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Marketing plan For a TGI Friday's in Morocco.

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Anas Chokairy Understanding markets BM1 SIST/UWIC MARKETING PLAN 1. INTRODUCTION : The following marketing plan is simply the analysis that will provide a clear definition of what are the firm capabilities, what markets are possible, and how to achieve a share of those target markets,it will also help analyze the environment of the area in which we wish to work, help set prices for your services and goods, So basically, The analysis allows you to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company's goals(Christine M. Piotrowski,1992). In our case here our marketing plan is based on T.G.I Friday's "(often shortened to "Friday's" in most countries, and stylized "FRiDAY'S", or "T.G.I.'s" in the United Kingdom) and it's an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining, with over 1000 restaurants in over 51 countries. The company is a unit of the Carlson Companies. Its name is taken from the expression TGIF. The company asserts that it stands for "Thank Goodness It's Friday""(T.G.I Friday's) And it takes as A mission the following: "Our Credo A culture of inclusion through respect, caring, fairness, and understanding by Leadership that deserves responsible, committed, positive, and trustworthy Team Members. ...read more.


these are essential tools for a powerful marketing, it can be good idea to pass through these internet tools so that all people in Morocco know more about TGI Friday's since the information on the net tend to spread quickly. 3. SWOT ANALYSIS strengths weaknesses 1. American dining atmosphere. 2. Well-known. 3. Special decoration. 4. Huge choice of meals. 5. Unique cocktails tastes. 6. Well located. 1.few marketing activities. 2.number of franchise. 3.no Delivery Service or Drive-Thru. opportunities threats 1. Delivery service. 2. Internet marketing. 1. the economic downturn. 2. Competitors. 1. Strengths The restaurant features American leisure and decoration, customers can enjoy the relaxed "American" like weekend in the restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant have high visibility since the brand is highly known.TGI Friday's also have a wide range of meals which give the costumer a huge choice of meals and cocktails since TGI Friday's staff consict of trained people. In addition to all that our TGI Friday's restaurant are perfectly situated in strategic location. 2. Weaknesses The branch is currently limited because of TGI's lack of advertising, unlike other restaurants with TV ads and flyers to help raise awareness and let the public know what the restaurant has to offer. ...read more.


A strategic location is what makes demand go up. Promotion The promotional ideas that we consider using include TV advertising and Internet marketing as well as magazines and yellow pages advertising, we are also planning on advertising on highways and airports billboards. In addition to the social networking site such as Facebook ( be a fan and enjoy "25% off-menu" coupons) for example, and through these ways of publicity we will raise awareness for the restaurant therefore creating demand; 6. CONCLUSION Through the latter marketing plan we now know much about the company, the marketing strategies we are going to be using in order to attract customers, and the tools we are going to be advantage of to increase the demand, as well as some aspect of the market than can affect the restaurant's profitability. Refences Christine M. Piotrowski, (1992) Interior Design Management: A Handbook for Owners and Managers. 1st Ed, John Wiley & Sons Inc. Ouvrir un restaurant au maroc [Internet], Available from: < http://www.casawaves.com/2007/06/20/ouvrir-un-restaurant-au-maroc/> [Accessed 27 May 2011]. T.G.I Friday's [Internet], Available from: < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T.G.I._Friday's> [Accessed 27 May 2011]. TGI Friday's Mission [Internet], Available from: < http://global.tgifridays.com/index.php/tgi-fridays-brand/tgi-fridays-mission> [Accessed 27 May 2011]. ...read more.

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