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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. FDI india

    The industries which performed well in that year were basically wood, metal, food products, furniture, and cotton textiles. However it is important to build a strategy and study the market in depth before entering as the country is diverse in terms of taste and culture. Many companies that have their plants in India claim that if the location and timing for entering the market is right then the company has a bright chance for success. It is also important to understand the critical relationship between the risk and reward.

    • Word count: 2549
  2. customer service

    Tesco's staff duty involves offering help with packing especially if the customers have difficulty doing that e.g. elderly, parents with children, disabled. There is a relatively new feature called "p parent and toddler parking". This enables safer and nearer access to the store. The permit parking badges can be obtained from the customer service desks in the store. The other policy that regards to different types of trolleys states: "We endeavour to cater for everyone's needs." Tesco provides different trolleys.

    • Word count: 2004
  3. An investigation in the role of prevalent economic conditions in the closing down of Woolworths(TM) chain of stores in England and its possible after effects

    A major change in the levels of unemployment 6. A significant downturn in the economies of various countries across the world. It wouldn't be a very far fetched theory to assume that these changes in the global economy have deeply affected the economy of England which in turn is responsible for the closure of many businesses including major ones such as Woolworth's. In order to investigate this theory further, we need to first understand, the origin of the economic crisis which gave rise to current situation. United Kingdom The economy of the United Kingdom has also been hit by rising oil prices and the credit crisis.

    • Word count: 2664
  4. WOrking with leading people

    it can be easy to control and make the direction for processing the business, leader provides some information and gives them workforce to subordinators makes the processing frequently. This style gives high pressure for workers and bring up their own idea to leader, it is not suitable for using this style at all time because it can be lack of creation by the workers what do they want to be achieved. * Democratic Style this style means that the leader shares process with his/her subordinators can actually bring up their own opinion and decision by themselves which are accepted by

    • Word count: 2683

    Customers of this firm Includes: * The financial service industries. The culture UK government website ranked them as the largest customers of this industry in the UK because they command 23 per cent of their spending on software and 33 per cent on computer services * Broadband internet subscriber which according to the culture UK government website the industry still have more than 50 per cent of the population untapped. * Other organisations that need advice on how to manage information, use it, share it and protect it.

    • Word count: 2728
  6. Can Culture Be Managed?

    To overcome this situation, people from both organizations have to let go of this belief as it posses a hindrance in the path of an effective and efficient workplace. It also makes the employees from the smaller organization feel unsecured from their fellow workers. Very often, two cultures clash because people from different organization view things differently. They blame their counterpart for failure and consider them as incompetent (Peter 2007). Irrespective of all the hurdles, I strongly believe that it is possible to understand, manage and also change the culture of an organization, at-least a significant part if not completely.

    • Word count: 2935
  7. Corporate Strategy

    Thus depending mainly on third-party companies the manufacturing process became an assembly line where motorcycle parts were composed. Moreover despite liquidity problems until the mid nineties, since 1996 revenues had increased by four times. Other tangible resources include the location of Ducati's factories headquarters, in a dense motorcycle industry area in Bologna, along with the museum, the stores and production facilities (which were recently redesigned as a little theme park). Furthermore, Ducati's intangible resources were quite strong. Although most production activities were outsourced, investment in R&D remained heavy within the company and involved employment of top ranking engineers and designers.

    • Word count: 2362
  8. Gap analysis

    This has led to several new challenges and opportunities for the company. The first challenge is the need for a performance management system. Riordan has no current system in place. The rewards system has no clear guidelines on how to reward superior performers. This has led to mistrust among workers. Some workers understand that just doing the minimum required work could lead to cost of living salary increases each year. While some employee's salaries are consistent with industry standards, many believe his or her contributions to the company go unrecognized. The establishment of this type of system that focuses on motivating employees to do their best could improve client services (Cory, Ward, and Schultz, 2007).

    • Word count: 2657
  9. bottled water company decision making

    Sole trader or partnership * They want to take out the loan of �1000 will it be enough? * Also see requirement 5 as an appendix (disadvantage of small business) What decision will they need to make? The decision they need to make is * Their start-up capital * Premises * Company type What will they need to do? Susan and peter will need to make all decision before they start to trade. Both must have to agree with all decisions.

