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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Executive shirts company case. Problem Statement: There are two alternative plans in order to introduce customized shirt manufacturing in the factory.

    Direct Labor Utilization: This is the proportion of time that labor available is utilized in the production process. Scenario One: Current State Of Production The bottleneck in current production scenario is the make cuffs process which is 0.5 minute per shirt (from the table 1) Since, the process takes 0.5 0minute per shirt, therefore the production capacity for 8hrs per day = (8*60)/0.5 = 960 shirts per day But its given 16000 regular shirts are made every month, therefore current production capacity per day = 16000/20 = 800 shirts per day Hence, Capacity Utilisation for production = 800/960 =

    • Word count: 2102

    Project life cycle in ERP implementation. 10. How should an ERP system be implemented? 11. Companies that deals in ERP system. 12. Conclusion 13. References ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning 1. INTRODUCTION ?A business strategy and set of industry-domain-specific applications that build customer and shareholder communities value network system by enabling and optimising enterprise and inter-enterprise collaborative operational and financial processes?(Source: Gartner?s Research Note SPA-12-0420) Enterprise resource planning systems or ERP systems integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all departments' particular needs. ERP ensures seamless integration of all the information flowing through the company ? financial, accounting, human resources, sales, manufacturing, distribution, project and inventory management, planning and maintenance, customer information and e-business.

    • Word count: 4521
  3. The Process of Preparing and Delivering our Teams Presentation

    According to Tuckman, the stage that followed, namely Storming, is used for ?different ideas compete for consideration.? Unfortunately, in our group this discussion and confrontation of the task and the independent functions was never thoroughly discussed. However, we all agreed on taking responsibility for different tasks, which also meant that much conflict was avoided- there was no debating or competing for the best idea. As much as this has a harmonious outlook, it also seemed that due to a lack of competition and debate, each of our contributions lacked the necessary scrutiny needed for the improvement of the presentation and the growth of the group.

    • Word count: 2873
  4. We will perform a SWOT Analysis to determine Ben & Jerrys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, followed by Options for Entering the Japanese Market and Recommendations.

    In order to maintain their competitive advantage and social responsibility standards, it is critical that the company expands into international markets, but now without developing a management team first. It is necessary to perform an analysis of the internal and external factors that shape the ice cream industry in order to further understand Ben & Jerry?s current (and prospective) corporate and environmental strategies. First, we will perform a SWOT Analysis to determine Ben & Jerry?s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, followed by Options for Entering the Japanese Market and Recommendation.

    • Word count: 1900
  5. The purpose of writing this report is to find a solution for Trump Entertainment Resorts bankruptcy problems. Mainly on the Trump Taj Mahal.

    1.3 Scope of the report This report will contain the findings of the current situations of the company and the problems it is facing. There will be also recommendations on how to solve the problems at the end of the report. Other extra information will be included in the appendix. 2. Background Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. is a holding company that owns and manages two casinos and hotels in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and United States. It was formerly known as Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts.

    • Word count: 3461
  6. Corporate Government Benchmarking. This paper gives an overview of other companies that have similar issues to McBride Financial Services,

    182). Furthermore, a structured compensation strategy is vital to supporting corporate initiatives and rewarding managers in a variety of ways. Chew and Gillian (2005), believe that an incentive plan ?is not a stand-alone management tool? (p. 254). Moreover, a strong incentive plan must be designed to fit the company?s general compensation architecture. An effective incentive program includes a variety of rewards, including base salary, cash incentive plans, equity programs, pension benefits, perquisites, promotions, and so on (Chew & Gillian, 2005). Changing an incentive plan cannot only alter the overall risk-reward dynamics of the compensation structure; it can also affect the company?s ability to achieve strategic goals.

    • Word count: 4725
  7. Case Study of the Nestl Social media crisis Context- Content- Outcomes

    Social media has gained a central role in our community where it is truly breaking the communication?s barriers, connecting people across the word and performing many functions in human life. Furthermore, recent research has established the connection between social media and crisis communication. Crisis is a significant threat to the organization that can lead to many negative effects on company?s reputations, financial or public safety if it is not properly dealt with. Meanwhile, crisis management communication is a process by which threats and damages to organization could be prevented or lessened (Coombs, 2007).

    • Word count: 3707
  8. Import/Export Economics of China

    Despite its size, the population of China has managed a relatively high literacy rate. Of those age 15 and older 92.2% can read and write (Central Intelligence Agency). This is likely the result of the expansion of the education budget ? 3 times the old percentage of GDP (while also bearing in mind a rising GDP). Since 1998 the number of colleges has doubled and the number of students quintupled (Chen). This is of course necessary as more than 60% of high school graduates in China now attend a university, up from 20% in the ?80?s.

    • Word count: 2759
  9. Responsibilities and Ethics of Leadership Executive Summary Analysis of the Walt Disney Company

    The organization?s purpose in reaching this vision is to show a commitment to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its rich legacy of quality, creative content, and exceptional storytelling. Their mission is to be the world?s leading producer and provider of family entertainment and information, while excelling at being a diversified, international, family entertainment and media company. Values: Disney values a strong tradition of innovation, creating the recent additions of the sitcoms Desperate Housewives and Lost, along with other family based entertainment.

