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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Nokia marketing strategy

    What I have learned 8 5. Conclusion 9 Reference 9 (Word count: 2034) 1. Introduction Owing to the complicated and dynamic environment, Nokia faces many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This article is to seek the optimal strategy of Nokia. The analysis is stated in the following ways. Firstly, the key strategic issues of Nokia are identified based on the strategy analysis in Task A. Secondly, the strategy options of Nokia are analyzed using the competitive generic strategies theory which has been promoted by Porter. Thirdly, after the illustration of the competitive generic strategies, the optimal strategies will be proposed.

    • Word count: 2536
  2. Outsourcing: A Covert Curse?

    Some of the methods include: shifting your production plants, maximize your resource allocation, reengineer the process that is not working, change management, etc. Ever company wants to make money so they look for ways to minimize costs and thus look at outsourcing. In recent years outsourcing has emerged as one of the methods to lower the cost of an industry. Outsourcing is defined as sub contracting a process or service to a third party company or a vendor rather than producing it yourself.

    • Word count: 2159

    In September 2004 Orascom telecom bought 100% shares of Sheba Telecom and renamed the brand as Banglalink. It aim was to provide quality service in Bangladesh. Banglalink has 16.8% market share of total mobile subscribers in Bangladesh with approximately 3.9 million subscribers as of March, 2007.Orascom Telecom operates GSM (Global Service of Mobile) networks inAlgeria as Djezzy,Egypt as Mobilin, Bangladesh as Banglalink, Tunisia Tunisiana and Zimbabwe as Telecel Zimbabwe. Orascom Telecom subscriber number reached over 56 million subscribers as of March, 2007. Source: http://www.orascomtelecom.com/about/Contents/default.aspx?ID=765 The type of change associated with banglalink is Transitional change. Transitional change: According to the punctuated equilibrium paradigm, incremental change is associated with those periods when the industry is in equilibrium and the focus for change is 'doing thing better' through a process of continuous tinkering, adaptation and modification.

    • Word count: 2164
  4. petroleum in our society

    to coordinate the members' interests. After 1973, there is one oil crisis after the other. In this context, some states decided to create programmes destined to decrease the consumption (for example in California). And before 1986, the prices are continuing to raise. Because between 1986 and 2001, petroleum is in abundance, so the prices get down. Since 2002, the barrel of oil becomes more or less expensive. Background I have chosen this topic because it interests me very much, everything about the rise and fall of the price, the rumours of the out of stock, OPEC policy, energy policies with renewable energies, the place of petrol in the global economy, and the environmental pollution.

    • Word count: 2847
  5. counselling theory

    way they feel at that particular situation. ?n other words, th? way we think may lead us into ? positive or negative reaction but th? way we feel at that particular point ?f time may change th? possible negative or positive reaction. Therefore, th? basic argument for th? situational counseling theory ?s th? essential identification ?f th? 'off-track' behavior ?f individuals with that ?f th? feelings or th? thinking prevalent ?n their minds at that particular time. For example, thinks ?f ? person who has been very hard ?n his academic life and was not allowed jobs since he does not have th?

    • Word count: 2848
  6. Marks and Spencer

    6). So they managed to establish a reputation for high reliability and good quality at a reasonable price. Furthermore M&S were renowned for the way they treated their staff. Staff were employed only after certain special criteria had been met. Not only high salaries but also a variety of services offered to M&S employees contributed to a real family atmosphere. This company culture was absolutely unique. From the three general concerns M&S developed a number of principles they sought to follow. All in all it can be said that M&S focused on the costumers and understood and responded to their demands.

    • Word count: 2374
  7. With a multicultural team, barriers to communication can be major obstacles. How can understanding the cultural values overcome this?

    There exist many different definitions of a 'team', and in everyday life, people tend to be very generous with this phrase. It is generally accepted that nearly any group of people can be regarded as a team, for example the staff in a supermarket or 100 students in a lecture. But it is worth taking a look to clarify the actual meaning behind the term 'team', which is defined as a "small number of people who are equally committed to a common purpose, performance goals and working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable" (Katzenbach and Smith in Boddy, 2005, p.

    • Word count: 2809
  8. Critically assess the contention that the introduction of new technologies into an organisation inevitably leads to deskilling

    There were other recommendations given by Taylor, namely the 'divorce of conception from execution'. This told managers that 'All possible brainwork should be removed from the shop and centred in the planning or laying out department' (Braverman 1974:113) It was this that Braverman heavily criticised, and so it must be looked at how the introduction of new technologies could cause this to happen. One of the best known and earliest examples of Taylorism in practice in the workplace is at General Motors plants at the start of the last century.

