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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Annotated Bibliography for a Case Study on the Impact of Mobile Technology on Information Overload

    As most other police forces, the department employs a basic divisional grouping structure, where one senior level officer oversees the specific function of the officers that support that mission. Through my reading of the case study, it became apparent that most of the information that was distributed throughout the organization was passed through vertical information sharing. Only at the higher levels of the force did any type of horizontal sharing become apparent. The research conducted on the force was centered on the issuance of Blackberry handheld devices to approximately thirty members of the senior management staff of the force.

    • Word count: 2485
  2. Business Research - Frozen Shrimp Thailand

    were 1.9 million tons and THB 224,542 million in value. The main products are canned tuna, frozen fish and frozen shrimp but when compared in value, the most valuable export products are frozen shrimp, preserved (boiled) shrimp, canned tuna and frozen fish. For this reason, the shrimp industry must play a more important role in terms of international trade and income. (Table 1. Page 11) Seeing this as an opportunity, we decided to create a new company which produces frozen shrimp products to fulfill the demand of the domestic and the world.

    • Word count: 2361
  3. An analysis of Haiers corporate culture. How does the culture of an organization support adaptation in organizations facing a turbulent environment?

    This cultural feature majorly reflects the company's adaptive ability to the external challenges, including the ability to capture and reaction speed of the various direct and indirect signals to the market and customers. Today's environment changes in violent upheaval require that companies must continue to learn and change in order to have the ability to respond to a turbulent environment. The turbulent environment is equipped with high instability, unpredictability and complexity. So the perception, the speed of reaction and action with whether the requirements of the environment matches play an important role in the development of the company.

    • Word count: 2531
  4. SWOT Analysis of Toyota

    We constantly reinvent ourselves introducing new technologies and stay ahead of our competition. Respect for the planet ? We investigate and promote systems and solutions that are eco-friendly. 2. Business overview Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automaker headquartered in Toyota, Japan. In 2010, Toyota was the largest automobile manufacturer in 2010 by production. Toyota is the eleventh largest company in the world by revenue. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries to create automobiles. Three years earlier, in 1934, while still a department of Toyota Industries, it created its first product, the Type A engine, and, in 1936, its first passenger car, the Toyota AA.

    • Word count: 2718
  5. Case Study - Why did Kennecott buy Peabody? Was the acquisition successful in achieving its goals? Does the experience with Peabody have any bearing on the Carborundum acquisition?

    Kennecott invested $285M in cash, assumed liabilities of $36.5M, and put in $582M in additional capital (~$900M) and received cash and notes worth only $960M at divestiture. This experience does have a bearing on the Carborundum acquisition. First, Kennecott learned about the threat posed by the FTC in challenging acquisitions on antitrust grounds. Despite Kennecott?s hiring of good lawyers who believed the deal was legitimate, the Peabody acquisition failed to survive the FTC?s antitrust action because it was believed that the merger would loosen competition in the coal industry. Therefore, Kennecott learned that there was legal risk and cost to going down an acquisition strategy and it could apply this knowledge to the Carborundum acquisition.

    • Word count: 2618
  6. The following essay aims to analyse whether competitive advantage is rooted in the new trade theory of first-mover advantages and evaluating whether it is a myth. We have used case from the MP3 and Video Player industries

    ________________ 1. Introduction New trade theory deals with the returns on specialization where substantial economies of scale are present. It suggests that the world market is only able to support a limited number of firms in certain industry sectors (Paul Krugman, 1979). In other words, trade will eventually skew towards countries with firms that managed to acquire inherent advantages in specialisation through the ?First mover? (Charles W.L.Hill, 2009). Being the First mover is attractive for several reasons. Firstly, being first entrant to the market gains the advantage of having the ?head start? where they gain through the cost advantage from the economies of scale.

    • Word count: 2834
  7. Executive shirts company case. Problem Statement: There are two alternative plans in order to introduce customized shirt manufacturing in the factory.

    Direct Labor Utilization: This is the proportion of time that labor available is utilized in the production process. Scenario One: Current State Of Production The bottleneck in current production scenario is the make cuffs process which is 0.5 minute per shirt (from the table 1) Since, the process takes 0.5 0minute per shirt, therefore the production capacity for 8hrs per day = (8*60)/0.5 = 960 shirts per day But its given 16000 regular shirts are made every month, therefore current production capacity per day = 16000/20 = 800 shirts per day Hence, Capacity Utilisation for production = 800/960 =

    • Word count: 2102
  8. The Process of Preparing and Delivering our Teams Presentation

    According to Tuckman, the stage that followed, namely Storming, is used for ?different ideas compete for consideration.? Unfortunately, in our group this discussion and confrontation of the task and the independent functions was never thoroughly discussed. However, we all agreed on taking responsibility for different tasks, which also meant that much conflict was avoided- there was no debating or competing for the best idea. As much as this has a harmonious outlook, it also seemed that due to a lack of competition and debate, each of our contributions lacked the necessary scrutiny needed for the improvement of the presentation and the growth of the group.

