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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Project Management - three tools or methods that are used within project management are the work-breakdown structure, Gantt chart and critical path analysis. I will describe each of these in more detail.

    Image taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work_breakdown_structure/ Gantt charts - a Gantt chart is a bar chart that is used in project management to show each task and how long they will take. The two images above show a Gantt chart and the list of all the tasks that have been broken down in a work breakdown structure. I created this chart using Microsoft Project. I had to enter a predicted duration for each task which can be done after the work breakdown structure.

    • Word count: 2142
  2. The comparative analysis of organizational behavior is carried out by taking into account two companies namely Southwest Airlines, a leading American airline and British Airways.

    Therefore top managers should identify the factors that affect their employees' performance, morale and satisfaction (Bartol, 1999). The top management at Southwest Airlines believes in being friendly with employees, having a concern for employees who can make them feel wanted. However, in adopting this approach the management does not ignore the need for results and hence can be at times very tough with employees to make them achieve the level of performance which they are expected of. Therefore the leadership style is again a mix of autocratic and participative. It has been kept in mind that the situations dictate the style of leadership which can produce the required results.

    • Word count: 2851
  3. This report is written to justify the process of communication in the multi-national organisations, to identify their problems and to provide their possible solutions. It is based on a data collected from real life medium sized Multi-national Corporation

    There is a need of effective and right communicating channel in organisations in order to have continuo flow of information internally with employees and externally with customers. There should be proper channel and functional way to inform everyone in the organisation about the things going on and what's new coming in the company. One of the main aims of this report is to find out the functional guideline for communication process in companies whether that is internal or external communication and how it can be implemented in the offices.

    • Word count: 2403
  4. Cadbury Corporate Social Responsibility. This essay examine the performance of Cadbury and how they dealing the problems with raw materials as well as the effect on the environment and stakeholders.

    Eventually, Cadbury was prosecuted because of countering health and safety legislation in the year 2007 and was fined 1 million pounds for their irresponsible performance which is also definitely effect the profit of stakeholders(Defying a Reputational Crisis - Cadbury's Salmonella Scare: Why are Customers willing to Forgive and Forget? 2009). Today, Cadbury franchise such as India, USA, Canada have treated CSR as the key to the success of business comparing to the past; they believe that the responsible for environment, health and safety are very important to minimize the impact of environment, It is also important that they can become

    • Word count: 2393
  5. Essay

    • Word count: 2458
  6. Healthcare Policy

    * Investigation responsibility and procedures * Remedies for abuse. Literature Review Some APS laws only apply to those living at home as "domestic abuse;" others go further to protect those in long-term care facilities and monitor "institutional abuse." Elder abuse for far too long has been a hidden, pervasive and deadly crime where "out of 5 million recent cases, a shocking 84 percent went unreported" (Mehta, 2009). Twenty percent of elder abuse involved caregiver neglect; 15% centered on emotional, psychological, or verbal abuse; 15% involved financial exploitation; 11% was physical abuse, and 1% was sexual abuse (National Center on Elder Abuse, 2006).

    • Word count: 2672
  7. The case looks at the current situation of Hi Tech Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. with respect to its strategy, structure and systems.

    Thereafter, it stopped manufacturing chemicals and focused on its growing business of refractories. Today, they specialise in all kinds of refractory lining that can withstand very high temperatures. The Head office of Hi-Tech is in Kolkata and there are various site administrative offices in different locations including Jamshedpur. They currently have one factory at the Gamharia area in Jamshedpur. The management is contemplating on building one more production line in the adjoining area. A look at the supply chain of a refractory manufacturing company like Hi-Tech highlights that the end product consumer would typically be an organization in infrastructure development, car manufacturer etc.

    • Word count: 2913
  8. De- industrialisation in UK

    2.0 The Decline of Manufacturing in the UK over the Last 10 Years According to ONS, manufacturing are businesses whose main activity is the manufacture of finished or semi-finished products. It also includes the assembly of component parts and the specialised maintenance and repair of industrial, commercial and similar machinery and equipment. There are vast majority of business activities that could be associated with manufacturing such as: food and drink production, metal and mining industry, tobacco, coin and jewellery production, printing, textile, machinery and equipment production which includes motor vehicle and so on.

