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Marketing Brand Management - Birds Eye Fish Fingers

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Task 2: Brand : "Captain Birds' Eye Fish Fingers" Part 1: Evaluate the importance of branding in this market: Theory of branding: When companies sell products, they want to distinguish their products from the others available in the market. Therefore they give it a name which encapsulates the characteristics of the product which makes it different from others, such as packaging, ingredients, benefits etc.). Thus a brand is created. It is important to know that a "brand" is a name given to a product by its manufacturer, whereas the name given to a product by a retailer is an "own label". But in any case, the different name enables the consumer to identify the product and the values associated with it. Then they match these values with their own values and the characteristics they are looking for in a product. For ex: a consumer who gives much importance to saving money may go for a brand which promotes itself as proving economy. Also if the consumer likes a product, he/she will find it easier to pick it out in the market every time they shop. ...read more.


3 Fish Fingers in packs of 12 and pack of 36, * Fillet Fish Fingers in Crispy Batter in pack of 8, * Cod Fillet Fish Fingers in packs of 10, 16 and 36 * Haddock Fillet Fish Fingers in pack of 10 * Mini fish fingers in pack of 18 Suggestion: As their competitor, Lyons Seafood is introducing a snacking range of food-to-go, Bird's Eye Fish Fingers can also offer packaging change to sell their fish fingers as hot on-the-go snacks as an alternative to sandwiches, which can be sold through hot points in retail shops. Brand Stretching: Birds Eye Fish Fingers have stretched their brand up by offering "100% Fillet Fish Finger Megas" which are a special product with '5 cereal coating' and rich in Omega 3. They have also stretched their brand down by offering Value Fish Fingers which are not 100% fillet but made with minced white fish. Brand Extension: They have even engaged in some brand extension, in which they have incorporated vegetables with fish to make new kind of fish fingers in different fun shapes called 'Seaside Shapes Fish, Sweet corn & Peas' Co-branding: Although they have not got any co-branding at the moment but we are suggesting that they co-brand with a famous chef to offer fish fingers with different favoured batters. ...read more.


Birds Eye Fish Fingers launched their Captain Birdseye Mascot in 1967 of a friendly, good natured Captain which is a very famous association as people remember him from their childhood. When consumers think of Birds Eye Fish Fingers the fist thing that comes to mind is the freshness and quality of the product. Their advertisements also promote the message that this product is free from preservatives, and ice is the only preservative they use. So this brand is associated with freshness. These factors tell us that Bird's eye Fish fingers is a very successful brand. Part 4: Assess the threat to your brand from own labels. Theory on own labels: Own labels are products with the retailer's name on them. As we have seen in the market report, own labels constitute the largest part of the fish and sea foods market. Therefore they are an important part of the market and a serious threat to the existence of branded products. Bird's Eye Fish Fingers. There are Type 1 own label products available from Sainsbury's and Tesco which Birds Eye Fish Fingers are fighting with powerful advertising campaigns, innovating new products like 'wild salmon fish fingers' and 'mega fish fingers' and Omega 3 fish fingers which the own label providers are not offering. ...read more.

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