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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Marketing research. Marketing for AT&T is a constant process of changing and developing innovative sales techniques to increase sales. Although the methods vary they all have the same intended results, to increase profits within the company. The purpose o

    A vital source of AT&T's primary research consisted of observing and analyzing past sales reports and identifying trends. The strategic information gathered from this primary research method identified trends like: what days the majority of things were sold, how much the average customer spends, how often the same customers call in, how often they purchased products, and what products were purchased based on AT&T's customer segmentation. AT&T's internal computer system tracks all of this data automatically and organizes it in reports, which are readily available to the management and marketing team.

    • Word count: 1155
  2. Future Trends Paper. As an independent business owner and operator, its important to use educational means to stay proficient in new technologies as well as keep the quality of work more personalized. The philosophy adopted by my small business is ba

    Spending millions of dollars to make a product unique is a thing of the past with technology and the ever changing buying patterns and competition companies will have to use those dollars to emphasize their company values not specifically their product. Additionally education will play an important role as markets and technology is rapidly changing. Companies should develop a culture that encourages and fosters new ways of looking at things. Companies should constantly strive to create, develop, test and refine ideas.

    • Word count: 1114

    They created the vintage cheese that was noticeably different to everybody else's. Using the brand name of Tilba Club which exists in the business for 106 years as a strong branding strategy, they developed the growth of the market through market penetration and market development. ABC Cheese Factory expand their business through good relationship with the distributor in order to tap the existing market potential and try to penetrate market by attracting new customers or competitors market with their well known brand name.

    • Word count: 1744
  4. ABC Cheese Ansoff model

    A business logically should maximize its possibilities for growth using market penetration first. This will give the business added resources which further growth options may be pursued. After market penetration strategies may be either product development or market development depending on the circumstances of the business and the market in which it operates. B. MARKET PENETRATION At this stage, a company is pursuing in achieving maximum sales/profit using the business current product range within the current market. The best way to achieve this is by gaining competitors' customers (part of their market share), attracting non-users of the product or convincing current clients to use more of the product, with advertising or other promotions.

    • Word count: 1278
  5. Logistics performance

    Logistics performance is has greater degree of concentration over 2 factors. 1. Time: The time it will take to deliver the goods/services to the expectant. 2. Cost: Whether the profit is affected by costs or not. 3. Logistics Indicators: There are many Logistics Performance Indicators. The main Indicators are mentioned below. 3.1 Time � Time required in trade-related activities � Customs authorization time � Technical control authorization time � Document processing time � If appealed to Customs, the time required 3.2 Cost � Cost in trade Activities � Port charges � Documentation charges � Border management charges 3.3 Complexity and

    • Word count: 1749
  6. First In Show Dog Food

    - Substitutes: Dry Dog Food accounts for 65% of the market, Canned Dog Food accounts for 15% of the market, and Dog Treats account for 20% of the market. Established companies such as Nestle Purina Petcare, Iams, Hill's Pet-Nutrition, Masterfoods USA, and Del Monte Foods, Inc are heavy set competitors in all product category. * Political/Legal/Regulatory: - The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) requires that pet foods, like human foods, be safe to eat, produced under sanitary conditions, contain no harmful substances, and be truthfully labeled.

    • Word count: 1345
  7. The aim of my report is to discuss the recent performance of a new product line/ category from my chosen company which is Luciano Soprani. Through out the report I will demonstrate my knowledge of key developments in the market.

    He was an Italian fashion designer known for his tailored yet colourful men's suits and silk evening gowns. After studying agriculture, Soprani joined MaxMara in 1967, becoming a freelancer in 1975. He designed for Basile and Gucci, among others. Even now after his death his story is one that continues as it has "the precious heritage of the imprint he left". (www.lucianosoprani.it). This was a style vision shared by those who accompanied his successful professional adventure. The success of Soprani was not an accident, it was built on years of apprenticeship in obscurity, only with the aid of imagination and his love of dressmaking meant he was predestined to succeed.

    • Word count: 1884
  8. This promotional plan examines the launch process and promotional cost involvement when establishing a new business such as an IGA Supermarket. The demand for IGA Supermarkets is becoming more eminent as the global financial crisis has hit various economi

    This promotional plan examines the components of developing a promotional budget for a new IGA Supermarket store. It examines the components elements of the promotional mix which include: advertisement, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. Promotional Plan A promotional plan covers all phases of communication between the seller and the potential customers. It addresses advertising, sales tactics and other promotional activities. Although proportions vary depending on the nature of your business, there are four basic components and elements of a promotional plan: 1.

