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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Financial And Other Problems Faced By Cyclermate Bicycle Manufacturers.

    Management Team The management team is led by Chief Executive Officer Dai Armstrong who co-founded the company with Lewis Llewellyn in 1988. Dai had progressed from ?office boy? to a senior marketing post and Lewis had worked his way up from apprentice to be chief mill engineer in their town?s steel in south Wales. Both had been employed by the firm for more than 20 years. The secretary is Gwyneth Morgan who has a strong grasp of all aspects of the business, and deals effectively with invoicing, credit control, disbursement and the bookkeeping system.

    • Word count: 4907
  2. News article critique - Cows are stressed and produce less milk due to climate change.

    Dairy cows in Tillamook and Oregon produce less milk than dairy cows in Arizona. Less productive dairy cows in southern US have brought daily loss to firms about 50%. The impacts also felt by other barnyard animals such as pigs, and impacts on mortality rate that rise temperature might have on cows. In 2080, it is predicted that there will be 6% drop in Holstein milk production in US. So, what are the suitable solutions for decline in milk production caused by climate change?

    • Word count: 751
  3. Managing Strategic Change (MBA work ). In this report ,I will be discussing one of the change which company (DG Private Hire ) is going through to make itself a market leader in the region and strategies adopted ,factors which are influencing or may influence the company in future .

    or reducing advertisement costs, etc In this report ,I will try discussing one of the change which company (DG Private Hire ) is going through to make itself a market leader in the region and strategies adopted ,factors which are influencing or may influence the company in future . The advantages and some disadvantages of acquisition (Change) and how should the responsible mangers take action to make the culture in favour of this change or changes the company will be going through the growth process.

    • Word count: 3564
  4. Case Study of Orenton Luxury Goods entry into the Chinese market

    2.0 Analysis of Orotons Resources and Capabilities The Oroton brand is one of the primary value adding components of the company. This is because of the image that they have built up over the last seventy years of business, and the loyalty that their customers have developed towards the brand. Through social media and fashion recognition Oroton have been able to expand their brand awareness both domestically and internationally. The brand itself is inimitable as there is only one Oroton brand, and the style of the products and the underlying quality underneath should not be underestimated as being one of the key items in Orotons success.

    • Word count: 4277
  5. Shareholder (liberal market) vs stakeholder (cooperative market) views and economies review the surrounding theoretical debates as well as their practical implications in both the political and economic spheres

    A shareholder is defined as the ?legal owner of a company, known as ?members? who enjoy rights such as receiving dividends and company profits? (Morrison, 2010, p.15). They are the actual owners of the company and are entitled to the profits if the firm performs well or face losses if the firm fails to create business. It is the individuals or corporations who take a calculated risk and invest their own capital into the business in the expectation of accumulating wealth over the long run.

    • Word count: 3079
  6. SkandiaBanken Case Study: 1. Analyse SkandiaBanken using the competitive forces and value chain models. 2. What is SkandiaBankens business model and business strategy? How do information systems support this strategy?

    Rivalry among current competitors: Rivalry refers to the competitive struggle for market share between firms in an industry. SkandiaBanken has managed to mitigate against this through: 1. Going into a business that does not have many other competitors. SkandiaBanken was the first bank in Sweden of its kind, that is, ?branchless?. 2. Regional expansion as is evidenced by opening another bank in Norway and planned expansion into Denmark. 3. Rapid Growth Rate of the bank Bargaining Power of Buyers: this is the ability of the organisations customers to bargain down the price of services or ability of the customer to drive up operating costs by demanding better quality and services.

    • Word count: 1556
  7. Business Strategy and Economical analysis of Danone

    Currently by volume DANONE is the: World number 1 in Fresh Dairy Products, World number 2 in Bottled Waters, World Number 2 in Baby Nutrition and European number 1 in Medical Nutrition. ?(11) DANONE has a total workforce of just under 81,000 people, has a significant presence in 62 countries and its products are exported to many countries. Evian for example, which is one of the company?s bottled water products, was exported to 150 countries in 2009 ?(7) DANONE?s brands include products such as Activia, Actimel, Evian, Volvic and Cow & Gate which are found in the UK and also many more which are marketed in various parts of the world.

    • Word count: 5336
  8. Report on Bata in India

    The annual domestic consumption of footwear is approximately 1.1 billion pairs per annum, and top 20 cities contribute about 450 Million pairs/annum. Key brands in India are Bata, Liberty, Clarks, Woodland, Khadims, Metro, Red Tape, The Loft, M&B Footwear, Da Milano, Timberland, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, M&B, Rockport, Provogue, Lee Cooper, Converse, Nine West, Aldo, Relaxo etc. Customer Segments Retail footwear segment in Indian is very price sensitive and has been steadily growing over the year. Major part of the demand is met by the unorganised sector and still there is a shortfall of 300 million pairs.While international brands largely

    • Word count: 11796
  9. Business Ethics Case Study - Shell drilling for oil in Artic waters.