    • Word count: 2118
  9. sectra case study:team building and responsibilities

    So my suggestions would be that you should more develop the different points and note quote so much as it gives the impression of a listed part. Try to start with your own ideas. For example you mention the staff acquisition model that is proposed in the PMBoK, but you do not really explain the stages and why you actually present it. - Integration of new team members: The project team was a mix between seniors and newly graduated. Both groups could seem very different but actually they played a special role within the organization.

    • Word count: 2665
  10. Transaction Cost Economics - Fisher Body

    Thus, the act of transacting within economic activities is considered the key element of understanding and assessing government structures within industrial organisations (Williamson 1981) particularly like that of Fisher Body and General Motors. The basic framework to Williamson's theory of Transaction Cost Economics lies with the notion that; i) there are limits to our cognitive abilities such that we are subject to bounded rationality and ii) human agents are capable of behaving opportunistically (breaking the spirit of contracts they are entered into).

    • Word count: 2205
  11. the change of a wider strategy transformation in the NHS on human resources and the changes in quality and value.

    This can be seen in the number of employees in NHS Trust and as well as the management team such as the Deputy Director of Site Services and Hotel Services. They brought about the changes in an organisational structure, which can modify rules, responsibilities, procedures and the effectiveness to manage change in the Trust. In the development of an organisation due to changes made, an organisation development program leads to improved organisation performance through an improved decision-making climate. This enables the employees' benefit from the result of job enrichment and cooperative teamwork with its patients being kept in a good condition (Porter, et.

    • Word count: 2071
  12. Comparing traditional and modern Chinese culture

    therefore Chinese culture is a crucial basis for doing business success in China. Nonetheless, many traditional Chinese cultures are changed after Cultural Revolution in particularly which also greatly impacts on Chinese business styles nowadays. There are several aspects in term of traditional and modern Chinese cultures, however, this assignment will compare only the most important Chinese cultures, Guanxi and Face and Confucius, which highly concerned in all Chinese lives and Chinese business style. Guanxi and Face Guanxi is a Chinese word which Guan means a door, or "to close up" with those who are inside a group, and Xi can be interpreted to mean a joined chain.

    • Word count: 2064
  13. Explain what is meant by market globalization(TM). Identify and analyse the key drivers of market globalization over the last 30 years

    The business definition of globalization is "The convergence of consumer tastes and product designs on a world wide scale and the formation of organisations with global or multinational scale operations" (Brooks 2004 pg 124) however there are more different brands of globalization such as cost globalization, competitive globalization, government globalization, which George Yip (1995) outlines to drive the industry. As mentioned before globalization refers to 'increasing global trend towards easier flow of trade', this was done by increasing the number of countries embracing the free-market ideology which consists of trading goods and service without charging for them i.e.

    • Word count: 2216
  14. Sainsburys Orgs Stucture

    Customers were complaining about the fact that they were not getting value for there money and moved away to Sainsbury's main rival. In response to this Sainsbury's needed a way to get a competitive edge against its rivals. Sainsbury's needed to cope with hypercompetition (Organization Contemporary Principles And Practice John Child) and stay ahead of there rivals, they invested into out of town stores as well as small convenience stores called Sainsbury's Local. These Local Sainsbury's would be located on the high street attracting new customers like high street workers.

    • Word count: 2818
  15. Applicability of JIT Techniques in Service Environments

    Since inventory in this sense is a burden on the business efficient way is to do away with it. Although it is not possible all the time, reducing inventory to a minimum level is only possible by increasing the efficiency of the business. For example it is more efficient when purchasing at the lowest possible price and transporting at a low cost with small lot sizes. Buffer stock also indicates inefficiency in the business process. If an organisation is able to produce when needed without needing a buffer stock it is evidently more efficient. Inventory management is important and effective business processes run with lower inventories.

    • Word count: 2225
  16. Product ethical management

    With this, value statement and ethical auditing in marketing will be deliberated. Part A In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. (From Wikipedia). There are several major ethic issues in product management area, e.g. some having legal implications, e.g. product safety and product counterfeiting; some concerns more about corporate social responsibility, e.g. socially and environmentally harmful products. Murphy (2005) suggests that marketing ethics is the systematic study of how moral standards are applied to marketing decisions, behaviours, and institutions.

    • Word count: 2290
  17. Knowledge Management within a Unibersity

    By assuming that degree courses do not offer placement schemes where hands on experience can be gained the argument of theory vs. practice is one debate on the extent to which a university can be seen as a knowledge factory. Argyris and Schon consider this difference in their concepts of espoused theory and theory in use. A university could be seen as providing espoused theory as many lectures are based on theories, concepts and models, however in reality the way people act in a practical environment 'theory in use' can be completely different.