    • Word count: 2313
  10. Free essay

    Immigration To the West

    Acculturation is the process of acquiring cultural traits as a result of contact. As you enter the society, you tend to learn the culture and values of that society. Immigrants arrive as first culture and end us a combination of first and second culture. Assimilation is a series of stages towards adopting the dominating cultures way of life completely. Here immigrants arrive as first culture and by the end of the process second culture has taken over. ' Using Arthur Kroeger's book , 'Hard Passage,' as the basis of my research I will examine the life of Mennonites in Russia prior to conflicts and then show how the situation evolved and caused thousands of citizen to migrate to the West.

    • Word count: 2188
  11. Analysis of the strategy and business performance of Starbucks Coffee UK.

    PESTEL stands for: Political - current political influences and the influence of the Government Economic - business cycles, world economy and inflation Social - changes in society, lifestyle changes as well as social mobility Technological -growth of the Internet, new emerging technology and Government spending on research Environmental - 'green issues' and growth of environmental protection laws Legal - Changing health and safety laws, growth of legislative constraints on companies. Political * Taxation Policy- as Starbucks purchases whole bean coffees from farmers, these farmers may face a high taxation rate, in the countries, which they produce, coffee, this suggests that Starbucks could pay a higher price for the coffee they purchase.

    • Word count: 2203
  12. Problem Solution: Kuiper Leda

    Forecasting is the method used in determining what the future needs of the company are. Forecasting methods have developed from simplistic to complex equations. Forecasting can be classified into four basic types: qualitative, time series analysis, causal relationships, and simulation. Qualitative techniques are subjective or judgmental and are based on estimates and opinions. Time series analysis ... is based on the idea that data relating to past demand can be used to predict future demand. Past data may include several components, such as trend, seasonal, or cyclical influences, ...

    • Word count: 2935
  13. Case study: Winds Resort, Barbados

    (Raghubalan, 2007 p732). A standard of hotel depends on the categories of the hotel and room design. E.g: A luxury hotels are expected to offer world-class facilities and amenities. However a budget or economy-class hotel will offer only the basic facilities and amenities for a budget-conscious traveller. According to the findings of the report the majority of complaints and compliments received by hotel HK concern to standards of hygiene in guests' rooms; a survey made by Fizzback (2007), which is based on a data collected from 500 consumers while staying in their rooms, found that a third of room complaints

    • Word count: 2869
  14. BPR Assignment

    It was incorporated as Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR) on June 16, 1911, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1916. IBM adopted its current name in 1924, when it became an international manufacturing company". (Kelly and Aspray 2004) In 1981 IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer which is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. IBM sold its PC division to the Chinese company Lenovo on May 1, 2005 for $655 million in cash and $600 million in Lenovo stock. IBM was recognized as one of the "Top 20 Best Workplaces for Commuters" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    • Word count: 2262

    - Charismatic leadership The 'Great Man' approach The 'Great Man' approach was the earliest and probably the simplest view of leadership. This theory suggested that great leaders were born with instincts that helped them affect the course of history; they assumed that leaders would have genius intellects, personal charisma, great vision and personality. Individuals that would fit into this category would be the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill just to name a few. The 'Great Man' approach also stated that great leaders had some sort of genetic interference that helped them on their course to great leadership.

    • Word count: 2993
  16. Why do some groups accomplish little, while others with similar inputs manage a great deal? Discuss with key communication research.

    The advantage is that more than one person are working on a specific task what means that the chance is minimized to make mistakes. Furthermore it is possible that a group discussion can encourage the members to think about other aspects and thereby create new ideas. Groups benefit of collaboration, interactive discussions and exchange of knowledge because this is the point that increases the performance of a company (Lawford 2003). But why does the output of work teams vary so much between teams even if they have similar education, budget, manpower and time?

    • Word count: 2636
  17. Supply Chain

    Kuiper needs to focus more on producing large-scale capacity and delivery. The third issue is the fluctuation of demands and Kuiper has been struggling because supplier ordered different number of units that causes Kuiper not to meet the supplier requirements. As a result, Kuiper supply chain become inefficient and unproductive and forced the company to implement changes. One of the biggest implementation is the Material Planning Software System, "the importance of MRP system allows rejecting a larger batch than what is needed" (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2005).

