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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. The Internet and How it is Affecting The Music Industry

    run, and how it affects the way things are conducted, how the industry has had to evolve and adapt to new ways of making money and dealing with new threats. As a subject it is a very vital one, and also relevant to todays industry, as it will determine whether the same music industry still exists in the future, or whether it will be left behind and become obsolete. Most of my information and research was done using textbooks relevant to the digital revolution and change, and the internet, watching relevant interviews and reading articles.

    • Word count: 3481
  2. This report aims to identify the key issues organisations face as a result of globalisation and what Human Resource managers can do to ease the transition of the organisation going from multinational to transnational

    It is ?a process fueled by, and resulting in, increasing cross-border flows of goods, services, money, people, information, and culture? (Guillen 2001, 236). Multi-national corporations (MNCs) need to ?build global capabilities such as the ability to seamlessly move talent, ideas, and information around the world to create products and services better than competitors? to acquire a competitive advantage over the latter. Global managers need to engage in ?thinking global but acting locally? (Ulrich 1997, 3). Boost Juice Pty Ltd was established in 2000 by Janine Allis in Adelaide, Australia who recognised the potential for wellness products in an age where there is increasing demand by time-strapped consumers for healthy food amidst growing obesity and health issues.

    • Word count: 4366
  3. This Report gathers data reviews analyzes and highlights the strengths weaknesses threats and opportunities for the Indian Leather Exports into Spain

    % of value Table 19: Spanish imports and leading suppliers of cases 2004-2008 ? million / ?000 tones Table 20: SWOT of Indian and Spanish Leather Industry. Table 21. Consumption of luggage and leather goods in Portugal 2004 - 2008 ? million Table 22. Production of luggage and leather goods in Portugal 2004 - 2008 ? million / ?000 tonnes Table 23. Average prices of various types of footwear euro different retailers 2009 Table 24. Development in Spanish average import values/prices 2004-2008 euro List of Figures Figure 1.

    • Word count: 11434
  4. Assignment on Strategies Adopted By Zappos.com MBA2: Strategic Management

    3.0 Vision, Mission and Top Objective of the Zappos.com 3.1 Vision To provide a legendary customer experience. 3.2 Mission Statement Our mission is to position Zappos.com as the online service leader. If we can get customers to associate the Zappos.com brand with the absolute best service, then we can expand into other product categories beyond shoes. 3.3 Top Objective ?Our number one priority as a company is our company culture. Our whole belief is if we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like building a long-term brand or delivering great customer service, will just naturally happen on its own.? (www.missionstatements.com accessed on 10/11/2011)

    • Word count: 4622
  5. Explain the Keiretsu inter-structure, and discuss why it is no longer the case that the keiretsus are a source of competitive advantage.

    This group bank helped to raise capital that was used in expansion projects. In others words, generally during this period, banks consolidated, increasing the power of Zaibatsu related to banks. After post- war II, seriously damaged by the effects of the war, Japan tried to set out to establish its industries while the occupation forces endeavoured to abolish the Zaibatsu organisational structure in an attempt to undermine the strong conglomerate networks that controlled the Japanese industrial enterprise. In this time, the concept of ?harmonious? work environments wasn?t present as worker dissatisfaction; however the successful adaptation of Western practices and improvements

    • Word count: 3320
  6. The purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate the Learning and Development function of my employer, the Office of the Prime Minister (the OPM), Jamaica and to suggest ways in which they could be improved

    Their viewpoint on the subject area was that of a ?theory of action?, a derivative of the sociological theories of knowledge and the action frame of reference (Berger and Luckmann, 1966; Parsons and Shils, 1951). Argyris and Schon also distinguish between single-loop learning and double-loop learning. Developing Knowledge of Action-outcome The process within the organization by which knowledge about action-outcome relationships and the effects of the environment on these relationships is developed, referred to as organizational learning. Unlike individual learning which involves relatively permanent changes in an individual?s behaviour, organizational learning involves the development of a knowledge base which would make a change possible.

    • Word count: 3842
  7. E-Business Evaluation of Tesco.com

    With the fact that Tesco has been a central study point of e-business, this report provides an study of Tesco?s e-business. Focusing on how Tesco?s been handling their e-business, the report includes the depth analysis of Tesco?s e-business strategy and working procedure. This report also details the current and future e-business analysis of Tesco recommending the view point of strategies they apply and concludes with a discussion on strategies for addressing a new world e-business strategy. ________________ 1 Introduction TESCO is a UK-based multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer operating 14 markets across Europe, Asia, and North America.

    • Word count: 7735
  8. Ethical and Strategic Issues in Management: Starbucks

    1.1 Market Share The market is dominated by three main players; Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero. Costa is marginally the largest operator of coffee shops owning 27% of outlets in comparison to Starbucks 25% as can be seen in Fig 1. Fig. 1 Leading operators in the UK coffee market measured by % of outlets (Mintel, 2009) However, Fig. 2 demonstrates Starbucks dominance in the market, turning over considerably larger annual revenue than their competitors reflecting larger sales per outlet.

    • Word count: 4671
  9. Research Paper Risk Management for Airport Managers

    The incident that killed the teen was inspired by the 9/11 attack. Using the example above in addition to the worldwide economic development, the aviation industry started to become increasingly vulnerable to threats and other potential dangers. (Godara, 2009) The integration and improvement of the air carrier risk and safety departments introduced new duties and responsibilities for aviation managers. Usually the CEO, vice president, and the board of directors are responsible for the airlines risk management principles and strategy but the planning, execution, and maintenance of the aviation companies risk management plan falls in the hand of the risk manager.

    • Word count: 3187
  10. Five Forces analysis of More Than insurers.

    Although echoice are less than two years old, the business is now growing rapidly and predicted to be on target for the forecasted growth intended. Part of the echoice strategy is to have a Core Operating Ratio (COR) of 96.5%. This means, if the company achieves the COR target they will be effectively growing the business at the right cost. To do this the organisation must ?Create a competitive strategy that must establish a profitable and sustainable position against the forces that determine industry competition ?(De Wit Meyer, M 1999)

    • Word count: 3803
  11. What makes a family Business Successful?

    The overlap can create an outstanding business performance but it may come at an expense. Kenyon-Rouvinez explains the overlapping of systems can lead to conflicts in the decision-making of the business because ?families are governed by equality, inclusiveness and caring feelings. Business, on the other hand, are governed by meritocracy, selectivity and critical analysis.? (2005, pg. 4) Carlock and Ward explain that families are more concerned about emotions therefore they become resistant to change. However a business must take an approach different to the family in order to survive. They focus on the external environment and how they can improve the life of the business through key success factors (2001, pg.

    • Word count: 4082

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