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Market Research proposal - OPC

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Marketing Research Research Environmental/Aerosol Optical Particle Counter A marketing research proposal Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Objectives 3 3. Desk Research 4 4. Qualitative Research - Focus Groups 5 4. Quantitative Research 6 6. Reporting 7 7. Timing 7 8. Budget 8 9. Credentials 8 10. References 8 ANNEX 10 Marketing Research Proposal 1. Introduction TSI Inc. was established in Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN in 1958 with a primary mission to serve businesses in particle research & analytical, test & measurement markets. The company dominates in the U.S. and Japan markets yet field offices are presented throughout Europe and Asia. Since that time markets have changed significantly, particularly growing due to the need for advanced filters, bio- and virus protections, new drugs, biofuels, lower engine emissions, which are related to aerosol business area. Major competitors address the needs for measuring materials at sub-micron and nanoscales, where TSI has a range of advantages though continuous innovations and R&D process. Industrial hygiene ISO standards propose MPPS-based (Most Penetrating Particle Size) efficiency test methods using CPCs (Condensation Particle Counter), DMAs (Differential Mobility Analyzer) and OPCs (Optical Particle Counter). On the market TSI intends to supply OPC for environmental basic and applied research for particle sizing, which is not fully met the market needs. The product is a unique, high-end research instrument but along with its superior performance is its high price. ...read more.


Existing market assessments will be carried out amongst the major competing firms such as Grimm. Published research databases [1], reports (2-4) will have to be analysed and trade associations (5-7) should be approached in order to obtain relevant information. Portfolio of advertisement and promotion activity used by a competitor will be created to help in establishing the elements of promotional platform. 4. Qualitative Research - Focus Groups Purpose Interviews with customers are aimed to (a) determine a prioritized list of users' requirement for a new line of TSI Optical Particle Counters (OPCs), and (b) identify customers' attitude towards to applicable standards. Population and Sampling Qualitative research can be used for exploratory research into attitudes towards OPC products. Several focus groups are selected from each market niche to cover the customer and non-customer groups of the target market. TSI is pursuing a separate line of OPCs to address three market segments: environmental monitoring, basic and applied aerosol research, and filter testing. TSI's customers can be divided into three main focus groups: 1) Distributors, 2) OEM's and 3) End users. In percentage representation it will be as follows: 50% of the business goes through 260 distributors globally, 40% sales to end users (sold via mfg. rep) and 10% to OEM's (via direct TSI sales). Non-customers are divided as University and agency experts, independent consultants, and industry gurus. ...read more.


20 Revise Design if required 2 Quantitative Research (n=120) 10 120 3 Analyse data 5 5 15 Interim Presentations and Meetings 10 10 Prepare Report 5 2 Total 57 155 30 Note: MM - marketing manager, MC - marketing research/communication specialist, PM - project support specialist. 8. Budget Allocation of time by marketers to the project will in any week typically be as shown in table. Weekly technical discussions between all project team members will typically be 2 hours per week. Interim progress and review meetings will be held typically for 2 hours twice per project lifetime. Phase Description Costs Desk research Secondary information, analysis & data processing $1,000 Qualitative research Four focus groups Meeting cost Incentives to participants Focus group report $9,000 Quantitative research 120 interviews (30 in each group) External consultants added Cover letter and questionnaire typing Postage costs Following up on non-respondents Cover letter and survey printing costs $12,000 Data mining Typing and editing Data entry and verification Statistical analysis Distribution of the final report $4,000 Total $26,000 9. Credentials The project will be carried out by marketing department. Quality control All interviewers are qualified-marketing specialists to be supervised by team manager. 10 percent of interview data will be controlled by one of the following ways: in person, by telephone or by post. All fieldworks meet the industry standards laid down by professional bodies, the ESOMAR, MRS and CIM. 10. ...read more.

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