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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. In what sense, if any, can business organisations be treated like morally responsible individuals?

    As we can be punished for misdeeds and mistakes, our responsibility also requires us to take due care or competence when avoiding intentional wrongdoing. For punishment to be applicable, "our action or inaction must involve a breach of duty, only then can we be held morally accountable"3 for our acts or omissions. One approach to the 'moral agency issue' is to adopt the Individualist and collectivist perspective. Both attempt to answer whether company responsibility belongs to separate moral agents, distinct from the accumulated responsibilities of individual members.

    • Word count: 2577
  2. Analysis of a Swiss giant ABB - critical analysis of companies critical problem.

    * COMPANY BACKGROUND:- The history of ABB goes back to late nineteenth century and is a long and illustrates record of innovation and technological leadership in many industries. Having helped the countries all over the world to build develop and maintain their infrastructures, ABB has in recent years gone from large scale solutions to alternate energy and the advanced products and technologies in power and automation that constitutes its industrial IT offering. ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry elements customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact.

    • Word count: 2054
  3. Learning Team Analysis

    Incorporating a new member (Jennifer Pace) our existing team (Kisha Merrell and Parrish Monk) sought to get to know Jennifer better in a brief, non-formal setting during one of our regularly scheduled group meetings. During this meeting and in light of the context of this assignment our team set out to formally examine our team dynamics, structure and team processes. This examination served two functions. The first function was getting to know each other better whereas the second function was to complete the assignment by conducting a full team analysis.

    • Word count: 2348
  4. Southwest Airlines Case Study

    ("Southwest Airlines Case Study"p1). Herb Kelleher and Rolling King, the two founders of the company, were very ambitious entrepreneurs who elaborated a simple concept adapted to the demand of frequent travellers and also paid very close attention to its employee environment. According to Southwest's Mission, Company Values and Corporate Philosophy (Exhibit 1, p6), commitment to Employee and a high level of Customer Service is essential. Fun also has to be part of the experience and environment. Kelleher wants all his employees to be "themselves".

    • Word count: 2049
  5. McDonald's public relations.

    Another required definition is social responsibility. Johnston and Zawawi states that to fulfill expectations and moral obligations at the level of society... social responsibilities, professionals are expected to do more than provide knowledge and skilled services; they are "held responsible for improving the institutions administering those services"(2004, p.146) Knowing this, the first public to McDonald's that should be addressed is the children and issues of obesity. The reason being is that there are cases in America of obese children suing McDonalds for their weight issues as mentioned by Condon, are one of the problems that have surfaced for McDonald's.

    • Word count: 2509
  6. The Department of Management - Managing in a changing environment, Literature Review - OD Practitioner/consultant

    OD consultants including internal or external consultant help organizations diagnose problems, develop solutions and implement the changes. OD consultants can be seen as one of the key factors determining the planned changes are successful or failed. OD consultancy is a challenging job. The demand of OD practitioners has been increasing dramatically all over the world (Waddell, 2004). There are a lot of issues about organization development practitioner/consultant. This literature review will focus on four aspects of OD practitioners. Firstly, this article will focus on the skills of OD practitioners. Secondly, this article will review the development of OD practitioners. Then, the role of OD consultant will be analyzed. Finally, the issues in client/consultant relationship will be introduced.

    • Word count: 2909
  7. Critically discuss the assertion that shareholders' interests should not take priority over the interests of all other stakeholders.

    One of the first people to popularize this idea was R. Edward Freeman, who said that business must work in the best interest of all those affected by the business, including customers, suppliers, employees, and of course, stockholders. He also stated that 'each person deserves respect because of their dignity as individuals and should be treated as ends not as means'. Known as the 'Stakeholder Theory', Freeman established the following principles as the foundation of his theory; (i.) 'Principle Corporate Right (PCR): The corporation and its managers may not violate the legitimate rights of others to determine their own future.'

    • Word count: 2045
  8. Negotiation and negotiators in todays business market

    Negotiators approach every negotiation guided by their perceptions of past situations and current attitudes and behaviors. Their expectations of the future behaviors of other parties and subsequent outcomes are based in huge part on their cognitive information, gained through direct or vicarious experience and observations (Lewicki, 2003:147). Kimberley (2003:85) states that perception expresses the process by which individuals gather sensory information and assign meaning to it. It begins when environmental stimuli are received through people's senses. Mashane and Travaglione (2003:74) suggest that perception involves deciding which information to notice, how to sort this information and how to interpret it within the framework of people's existing knowledge.

    • Word count: 2583
  9. How relevant are Fayol's ideas on managing groups and individuals in today's business world?