    • Word count: 2874
  18. Research Methods

    Pakistan Textile export is mainly for USA and Europe. Pakistan stands in top ten textile export countries. Pakistan has good quality raw cotton which has a good demand in all over the world. The average growth of Pakistan textile industry is reasonably high at the moment Pakistan has more than 7,000 textile industries and their export is approximately 3,000 million square meters per year. Pakistan share of textiles in world trade is about 9 percent. Aims: The basic aim of my research is; * To explore the buyer' and sellers' perspective on textile trade between Pakistan and United Kingdom and to explore the future requirements of trade in the light of the global textile industry.

    • Word count: 2437
  19. Integrated Management Module (Organizational Behaviour)

    In residential I learned about the theories of management practically and we tried to apply these theories in our given task. Some tasks we done very well but in some tasks we face some problems of planning and management. 3 Management: - "Management is the process of setting and accomplishing goals through the use of human, technical and financial resources within the context of the environment." 3.1 The Basic Function of Management: - Management has these four basic functions: 3.1.1 Planning: The process of analysing the enviroment, setting objectives and designing courses of action to achieve them.

    • Word count: 2016
  20. Project Plan Forecast

    According to Goetsch and Davis (2003, p.367), "if total quality is the engine, communication is the oil that keeps it running. Much of what total quality is all about depends on effective communication." The communications process is more than simply conveying a message; it is also a source for control. Proper communications let the employees in on the act because employees need to know and understand. The communication plan has two essential components: 1. General information about the quality improvement project can be communicated through posters, competitions, a Vancity internal magazine, or special events.

    • Word count: 2048
  21. Environmental Analysis - Supermarket Industry

    The criteria which supports this derives from the financial position and market position. The top supermarkets in the economy possess a financial clout that enables them to drive their purchasing costs down and when buying products in mass. The greater proportion of firms exhibit diversified products which enables them to achieve a more reformed future than a complex one. Tesco, for example, along with many other leading supermarkets offer an extensive scope of diversified services ranging from loans, insurance and mobile phone tariffs. 3. PESTEL (PEST) Analysis: The structure and functioning of an organisation is not only determined by internal factors but is also strongly influenced by a range of external environmental factors.

    • Word count: 2044
  22. The Impact of the Olympics on Greenwich Park

    In addition, the survey, whilst brief, will allow for a broad range of data to be collected, which will help direct the literature review and the cost benefit analysis in relevant directions. 2.0 A brief description of the history and current usage of Greenwich Park and the current plans for use of the Park in the Olympics 2.1 History Greenwich was originally settled around the time of the ancient Romans, with its proximity to the Thames and the view afforded from the top of the hill making it a desirable and relatively secure location.

    • Word count: 2591
  23. MIS in plastic Manufacturing

    Energy Manager is heading this group. Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) is the initiative to involve shop floor people in the energy conservation. PLASWARE has developed and using a Database Manager. The Database Manager is subdivided to sixteen sub-categories, each taking care of different departments. This Database has been the key strength as the company can process, utilize and refer any information at anytime. The subdivision of the Database Manager is as follows: Departments, Operations, Suppliers, Material, Items, Packaging, Consumables, Customers, Tools, Operators, Plant, Product, Bill of routes, Bill of material, Manager plus and Currency.

    • Word count: 2086
  24. Understanding Organisational Behaviour

    Many such groups have charismatic leaders at their helms. The study, recognition, and development of charisma in individuals is of particular interest to sociologists/psychologists, politicians, public speakers, actors, movie-stars/movie-producers, casting directors, pop-music stars, trainers/coaches targeting the upper-echelons of the business community (CEOs), and academics or others involved in leadership studies or leadership development, among others. However, there have been many cases where highly-extroverted and brutally controlling charismatic leaders have used their charisma in extremely destructive and damaging ways throughout human history, for example, Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones. Professor Richard Wiseman says that a charismatic person has three attributes: 1.

    • Word count: 2363
  25. Turkey Case Study

    Regional political uncertainty, and spillover effects ? Moderate marginalization of women, leading to decreased labor force & potential ? Aversion to economic stratification Turkey's economy has nothing but promise ahead, as it continues to improve aspects of its business system. With Turkey's current economic conditions, strengthening policies, regulations, currency, legal system, and favorable market conditions, future economic growth is certain, and the country possesses the human resources and infrastructure to support such growth. Turkey certainly represents a profitable and hospitable environment welcoming to new business. In continuing this economic, legal, and business progress, the country will become even more enticing for FDI, stability will continue to increase, and risks & early mover benefits will continue to decrease.

    • Word count: 2269

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