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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Contemporary Business Issues - the main two topics I will discuss in more depth are environmental issues and technological paradigm shifts.

    So at the moment the UK which means that there is a fall in Gross Domestic Product also knows as GDP, investments and spending go down as there is less disposable income. The only thing that goes up during recession is the unemployment rate as many employees are made redundant as companies cannot afford to keep them on. Legislations. Legislations are laws set by the government in which all businesses must stick to and follow at all times. Legislations are there to stop businesses exploiting their powers.

    • Word count: 2570
  2. Effective Communication in the Workplace. The author will demonstrate how effective communication has been a key element in Ascendant Technologies Ltd growth and success since 2003.

    Human Relations Approach focuses on the social and emotional needs of the workers and that managers can get work done by addressing these needs. Chester Barnard (1938) suggested they were ?co-operative social systems, as opposed to machine-like technical structures? (Ian Brooks, 2003: 128-130). Elton Mayo (1880-1949) believed that workers were not just motivated by money and that they would be better motivated by having their social needs addressed at work. One of the most famous experiments is the Hawthorne Studies (1924-1932)

    • Word count: 2267

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