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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. How important is the personality and personal characteristics of a prime minister or president in determining his/her effectiveness as a political leader? Discuss using contemporary examples

    The effectiveness of a political leader in the British Political system must be examined differently to that of an American system. In America, the political system is a separate one, although this can be debated. When the constitution was written in 1787, the executive was intended to 'share' power with the legislature and the judiciary. This was done in order to avoid single leadership and monarchical-like rule, as in Britain at the time. This sharing of power makes it very difficult for the executive, or president to display political leadership, as he is not the single leader.

    • Word count: 2814
  2. Communication and Behaviour In Organisations.

    ostentation through following the current trend in business organisations, I have drawn upon the perceived benefits of teams and the conditions which underpin their effectiveness. Work groups are defined by Kathryn M. Bartol and David C. Martin in 'Management' (1998) as two or more interdependent individuals who interact and influence each other in collective pursuit of a common goal. Two other criterions which might be worth adding are the provision of complementary skills and a working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable3.

    • Word count: 2846
  3. Exam questions on Data Management.

    Conservative studies of returns of investment (ROIs) from intranets show ROIs of 23% to 85% and some companies have reported ROIs of more than 1,000%. Finally, it is scalable and flexible. A corporate intranet is easily grown with changes in demand and use, and the adaptions in it are relatively easy to achieve. (b) Evaluate the potential for the use of internet technology within the Jeff Lloyd Leisure Centre described below: (10 marks) With respects to our case, different types of intranet such as communications, integrating and catalogue ones could manage more business process electronically and enhance the organizational practice.

    • Word count: 2704
  4. Group Dynamics: The Driving Force Behind Team Success or Failure.

    One such device or procedure that might be used to manage a group's decision-making process is an explicit agenda (�1). A successful group works together from the very beginning to create such an agenda. After all members contribute their opinions and establish goals, it is then time to assign tasks. Effective teams establish measures to monitor progress and ensure goals are achieved. These measures require accountability from each team member. Setting due dates for completion and submission of individual tasks is part of creating an explicit agenda, and is a key element in keeping a team to a specific timeline.

    • Word count: 2188
  5. Discuss the merits and limitations of the control theory approach to motivation.

    The system as a whole compares the current state of a particular variable to a reference value at which the system is designed to maintain itself, if there is any discrepancy between the two values mechanisms are activated to remove the discrepancy and bring it back to the reference value (Huntingford 1984). The principles of the control theory are used to build specific models, and one of the major strengths of the control theory is that its models can be tested quantitatively and can therefore be supported or falsified.

    • Word count: 2173
  6. "To investigate the re-organisation methods and outcomes of the Finance Department of Emerson & Son's Ltd, Craigavon"

    For my first objective, I set out to identify and investigate the objectives behind the re-organisation. Initially, re-organisations occur due to several factors including management of change, the hierarchy of the business, and retraining of staff to name a few. The objectives behind the re-organisation is primarily the most important factor to consider for any business, therefore should be researched in great detail. By the means of primary research, I was able to identify Norman Emerson's objectives behind the re-organisation of their Finance Department. Prior, to the restructure, the Finance Department endured several drawbacks to their previous manual system, including it to be time-consuming and inefficient, as up-to-date figures could not be obtained promptly.

    • Word count: 2029
  7. What is Empowered Team?

    Truly empowered employee teams can therefore assist organizations to improve customer satisfaction, increase employee's productivity and morale, lower costs and drive profit. What is Empowered Team? There are many definitions of team documented in the literature. What team is or does, how it is structured, how team members differ from traditional employees, what limitations are placed on team, and how team members will be held accountable can vary greatly from one organization to another. In essence, empowered team is self-sufficient group of people working together with specific goals.1 They have the corporate authority, experience, responsibility and skills to enact their own decisions for the organization.

    • Word count: 2272
  8. Human Resource Management - QIG.

    Business arena has been compared to the battlefield without bleeding. Therefore to adapt the new business era, it would be contributed to how the people's role is oriented in the business life cycle. HRM has been gestated in this circumstance. There is one of the accepted definition for HRM by John Bratton & Jeffrey Gold (2003: 7): "HRM is a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that leveraging people's capabilities is critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, this being achieved though a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programs and practices".

    • Word count: 2730
  9. Why Might Business Managers And Staff Have Difficulty In Specifying What They Require From A Proposed Information System?

