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Managing Information Technology. This report takes a look at D Companys information management systems with particular focus on its privacy policies, planning and strategic use of IT.

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´╗┐MIT Assignment ________________ Table of Contents Introduction The organization, its products and its industry Five Forces Analysis IS management and organizational structure IT concerns at D Company References ________________ Introduction This report is based on an interview with Mr. T, and takes a look at D Company?s information management systems with particular focus on its privacy policies, planning and strategic use of IT. It was found that the company has a very good degree of privacy procedures in place for protecting their client?s sensitive information and innovations, and this was apparent through the policies and procedures they have in place externally. However, internally the interview identified several concerning gaps in the IS system, in particular security related issues. Strategically however, the company?s attitude towards IT was very interesting. The company?s relationship with IT is essentially that they are an expert on all major types of technologies, leasing existing software off large companies, and providing this and their expertise in using the software to other companies wanting to build solutions of their own. According to Ward and Peppard?s Classifying Information Systems model (2002), the company uses IT for their clients in a ?strategic? way, as the clients have a high need for reliability and new IT. ...read more.


During our interview we found that D Company?s IS management was project based. For example, employees working on Project A were able to interact with those working on Project A, accessing the same files and sharing the same data. On a larger scale, all employees have the same access to the internet and email, and there were no restrictions on any of these activities. They could also download any data to their workstations. All workstations are installed with standard software and are configured as per D Company?s requirements. They are very flexible in using software?s and generally purchase the rights to use it throughout the organization. Daily stand-up meetings take place where all team members are encouraged to ask questions on an ongoing basis about the effective use of services and processes. The organizational structure follows a scalable model where it uses its excellence in IT as a strategic differentiator and builds its corporate strategy around strategic flexibility (Agarwal & Sambamurthy, 2009). As per the Hirschheim model, ?the organizations that had begun to realize that information systems are vital to their business began moving through three evolutionary phases (?delivery?, ?reorientation? and ?reorganization?) ...read more.


Once senior management has articulated the company?s future strategy, they need to assess the company?s IT needs and put measures in place to ensure they will have the skill sets they need in the future from within the company wherever possible. This needs to be carried out on an ongoing basis. IT/Business relationship D Company is so decentralized that, as shown in the above point, they have do not have a very good overriding IT/business relationship. To improve on this fragmentation, they need to create formal processes across their business units that help optimize information sharing and expertise across the business. This would also need to be done by senior management. Controls architecture 1. D Company needs to improve its IT security by installing email and website filtering software. 2. IS policy needs to be communicated to each employee on a regular basis through numerous avenues like email, posters, meetings and training. 3. Senior management should be proactive in their approach to monitoring the IS structure. They could set aside a few minutes each week to go over website and email activity, and this combined with the email and website software we suggest installing above, will help D Company manage IT risk problems before they arise. ...read more.

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