict and understand behaviour because motivation is related to action, motive, and the intrinsic and extrinsic forces which affect a person's choice of action. Standpoint Motivation can be defined as the level of desire and need of an individual to act upon their choices in certain particular manner. I will be covering the factors and processes, the concepts and theories of motivation illustrating with personal experiences involving people and organisations. My point of view on motivation is that one has to be motivated in order to motivate another person or others around you.

    • Word count: 2785
  9. Harrison Keyes Plan and Defense

    These challenges have precipitated Harrison-Keyes to implement an e-publishing strategy in an effort to revitalize the company. In doing so, this has unearthed marked deficiencies in the organizational planning and execution of the project. The e-publishing strategy intention is to drive profitability and position the organization for future success. Due to these present challenges, Harrison-Keyes's leadership team must reach a favorable outcome through a solution that addresses the prevailing challenges. The Board of Directors in order to restablish a new company strategic plan and a new management structure hired a new CEO, Meg P. McGill. This paper will outline the proposed solution and gap analysis to assist Harrison-Keyes in realizing the desired outcome and continue performing as one of the leaders in the publishing industry.

    • Word count: 2541
  10. Harrison Keyes Problem Definition

    As follows there will be the six (6) companies benchmarking discussions and concepts where Harrison-Keyes as a first step can identify potential solutions to the actual crisis within other company's best practices, which have faced and solved similar problems. Synopsis of Publix Super Market Inc/no italics it is not a subtitle Publix Super Markets Inc. is a leader in the retail grocery industry. Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix has been a successful organization for over 75 years.

    • Word count: 2879
  11. Free essay

    Computer-aided design at Kandu

    Being so specialized that Kandu design most of its own production machinery which involves three processes: conceptual design, layout design and detailing. On the other hand, Kandu's products design - usually is single components of complex shape is done by one person. Enjoying monopoly power and being the market leader amongst British engineering firms until the late 1970s, the company faced to severe international competition. As a result, a centralised facility was set up. The need of improving productivity, cutting costs and reduce lead time emerged significantly which in turn reinforced the desire to implementing Computer-aided design (CAD)

    • Word count: 2279
  12. strategy management of ryanair

    Furthermore, there were another major economic problem for European airline industry, "which were foreign exchange and fuel risk". (P.836) It is because there were energy crisis and various currency policies. It will prevent European airline industry development. Equally, Ryanair was also influence by the above risk. However, " it removed some of the risk through foreign exchange hedge and fuel risk management policy". (P.836) 3. Social Europe was a huge market, "since there was a large population base." (P.845)

    • Word count: 2062
  13. Organizational Behavior at Askari bank

    It subscribe to a culture of high ethical standards, based on the development of right attitudes. Askari bank believes in 'core values' as the essential and enduring tenets of the organization - the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts. They higher authorities give significant importance to all employees. The intrinsic values, which are the corner stones of Askari banks corporate behavior, are commitment, integrity, fairness, team-work and service. Organizational Behavior: The main reason for this project was to analyze the behavior of the employees and manager in the Askari bank.

    • Word count: 2046
  14. Analyzation of Wal-Mart's External and Internal Stakeholders

    That sounds great to me. Save me money. In reality, Wal-Mart does save their one set of their stakeholders, the consumers, money. They do have the competitive price advantage over most other retail store except their own sister store Sam's Club which is owned by Wal-Mart. I feel though this savings comes at a cost. The average wage that a worker makes there is below the poverty level in the United States which makes it possible for them to receive such state assisted aid as food stamps, medical assistance, and other state and federal assistance which the tax payers are paying for.

    • Word count: 2013

    Any business needs working capital to pay expenses such as electricity and gas charges, wages, and to buy components to business activities. If a firm has quit a little working capital available, it may have to face finance increased production without straining its liquidity position. Yet if a firm has too much capital tied up in the short term, it may not be able to afford the new machinery that could boost efficiency. The working capital of a business is the amount lefts over after all current debts have been paid by the business.

    • Word count: 2188
  16. strategic management

    Review and evaluation of the success of the strategic process to serve as a basis for control and as input for future decision making. As these nine areas indicate, strategic management involves the planning, directing, organizing, and controlling of the strategy-related decisions and actions of the business. According to Pearce & Robinson (1988) strategic management also means their large-scale, future-oriented plans for interacting with the competitive environment to optimize achievement of organization objectives. Thus, a strategy represents a firm's "game plan."