    • Word count: 2873
  9. Import/Export Economics of China

    Despite its size, the population of China has managed a relatively high literacy rate. Of those age 15 and older 92.2% can read and write (Central Intelligence Agency). This is likely the result of the expansion of the education budget ? 3 times the old percentage of GDP (while also bearing in mind a rising GDP). Since 1998 the number of colleges has doubled and the number of students quintupled (Chen). This is of course necessary as more than 60% of high school graduates in China now attend a university, up from 20% in the ?80?s.

    • Word count: 2759
  10. Alfred D. Chandler. The following paper addresses the major contributions of Chandlers publications as well as their shortcomings based on the limitations of his theories; this is then followed by a discussion on the future implications of the discipline

    Strategy and Structure The rise of the modern corporation traces its roots back to the dynamic business environment of the United States in the early 20th century. With the lowering of transportation and communication costs, came the natural expansion of local markets (Langlois, 2003). These larger markets opened an opportunity to increase profits by introducing methods of higher fixed costs in exchange for lower unit costs at high output levels (Ibid). As manufacturing plants became larger, consolidation eliminated smaller companies and began to characterize the business environment as oligopolistic (Ibid).

    • Word count: 2203
  11. Managing Information Technology. This report takes a look at D Companys information management systems with particular focus on its privacy policies, planning and strategic use of IT.

    Internally however, the company uses IT in a ?factory? way; it is essential for the primary processes of the business, but new innovations are not essential, and innovation is not embarked on. A detrimental result of this attitude is that future IT planning is fragmented and non-existent in some areas of the business? IT operations. ________________ The organization, its products and its industry D Company was formed in Christchurch in 1965 to provide shared computer outsourcing services for Christchurch firms.

    • Word count: 2230
  12. PESTEL and Five Forces Analysis of the Cuban Cigar Industry.

    Thus, the economic environment is looking up and seems to be moderately favorable. ⢠Socio-cultural The history of tobacco and Cuba are interwoven. Tobacco has been cultivated in Cuba indigenously from a long time back. The cigar industry is a part of the Cuban heritage. Families have been involved in cigar production for long. The farms are small and communities work together during harvest. The private farm system there allows family secrets and traditions to be preserved and passed on.

    • Word count: 2018
  13. Information Systems at Honda Atlas Cars of Pakistan

    In this time, the paint reaches each and every part which results in protection from rust in the future. Later it is kept in the oven for baking. 3. HVAC- Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a recent system which is controlled by computers. It checks the air conditioner against pressure and different temperatures. The automatic system has resulted in fewer complaints from customers. 4. Bearing is a part which is placed between the crank shaft. The size of the bearing differs and its accuracy is very important.

    • Word count: 2689
  14. In this paper we will describe the Swedish Paper and Pulp industry and its future challenges.

    Product development and innovation could be a competitive advantage. As the industry is going from a B2B industry to a more consumer focused industry, marketing and branding is becoming more important. In this case, having an eco-friendly supply of products is important regarding the increased awareness of climate change amongst end consumers. Supplier bargaining power The two main inputs in paper and pulp production are forest (wood) and energy. Because of the high dependency of these input factors, Swedish pulp and paper companies have put large investments in forest and energy supply.

    • Word count: 2630
  15. Walt Disney Pixar Case Study

    1. Extent of Competition: A lot of other film studios such as Fox, Sony, LucasFilm, DreamWorks, MGM Universal and Paramount entered the fray for producing movies targeting the family segment. Since the animated movies generated highest returns of all genres, the barriers to entry decreased as access to technology grew. Additionally, a handful of fledgling animation studios profliferated in California?s Bay Area. Also, the distribution fee for the movies fell drastically, with DreamWorks paying just 8% distribution fee to Paramount. In fact, the companies had an increased bargaining with their distributors.

    • Word count: 2802
  16. Describe the main principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and discuss the realities of such principles at times of recession and austerity

    This begins with the management process, in day to day life we all manage, from organising school work to cooking food sometimes we don?t even realise that we are managing. There is also management within the business this can usually be quite complex, it is about getting work done through others with efficiency and effectiveness. It is not only the way and what type of management is taken up, it is often how well staff are managed. From my own personal experience, having a friendly, approachable manager whilst working in a happy environment benefits the workers taking more pride in their job and in turn, giving a better service to customers.

    • Word count: 2010
  17. Research Proposal - Awareness of Going Green among MMU students

    The little that can be done here can contribute to saving the planet. MMU students have however been doing numerous things to get the idea of ?going green? out there. First of all, there has been a Boycott of Coca Cola. This was to increase awareness of the effects of Coca Cola to our environment as well as our bodies as Coca Cola has been involved in a lot of environmental controversies and also the Coca Cola can is not eco-friendly. One other awareness campaign is the Race for Green (2011) which was a campaign to raise funds for the Green research project while promoting collegiality among private and public universities in driving Green awareness to the future leaders which are students.