    * Users often interpret requirements in different ways - users may not view the same need in the same way, prompting them to request different functions from the system. This makes it very challenging for the developers to collate all the requirements from across the organisation and may lead to a loss of effectiveness for the IS. * Requirements can cross organisational boundaries or have conflicting objectives - a particular need specified by one function of the organisation may have a negative impact on another function, or may require data to be sent from another part of the organisation.

    • Word count: 2853
  10. Recruiting for retention.

    In today's competitive environment companies are looking to hire quality people quickly and cost effectively. It is very important that Companies and their Human Resource Department understand the impact of a good recruiting strategy on their bottom line. We must know what the word recruiting mean before we can create a strategy to be deployed to support the Company's mission statement. According to David A DeCenzo in Human Resource Management recruiting is defined as the "discovering of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies" (p.156).

    • Word count: 2032
  11. Leadership Dynamics

    Summary 11 1) Appendix A 12 a) Rotter's Locus of Control 12 b) Tolerance of Ambiguity scale 12 c) Personal style inventory 12 d) The assertiveness scale: Durbin (2001,p32) 13 e) The emotional expressiveness scale: Durbin (2001,p68) 13 f) The ethical reasoning inventory: Durbin (2001,p97) 14 2) Reference: 15 Introduction The purpose of this learning log is to understand myself as a leader and a person in a better way based on six quizzes done below. This may not be an absolute and accurate measurement, but are more indicative in nature.

    • Word count: 2516
  12. This essay is a study on Laura Ashleys strategic alliance with BLS and pertinent issue that arise from such an alliance. Issues are discussed in several aspects at strategic and managerial level.

    INTRODUCTION Laura Ashley (LA), a global clothing and furnishings retailer based in the United Kingdom, identified a series of problems in its distribution and warehousing operation systems. To solve these problems, LA decided to form a strategic alliance with Business Logistics Service ("BLS"), which is created by logistics leader Federal Express. In the first section, strategic and operational issues are discussed. Then, the role of information and communication technologies is analyzed. In the third and fourth sections, the nature and scope of inter-organizational relationships and the creation of 'value' through leveraging of "core competencies' are examined respectively.

    • Word count: 2849
  13. Incorporating Change at Synergetic Solutions, Inc.

    Was this something I could change and change quickly? Yes, by getting the local experts involved in the decision-making and through communication I was able to follow Lewin's doctrine of unfreezing, meaning identifying the group norms imbedded in the organizational culture as explained by Schein (p.28). Once they have been identified, changing this culture is the next challenge. Synergetic Solutions had several external drivers that focused on the need for change too. Technical advances in the information technologies sector was in high demand and Harold Redd, the C.E.O., had defined his mission for his corporation into capitalizing on these advances and high rate of return, by offering the business of designing and implementing complex computing networks for other corporations.

    • Word count: 2430
  14. Square Pegs and Round Holes! - managing change

    For a business to survive in this dynamic climate where the customer needs are paramount, new management and working methods are required. There is now much greater emphasis on team working, empowerment and de-centralised decision making. Organisational theory would suggest that the more participative style resulting from the above should produce an enhanced and highly committed workforce where every member of the organisation, regardless of position, is valued for their contribution where they are treated fairly and with respect. Yet in the reality of the today's business world, in many organisations, chaos overshadows effectiveness, fire-fighting takes precedence over controlled and

    • Word count: 2204
  15. Critically assess the view that effective leadership inevitably involves a focus on power and political activity.

    Secondly, the essay will discuss the relationship between effective leadership and power activity. Thirdly, it will discuss the linkage of effective leadership with political activity. Lastly, the essay will comment on the view of inevitable connection between effective leadership and power, political activity. Leadership relates a combination of special qualities or characteristics that individuals own and that enable them to induce others to complete tasks. In past decades, there have been scores of classification systems developed to define 'leadership'. It has been defined in terms of power relationship that exists between leaders and followers - leaders have power and exert it to effect change in others.

    • Word count: 2139
  16. Management of Effective Teams

    The leader must fully understand the requirements of the project and break the tasks down into key responsibilities. The leader will then be able to better decide which members to choose and the roles in which they will play on the team. Once the tasks are created, the leader needs to evaluate all the candidates vying for a position on the team. The evaluation can measure skill sets, personality, and experience. In the simulation, I was asked to choose four individuals to fill the four key roles of the assigned project called DARE. The project was scheduled to last a total of 8 months and it was important to choose the correct team members so that the project would be completed on time.

