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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Chief executive lifestyle stress by Sutherland, V.J. and Cooper, C.L (1995) - critically review all aspects of the article.

    Chief Executive official for example experience stress as a result of major event in their lives, people may experience stress when they perceive a threat to themselves, for example a person that feel unable to cope effectively at a managerial (top executive level) may experience stress. J. Arnald, C. L Cooper and I. T Robertson (1998) P450 say; Important people who are on top of the hierarchical table often get bombarded with a lot of work and important decision-making, which help sharp up the business success, common signs of stress includes an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, muscle tension, metal depression, and inability to concentrate.

    • Word count: 2178
  2. 'The sign of a good manager is the ability to delegate responsibility. If control of expenditure is to be delegated, then there must be a budget'

    different sections within the organisation like the production section and the sales department, will need to function independently in order to meet the targets set by the company. To control these sections or departments, a budget tends to be used to restrict expenditure and increase efficiency in order to reach the targets set. It is therefore important to examine if budgets are needed within companies by studying the advantages and disadvantages of them and whether companies can function without a budget, meaning the control of expenditure can be delegated without enforcing any means of control.

    • Word count: 2201
  3. In an ever changing working environment, the only way to succeed in leadership is to adopt a contingency based approach and adopt a participative style - Discuss the above statement with reference to appropriate theory and practice.

    It would be difficult to imagine the Roman Empire without leaders such as Julius Caesar, or the Mongols along with their brutal regime without Ghengis Khan. Having the ability to lead within organisations is of a growing interest to businesses. Desire to explore this field has resulted from the need to lead companies throughout periods of change, brought by the increase in competition and the recessionary climate in the late 1980's and early 1990's. ______________________ The Oxford dictionary defines to lead as Conduct, guide, esp. by going in front; guide by persuasion; guide actions or opinions of, induce to do.

    • Word count: 2357
  4. Leadership and Management.

    Another generalisation made was the fact that how likeable a leader is is greatly important to begin but over time other factors come into effect, such as ability and competence. One final generalisation discussed was the fact that you are not necessarily born a leader but you can learn effective leadership behaviour in order to become a successful leader. French et al state that effective leadership depends partly on the support and encouragement given to them by their bosses. French et al determined three style of leadership: authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire.

    • Word count: 2043
  5. "Discuss what you consider to be the most important qualities of a modern organisational leader and to what extent you agree with the assertation that effective leadership is now critical to organisational success.

    Leadership is a very important part of management but the two should never be confused. A survey conducted in 1999 of more than 5000 HR professionals showed that almost sixty percent of companies offered leadership development to its managers with the remainder planning to do so in the future. This survey also placed leadership in the top three "must-have " qualities for management. ( Making Leadership Development Effective, Roni Drew, 1999, Boston ) Wayne Calloway, former C.E.O. for PepsiCo once stated that the secret of his company's success was the three p`s i.e. People, people and people.

    • Word count: 2123
  6. Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd Australia - case study

    By the 1980's, things started to become taxing, as machinery had become older, management-employee relations had become poorer, and the demand for the product had become matched by the demand for overtime by employees. The management style was very traditional with managers managing and employees working, all in their own domains, and mediated by 13 union groups. The future was looking bleak if things went on as they were; however, the future could be rich and exciting if dramatic cultural changes were made.

    • Word count: 2381
  7. Outline one perspective on the analysis of organisations and explain some of its strengths and weaknesses.

    The forces of darkness are represented by the mechanical school of organisational theory that treat the organisation as a machine such as the Bureaucratic Model of Weber and then there is the forces of light which encompass the human relations school that emphasizes people rather than machines that work with precision. This includes the natural system model (The organic theory) which shall be the perspective analysed in this essay. After covering a short description of what the theory entails, an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses shall be discussed.

    • Word count: 2266
  8. Report on Administration of Data

    Design of the network involves choosing which type of network would be most suitable for the organisation they are working for. After the network has been designed the next step for the network administrator is setting up the network. This consists of installing the hardware that will physically make up the network, configuring files and databases and configuring other devices like hosts, routers and configuration servers. This stage of network development is a very important task for the network administrator.

    • Word count: 2533
  9. The report first explains how downsizing, or reducing layers of middle managers and the act of redundancy in the organisation is defined, then discusses the different ways in which or measures by which the organizations carry out downsizing activities

    Nevertheless, "....if you plan a 30% productivity increase, and do not reduce the workforce by 30%...you defeat your own objective." (Ader, 1998) Employing organisations of all sizes, locations and business activities have been under great pressures to cut back costs generally, and man power costs in particular. They have had a face recession at home and declining domestic orders, a difficult time with export orders because of downturn in the businesses, in their partners, fluctuating currency rates, low rates of return on industrial investment, high real interest charges, and changing technology.

