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Marketing Research Focus Group Project - Objective 1: To better understand what factors motivate the decision to become a Winnipeg Goldeyes season ticket holder

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Reece Berg 1140947 December 02, 2011 Marketing Research Focus Group Project The Winnipeg Goldeyes previously played in the Northern League and now play in the American Association, where they were named the American Association organization of the year for the 2011 season (source: www.goldeyes.com --> NEWS --> News Releases --> Goldeyes selected organization of the year), as award they previously won in the Northern League in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2009. Furthermore, Goldeyes average game attendance was higher than all independent professional baseball teams for the 10th time in 11 seasons and the Goldeyes led the American Association league in total attendance (source: www.goldeyes.com --> NEWS --> News Releases --> Goldeyes tops in attendance again). While changes are required, it is important to recognize these accomplishments. Objective 1: To better understand what factors motivate the decision to become a Winnipeg Goldeyes season ticket holder (subsequently referred to as a 'season ticket holder') or a purchaser of Winnipeg Goldeyes regular tickets or mini-packs (subsequently referred to as a 'non-season ticket holder'). The significantly larger cost associated with becoming a season ticket holder, relative to that which is associated with becoming a non-season ticket holder, necessitates that further investigation into what motivates the aforementioned decisions be conducted. Winnipeg Goldeyes season ticket purchases provide a valuable source of predictable income for the Winnipeg Goldeyes, since season tickets are prepaid in full. ...read more.


The participating parents shall be split into two groups of 8-10 individuals, each comprised of 4-5 couples )(these last two groups shall subsequently and collectively be referred to as 'families'). Lastly, we require 8-10 employers who at present regularly provide their employees with Goldeyes game tickets as a job perk, bonus, reward, or as some other means of acknowledgement (subsequently referred to as 'supporting employers') and 8-10 employers who in the past regularly provided their employees with Goldeyes game tickets as a job perk, bonus, reward, or as some other means of acknowledgement (subsequently referred to as 'past supporting employers'). These last two groups are not referred to in the Recruiting Specifications below, since the possible employers are already well-known to Winnipeg Goldeyes Management and we shall go about recruiting representatives from the respective organizations who are, themselves, authorized to disburse Winnipeg Goldeyes tickets to staff (which is to say that they are themselves functioning in a decision-making capacity in their organization) (source: http://goldeyesbaseball.blogspot.com/2010/02/feb-16-office-blog-taylors-2010-ticket.html ). We have chosen to design the focus groups around individuals who have previously attended at least five Winnipeg Goldeyes games in the past year (with further constraints being listed in the 'Recruiting Specifications' section which immediately follows). Our rationale is as follows: "If everyone has gone to at least X games, then clearly it was 'worth it to attend a Goldeyes game' for all participants at some point." ...read more.


[ ] YES [END WITH THANKS] [ ] NO ** Compensation for this focus group is outside the typical 2-hour focus group compensation range due to the very select Goldeyes clientele we wish to recruit for our focus groups. It would, in all likelihood, not be achievable without considerable effort and, as a consequent, comparable expense, to find families for whom both parents could afford to partake in a focus group simultaneously (as per the Recruiting Specifications preceding this section). For many families, this would require hiring a babysitter, something we are essentially offering to pay for by compensating at this level, rather than at typical rates. The individuals who are in positions which grant them the ability to offer Goldeyes tickets to staff will, in all likelihood, not be participating, should they choose to do so, for the monetary incentive (this is what we want -- sufficient compensation so as to be respectable but not so much as to encourage people to participate who don't actually care about the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club). Because what we are offering here is a gift certificate and not cash, the net cost to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club shall in all likelihood not exceed typical 2-hour focus group compensation rates, though a direct comparison between compensation provided here and typical rates would be individual-specific, depending on what each $125 gift card was ultimately spent on. ...read more.

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