    • Word count: 2224
  17. Conflict Resolution

    It can arise from the exercise of power and politics, emanate from particular leadership styles or from cultural changes. Conflict can be seen as a fundamental force that effects all situations in our lives today. Because it is so widespread and accepted in society it gives the basis for many theories, discussions and analysis on the subject. Even though there are many books, theories and information in existence, it still can be termed a very complex subject and very unpredictable, because it focuses primarily on human behaviour; i.e. personalities and characteristics and their reaction to many different situations such as social, political, personal, economic and psychological issues.

    • Word count: 2644
  18. The BMW group

    A more recent management philosophy is for teams to be self managing. Organisational structures of today's businesses are becoming more flatter as compared to those of yesteryears. There is a new concept of the organisation itself being learning, evolving organism (Fullop and Linstead, 1999). Businesses are doing business faster than ever before, because of the advent of the internet which was not available to businesses about twenty to thirty years ago. All these point to the fact that organisations are evolving.

    • Word count: 2934
  19. Company crisis situations - Case Study: Everyone Counts at Black and Decker

    These work teams were allowed to submit a maximum of five ideas every 12 weeks. By limiting the number of proposals, management could ensure that the teams were focused and concentrated. Each of the proposals the teams would present needed to be detailed and reflective of the entire cost of the project. In the past, managers would usually take care of the details of an employee's idea, so it was rare that workers would be involved in further development of their ideas.

    • Word count: 2987
  20. Does the charismatic Leadership theory represent a significant development in the field?

    Moreover it can not be clearly established which abilities create effective leadership. The next attempt to solve that "riddle", came with behavioural approach. This was focusing on the visible behaviours of leaders, which were thought to make them efficient. Therefore it was believed that leadership could be conclusively explained by observing outstanding leaders actions, by categorising their behaviour and evaluating which of these factors create effective leadership. This approach implied that everybody could be turned into a leader by learning which behaviours are favourable.

    • Word count: 2322
  21. "Organisations get the consultants they deserve".

    (Soriano et al. 2001, Managing Service Quality) When taking on the services of a consultant, clients analyse the cost of the project, the benefits that may result from it and the quality of the work performed, as well as the possibility of integrating the consultant's advice within the firm's activity. Even though dissatisfaction with or rejection of consultants may arise, it does not necessarily mean that their work had no impact on the client's firm or that no change was derived from it.

    • Word count: 2945
  22. The Importance of Ethical Responsibilities

    Some companies would choose less profit ethically. Others would choose more profit unethically. Which a company chooses would depend on how much they have an ethically good mind as organisational behaviour. An organisation consists of a group of every single employee. An organisation must be an entity, which can organize every single employee ethically. Every single employee must act ethically morally. III. The Illustrations of Industries with irresponsible management 3.1. Concealment of Mitsubishi Motors Company Mitsubishi Motors Company (Mitsubishi Motors) is the second largest, motor company, which formed in 1970 in Japan (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation).

    • Word count: 2176
  23. An Assessment of Marine Corps Culture

    This leadership structure is one that helps keep everyone's job manageable, and gives each individual some form of decision-making authority. This leadership structure is one that has been emulated by many businesses and corporations across the United States. Former Marine and CEO of Quaker Oats, Robert Morrison, and former Marine and Vice-Chairman of Service Master Co., are a couple of examples of former Marines brining this leadership style into successful businesses (Freedman, 1998). There are many values and traits that that are instilled into each and every Marine.

    • Word count: 2060
  24. Principals, Teachers and Organizational Decision Making

    It is up to the principal to gather and evaluate information in order to determine whether a decision is needed. The Principal as Problem Solver Arriving at a decision is only part of the problem solving process; implementing the decision is a critical part of the process, as well. In some cases, implementation may require merely that the decision be communicated from one individual to another, both of whom are in accord about the implementation of the decision. In other situations, implementation may require long-term programs that change a school's entire method of operation and have a long-term effect on school culture.

    • Word count: 2659
  25. Failures of risk management.

    While acknowledging improved controls and incentives as elements of the solution, we believe the critics have missed the larger, strategic element that binds them: the way in which the knowledge of the organization is managed. In this article, we propose a framework for knowledge management that integrates the firm's culture, the skills of its employees, and their day-by-day actions into an effective risk management competence. Such a framework is long overdue - for both corporate treasuries and financial service firms.

    • Word count: 2797

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