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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Leadership Theories - this review seeks to determine which theoretical perspectives, theories and schools of thought have thus far underpin our understanding about leadership development. Recognizing the origins that form our current knowledge on leadersh

    94 Contribution 95 Adding Something New to the Field of Leadership Development 95 Strengthening Arguments Within the Field 96 Implications for Theory and Research 96 Implications for Practice 97 Implications for My Future Research 98 Limitations 99 Personal Learning 100 CHAPTER VII: CONCLUSION 101 REFERENCES 103 TABLE OF FIGURES Figure 1- Mapping the Field Diagram 15 Figure 2 - Evolution of Leadership Theories 20 Figure 3 - Levels of Analysis Used by Leadership Theories 22 Figure 4 - Elements of the Tripod and DAC Ontologies 24 Figure 5 - Classification Scheme of Three Typologies of Leadership 27 Figure 6- Elements

    • Word count: 37317
  2. This report would examine how Procter and Gamble initiated change to become the most reputable product producers in the world. To show this, the candidate would reflect on the analysis of the current state of the organisation which would be explored throu

    Changes in the organisation are provoked by external forces of the organisation, usually an organisation undergoes organisational change in order to evolve to a higher level of entrepreneurial activity. Change may be reactive or proactive in nature. When change takes place due to external forces, it is called reactive change. However, proactive change is initiated by the management on its own to enhance the organisational effectiveness. Due to the fact that the candidate has no experience in the working environment an analysis of this report would be challenging.

    • Word count: 3830
  3. Analysis of Aalsmeer Flower Auction and its Information Systems.

    The IS strategy is affected by changes in a firm's business and its organisational strategy. The IS strategy must be compatible with the business strategy and also with the overall corporate strategy and other functional areas of the organisation. It is essential for a company to have IT/IS strategy for a number of important reasons: * IT/IS involves high costs and is critical to the success of many organisations. * IT/IS is now used as part of the business strategy in the battle for competitive advantage. * IT affects all levels of management as it span many or all functional areas of a business.

    • Word count: 5226
  4. This paper will show an analysis of organisational change, experienced at the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Limited (Tatil).

    Tatil is committed to providing the highest level of quality service to their clients; providing a range of insurance-based financial solutions; building loyalty amongst the clients by being the first to recognise their needs and offer products and services that meet and exceed their expectations. Tatil's clients have been the heart of the organisation, many of whom have been with the company since inception. This is evident in the company's tag line "Tatil...where people are people." 1.2 Current Situation The Client Services (CS)

    • Word count: 3583
  5. The aim of this document is to discuss Risk and Value Management, the linkages between them and then apply the theory to the scenario in order to supply a report detailing the best approach to the project and an initial view of risks. This document will p

    after Larry Miles created Value Analysis at General Electricity the concept had become more widespread, with the US Navy Bureau of Ships setting up a formal value analysis programme in 1954. However, the US department of Defence didn't advertise vacancies for value analysts, but for value engineers and therefore the term Value Engineering (VE) was born and in 1958 the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE) was established. Although the use of value analysis was becoming very popular in the United States it was not to be seen in the UK for another 30 years when the American company Xerox

    • Word count: 5222
  6. Research Methodology paper. In this paper we aim to investigate the extent to which there are alternative ways for responding to ethical issues, other than moral silence and whistle-blowing.

    Firstly, the paper will contribute in filling the gap in the literature about alternatives to moral silence and whistle-blowing. Secondly, the findings may help the organizations to implement less extreme and risky alternatives to whistle-blowing, and hence lay a foundation for a firm culture that encourages the employees to address and prevent ethical misconduct. Introduction Ethical dilemmas can occur in professional settings due to numerous reasons. Due to close relational ties among business actors, addressing moral issues become difficult. The choice of either blowing the whistle or keeping silent has been considered as two opposite reaction-mechanisms toward ethical wrongdoings.