    • Word count: 2080
  9. Outsourcing or Insourcing

    In some cases the service provider may be granted limited powers to act in the stead of the client, if that is necessary to perform the contracted tasks. When company outsource, it allows employees to focus more on company operations that may be more detailed and directly related to the growth of the business. Report shows that the drive to increase shareholder value and to focus on core business is pushing companies continuously to assess outsourcing opportunities. A survey of major European corporations carried out by IMD and consultants A.T Kearney in summer 1996 showed that 52 percent expected to increase the level of outsourcing.

    • Word count: 2882
  10. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ebay and Its Rival Competitors.

    types, one which is called Quick Sell and the other Advanced Sell, both provide a good degree of customisability, with Advanced Sell offering more options. If the product already exists in Ebay's database it can be selected so the details of the product will be automatically filled in, saving the seller the hassle of filling it in himself. A listing can also be cancelled if necessary. Listing selling customisation and pricing: Ebay offers multiple listing types; a listing to be an auction type or a fixed one.

    • Word count: 2064
  11. Communication in Business, Theories and the the importance of effective communication for middle level Manager.

    Well since 1930 so many management and communication specialists have sought to explain what communication is. For en example TJ and Sandar Larkin, Clampitt (2005) lists three effective approaches to communicate with their employees within a organisation. - Arrow Theory. - Circuit Theory. - Dance theory. So as we gone through, what I believe about Communication is, passing the right message on right time to the right people/thing in effective and in decent manor. Most of our time is been spent by communicating. Ex - reading, writing, talking, watching and listening. So it has become a vital part of almost every job.

    • Word count: 2515
  12. Operations Management

    Their in-house facilities generate the maximum income from ancillary sales of beverages and merchandise. Both have multi-skilled staff capable of reacting to demand as required, utilised point of sale technology to boost sales income and cost management with minimum overheads. The main focus for bmibaby is the technical side of it's service such as punctuality, reliability and economical, whereas Vue's focus is on the customer experience, quality and choice. Design Or to be more specific designing of the process, product, location and technology processes makes for good business sense with most organisations.

    • Word count: 2047
  13. Enterprise Project Proposal - my enterprise project is a Leeds Comedy festival, that will fill this gap in the market and attract a variety of audiences to this event, by delivering top class acts at an affordable rate and to showcase the best of this art

    Therefore, our target market will predominantly be towards students, a market that we obviously have experience in. Having said this, as a company ("Laughter Lines") we want to make this event as diverse as possible and will also be marketing this event across the city of Leeds. The festival will run over four days (from Thursday to Sunday), with Thursday night opening as a comedy gala. On Friday night we will run five one hour shows and on Saturday this will be increased to six one hour shows. The festival will be closed in the same way as the opening, with a comedy gala on the Sunday.

    • Word count: 2375
  14. Perform a SWOT analysis for IKEA.

    IKEA has always been social responsible through environmental goal setting. IKEA concerns for the environment by increasing the use of recycled and reusable materials, waste reduction, etc. Its socially and environmentally responsible approach to business is recognised as a benchmark for retailers around the world. Question 1 : Perform a SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is the analysis of the organisation and analysis of its environment, the internal analysis of organisational strengths and weaknesses as well as the external analysis of environmental opportunities and threats. It is the initial stage of planning and helps producers to target issues.

    • Word count: 2329
  15. MIS implementation in IBM

    IBM is the world's fourth largest technology company and the second most valuable global brand (after Coca-Cola). IBM is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software (with a focus on the latter), and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. 3.0 ABOUT SALES PROCESS IN IBM Sales is often the untamed "wild west" in many organizations, especially in those organizations with intensive sales cycles and diverse, multi-disciplinary, expert sales teams.

    • Word count: 2626
  16. Business Plan

    Our trained employees are professional carpet cleaners, using the latest equipment providing unbelievable results. Hope Cleaning Services will provide adequate pay and additional employee benefits. Hope Cleaning Services will charge out clients according to the room varying sizes. We could offer cleaning services to small, mid-size or large rooms. Hope Cleaning Services offer one off, regular, fortnight cleaning at time suits to the client. On one off cleaning when teams will be working, after completing the job, the team will be monitored on quality of service by the owner. Our company will seek the best way to build an excellent reputation and strong relationship between us and our clients so they could recommend us with no doubt.

    • Word count: 2847
  17. This report aims to examine the way Islam and Saudi Arabian culture affects international business. It looks at Islam and how that has formed the laws and regulations of the country. The day to day culture of Saudi Arabia is also examined as well as how w

    It is also home to two of the holiest shrines in the world, Mecca and Median (Nationmaster.com, 2003). The government has built its legal system according to the Koran and this is called Shariah Law. Sitting just above the government is the Saudi Royal family with the leader being King Abdullah (Cinderella, 2010). There is an estimated 24 million people with about 6.5 million expatriates (Information Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC, 2010) The national language is Arabic but English is widely spoken (Information Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC, 2010).