    • Word count: 2790
  17. ERP systems in manufacturing

    Organisation needs to know what products, at what specification are needed for a particular customer. In order to achieve all of the above the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is needed. The focus of my report is going to centre on Enterprise Resource Planning systems within a manufacturing industry. My first experience of an enterprise resource planning system was from my industrial placement at Perkins Shibaura Engines Limited (part of Caterpillar Inc); here I was able to see some of the clear benefits and uses of an Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system. Below is a diagram illustrating some of the uses of an ERP system that I experienced during my industrial placement.

    • Word count: 2861
  18. First mover advantage

    The following graph summarizes those points: http://uhavax.hartford.edu/DUDEK/chapter7/FirstMover.bmp The bigger the first-mover advantages, the more attractive making the first move becomes. In e-commerce, for example, whoever is first with a new technology or a new network solution often enjoys lasting first-mover advantages in gaining the visibility and reputation needed to emerge as the dominant market leader. America Online, Amazon.com, Yahoo!, eBay, Broadcast.com, DoubleClick, Priceline.com, Inktomi, and several others have demonstrated the power of moving first and forcing rivals into a desperate race to catch up.

    • Word count: 2854

    Many of these rules are applied when an individual is required to make a decision. Hence, ethical decision making has become an area of research interest. The moral base or rules that are applied to determine right and wrong are often developed from one's cognitive moral development, value base, or moral philosophies. Therefore, ethical decision making is the process by which individuals use their moral base to determine whether a certain issue is right or wrong. Thus, governmental unrealistic guidelines must be integrated into the corporate culture to ensure compliance. Culture may be defined as written and unwritten expectations of behavior (rules and norms)

    • Word count: 2274
  20. Analysis and comparisson of Russian and British national cultures. Assesment of implications and potential pitfalls for and Anglosaxon manager working in Russian national Culture

    Therefore, the ability to accomplish cultural analysis enables international managers, to forecast future behaviour of the members of the company in routine situations and, as a result, eliminate potential constraints. Additionally, according to Mendenhall et al. (1995), "... the one of the most difficult tasks of any international manager is to motivate and lead people from cultural backgrounds different from their own." In consequence, if international managers attempt to operate and coordinate the organization too differently from cultural norms, there is a danger of being rejected by the employees, resulting in lack of motivation.

    • Word count: 2581
  21. AXA Study

    The most prominent amongst these include Royal Exchange Assurance (1720), Sun Life (1810), Ancienne Mutuelle (1817), Guardian Assurance (1821) and Equity & Law (1844). 1901 - 1980 The first eighty years of the 20th century witnessed the establishment of yet more major players - including the Provincial Insurance Company (1903) and the Guardian Royal Exchange Group (1968) - and the first in a series of mergers that would eventually lead to the creation of AXA. 1981 - Present day The name AXA was introduced to the world in 1985.

    • Word count: 2497
  22. Project Management

    (Ray Wild 1995 pg 353) Project is a limited activity, not only in time, but also in the use of resources. Project management, therefore is concerned with the pursuit of a specific goal, using given resources over a defined period of time. This will often require the planning and establishment of an operating system, acquisition of resources; the scheduling of activities and evaluation/review of completed activities. Project Management is all about managing these resources in order that the project is delivered * To specification * On time, and * Within budget Project managers should appreciate the importance of good project management to business success.

    • Word count: 2661
  23. Contract Creation and Management

    The law provides remedies if a promise is breached or recognizes the performance of a promise as a duty. Contracts arise when a duty does or may come into existence, because of a promise made by one of the parties" (Lax, 2006). A contract in simplest terms is nothing more than a promise made between two parties - progress towards meeting that promise is measured in terms of performance to expectations and therein lays the rub. Expectations can be nebulous terms and grounds for much debate. "For satisfactory contract performance, you must understand the requirements of your contract and follow all the procedures and instructions carefully" (Office of Procurement...N.D.).

    • Word count: 2506
  24. lawrence problem solution

    The aim of this essay is to examine these changes and assess their impacts. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification The Lawrence Sports situation uses their working capital and bank borrowing to finance operations. This is a concern for Lawrence because they have set goals of increasing the working capital while minimizing bank borrowing. Their plan focuses on explaining the situation faced by Lawrence to both suppliers and retailer. Lawrence expects to renegotiate agreements with each vendor so do not cause undue harm to anyone in the process.

    • Word count: 2169

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