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Marketing a new, efficient air conditioning system.

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MKT 203 THE MARKETING CHALLENGE INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT AUSGUST 2011 SESSION Name : Lim Shing Yee Student ID : I11008531 Program : BMAUH Subject : The Marketing Challenge Lecturer : Wong Choon Fah Contents No. Topics Page no. 1 Exclusive summary 3~5 2 Situation analysis 6~12 3 Marketing objectives 13 4 Targeting and Positioning 14~15 5 Marketing strategies 16~22 6 Implementation and Control 23~24 7 Conclusion 25 8 References 26 9 Appendix- personal reflection report 27~28 1.0 Executive Summary Objectives 1) To achieve high market share of 55% by March 2012. 2) 10 million units of sales all over the world before March 2012. 3) Receive total revenue or sales values at RM2, 200,000,000. 00, the amount is based on 10 million units x RM2200.00 per unit by March 2012. Company Background-YORK The York commitment to building quality home comfort products has a long story behind it - over 135 years long, in fact. In 1874, a manufacturing company in York, Pennsylvania, began making ice machines as an alternative to shipping ice from the Great Lakes. The company - known as "York" - soon extended their expertise in refrigeration into other areas: * In 1914, York installed in the Empire Theater in Montgomery, Alabama, a revolutionary comfort system called "air washing," which eventually became known as air conditioning. * In 1924, York equipment was used to create the world's first air-conditioned office building in Fresno, California. * Today, York products are heating and cooling some of the world's most famous structures, including the Empire State Building, the English Chunnel, U.S. Capitol building, India's Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House. Over the years, thousands of York Dealers have installed that same York quality in millions of homes throughout North America. Their training in proper installation and service ensure that you get unsurpassed comfort to improve the quality of your life. Introduction of the Product There is a trend for the society nowadays to purchase environmental friendly product that can improve our quality of life and also reduce the pollution rate of the earth. ...read more.


With the factors above, it cause the inefficient in production and the loss of capital. o O-Opportunities * A developing market such as internet * For the example, the developments in communication like Facebook are a new resources to help our company to promote the important and also advantages of the environmental friendly to society. * These kinds of messages through internet symbolize the technological advancement already reach the main role of society. Therefore, all of these messages can help to improve the knowledge of society and also help to promote our new innovation product to society and also improve its image automatically. * Moving into new market segments that offer improved profits * Transportation development * The development in the transportation area help our company can ship products to other states or countries at a very low cost. This helps to save cost of company and increase profit. o T-Threats * Price wars with competitors * In the competitive market, besides the functions, the price of the product play an important role while they making buying decision. * A reasonable price very important to gain a competitive edge in the market although it just can gain a low profit in the beginning. * A competitors has a new, innovative product or service * The air conditioners' companies in the market nowadays come out with many innovative at the difference types of functions and also pre-sale services or after sale services to competitive with their competitors. These become the threats of company in launch out another new type of air conditioner. 3.0 Marketing Objectives The overall goal of YORK Company to launch out the whole new air conditioner is to improve the quality of living environment of human. The innovation in this product not only produce advantages to the buyers but also an environmental friendly product to protect the whole environment or our mother land to reduce the pollution rate and also decrease the destroy rate of our ozone layer to built up a peace and lovely earth. ...read more.


* Direct response advertising * Done this with a standard broadcast and print media designed to generate a direct response, whether an order or personal visit. * Mail order * Through the advertising and also catalog that our company launch out to promote our new product, consumers can choose to purchase it straightly with the mail order that meet our company requirements. o Public relations * Publication * Magazines * Websites * Annual report * Advertising * Corporate image * Press relations * Press releases * Press conferences * Press receptions * Events * Social events * Factory general 6.0 Implementation and Control * Marketing programme Task Description Person responsible Completion date a) Discuss with the marketing team and plan an effective integrated communications of marketing programme. All marketing department staffs 1/12/2011 b) Advertise the new product on television during prime time. Few Famous TV channels are chosen, such as NTV7, TV3, Astro and etc. Edward 12/12/2011 c) Advertise the new product on newspaper for 3 days per week, which are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Major newspaper companies are selected such as The Star, Berita Harian, and Sin Chew Daily Newspaper. Wendy 12/12/2011 d) Advertise new product on Radio daily. Zoe 16/12/2011 e) Advertise on magazines. Jason 16/12/2011 f) Sponsor basketball tournament. Lawrence 6/1/2012 g) Execute the road show for one month Raymond 8/1/2012 * Budget allocated Activity Budget (RM) Advertising Campaign - Television ( NTV 7, TV3, Astro ) - Newspaper (The Star, Berita Harian, Sin Chew Daily) - Radio - Magazines RM 400,000 RM 30,000 RM 5,000 RM 10,000 Public Relation - Sposorship RM 8,000 Sales Promotion - Road show RM 50,000 Total RM 503,000 7.0 Conclusion In the conclusion, before launching our new product-CFE conditioner to the market, the preparations and analysis should be done to make sure company has a right direction to launch out this product to competitive with competitors. To complete the planning, objectives should be set up clearly and match with the set up of targeting, positioning, strategies, implementation, and control. Then we only can achieve our goals more efficiency. 8. ...read more.

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