    • Word count: 2789
  18. Why are management gurus so popular

    Drawing in particular on the work of Hammer (1999), he points out that he has created another form of reengineering after the new popularity of the internet. He argues that, by linking companies together, internet technologies can create saving and improve productivity by coordinating efforts across corporate boundaries in a process which he dubs "intercorporate engineering". Reengineering has "done the world good" because it has enabled executives to see through the surface structure of their organisations and to home in on their fundamental purpose; delivering value to customers in a way that creates profits for shareholders (Hammer and Stanton, 1999).

    • Word count: 2794
  19. A.1. situation analysis

    comprising 10 percent of the company's full-year volume (Kerin and Peterson p.631). The introduction of Lawry's Steak Sauce into the market is creating new issues forcing the firm to determine which competitive techniques are most suitable in reaction to Lawry's attack. Industry Analysis A.1. Steak Sauce performs business in a mature industry, dominated by a few large competitors. For A.1. it is important to avoid complacency, slow response time, and to remain knowledgeable in regard to current competitors and market analyses in a mature industry. The company is accountable for 54 percent of the steak sauce sales in dollars with the largest branded competitor, based upon revenue, being Heinz 57 (Kerin and Peterson p.634).

    • Word count: 2829
  20. Personal Development Plan

    To attain Business Analysis and PM certifications, in order to pursue the new IT career. To be self employed or setup a BA/PM consultancy firm with partners in the longer term. Career History During the last seven year I have worked in various roles within the local housing department, such as a review & registration officer, admissions officer and overcrowding officer which I am acting in at the moment. I began my housing career as a review & registration officer basically inputting and assessing applicant's information to determine their level of priority in accordance with the borough allocation policy.

    • Word count: 2407
  21. The demise of parmalat Finanzaria

    Tanzi and the ex-CFO of Parmalat Fausto Tonna were arrested, along with seven other executives, accountants and advisors. They admitted to claims of false accounting, fraud, market rigging and forgery. On November 11th 2003, Deloitte and Touche, arose suspicions when they revealed a $640 million investment in the Cayman Islands fund called Epicurum. Shortly after, Parmalat was asked to pay $184 million to bondholders. Deloitte pressured Parmalat to liquidate the funds in the Cayman Islands, when they refused to do so and announced that they were not able to, the entire market panicked, and even more suspicions arose.

    • Word count: 2485
  22. Servant Leadership Thesis

    This, I believe, is a very good description of servant leadership. What this says is that we must apply good moral qualities and think about the persons that we manage and the effects of our leadership on their well-being and productivity. This statement alludes to the fact that the organization will be stronger if our followers are treated with respect. Servant leadership should be an integral part of every business and should be used to mold our leaders. Spears (1996)

    • Word count: 2128
  23. Organization behaviour

    explained with the concept that these issues helped me to large extent in developing my skills that would be explained in detailed in upcoming headings. CONCRETE EXPERIENCE STAGE: 1. PERSONALITY: In general, learning different theories of personality, I benefit a lot in different areas of life. There were issues in my mind that personality doesn't change and we will remain same for whole life as it is transferred to us from our inheritance. Theories of personality helped me to come out of that specific thought.

    • Word count: 2049
  24. Supply Chain Management

    It has successfully entered the copiers, laser printers, cameras, scanners and fax machines, etc. more than 20 products in the field. Honda's core competence engines and power trains gave it a distinctive which supported the cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and the manufacture of Formula One racing (Oblitas & Peter 1999, p.18). Second, companies should be relevant to the customers' key buying criteria. It can be realized by consumer benefits. Companies may reduce costs significantly to improve product quality and service efficiency.

    • Word count: 2087
  25. Marks and Spencer analysis

    The management realized that they had a problem to fix. During 1998 to 2001 M&S went through a number of changes in terms of organization structure, processes, resourcing etc. as part of the efforts to solve the problem. But, these efforts were futile as they failed to identify the fundamental issue that was standing in their way to sustain market position - the culture of the organization. This report is intended to explore the culture of M&S and to analyze its bearings on the organization's strategy. This report will also examine the failed solutions derived by the management of M&S during early 2000 to establish the core problem faced by the retail giant.

    • Word count: 2191

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