    On the production lines of today's large manufactures, one will still experience specialisation. Like anything, moderation is the key, and negative consequences are to be expected if division of work is excessive. Fayol himself recognised this, 'division of work has its limits which experience and a sense of proportion teach us may not be exceeded' (Fayol 1949, 20). Today this concept stands true. The emphasis placed on authority in the 21st century appears to have decreased since the publication of Fayol's work, especially in western countries with low power distances.

    • Word count: 2932
  10. Existing Structure and it Misfits and Resulting Problems - Brocher Pty. Ltd.

    As a result of consolidation, both of these functions had been brought together under the one roof. The organisation adopts a Functional Structure headed by a Corporate Body. Corporate is lead by the Managing Director (Fred Hartford). Reporting to the Managing Director is Bill Neal, the General Manager of Operations. Under this, the organisation is broken into two functions, R&D and Manufacturing headed by the Research Manager and Production Manager respectively. Until recently, the research manager had two Assistant Research Managers (ARM)

    • Word count: 2828
  11. John Lewis - Service Image, Service Concept and Service Delivery System

    This is shown with the example of the couple who chose the Moat House Hotel to celebrate their wedding. The couple was very pleased by the flexibility of the hotel manager. They were even allowed to change pictures and to put some own ones to adorn the rooms. The fact that this couple chose this hotel again for their first anniversary and for the naming ceremony of their first child shows that they were very satisfied with the service offered by the hotel. In the magazine they also express the careful choose of their providers of foods, flowers and coffee. The Lewis Partnership remarks also the high quality of their restaurants and point out the 2 AA Rosette standards.

    • Word count: 2260
  12. Human Resource Management - Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace.

    WGA Ltd. did not establish a strategic human resource management plan to manage diversity in advance of its Hong Kong expansion and as a consequence was crippled by high employee turnover. Successful organisations recognise the importance of human-capital investments and allocate substantial resources in managing these intangible assets7. Performance appraisals and rewards are required to encourage behaviour that supports diversity8, and human resource strategy should include policies to prevent discrimination and include cross-cultural training. Cross-cultural training programs have, as an example, improved the effectiveness of expatriate managers9 by providing knowledge and understanding of how to operate in a particular geographical market, and to be prepared to work across a range of cross-cultural encounters10 and organisational boundaries11.

    • Word count: 2528
  13. Leadership Qualities.

    Also in the oxford dictionary morale is explained as: 'state of a persons or groups sprits and confidence'. A good leader needs to have the sprits of his team high in order to get the best out of them. Also humour is one of the best ways to handle stressful scenarios, it relaxes the group and helps them the mind to except it. Also a good sense of humour means you can take jokes and laugh at yourself, this puts others at ease around you.

    • Word count: 2711
  14. Discuss the contention that, in most large firms and whatever the system of corporate governance, constraints on managerial behaviour are largely ineffective and managerial objectives predominate.

    The efficiency of a governance structure, that is, its ability to reduce transaction costs, is judged by its ability to economize on bounded rationality and to safeguard against the hazards of opportunism. Corporate governance is a term used when the focus of attention is on the governance structure of modern corporations that is on the system by which companies are directed and controlled. It refers to the set of activities which constitute the internal regulation of a corporation, including the relationship between owners and managers.

    • Word count: 2689
  15. The purpose of this report is to reflect upon and evaluate my experiences, working as a team member at the UHI residential weekend in Inverness and then as a Virtual Team member back in my home College.

    The report summarises the evaluation with a critique of the theories in application and concludes that there is a significant set of differences in both individual and team behaviour patterns dependant on direct (face to face) or indirect (virtual) communication. We accomplished the given residential task and the subsequent report, but on reflection it has become clear to me that theory does not translate directly into practice and unexpected personal, individual and practical factors must be taken into account, especially the need for a clear leadership role in a virtual team.

    • Word count: 2195
  16. Critically discuss the aspirations of Business Process Reengineering in the context of its consequences to managers, employees and customers?

    Business process re-engineering can be defined as "the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service and speed." (Hammer, 1990, cited from M Keleman, 2003) From this definition alone, it is apparent that the business process re-engineering approach encourages a very sharp and quick change in the way a task or process is carried out within an organisation if it is under performing. This backs up the following idea of business process re-engineering.

    • Word count: 2564
  17. Analysing the article 'ASPS: Do they work?'

    There has also been a shift from cost saving, tactical contracts to strategic outsourcing deals. CIOs and senior managers are seeking outsourcing vendors that offer cost predictability, and can help them innovate and drive strategic change throughout their companies (Information Week 2001; McDougall 2004). In Information Week's survey of 75 business technology managers on ASPs, less than half the respondents considered cost to be a significant factor in selecting an ASP. According to the survey, customers labeled whether an ASP can become a true partner in the user's business as the most significant issue to consider when selecting an ASP (Information Week 2001, p.