    • Word count: 1516
  9. Free essay

    Cooperate scandals/collapse of

    In the UK the main subsidiary companies are The Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminster Bank having more than 700 branches and organisation of RBS. Business ethics A corporate scandal involves accusations of unethical behaviour by people acting within or on behalf of a corporation. Corporate scandals can be directly linked to the business ethics, some business ethics involved in banking can be misleading financial accounts, frauds, scams, manipulation of the financial markets, excessive payments made to top managements and Chief Executive Officer's.

    • Word count: 1779
  10. Toyota analysis

    RMB loans increased by 24.4% year-on-year in February, and credit terms has achieved a better level in history. According to this message, which is good news to cars company, Toyota maybe have some opportunity in china market. But in other European countries, it still has less business, because the cars market still has a disaster all over the world. For instance, Obama, president of the United States rejected the GM and Chrysler 21.6 billion U.S. dollars of assistance to request in March 30th.

    • Word count: 1718
  11. Paco Rabanne

    Fashion Design was not his first note of interest as; originally, he trained to be an architect. Which is ironic as in 2004, a Selfridges store in Birmingham's Bullring shopping complex, "which is covered in 15,000 aluminium discs and is said to have been inspired by a Paco Rabanne chain-mail dress;" (bbc.co.uk) was honoured by the Royal Institute of British Architects for being "the most provocative of all the year's submissions because of its uncompromising and unprecedented outward appearance." (bbc.co.uk) With Paco Rabanne fashion was something of an experiment as "he used such unconventional materials as metal, paper and plastic for his outlandish and flamboyant designs."

    • Word count: 1999
  12. My research aims to study the impact of advertising on consumer behaviour and determine the various effects advertising has on consumer behaviour. My study would also examine the methods to increase the awareness of consumer through advertising and also t

    Advertising has been widely used across many mediums for many decades as the preferred tool of competition. Nowadays, the advertisements on Television are similar to a warzone, trying to outdo each other through the creative and innovative advertisement campaigns Why do advertisers advertise? Primarily to develop consumer value in their brands (ISBA, 2004). Advertisers advertise to persuade and influence people in most cases. Sometimes they succeed and other times they don't. One such study I came across during my review is about "milk moustache" marketing campaign conducted in Scotland by the collaborated efforts of dairy farmers, liquid milk producers and Scottish dairy marketing company (SDMC)

    • Word count: 1931
  13. Marketing Exam

    These concepts require tight academic thoughts and thus debunking the second claim of the abovementioned statements. Lastly, it is in deed true that businesses should do more of the things that delight their customers. But as an educated entrepreneur, you should not only be satisfied with the current good things you do for you customers. You should also look into the trends happening in the market and ventures that might improve you relationship with your customers. 2. 15 points, 15 paper lines Evaluate the advertisement.

    • Word count: 1465
  14. E business

    Retail sector Retailing is one of the most important industry sectors in the world, with no exception of the EU. In 2004 the EU retail sector, the industry comprised of approximately 17 million firms that employed people in the EU27 (e-business watch 2007) In the retail sector, e-business has had great impact on the value chain. It has made a great difference in terms of shelf life of products and stock rotation time. It also highlighted the relevance of inter-business exchanges.

    • Word count: 1974
  15. Evaluation of an Internet based Ebook Publishing Service

    They can read without any additional light source and it weighs less than traditional books. Authors have demanded a way to stay in contact with their audience, and the press releases, and media attention is not enough. These offline marketing strategies are too expensive for them and takes several months before they can communicate their readers. WePublish Inc. provides an online medium to instantly communicate with their audience and receive feedback instanteously. Authors will also be able to build a customer database that will grow over the years.

    • Word count: 1179
  16. The Trend of Ebook Publishing Services

    New authors can publish books on the WePublish website before sending it into a publisher. Also, this lets publishers find new talent. We offer security technology, where the pdf can only be installed on one device with a validation code with that specific device, so it makes it difficult for piracy to occur. Users can preview the books by reading random sections before deciding to buy. It's up to the Author to make which pages available to the public (preferably before the climax, so readers will want to buy). We offer a "mileage club" where each book you buy will earn you earn you ten points per dollar.