    • Word count: 6695
  7. This paper is going to look beyond the price tag of products by analyzing the ethical issues shown in the documentary Darwins Nightmare which was filmed in Mwanza, Tanzania where a great amount of fish is processed in order to export it to first

    In the course of globalization production is going to cheap labor countries to increase profit margins. Therefore low wages are paid, long working hours are required, the equipment is not the best available and safety issues are not as strict as in the developed countries. Exactly those issues are seen in the documentary. The employees of the fish factory, including the fishers are not benefiting from the factory as much as the factory is benefiting from its' workers since low wages are paid which is not enough to raise the standard of living and supply a roof and enough food for the whole family.

    • Word count: 5884
  8. Teams are increasingly popular as an approach to organizing and managing work. Identify and discuss the motivational benefits and disadvantages of using teams in organizations.

    McKinsey consultants Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith describe a team as: "A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable." (Katzenback & Smith 1993). The important elements of this definition are complementary skills, common purpose and mutual accountability. Without these elements, a team may be little more than a loose collection of individuals with nothing more in common than employment by the same company.

    • Word count: 3200
  9. A Case Analysis: Starbucks Growth Destroyed Brand Value?

    To an extent, the brand culture of Starbucks was at the bottleneck, as customers cite that the company is focused on maximum profit earning instead of brand value. Reasons to these problems can be analyzed as following. First, the buildup of infrastructure which supports Starbuck's growth resulted in bureaucracy. (media.corporate-ir.net) This could be the reason why Starbucks found that it is hard to maintain the glory as old times. Information can be found through the type of quantitative information such as Starbucks' annual financial reports which issued to Starbucks Official Website on the Internet as formal information source.

    • Word count: 3076
  10. Strategic Management. The purpose of this report is to provide a strategic analysis of Woolworths in its Australian retailing and grocery industry.

    Finally, analyzing the financial performance and stakeholder analysis by using graphs and quantitative data have been used to support the report. The major finding this analysis is proving the stable financial conditions of Woolworths as well as the interests of stakeholders. , It means that Woolworths have a good economy condition based on its financial position, so it caused to the benefits for its stakeholders. 2. Introduction The purpose of this report is to define how successful is Woolworths in the their current respective industry sector - Consumer Goods Retail in Australia; and to predict and analyze how Woolworths will perform in the future.

    • Word count: 5603
  11. Aldi. A critical evaluation and audit of its Structure, strategy, culture and management/leadership

    * An interview with the top management who formulates strategies for Aldi could be done so as to understand the mind of the strategist and the competitors they consider while framing their strategies. * A comparative analysis of the position of Aldi could be done so as to understand the market position of Aldi with its core competitors. * A clear understanding of the work force and areas where new staff maybe introduced to reduce the work load. 1.2 Background of Aldi * The Aldi is based in Essen, Germany.

    • Word count: 7001
  12. Organization Structure & Design Project. Our team has focused on a US subsidiary company, II-VI Singapore Private Limited in our project to study how this organization changes, in term of strategy, structure and design, in responding to internal and exter

    II-VI Singapore brought for the first time world-class CO2 laser optics manufacturing to Asia. II-VI Singapore's mission is to supply infrared optics of the highest quality and at the best value. These optics are used in a variety of laser systems, such as CO2, Erbium and Yag, for cutting and welding as well as for medical and tabletop manufacturing applications. A dedicated II-VI Singapore and China team of technicians strives hard to provide their customer with the best quality & value products as well as quick responsive service, which in turn deliver 100% worldwide customer satisfaction. II-VI (Suzhou) Optics Co.

    • Word count: 3188
  13. Analysis of Agora supermarkets of Bangladesh and the potential for online marketing.