    • Word count: 2226
  18. In the era of rapid technology changes lead to mass production, operation management and quality management connected more and more closely in business operation today.

    conflict 6-7 5.3 People and change 7-8 6.0 List of references 11 7.0 List of bibliography 11 (*Note: total word count for coursework two is 2600). In the 21st century's dynamic and competitive business environment, how to effectively manage a diverse workforce is increasingly impacted by international considerations. An awareness of and sensitivity to the differing modus operandi of businesses and people around the world is imperative. From this sense, work relationship significantly plays a vital role in human-being's social life.

    • Word count: 2460
  19. Set out the main arguments in favour of effective communication and its influences in management and in a working team.

    In general there are two basic ideas for a group formation, which are functional and psychological. The functional assumption is the formation of a group in terms of a face-to-face interaction where each member join together in order to work for a common goal. One example of this is the Williams- BMW Formula one team, which is formation of a group of five international companies, Hewell Packard, Williams, BMW, Petrolbrass and Michellin. All of them working together in order to design and perform a perfect a car that can adapt to different circumstances and conditions such as climate, temperature, type of track and so on.

    • Word count: 2181
  20. What is leadership?

    When we talk about leaders of countries or churches we sometimes forget about teachers or leaders of smaller groups. Small groups are defined as having at least three and no more than fifteen members. At least three members are necessary to keep the group from being two of the same, and a maximum of fifteen members is important to avoid inhibition of the group member. Since the course we have just completed was all about group work within small groups.

    • Word count: 2048
  21. The Leadership Grid and Situational Leadership.

    Situational theories include the Contingency Model, the Path-Goal theory, and the Situational Leadership theory. The Situational Leadership theory, created by Hersey and Blanchard, includes four situational leadership styles: telling, selling, participating, and delegating. According to Paul Hersey, a situational leader adapts "leadership behaviors to features of the situation and followers." The "telling style" is appropriate when the members are new or inexperienced, and need a lot of help, direction, and encouragement to get the job done. The "selling style" is useful when group members are a little more responsible, experienced, and willing to do the task but do not have the necessary skills.

    • Word count: 2871
  22. The purpose of this project was to highlight various factors, which were brought to light during a twelve-year business simulation. It was carried out as part of a Business enterprise Skills course.

    The report will reflect on the team, its effectiveness, team roles, group dynamics, the decision making processes, communication skills, time management, different management styles and my own attitudes and behavior within the simulation. 2.0 The Team 2.1 Effectiveness The team worked very effectively once their roles were designated. Every meeting held was planned and mapped out to allow each member of the team to have an understanding of what needed to be done. At the end of each meeting everyone understood what had been covered and was happy knowing what was still to be done to achieve the team's goals.

    • Word count: 2559
  23. To date, Corporate Governance reforms have relied heavily on non-executive directors and institutional investors as enforcers of good corporate practice - These mechanisms are inadequate for effective corporate governance and more will be required - Do yo

    These reforms have been described as (relying mainly on institutional investors and non-executive directors6 as enforcers of good corporate practice). However, did these reforms rely heavily on these concepts and how were they put into practice? What other concepts to maintain effective corporate governance were mentioned? What is effective corporate governance and did these reforms have any effect on this? If they had no effect then what else will be needed to take corporate governance forward? Did the reforms rely heavily on Institutional Investors and Non-Executive Directors?

    • Word count: 2703
  24. International Importance Of Current US Corporate Governance Problems.

    This slows global market expansion and reduces efficiencies created through the utilisation of comparative advantage. Ethical corporate governance, without the requirement for legal intervention which increases the costs to all businesses, is critical to continued globalisation of markets and corporations. Divergent political, legal and cultural principles throughout the world require that balancing the dimensions of people, planet, profit and posterity must be a core responsibility of all corporate leaders. If these principles are not core business values, developing nations and third world countries will continue to view capitalist corporations with caution.

    • Word count: 2888
  25. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss and analyse the reasons for and the backgroung behind the incresing speed of decision making as organisations find themeselves in an increasingly competitive environment.

    and "The big don't outperform the small, the fast outperform the slow." Besides the relevance of decision speed in the practical business environment, the speed of strategic decisions also represents an essential unit of analysis in the theoretical field. Eisenhardt states in this matter: "Although decision speed seems to affect firm performance in high-velocity environments and is a key characteristic differentiating strategic decisions2, there has been little research on fast strategic decision-making." In addition to the established correlation between decision speed and firm performance in high velocity environments, another point of discussion in the literature is whether speeding decisions has implications for the quality of the strategic decisions, which in turn has been shown to affect firm performance3.

    • Word count: 2478

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