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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Business Case Analysis - Kitchen Cubes

    Will all the long hours and dedication to both companies eventually wear him down? Co-owners of Kitchen Cubes, Zach Molgaard worked as a pilot for two years for corporate jets out of Kenosha Airport. Jake Molgaard did missionary work and was a youth pastor at a Clermont, Florida church for one year. Both brothers quit their jobs and went to work for Saco Industries in Lowell, Indiana. Working at Saco gave both Jake and Zach the experience they needed to start their own business. When you first walk through the doors of Kitchen Cubes you get the look of a franchise store with a family owned touch.

    • Word count: 1925
  2. What marketers do

    Determine what those needs and wants are and deliver to them more efficiently and cheaply than your competitors. Needs and wants are not the same, human needs include: food, shelter, clothing and safety whereas wants are desires for goods that will satisfy a need, so what marketers do is turn needs into wants. The Marketing Process In order to achieve this, as a first step marketers will need to understand the needs and wants of their customers. To determine these certain needs and wants marketers will perform primary and secondary research. Marketers do this because it provides invaluable information used to create their marketing strategies.

    • Word count: 1253
  3. Questionnaire design to identify customers(TM) attitudes to new product

    Respondents can be divided into three main focus groups: 1) Distributors, 2) OEM's and 3) End users. In percentage representation it will be as follows: 50% of business goes through 260 distributors globally, 40% to end users and 10% to OEM's. Non-customers are divided as agency or independent experts. Method A series of surveys through the use of questionnaires will be carried out to collect information on attitudes towards to OPC product. Both standardized and structured questions will be asked to reduce bias caused by questionnaire design.

    • Word count: 1301
  4. Market Research Brief - OPC

    and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets. For more information, please refer to TSI's website at www.tsi.com. 2. Project Rationale The market for Optical Particle Counters (OPCs) is much diversified as most commercially available instruments are targeted at clean room and micro-contamination monitoring. New TSI research OPC is addressed for markets where TSI particle instruments business has established an expertise and market presence due to high product quality and attractive business/pricing, and can fill gaps (i.e. make use of market opportunities) - both in TSI's product line and the ones of our competitors.

    • Word count: 1133
  5. indirect and direct research

    It does not just rely on statistics or numbers which is usually the base of quantitative research methods. This form of research is used to get detailed information about people's attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles. It is a good way of gathering and collecting quality information about different aspects in different market situations so the business can keep improving their research strategies accordingly. Organizations who use this kind of research usually have a team of specialist researchers who are continuously looking to find better ways to understand consumers thought processes and behaviour.

    • Word count: 1580
  6. Marketing strategies

    Lucozade has also launched Lucozade Sport which is aimed at people who like sports such as Football, Athletes, Tennis and other sports. Lucozade is now the UK's number 1 sport drink because almost every athletes drink. The marketing strategy of this drink was very popular because the campaign was represented by so many different athletes. How did Lucozade increase the demand of its products? Lucozade aims, is to provide a complete product range to address the nutrition needs of athletes of all abilities, for performance, preparation and recovery within sport.

    • Word count: 1406
  7. Mary Kay China

    It is advised to have a packaging program which follows trends in China. As for packaging wise, it is more basic compared to other markets such as in the USA. The packaging on products for Chinese market has both English and Chinese labels on it. Instruction papers are clearly defined in Chinese character. Packaging Pink was selected as the corporate color because Mary Kay thought that attractive pink packages would be left out on display in the white bathrooms. The entire product line, however, had recently been repackaged. Every item was changed to make graphics consistent, to be up to date, and to have individual identity but still look like it was part of the Mary Kay family of products.

    • Word count: 1411
  8. Biopure Strategy Analysis

    Biopure has the opportunity to release a product (Oxyglobin) that will give them the experience in bringing a product to market and establish a sales force that can promote the product. The release of this product will allow Biopure to generate positive brand equity about the new technology that will in turn promote the future release of Hemopure after the FDA approval. This buzz will allow physicians and hospitals to learn more about the lifesaving benefits as well as cost savings that this product has.

    • Word count: 1250
  9. Why is information easier and cheaper to collect on the internet?

    Therefore, it's crucial to know people's value and preference or interest towards the goods and how much they'd like to pay. Importantly, online ads methods provide richer information about customers as the information collection cost has been greatly reduced. Online ads not only "tell" sellers how much the customers want to pay, how many customers are interested in, what's more, they let companies know what type the customer is with not only cheap but richer information, of which customer preference is just one part.

    • Word count: 1849
  10. Understanding Marketing practices of Vodafone

    as well as EBIDTA per minute (EPM) of the mobile operators. In a bid to sustain the growth momentum without taking a hit on the high returns, mobile operators have come up with a tower sharing strategy. Tower sharing reduces capital expenditure by 60-65% and also improves operating efficiency due to benefits occurring from sharing of infrastructure. Factors affecting the Market growth 1. Low penetration = Huge potential The mobile penetration in India, at ~17%, is among the lowest in the world. 2. Falling tariffs The mobile tariffs in India are the lowest in the world, they are expected to reduce further, thus making the services more affordable to the new users as well as increasing the usage of the existing users.

    • Word count: 1620
  11. Fashion Trend Forecasting

    As eco fashion is gaining more and more awareness among the society and people. My focus will be on Denim and Kids wear trends. In general Organic cotton is used for most of the eco friendly clothing production. Based on Manmeet (2009) article about Organic clothing, there is an increase in demand for organic cotton market, which was about 3.5 billion USD in 2008, and estimated to increase to 4.5 billion USD by this year 2009 and reach 6.8 billion USD in 2010.