    Finally, three approaches are suggested along with evaluation. The case 1 The situation and key facts In July 2012, Royal Dutch Shell, one of the oil giants, implemented an offshore drilling project in the Arctic Ocean?s Chukch and Beaufort seas. Peter Slaiby, the vice-president of Shell Alaska, outlined that the hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic contained nearly 27 billion barrels (Biger, 2012). However, the issue was disputed by Greenpeace (n.d.) in a campaign named ?Save the Arctic? which claimed that oil spills could not be entirely avoided. The Pew Environment Group NGO (n.d.)

    • Word count: 1815
  10. This report will therefore analyze what extend of effect that ecommerce and technology can make on retailers, taking Tesco as a case study.

    Core activities Value proposition is one of a component of business model. Tesco undertakes various types of attempts to combat problems from the customers and products. For instance, in 1995, Clubcard was commenced and in 2008, Tesco launched the ?Every Comment Helps scheme. Clubcard is a success which was widely credited in boosting sales and turnover and strengthens their ranking in the world, by working with dunnhamby[1] (Townsend, 2010). Dunnhamby uses the data generated from the feedback and loyalty scheme that assists Tesco in focusing customer first in business to make improvements to overcome the issues rose from the customers.

    • Word count: 3098
  11. Starbucks Foundation and Growth

    After endeavoring a lot to convince Bowker and Baldwin for this job he got recruited in Starbucks as a marketing head of retail stores in 1982. From 1982-1985, Howard Schultz brought new ideas and innovations in Starbucks. He started with learning coffee making techniques at the back of counter. In 1983, Schultz visited Milan, Italy where he went inside an ?espresso coffee bar? which was a restaurant containing a retail counter of coffee and a place at other side where people could sit with families and friends to have a chit chat with a cup of coffee.

    • Word count: 3215
  12. Research into Customer Service at a Branch of Starbucks

    Customer questionnaires- A number of customers have completed a questionnaire regarding the standard of service and quality of beverages. 1. Pie charts- The information received from the questionnaires is displayed clearly in a pie chart format. 1. Interview questions- Interviews carried out with managers from other leading coffee retailers such as Cafe Nero and Costa. 1. Further interview questions- Interviews carried out with members of staff in store. 1. Viewing from a customer?s eye- Observing the store in the eye of the customer, from entering the store, being served and sitting in store. Secondary research 1. Newspaper articles 2.

    • Word count: 2568
  13. Managing Communication, Knowledge & Information, HND

    At the same time, these organizational officials will also have to undergo certain personal decisions, and an example could be telecommuting which is considered a decision he had to take personally, since the influence of others in the organization will not help him make a proper decision, as these are mostly based on that certain officials mentality. Delegation of such decisions will also be ineffective since as other individuals wouldn?t possess the same mentality as the managing director himself. The colloquial decisions that are usually taken in organizations are that of a basic nature and/or routine.

    • Word count: 4542
  14. Quality Control Report on Datalink Industrial Corporation's Production of ProDot 2612A LaserJet Cartridges.

    To offer best quality products at most economical prices to end-users and to enhance our quality testing standards so as we may further improve in our products. 3. Our Mission, Our goal at ProDot is to provide affordable options for printing supplies. We promise for a superior quality and service at unbeatable prices, and in return, we hope to earn your faith and business continuously. PRODUCT OFFERED 1. Ribbons, Refills for Dot Matrix/Line Printers of more than 150 types.

    • Word count: 1901
  15. Management principles and theories and their application to the construction industry.

    It states by understanding how your assumptions about employees? motivation can influence your management style, you can adapt your approach appropriately, and so manage people more effectively. Understanding the Theories Management style is strongly influenced by the beliefs and assumptions of what motivates members of the team. If the belief is that team members dislike work an authoritarian style of management will be taken. If it is assumed that team members take pride in their work, a more participative style of management will be taken.

    • Word count: 6640
  16. To complete this assignment on research method process for strategic managers, I will locate a local business and submit a research proposal

    Most methods do share?or can share?a few common structural features, however. These are indicated by the headings below. A good method includes either a hypothesis (keep in mind that a hypothesis is not a foregone conclusion but a testable scientific idea) or a problem statement (a recognized problem in need of a solution). It is important to be realistic about the impact of my research project. While it may be unlikely that my project will result in a major breakthrough, indicate how it is a part of a research plan to address a larger scientific question.

    • Word count: 8141
  17. Leadership Essay - review of articles on women in leadership positions

    All these criticisms built her leadership style; she developed personality traits opposed to those generally observed in women, such as the ability to quick decision making and strategic thinking. She is also very results-oriented and independent because she has something to prove not only to her, but also to the others. I really admire theses women who break down prejudices, and claim that women?s leadership can exist and have to. One by one, they open doors in different area for next generation.