    Recently the expansion of these super stores is happening rapidly because of customer demand. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. (RSL) made a breakthrough in the urban lifestyles by launching the first retail chain in the country, 'Agora'. The name of Agora is entwined with the glory of the Agora's marketing policy 'To create better environment for customer.' In 2000 Agora was introduced to the world.Currently there are four Agora outlets at Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Moghbazar and Mirpur in Dhaka. With many more coming up at important locations in Dhaka and other major cities, Agora is endeavoring to fulfill the everyday shopping needs of the urbanites through fair price, right assortment, and best quality.

    • Word count: 4946
  14. The Role of Intuition in Management. Could Intuitive skills be planned and practised? Or does it lead to improper Decision making?

    Also to discuss how Intuition really help managers to make good decisions. 2.0 Nature of Intuition Intuition is the ability to know when a problem or opportunity exists and select the best course of action without conscious reasoning. (Wood, Wallace et al.2001, p. 490) which is also defined as go with your "gut feeling" or what you understand to be right in a situation. On the other hand 'Intuitive decision making' is an unconscious process created out of distilled experience.

    • Word count: 3526
  15. The global business environment and its impact on Nestle.

    so that the reader will easily identify the details and the data and findings which I went through for the past few weeks and get the optimum result out from this report. We were supposed to choose an organization and to analyze the combination on how the company communicates with its stakeholders of the impact of and globalization to the organizations communication process. The reader of this assignment will be educated about the Nestle Corporation and how the globalization challenges the present managers and what steps they have and can take in order to overcome those challenges in communicating with their internal and external parties.

    • Word count: 7795
  16. Promote me Business Plan. Promote Me will be an internet based company that enables its users to promote their underground art on-line free of charges. It will present a great opportunity for the amateur artists to make their work public.

    however we believe the majority of the interest will come from working class, male and females between the ages of 15 to 26; hence our target market. Key Risks Exposure will be the greatest risk for us in this business, if we fail to get anyone signing up to or even visiting our website we will be unable to sell advertising space and unable to attract industry professionals. We will overcome this risk using affective SEO (search engine optimisation) and our extensive marketing strategy which includes promotion from a promotions company (PHAT)

    • Word count: 4434
  17. My focus shall remain on the implication of RFID technology in the retail industry and the organisation I have chosen to write about is Marks & Spencer. Marks & Spencer had a technical trial of RFID technology in the advent of 2003 and later they st

    We know that environment has a wide range of effects over any organisation's performance. Factors such as, competition, global economy, social changes and changes in technology impact the performance of any organisation and makes the overall environment more complex and uncertain. Before discussing the technology in use, the PEST analysis of Marks & Spencer would be very important. PEST Analysis By doing the Pest analysis, we can explore the external macro environment that effects an organisation. These factors are categorized as political, economical socio-cultural and technological (See Appendix.

    • Word count: 4008
  18. Insight Into The Pharmaceutical Giant: Johnson&Johnson. The overall aim is to critically evaluate the strategies that J&J pursues. In addition, by benchmarking key competitor companies, the strategies operating within the industry are assessed. Finally,

    * Animal Health Products * Bulk Chemicals, Capsules, etc. Products sold by one manufacturer to another at an intermediate stage in the manufacturing process. From 1999 to 2002, pharmaceutical sales increased worldwide by about 25 percent to USD 424 billion. With regard to both size and dynamics, the U.S. market is in the lead, which occupies 47 percent of the total market. (VFA, 2003) Pharmaceutical industry has been one of the most important industries, and the value added to the economy by this industry is among top industries in most of the countries.

    • Word count: 10730
  19. Strategic Management Case Study. As one of the worlds largest media conglomeratesNews Corporation, its main aim is to seek appropriate strategies to expand to own multiple forms of businesses, it has already covered almost all the fields in media fr

    (Dobson&Starkey, 1993) It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. In fact, environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning. (marketingteacher.com) Generally speaking, the organizational environment is subdivided into the internal environment, competitive environment and general environment. Modern organizations increasingly find that they are facing a more complex environment, thus PEST analysis is used to analyze the external environment of News Corporation and SWOT analysis are also applied to explore the internal environment.