    • Word count: 1811
  17. Market Analysis of Ebook Publishing Services

    Being more precise, the targets are businessmen and college students' families who have annual salaries of $75,000 or higher. That income level of over $75,000, holds the most iPods (36%), and statistics show they like to online shop. From a survey from MacDailyNews, 94% of the MP3 player owners have shopped online in the past 6 months, and 49% say online shopping is the best way to shop. This trait makes them a prime target to sell eBooks to, because they are familiar with purchasing things online.

    • Word count: 1205
  18. How domestic electronic products are tailored to 3 different markets.

    Japan--- This country is the second largest economy country in the world. There is high level of consumption in the domestic market, the purchasing power is strong and the demand of household electrical appliances is large. But the market has keen competition and a lot of excellent competitor. In recently years, the market share of China's household electrical appliances increased in the Japanese market. According to the survey, Japan imported electrical home appliances from China are most of the affordable products in 2001.

    • Word count: 1586
  19. Summary and critical overview of the article

    The second section of the article goes on to explain about cultural factors experienced in CRM and how this involves both macro factors and micro factors, it goes on to explain about factors that affect firms across national boundaries or cultures and that this particular article focus's on the macro level of customer expectations, loyalty, profitability and customer value. (Ramaseshan et al, 2006) Section 3 of the article focuses on the challenge and considerations of GCRM depending on the environment and these can be grouped into four areas; technological, economic and market, social and cultural and legal and regulatory.

    • Word count: 1223
  20. Pestle analysis of UK mobile industry.The United Kingdom plays a very important role in the European mobile market as it accounts for a total of 12.9% market value

    And these determinants for the mobile phone manufacturing and service industry could be the Technological, Economical and Social factors. These could be the three main determinants of this industry mainly because all of these complement each other, as the better the technology in a mobile phone the higher the price will be. Even at a high price consumers would tend to buy these phones as for they are getting the latest technology in their hands and thereby they can show off their status.

    • Word count: 1900
  21. PESTEL Analysis of First Direct

    2.0 External Environment Analysis 2.1 PESTEL Analysis of 'First Direct' "PESTEL" stands for political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal issues of the business environment. Political and Legal Factors According to Pearce & Robinson (2005), the major constraint for managers is to formulate an organisation's strategies is to the direction and constancy of political factors. Political process and legislation influence the environmental regulations with which industries must abide by (Taylor et.al 2005). Different types of uncontrollable political constraints such as regulatory bodies and processes, government policies, government term and change, trading policies, funding, grants and initiatives, home market lobbying/pressure groups, international pressure groups, wars and conflict etc are placed on organization (Businessball, 2009).

    • Word count: 1863
  22. Comparison of Quality Between Diamond and Aquasana Drinking Water Filter

    This technology is very popular in Japan, and has been widely hailed as a breakthrough health therapy. Price - RM2980 Comparison on Product's Quality 1. Performance Removes Contaminants Diamond water filter Aquasana water filter Chlorine YES - 97.9% YES - 99% Lead YES - 98% YES - 99% Cysts YES - 99.5% YES - 99.9% THMs YES - 99% YES - 99% VOCs YES - 99% YES - 99% Lindane YES - 72.7% YES - 99% Alachlor YES - 95% YES - 98% Atrizine YES - 97% YES - 97% Benzene YES - 97% YES - 99% TCE's YES - 98% YES - 99% MTBE's NO YES - 97% 2.

    • Word count: 1906
  23. Contact Energy - Adding Customer Value

    The current recessionary state of New Zealand's economy adds a greater significance to add Customer value for competitive advantage, as Customers are increasingly on the lookout for being provided with the best service and value for their money. This is increasingly evident in the way firms identify themselves i.e. Meridian energy associates itself as a clean green generator of Electricity. The literature review below discusses how and why to further add Customer value and the resulting benefits that the firm (Contact Energy)

    • Word count: 1997
  24. What is brand equity?

    Brand equity may ultimately visible itself in several ways. Furthermore I think the amount of damage to the GM brand from a bankruptcy is unlikely at this point because GM's brand value is going down anyway. How much brand equity can GM have when they're selling cars at employee pricing, with heavy motivations. At a loss, just to get them off the lots? Once you've established yourself as the low cost provider you don't have much in the way of brand equity, because the marketplace won't pay a premium for your product.

    • Word count: 1064

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