    • Word count: 2271
  18. Lester Electronics

    Financial decision-making uses the gap between the cash inflow and outflows. This relates to the length of the account payable period and the operating cycle. This gap can be filled by borrowing or holding a liquidity reserve for securities, and can change with inventory, receivables, and payable periods (Jaffe, Ross, & Westerfield, 2004, p735). Lester Electronics faces a decision as to how they can continue to generate cash flow while remaining competitive in the marketplace and maximizing shareholder wealth. AOL's merger with Time Warner was the result of the organization's attempt at growing the business to generate more working capital.

    • Word count: 2471
  19. Capital Budgeting

    As a result of the electronics industry and the investment decision made, SAI was well positioned going into 2002. Although SAI was well positioned at the start of 2002, executive management still has goals of increasing market share and keeping up with technology. SAI is contemplating expanding market share in the existing Digital Imaging or emerging into the Wireless Communication market (Capital Budgeting, 2008). To help SAI make a financially wise decision, internal and external investment strategies as well as the risk associated with the investment decisions were evaluated. External Investment Strategies In determining the suitability of each company, SAI used measures like Net Present Value (NPV), the project rate of return (IRR)

    • Word count: 2004
  20. marketing:company project-easy jet

    Then focus on easy jets efficient use of the marketing mix to enhance its competitiveness. Finally a discussion will be provided on easy jets current position, success factors in the industry and prospects for the future. Introduction I will be playing the role of a market researcher to evaluate the companies marketing a competitive strategy. The company easy jet was first established in the early 1995, the founder of the easy family was Stelios Haji-Loannou. He also branched out easy to various different regions of transactions such as easy cars easy money; the company base is located in Luton, and is recognized by the distinctive colour orange the building has been painted.

    • Word count: 2782
  21. The role of Aesthetic Labour in Hospitality

    The labour of aesthetics is important in the materialization of the style of the aesthetics of the service organisation and particularly the 'style' of the service experience encountered by the customers. The increasing mobilization of aesthetic labour is particularly evident in the style labour market of design and image drive retail and hospitality organisations. This phenomenon is been around from the 1980s when the organisations sought market differentiate through designer interior and increasingly through the 'making-up' of their employees, as employers realised that they are an integral part of the service encounter (Nickson et al, 2003).

    • Word count: 2383
  22. Recent development of legal issue in Marine Insurance

    Wreck Removal Convention Obligation placed on the owner of ships of 300 gross tonnage and above to maintain insurance or other evidence of financial security to cover the shipowner's liability under the WRC. Certificate will be issued. Those two compulsory insurance, also require certification of terrorism risks, it increase the difficulties for the broker to find cover in the insurance market. 2.3 Exclusion of the P&I clubs Recently, P&I clubs do not underwrite terrorist risks. P&I clubs only cover the traditional risks relating to injury and death of passengers not caused by terrorism.

    • Word count: 2395
  23. Strategic Management

    It is the largest semiconductor company and the inventor of microprocessors; the processors found in many personal computers. In addition to manufacturing processors, it also produces motherboard chipsets, network cards, ICs and various other devices related to communication and computing. Intel's corporate structure holds 11 Board of Directors, which has been divided as 2 Corporate Officers, 2 Executive Vice Presidents and various other corporate levels. As a whole, Intel approximately has 100,000 employees worldwide and has its presence in 54 countries around the globe.

    • Word count: 2626
  24. Business Innovation And Creativity

    It is important as the role of marketing as an initiator of new ideas resulting from close interactions with customers. (Trott, P.1998.chaper 1, pg 18) Innovation helps firms like Virgin Atlantic with new product developments as it is vital that customers are satisfied by the product and service. For Virgin Atlantic it is to help with products chances of success in its competitive environment, has to differentiate its products in order to gain competitive advantage, also to attract customers to its business and keep them satisfied from using other services.

    • Word count: 2701
  25. McDonalds- I'm Loving It

    (Vignali, 2001). The company also encourages local franchising (with over 70% restaurants abroad being owned by the locals) (McDonald's Corporation, n.d), and, hence encourages the local managers to work independently and make most of the important decisions. In Asian countries, especially, McDonalds has positively impacted the cultural values of the people, created a sense of world culture and improved working conditions for thousands of workers. (Steiner & Steiner, 2006, p. 381-387). To maintain competitive advantage, McDonald's managers, in countries such as UK, France, India, Saudi Arabia etc.

    • Word count: 2880

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