    • Word count: 5181
  20. Working title for the dissertation is Business Analysis of Large-sized Enterprises Applying ERP System in China. In this proposal I focus on ERP system applications in Chinese large-sized enterprises

    Understanding such effects may enable them to be more proactive in planning for multinational ERP implementation. Mainstream ERP research emphasises their studies basic on western ERP package implementations (Davison, 2002). In contrast, my research focuses on Chinese enterprises and the implementation of Chinese style ERP packages. Firstly, the reason I select my research site as China is that it is a prominent market. The ERP industry has experienced a high growth in China in last decade. Being encouraged by Chinese government and threatened by overseas rivals after accession to the World Trade Organization, more and more domestic enterprises selected ERP systems.

    • Word count: 3423
  21. The Analysis of Mobile Communication Service Sector of China. In the following parts of the dissertation, I will use PEST and Porters five forces analysis to structurally analyse the remote environment and operating environment. In most cases, people

    Of course, MCSS is not an exception. The number of mobile customers in China reached 393 million at the end of 2005, compared to 145 million in 2001 (Figure 2.1), and Ministry of Information Industry of China, (MIIC) estimated the number would hit 440 million in 2006. [1] Figure 2.1: 2001-2005 Mobile Customer Number In the past five years, the revenue of MCSS has increased at a high rate. In 2005, the revenue of MCSS was �522 billion (�37 billion, �1 = �14.1), which covered 45.1 percent of the total revenue of TSI with an impressive growth rate at 17.2 percent.

    • Word count: 7007
  22. An Analysis on The News Corporation -Its bases of growth and strategies since the 1980s

    Murdoch obtained his first newspaper, 'The Adelaide News', by inheritance on the death of his father in 1952. He was then still an undergraduate at Worcester College, University of Oxford. In 1953 he returned to Australia and assumed control of the paper, rapidly improving its fortunes. By the end of the decade he had acquired a News South Wales-based newspaper chain, Cumberland Newspapers, the Sydney 'Daily Mirror' and Melbourne and Brisbane's 'Truth'. 1964 saw him buy a stake in Wellington Publishing, New Zealand's largest media company.

    • Word count: 4352
  23. Strategic-Marketing-Management. This report is a study of principles of Strategic marketing management by considering Marks and Spencers Clothing business. In this report the Marketing Planning Process has been discussed and the MPP has been applied to

    2.1 Assessment of Marketing Planning There are numerous advantages of adopting a marketing planning process by an organisation. The various stages involved in the marketing planning not only helps organisation to focus on its weakness to achieve the desired objectives but it also devises a proper strategy to achieve it. By setting a mission in the marketing planning process, the organisation not only sets its long terms goal, but it also gives a direction to the management for the future.

    • Word count: 7680
  24. Evaluating the different sources of business finance.

    Business Angels Business angels means that family members and friends of a business owners who are common sources of finance for a private limited company. They are most likely to invest due to their relationship with the business owner. Family members and friends provide a small amount of equity funding. Although, it is relatively easy to obtain money from family members and friends without paying any interest. Advantages and disadvantages of business angels If the business owners finance in the business by get the money from family members and friends, than business will be benefited because against that money no need to pay any interest.

    • Word count: 6581
  25. Operation studies of Mandom Group of Japan. The main purpose of this report is to study Operation and Total Quality Management knowledge in real situation. The scope includes how critical operations management decisions are made in a company, how competit

    The research results are used in a prototype of the new product, together with a detailed specifications. The prototype is then reviewed through design meetings and tested on quality, safety and whether it applies directly to the troubles and dissatisfactions that consumers have before its mass production. After the product is on sale, Mandom will implement verification as the last part of the product design process to research customer satisfaction level and collect feedback for further improvement. For Mandom, services are important to customer satisfaction.

    • Word count: 4006

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