    • Word count: 2876
  18. In this essay the evolution of management over time and how Google have tailor made their methods of management will be discussed and analyzed

    The stamp down of authority had hit home hard, where employees, managers and owners were easily identifiable. Everything had adopted a more systematic approach where hierarchies were introduced and distinct definitions of authority and responsibility were introduced. This kind of management was usually enforced in large, specific industries such as car factories were specific goods had be to produced in its own specific process. Over time it seemed that employees were feeling worked out and worthless. These employees were not seen as individuals but were seen as groups of people, there was no acknowledgement of variance. The social aspect of the employees was not taken into account; make them feel that they are invaluable.

    • Word count: 1875
  19. RESEARCH CHALLENGES REPORT. This paper reports on the challenges, both practical and theoretical, experienced when this research methodology was employed in studying the key considerations for a long term success in large family businesses.

    It offers a critical review and personal reflection with regards to whether and why the research approach applies to the dissertation in question. Introduction All research designs, irrespective of where there being applied, have their merits and demerits. Therefore, when choosing a research method/design to be used in a given study, there are many factors that need to be considered. While undertaking a dissertation, several approaches may be considered including evaluation of research requirements and then developing a research plan.

    • Word count: 1628
  20. Nestle stakeholders analysis

    ________________ 1.2. Nestlé’s Vision The Nestlé global vision is to be the leading Company in health, wellness and nutrition in the world. In particular, they envision to: 1. Meet the needs of consumers of every age group from infancy to old age, for nutrition and pleasure, through development of a large variety of food categories of the highest quality. 2. Lead an extremely motivated and professionally trained workforce, which would drive growth through innovation and renovation. 3. Deliver shareholder value through profitable long-term growth, while continuing to play a significant and responsible role in the social, economic and environmental sectors of the country.s 4.

    • Word count: 3506
  21. Fast Food Fun Booklet Business Plan

    Publishing is a high margin and high profit business, the key to success is quality content and successful marketing; the franchising of the ‘local FFF booklet’ to other counties of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland will be an additional revenue stream which will be undertaken from month six. A loan of £25,000 and the successful execution of FFF Ltd.’s plan will produce revenues and profit of more than £90,000 & £5,000 respectively in year one, £180,000 (£25,000) in year two, and £210,000 (£60,000)

    • Word count: 6142
  22. Compare and contrast business systems in Japan and China. Answer with reference to relevant theories and use comparative country and/or corporate examples

    These differences can be traced to their different business cultures and different evolutions of their economic patterns. From other perspectives, during the period of transforms of their economic systems, it is easy to conclude that the governments of them played very significant roles in helping domestic industries grow fast and integrally although these reforms occurred in different periods by different paths. This essay will focus on contrasting the differences about business culture, interrelationships of companies and then comparing the same features of business systems in Japan and China such as similarities of government roles and focuses.

    • Word count: 3158
  23. Use extended examples to compare and contrast the characteristics of a growing and a mature product market. Critically discuss how different product market phases affect a companys cost recovery

    Since the business partakes in a sector with fairly less competition, the amounts of products available are accordingly little. During the growth stage, demand is high. As a result, companies generate rapid growth, which allows the firm to expand and further increase their market share. One effect of this is a high - generated amount of cash flow (Haslam et al., 2000). While the market is booming, more and more competitors are entering and, therefore growth starts to slow down and ?physical output tends to fall away? (Haslam et al., 2000: 90). Due to the increasing number of active businesses new segments emerge and, product differentiation can be recognised.

    • Word count: 1677
  24. To what extent has McDonalds green movement in Singapore enabled the company to gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

    GREEN? AS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 9 ________________ TOTAL SALES REVENUE AND NET INCOME 13 ________________ RATIO ANALYSIS 13 ________________ CONCLUSION 16 ________________ BIBLIOGRAPHY 18 ________________ APPENDIX 1 20 ________________ APPENDIX 2 21 ________________ APPENDIX 3 23 ________________ APPENDIX 4 25 ________________ ________________ ________________ Introduction ________________ As our industries continue to develop, more businesses are starting up thus making competition within markets even more aggressive than ever. Most corporations pursue ways to enhance their competitive edge in their respective markets. For many years, business and companies have realized that having exceptional reputations can give them a very important competitive edge in the industry.

    • Word count: 9319
  25. Facebook And The Effects On People, Social Media Advertising and Mobile Phones

    Facebook allows users to be editors, producers and distributors all in one. Are people in today?s world all becoming exhibitionist? Facebook has changed how people communicate, how businesses sell products and even how companies manage. (Kirkpatrick, 2010). Facebook could then be argued to have a significant impact on many people's lives. The first section of this essay explores the effects Facebook has made on humans. The second section of this essay will examine social media advertising through Facebook and the last section will explore how Facebook has made an impact on mobile phones, as well as a conclusion.

    • Word count: 3930

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