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Marketing analysis of Aquafresh tooth paste

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REPORT ON TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction to the company: 2. Market analysis: 3. Customer analysis: 5. Competitor analysis: 6. Internal analysis of the market: 6. Conclusion: 1. Introduction to the company: Aqua fresh is a toothpaste brand that was first launched in the year 1973 and it manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a consumer health manufacturer. The company's headquarters are located in the UK. 2. Market analysis: When Aqua fresh was first launched by Beecham Plc, it was the first striped toothpaste in the market and the look of product with white and blue stripes clearly illustrate the two main benefits of the product which are double protection and freshness. The improved versions also provide protection against cavities and fresh breath through aqua gel. They promote the product as ocean of freshness and the advertisement uses various images of waves and blue seas to communicate the freshness and taste attributes of the novel product. Figure 1: Segmentation of tooth paste From the time of its launch till present day, there here been increased interest and awareness in the oral health department and GSK invests huge funds in the research of dental sciences. GSK ensures that there are sufficient sources for aqua fresh to continue to meet the demands of the market. When the triple protection formula was introduced by aqua fresh along with a red gel to provide healthy gums, sales drastically increased me the market position indicated a major share. ...read more.


The higher income people tend to make healthy choices and go for designed oral heath care products of aqua fresh. With increased social media advertising and cultural environment that favors positive promotion of the product, consumers have increased awareness or the market trends and hence aqua fresh designs its products and promotes deals to suit the requirements of the societal/cultural trends of the consumers (Keynote, 2014). * Technological environment: the research and development of the company are paid hugely for their constant research to improve the oral health conditions and huge amount of money is contributed by GSK to maintain it's position in the market. Various advanced leading technologies are followed by R and D of aqua fresh and they are updated constantly to suit the market requirement and competition. 5. Competitor analysis: There are hundreds of brands that exist in the toothpaste market and the main best sellers in the market include Colgate, aqua fresh and Oral B in the increasing order of their market share. Although the tooth paste market is mature, the growing requirements of the costumer and the marketing strategies of the competitors maintain the quality of the product and add new features at regular intervals. The below table shows value share of the main competitors in the tooth paste market: Brand Value share Colgate Maclean Sensodyne Aquafresh Others 37 % 15% 12% 11% 25% Source: Oral Hygiene Review (2006) ...read more.


Another major weakness is that aqua fresh is not a own brand and thus the income that comes for aqua fresh goes to GSK and not directly aqua fresh. GSK also launched Sensodyne that is another major competitor for aqua fresh products. 6. Conclusion: Demographic patterns like expanding population and acquiring force support the shopper health awareness market, along these lines open doors for development. Furthermore, with the children of post war America and more youthful eras getting to be more concerned with the strength of their gums, they will be eager to pay the aforementioned premium for a toothpaste which is streamlined for better gum care. Organization can underwrite upon this demographic fragment to guarantee an effective arrival of their item. Aqua fresh has numerous chances to grow their current line of items alongside growing new and energizing items that will advantage numerous individuals. In the Aqua fresh line of items, there are various items that will help an individual battle numerous types of oral consideration issues, from tartar to gingivitis. Be that as it may in the greater part of the distinctive toothpastes that Aqua fresh offers, there are just a modest bunch of toothpaste flavors. Including more flavors, particularly for kids could build deals. The super-premium business sector is exceptionally focused, facilitating numerous brands and private name toothpastes. In the event that any of these adversaries makes a tooth paste which tops or even equivalents the innovation of Aqua-fresh, particularly if done at a lower generation cost, Aqua fresh may lose piece of the overall industry. ...read more.

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