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marketing:company project-easy jet

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Executive summary 3 Marketing strategy 8 Introduction 3 Segmentation 8 Targeting 8 Market environment 3 Positioning 8 Company 3-4 Growth 8 PEST-G Analysis 4 Marketing mix 8 Political 4 Product 9 Environmental 4 Price 9 Social 4 Place 9 Technological 4 Promotion 9 Geophysical 4 Evaluation 10 Competition 4 Current position 10 Evidence 10 5forces 5 Future prospects 10 Potential entrants 5 Buyers 5 Conclusion 10-11 Substitutes 5 Suppliers 6 Appendices Industry competitors 6 Appendix 1 12 Appendix 2 13 Sales and profits 6 References 14 SWOT Analysis 7 Strengths 7 Weaknesses 7 Opportunities 7 Executive summary Easy jet founded by Tselios Haji-Loannou, put in to one of the most competitive industries. After the effects of September 11th, reluctant to air travel passengers looked for alternatives, such as trains, cars, ferries. By introducing low-cost air travel began to attract people back into the industry. As well established airlines began to suffer the difference in pricing became evident that air travel was to be revolutionized. An analysis on easy jets market share, sales and profit trend and comparisons with its competitors will be discussed. The report will then lead into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Marketing environment with the application of macro and micro environmental models will be discussed. Later we'll discuss easy jets competitors. Explanation of marketing strategies adopted by easy jet in the Airline Industry and its growth tactics. Then focus on easy jets efficient use of the marketing mix to enhance its competitiveness. ...read more.


Economically friendly, reduction of paper work etc Europe's leading low-cost airline Repeatedly voted the best low cost airline Awarded top performing airline Weaknesses Airports easy jet occupies are hard to access Luggage space is limited Air travel is an easy way for government to raise revenue Customer services aren't a priority Seats aren't located Preferred timeslots are pre-booked, so most easy flights are off-peak Lack of airspace, or airport capacity Disturbances to air travel as extensive checks are carried out Airlines stagnant- slow development Too much competition with other low-cost airlines Opportunities Easy jet has been expanding continuously, by launching new routes, buying more aircrafts, making available more destinations. Easy jet offers jobs and good career opportunities New aircrafts are used to increase economy and to reduce pollution. The take over of go-fly airline has reduced competition from one rival, it has also benefited the airline long term Threats Airport tax to compensate for the environment Low-cost airlines may introduce lower fairs to more popular destinations High competition from other low cost airlines, as a result of continuing liberalization of the European Union air transport market. As easy jet it a smaller company compared to other competitors. Although easy jet has cut costs dramatically compared to its rivals, major threats such as marketing tactics being used on easy jet from a larger company could result into hardship. Fuel prices have adverse effects on profits High speed rail links may cut down on air travel The company's marketing strategy Segmentation The entire market broken down in to segments, to help focus on every aspect of the market without looking past it; this enables easy jet to find their target customers. ...read more.


29 June 2007 Geneva to Bordeaux 29 June 2007 Geneva to Brussels 29 June 2007 Geneva to Cagliari 29 June 2007 Geneva to Porto 7 July 2007 Belfast to Ibiza 14 July 2007 Bristol to Ibiza 14 July 2007 Newcastle to Mahon (Menorca) 16 July 2007 London Gatwick to La Rochelle 18 September 2007 London Luton to Zurich 5 October 2007 London Gatwick to Krakow Appendices Appendix 1 Information extracted from http://www.bized.ac.uk � The Boston Matrix: - A means of analysing the product portfolio and informing decision making about possible marketing strategies - Developed by the Boston Consulting Group - a business strategy and marketing consultancy in 1968 - Links growth rate, market share and cash flow � Stars - products in markets experiencing high growth rates with a high or increasing share of the market - Potential for high revenue growth � Cash Cows: - High market share - Low growth markets - maturity stage of PLC - Low cost support - High cash revenue - positive cash flows � Dogs: - Products in a low growth market - Have low or declining market share (decline stage of PLC) - Associated with negative cash flow - May require large sums of money to support � Problem Child: - Products having a low market share in a high growth market - Need money spent to develop them - May produce negative cash flow - Potential for the future? Appendix 2 Information extracted from http://www.easyjet.com Revenue and profit Year to end September Revenue (�m) Profit before tax (�m) 1998 77.0 5.9 1999 139.8 1.3 2000 263.7 22.1 2001 356.9 40.1 2002 552.0 71.6 2003 932.0 52.0 2004 1,091.0 62.2 2005 1,341.4 82.6 2006 1,619.7 129. ...read more.

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