    • Word count: 5415
  10. Alfred D. Chandler. The following paper addresses the major contributions of Chandlers publications as well as their shortcomings based on the limitations of his theories; this is then followed by a discussion on the future implications of the discipline

    Strategy and Structure The rise of the modern corporation traces its roots back to the dynamic business environment of the United States in the early 20th century. With the lowering of transportation and communication costs, came the natural expansion of local markets (Langlois, 2003). These larger markets opened an opportunity to increase profits by introducing methods of higher fixed costs in exchange for lower unit costs at high output levels (Ibid). As manufacturing plants became larger, consolidation eliminated smaller companies and began to characterize the business environment as oligopolistic (Ibid).

    • Word count: 2203
  11. Credit risk data warehousing system. The scope of the study is to understand the huge data requirements in IRB approach and to suggest the basic integrated credit risk management model as a long term solution in order to avail the benefits of IRB approach

    Now there is a focus on looking at risk holistically. Additionally, regulators have been encouraging firms to monitor their credit risk very closely. The Basel committee has also released a consultative document on Basel III which is aimed at strengthening the capital levels of banks which again will help control their credit risk. Thus currently credit risk is a primary concern for Banks and they are also looking for new and more innovative ways to manage it and are approaching risk management from a holistic, enterprise-wide view.

    • Word count: 4405
  12. Managing Information Technology. This report takes a look at D Companys information management systems with particular focus on its privacy policies, planning and strategic use of IT.

    Internally however, the company uses IT in a ?factory? way; it is essential for the primary processes of the business, but new innovations are not essential, and innovation is not embarked on. A detrimental result of this attitude is that future IT planning is fragmented and non-existent in some areas of the business? IT operations. ________________ The organization, its products and its industry D Company was formed in Christchurch in 1965 to provide shared computer outsourcing services for Christchurch firms.

    • Word count: 2230
  13. PESTEL and Five Forces Analysis of the Cuban Cigar Industry.

    Thus, the economic environment is looking up and seems to be moderately favorable. ⢠Socio-cultural The history of tobacco and Cuba are interwoven. Tobacco has been cultivated in Cuba indigenously from a long time back. The cigar industry is a part of the Cuban heritage. Families have been involved in cigar production for long. The farms are small and communities work together during harvest. The private farm system there allows family secrets and traditions to be preserved and passed on.

    • Word count: 2018
  14. Business Ethics - Corporate Governance report on Vodaphone

    GMI Average Global Rating INDIA- 4.54 on the rating of 10.00 as compared to UK (Highest) is 7.60 Principles of Corporate Governance Key elements of good corporate governance principles include honesty, trust and integrity, openness, performance orientation, responsibility and accountability, mutual respect, and commitment to the organization. Commonly accepted principles of corporate governance include: 1. Rights and equitable treatment of shareholders 2. Interests of other stakeholders 3. Role and responsibilities of the board 4. Integrity and ethical behaviour 5. Disclosure and transparency Vodafone?s CG Vodafone corporate governance has been measured using five basic parameters namely : Board Accountability, Shareholders rights, Remuneration, Market for Control and Corporate Behaviour.

    • Word count: 3354
  15. Information Systems at Honda Atlas Cars of Pakistan

    In this time, the paint reaches each and every part which results in protection from rust in the future. Later it is kept in the oven for baking. 3. HVAC- Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a recent system which is controlled by computers. It checks the air conditioner against pressure and different temperatures. The automatic system has resulted in fewer complaints from customers. 4. Bearing is a part which is placed between the crank shaft. The size of the bearing differs and its accuracy is very important.

    • Word count: 2689
  16. What recommendations would you make to Gary Kelly and Southwest executives as the company heads into 2011?

    This may affect Southwest?s long history of no lay-off policy. However, it is impossible to keep all these unsuitable employees and risk having bad outcomes in the future because of the inconsistency in their behavior with the airline?s core values. Secondly, AirTran?s facilities such as aircrafts, warehouses, offices, etc. may not meet Southwest standards which were implemented to become more cost-efficient. In order to sync up, it is essential to have some modification in the operations of AirTran?s facilities. For example, there will be less front-line receptionists needed to proceed with the purchase of printed tickets in AirTran because of Southwest?s ticketless traveling.

    • Word count: 1111
  17. Critically evaluate historical, classical and contemporary approaches to leadership theory.

    Various permutations are observed in these two concerns that are not correlated. These permutations are modeled as a grid by Blake and Mouton. Concerns for people are represented by one axis and concern for production is represented by another. Nine points from 1(low) to 9 (high) are allotted to each axis. Fig: Blake and Mounton?s managerial grid The grid contains the following extreme cases: 1. impoverished: lazy leader and have little interest to staff or work 1.9. Country club: the leaders are attentive to staff needs and relationship but have less attention to achieve result.