    • Word count: 2616
  10. The Mongrel Mob displays, in a particularly intense form, qualities possessed by all human groups. Is this in fact the case?

    Gangs have a boss, and then there's the sergeant-at-arms etc- its like a little army." The induction is parallel to the serving of an apprenticeship, where a prospect, to gain entry to the gang, is part of the formal structure of the group but does not take a leadership role. He is the underling for the group, the worker and in some cases is called on to be the "fall guy" for criminal activity. In this way he proves his worthiness to join the group, gains acceptance from other members and raises his hierarchical position within the group.

    • Word count: 2335
  11. Personal Revelation and Conflict in Organizational Settings: The Gay Individual as Social Perceiver of Power and Safety.

    The individual in a social context is at virtually all times involved in some type of information processing. This is true whether the person is forming an impression of a new business colleague, attending class, shopping at the mall, flirting with someone, entering a crowded elevator, or conversing with a stranger. For all human beings, innate instinct alone is not sufficient for survival; social interaction requires some amount of self-conscious intentional efforts at cognitive processing which help the individual assess and explain his/her world (; Weick, 1995). This cognitive processing is an essential element of maintaining safety in a world in which, at any given moment, there may well be others present with potential power to harm the social perceiver.

    • Word count: 2197
  12. Social Entrepreneurship

    He then expands on this theory by referring to contemporary scholars, Drucker and Stevenson, to add that what differentiates entrepreneurs is their innovation and ability to exploit opportunities (Peredo & McLean, 2005). Building on Schumpeter?s definition, social entrepreneurs are ?agents of change? with a social mission. Not every person who starts a small business is an entrepreneur. For instance if a person opens another convenience store in town, it is not entrepreneurial, as there is nothing innovative or change-oriented about it.

    • Word count: 2026
  13. What is Entrepreneurship & how do entrepreneurs identify business opportunities?

    The theory is defined as ?To destroy in idea and reconfigure it in a better way? (SCHUMPETER, 1947, P81-87) In contrast to this theory, Kirzner (1930-) theorised that to become an entrepreneur you had to possess a certain ?Alertness? and be able to identify gaps in the market they are targeting. This is described as ?the knowledge of where to find market data? (KIRZNER, 1973, P 67). He also theorised that an entrepreneur had to be able to use their level of knowledge and identification skills to make the most of opportunities which are out there for the taking; the theory is based on the idea that business opportunities are always there, but the entrepreneur has to use their skills, to identify them, and make them work.

    • Word count: 2025
  14. Research into Customer Service at a Branch of Starbucks

    Customer questionnaires- A number of customers have completed a questionnaire regarding the standard of service and quality of beverages. 1. Pie charts- The information received from the questionnaires is displayed clearly in a pie chart format. 1. Interview questions- Interviews carried out with managers from other leading coffee retailers such as Cafe Nero and Costa. 1. Further interview questions- Interviews carried out with members of staff in store. 1. Viewing from a customer?s eye- Observing the store in the eye of the customer, from entering the store, being served and sitting in store. Secondary research 1. Newspaper articles 2.

    • Word count: 2568
  15. Leadership Essay - review of articles on women in leadership positions

    All these criticisms built her leadership style; she developed personality traits opposed to those generally observed in women, such as the ability to quick decision making and strategic thinking. She is also very results-oriented and independent because she has something to prove not only to her, but also to the others. I really admire theses women who break down prejudices, and claim that women?s leadership can exist and have to. One by one, they open doors in different area for next generation.

    • Word count: 2876
  16. E Waste Managment. The rapid transformation of technological innovations which makes our lives easy on one hand has also has resulted in the increase of e-wastes in the world at the same time..

    The general government in each country has to make specific solutions to solve the disposal of electronic waste. Faster technological innovation and consequently a high obsolete rate posses a direct challenge for its proper disposal or recycling. This problem has taken a global dimension. The companies should be responsible for handling their E-waste from their production processes. It should be companies duty is to keep the environment safe along with their objective of making profits. They should be socially responsible to the community and to the people for whom they operate.

    • Word count: 2643
  17. What are the primary competitive forces impacting U.S. steel producers in general and the producers like Nucor that make new steel products via recycling scrap steel in particular? Please do a five-forces analysis to support your answer.

    Nucor?s successful strategy is proven based on the five forces analysis. The plan was to recycle scrap steel and minimize the costs of production and labor. The ploy was to intentionally have low priced steel and drive competitors out of the market to gain a larger percentage of market shares by buying out smaller companies. The pattern consisted of Nucor buying companies that were in financial trouble, such as bankruptcy. Nucor dominated the market with its position as placing their facilities spread out across the U.S. Nucor?s perspective allowed them to capture more than 15 percent of the market, which left an intimidating presence in the industry.