    • Word count: 2139
  18. Furniture bank case study. The objective of this report is to help create an operation and process strategy, that would contribute to our corporate strategy of growth and meet community needs.

    For the Furniture Bank, the most significant operation performance objectives are cost, speed, quality and dependability. So any decisions we may take regarding our operation, should consider enhancing the tradeoff between these objectives. Our board members had mainly suggested four ideas, as showing below: 1. Expand the trucking operation by purchasing new trucks. 2. Having IT system that would facilitate efficient procedures for operations. 3. Relocate the organization?s premises. 4. Create a franchise model for the bank which will allow the bank to have branches in the leading Canadian cities. I believe all of the above ideas are extremely important.

    • Word count: 2333
  19. Critically examine the managerial implications of employee engagement

    Rothbard (2001, 656), like Kahn, also defined it as psychological presence but encompassed two critical components: attention and absorption. Attention refers to the amount of time a person spends on thinking on a role and their cognitive capability; whereas absorption refers to the intensity of one?s focus and engrossment on a role (Saks 2006, 601). Burnout researchers have also claimed that engagement is the contrary to the burnout concept, stating that engagement is characterized as involvement, efficacy and energy whereas burnout is characterized by cynicism, exhaustion and inefficacy.

    • Word count: 2236
  20. IT and the Workplace. The problems faced by the Avtovaz company are said to stem from the presence of a computer system that is very inefficient and not integrated at all. This system makes it very hard for the organisation to improve itself and become c

    1.0 Introduction In this report, the focus would be on making an investigation of a certain area of technology within the workplace and how this kind of technology does have a benefit over the organisation that is being examined. The sphere of information technology is indeed very wide and the area of IT that will be the main subject of this report will be on the management information system. Here, a complete analysis will be made of this type of technology in relation to how this particular type of information systems would be able provide very effective solutions to the issues that are currently plaguing the organisation.

    • Word count: 2858
  21. In order to successfully analyse Apple, the Star Analysis (Spuller, 2007) framework will be applied

    Brand nationality is an important factor to consider when attempting to achieve competitive advantage in other countries. The brand nationality can either hurt or help sales, depending on how the home country is perceived amongst the potential customer countries. For example, Apple has done well in the UK as customers here see the USA as quite an advanced nation, a nation from which they would feel comfortable and confident buying technological products from. Furthermore, when looking at the home-country features, one theory useful to touch on is Porters Diamond Model (Michael E. Porter), which suggests that some, nations are more competitive than others on a global scale.

    • Word count: 2038
  22. Business Report on the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority

    It incorporates the other major players in the capital?s development and maintenance and these are namely:- 1. Transport for London (TfL) whose activities involves the management of transportation system to include rail and roads and congestion 2. London Development Agency (LDA). Up until 31 March 2012, when it was integrated to the main body of the GLA, it existed as a particular arm of the GLA and focused on bringing and sustaining economic growth for the city and its 32 boroughs 3.

    • Word count: 2318
  23. Operation Management at Furniture Bank Case Study. How does a charity organization balance the 5 key poles of performance?

    We have read from the case, Furniture Bank values their customers-both donators and receivers importantly. They make sure these donated furniture are in good shape by putting effort on the furniture maintenance, arranging the pickup and delivery for customers? convenience. It demonstrates that ?dependability? and ?quality? of its service are highly prioritized by the organization, although such service is under low-cost and limited resources operation of a charity. On the other hand, ?speed? and ?flexibility? are obviously not the best interest to its clients given the nature of the business. To understand the market requirements and prioritize the operation objective can surely help the organization make the right decisions on its service performance improvement.

    • Word count: 2091
  24. Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

    One of those programs that are being cut is the revisions of the Frequent Flier Program that their customers have grown to use and love. Even though Classic is still standing their ground, due to the uncertainty of flying and the rise in air prices, Classic has seen a 19% decrease in their number of Classic Rewards members and a 21% decrease in their flights. They have also noticed that a lot of their customers have been jumping ship and running over to their competitors who have better prices and services.

    • Word count: 2255
  25. Our group assignment chooses Argos as the organisation of choice reflecting on its e-business strategy.

    Argos has now 700 stores all over the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They are also offering the online and over the phone services. The organisation employs about 33,000 people around the business. (http://www.homeretailgroup.com/home/about/history/) At the moment, Argos is known as one of the UK?s best-know retail brand name and most important for home products and wide-ranging goods retailer. It is one of the organisations that are giving to their customers a lot of choices, opportunities, and convenience, which make them unique and different from their competitors. Part1: Critically assessed how e-business technologies have altered the nature of competition within Argos industry sector.

    • Word count: 2972

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