    • Word count: 5584
  18. Critically evaluate the arguments for and against Google operating in China from a business perspective

    At the same time, the number of Internet users in China - and with it the potential for online advertising had been growing almost exponentially. Google seemed to be missing a huge opportunity. When looking into the idea of Google moving into China, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. Google?s outcomes are provided in their 10 point philosophy. When looking into the idea of Google moving into China, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account, as their decisions can have an effect on both market and non-market stakeholders.

    • Word count: 3185
  19. In this paper we will describe the Swedish Paper and Pulp industry and its future challenges.

    Product development and innovation could be a competitive advantage. As the industry is going from a B2B industry to a more consumer focused industry, marketing and branding is becoming more important. In this case, having an eco-friendly supply of products is important regarding the increased awareness of climate change amongst end consumers. Supplier bargaining power The two main inputs in paper and pulp production are forest (wood) and energy. Because of the high dependency of these input factors, Swedish pulp and paper companies have put large investments in forest and energy supply.

    • Word count: 2630
  20. Case Study - Cool King Limited: To be or not to be in Window Air-conditioner Business?

    32% compared to 16% for all other consumer durables and white goods such as televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. Demand Composition: The domestic demand for ACs was largely met by window ACs. The demand for room ACs mainly came from institutions with corporates accounting for 80% of it. The government, which accounted for 70% of the institutional purchases, had shown a declining trend in recent times. The higher dependence on the corporate sector implied that the industrial climate exerted a strong influence on the total industry demand. The rest of the demand came from the household sector, which, incidentally, was also the fastest growing segment.

    • Word count: 4401
  21. Why is the fast food industry so profitable? Discuss the question and relate it with sales growth. You are also required to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of fast food.

    My deepest thanks go to my fellow classmates for their understanding and support. Summary This study was to find the reason why fast food industry is so profitable It was requested by School of Business & Management Linton College It was requested on (August/2/2010). The investigation was done by : Student 1: UBS4-04/09-00096 (matrix card number)/R486374 (passport number) Student 2: UBS401/09-00261 (matrix card number)/A01140422 (passport number) Student 3: UBS4-05/09-00084 (matrix card number)/A0020833 (passport number) The main findings were that the reason why is the fast food industry so profitable It was concluded that fast food industry is so profitable, however have so many disadvantages in heath sector The recommendations are that consider with their own health should be reducing their habits when it comes to eat fast food.

    • Word count: 1631
  22. IKEA - paper to how IKEA responded to external changes by introducing its newest innovation, flat-pack TV and will then conclude by reviewing IKEAs culture of innovation.

    Through this vision, comes an innovation that truly reflects the values that IKEA stands for, a flat-pack packaging. Not only does flat-pack saves transportation costs, it also reduces IKEA?s carbon footprints (ref:4). As years goes by, IKEA now expanded into the electronic industry by offering flat-pack TV for consumers. This TV (i.e. Uppleva) offering will ultimately eliminate all the clutter of cables and remotes around your TV and it also comes with a media player and features SMART TV (ref: article). So basically it is an all-in-one TV that IKEA ?invented?. The rationale behind the launch of this product is due to the change in external environment.

    • Word count: 1126
  23. M&S case study. From this analysis, strategic options for M&S will be recommended with analyzing the pros and cons of each strategy and compatible ability to M&S capability and capacity.

    Company Background/ Capability and Capacity Since establishment, M&S aims to become the leading retailer in UK and with a brand name loved by British people (Gerry J., Richard W. & Kevan S. (2011). All their corporate, business and operational level strategies focus on achieving these objectives. In term of organizational management, M&S follows a family nature when the board was elected among family members only. In following years, there were changes in board of management election which lead to more innovations in service and product providing.

    • Word count: 3222
  24. Rational, Natural, Open Organizational Systems analysed with examples.

    organization systems that adapt to internal and external variables appropriately to respond and react to contextual challenges presented during a period of extensive technological innovations. Rational organizational systems characterize organizations employing systems emphasizing the achievement of specific goals via formal structures (Scott, 1981). The focus of rational systems is the purposeful establishment of structure within the organization exemplified within its hierarchical structure, rules, directives, and performance programs (Scott & Davis, p. 36). This formalized structured provides the foundation for other process developed within the organization and dictates the establishment of decision-making, motivational strategies, and goal setting.

    • Word count: 3335
  25. A brief discussion of Kudler Fines opportunities through change in technology, strategic plan the organization is pursing, tactics used to implement the strategy, and obtaining recommendations on how to update the strategy will be laid out in this paper.

    Organizations that utilize information technology have the ability to increase operations and enhance the organizations customer service. ?Information technology creates applications that provide direct strategic advantage to organizations? (Turban, Rainer & Potter, 2003). Kathy Kudler has an idea that will add to the organizations inventory and ordering automation system. The idea would be to add new internet options and a link for online catering (Kudler Fine Foods Portal, Strategic Plan). Through strategic information systems, an organization has the capability of increasing the organizations strengths and use the strengths towards competitive advantage.

    • Word count: 1147

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