    • Word count: 2867
  18. Swot & 5 forces analysis for Zara.

    Distribution System: Zara has one centralized distribution centre compared to H&M and Gap, which have distribution centres in all the countries they operate. This reduces the distribution lead-time of their goods and leads to better inventory control. The distribution centre is highly technically advanced leading to almost negligible flaws and high accuracy rates. 3. Advertisement Expenditure: Zara?s advertising expenditure is 0-.3% as compared to its competitors who spend almost 5% of their revenues. Zara?s cuts in advertising investments reduce total expenses, which make the international expansion more economical.

    • Word count: 2319
  19. Scientific Management was the product of 19th Century industrial practices and has no relevance to the present day. Discuss

    In the scientific management, Taylor's theory consisted with the time and motion study and this involved him employing someone to work so he can study him to know how motion was used most of the time and the time it took to finish the job. After this study it came to conclusion that workers will find it more efficient when they are broken down to parts and also this showed that many of the workers were not well educated and unfit to make decisions and there?s a quotation said by Taylor which defines this ?One of the very first requirements

    • Word count: 2078
  20. Nissan COGENT supplier co-development case study

    suppliers who take full responsibility for all aspects of sub-system design, manufacture, program management and warranty) , close alignment and integration of the manufacturers with their suppliers at all stages in a development program are critical to meeting overall project objectives. (Southey Et all, 2000) 3- KEY THEORETICAL POINTS Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) is a means of integrating supplier?s capabilities in the buying firm?s supply chain system and operations (Dowlatshahi, 1998). Reduced cost, improved quality and design for manufacturability are the beneficial outcomes of early supplier involvement (Liker et al.)

    • Word count: 2324
  21. Discuss the main factors that make 3M an innovative organization.

    They used efficient methods to foresee the future by catering the changing needs of the customers. They use technology for getting competitive advantage and results in progress. 1. Management style Management style plays an important role in the success of an organization. 3M management style is very effective in its decision making and generating ideas. They motivate their employees by giving them power to take initiative in value added activities which results in new patterns of managing things. They not only improve the existing processes by using this type style but also implement new processes by this ideology.

    • Word count: 2495
  22. Key Theory for Internal Corporate Communication in the Context of Employee Engagement: The Spiral of Silence Theory

    Core Assumptions and Statements People are more willing to express their individual opinions when they have perceived support from others and less willing to disclose them when they think the opinions are in disadvantageous. The concept of the spiral of silence theory based on this idea, which indicates that one is not willing to voice his own opinion because of fear of isolation. According to Noelle-Neumann, individuals base their perceptions of majority opinion on cues from the environment. That means when people decide to point out their idea, they tend to observe surrounding opinions firstly.

    • Word count: 2622
  23. Wine and spirits and globalisation. Ricard case study.

    According to Clarke and Wilson (2009), globalization is defined as "The process of Reducing Trade Barriers across the world by promoting the ideals of free trade." In France, the wine and spirits are involved in this phenomenon of globalization. which is why it would be interesting at first to be concerned about this area by studying its major drivers of globalizations and defining the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon of wines and spirits. Then we will use the example of the company Pernod Ricard, by implementing marketing strategies and a marketing mix, in order to cope with globalization.

    • Word count: 2812
  24. How can the business sector be encouraged to become more environmentally responsible to their customers and stakeholders?

    The essay will start by looking at the industrial revolution, it will then briefly discuss how our world revolves around Businesses, this section will be followed by a subsection which will highlights the possible ways to encourage Businesses to be more environmentally friendly and the final section prior to the conclusion will brief some benefits achievable through sustainable business practises the conclusion will From Industrial Revolution to Sustainable development Undoubtedly the Industrial Revolution has been a significant turning point in the relationship between Human beings and the Ecology, this process which Started in the 1700?s in Britain and reached the rest of the world in the 1800?s drastically changed the production processes.

    • Word count: 2353
  25. Analysis of the leadership provided by Starbuck's Howard Schultz.

    treating them with ?dignity and respect (Fortune Magazine, Nov.17, 2011).? To that end, Starbucks offers health coverage for eligible full and part time employees and equity in the organization through a stock purchase program. Creating a vision for the future is also common for transformational leaders. In 2012, Starbucks Coffee Company was named as one of FORTUNE magazine's most admired companies in America. In 2011, Schultz was named Fortune?s Business Person of the Year after Starbucks has posted record revenue and profits (Fortune Magazine, Nov.17, 2011).

    • Word count: 2031

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