    • Word count: 1685

    * until the 1800s the world's population grew steadily but slowly for thousands of years * in 1820 the world's population reached one billion * 150 years later, in the early 1970s, the world's population reached three billion * in 1999, less than 30 years later, the population doubled to six billion * the global rate of population growth is now very fast (rising by about one billion every 15 years) Graph shows global population growth - very slow from 500 BCE to 1500 CE, and thereafter increasing more and more rapidly.

    • Word count: 1577
  13. Virgin Mobile USA

    In customer's eyes, Virgin stands for value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. The core principle of Virgin is to look for new opportunities in a business sector where they can offer a product that serves the consumer better at a lower price and yields higher satisfaction. The company has tapped in to different markets, e.g. food, airlines, entertainment, travel, etc. In the cellular market they keep their fixed cost low by entering using the MVNO technology or creating joint ventures with existing players. This way they can focus more on the needs of consumers and service provided to them.

    • Word count: 1829
  14. retail marketing

    GAP I began my research by visiting GAP first. The store includes woman and men clothes. The first part of the store is allocated for woman clothes. Once you enter the store on the right hand side you see first section which is designed for woman out wear and placed with woman trousers, jeans; you see tops and dresses hung on the left hand side. The second part of the store is designed for man clothes and there are a few dress-stands at this part.

    • Word count: 1267
  15. Customer Lifestyle and Behaviour

    There are high financial and psychological risks associated with these products E.g. homes, cars and electrical goods. Impulse Decision making; this form of decision making has no prior planning and is made on impulse there and then. http://wps.pearsoned.co.uk The mp3 may cover three out of the four categories mentioned above when a purchase of an mp3 player is made by a consumer. Buying an mp3 for some consumers may be a limited decision but for some may be an extensive or impulse.

    • Word count: 1362
  16. Analysis of Kellog's Indian experiene

    The concept of a cold breakfast was alien to majority of breakfast eaters. Lack of research led to the over estimation of the demand potential. Kellogg failed in the initial years because it was not sensitive to the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior in India. The quirky consumption patterns in India are heavily influenced by the local culture, a culture that could sometime differ by every 100 kilometers. Sufficient market research would have helped Kellogg identify these issues earlier on and work on an entry strategy that would work in India. 2.

    • Word count: 1365
  17. Ikea Case

    IKEA's success in the furniture industry can be attributed to a multitude of factors. One of the sustainable competitive advantages for IKEA is that it offers quality products at affordable prices. IKEA sells products that are priced 30 to 50% lower than fully assembled competing products. IKEA is able to charge low price for the products due to its business model, which enables it to control costs at different levels of the value chain. Costs are controlled starting at the design level. IKEA's designers work with the suppliers to incorporate savings generating features into the production and products from the start.

    • Word count: 1433
  18. Airbus Ethics

    The subsidiary company would allow the option to be exercised, bypassing the formal process but in place by the government. This is an unethical loophole to follow. Not only was the chairman behind this idea, but Airbus was funding ALAFCO as well as paying bribes to ALAFCO executives in order to make sure the deals went through. In this case the United States was hurt by losing the deal to Airbus. With such a large order, the money the U.S. based company, Boeing, missed out on was large. Airbus benefits from this deal because they get the order over Boeing.

    • Word count: 1952
  19. dunkin donut

    Bagels are accepted by American as breakfast and lunch item where more and more people who concern on their health jumped on the bagel bandwagon. On the other hand, Dunkin' Donut is well-established under the management by Allied Domecq which is a world leader in spirits and retailing. The diversity of the organization could be one of their competitive advantages because Allied Domecq was the world's leading brandy company and the second largest distributor Scotch whiskey, tequila and liqueurs. Dunkin' Donut sales increase drastically after the takeover by Allied Domecq based on their experience in retailing.

    • Word count: 1212
  20. Marks and spencer PESTLE Analysis

    There are plenty of observers who will claim that Marks & Spencer is dying, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm not suggesting that the retail monolith is going bust, or is about to be bought by Wal-Mart and rolled into one brand with Asda. It's just that the old M&S is dying and a new Marks & Spencer is forming. The latest blow came when Marks & Spencer announced it would sever its cosy, 30-year-old supply agreement with its fourth largest supplier, William Baird.

    • Word count: 1502
  21. The Role of Marketing and the Marketing department

    Organisations need to have an understanding of their customers and be aware of any changing needs in order to be prepared to deliver such needs at an acceptable level3. This can be achieved by recognising and understanding the demands of customers as it assists in anticipating any changes that occur in consumer tastes4. Successful organisations adopt, as a business-wide function, a marketing orientation that encourages commitment to identifying and satisfying the needs, wants and demands of their customers5. Procter & Gamble "develop superior understanding of consumers and their needs" to improve the lives of their customers by providing products and services of superior quality and value6.

    • Word count: 1503
  22. Orientation of a the Apple Company

    If the managing director puts an emphasis on recruiting people 'in their own image' the organization is more at a risk to employing all the staff that who are clones of them. This may have been the case in the past, thus the downturn of the business. The resourcing strategy puts an emphasis on matching the resources to the organisations requirements but should not just mean to maintain the status quo; it should involve a thorough change when thinking about what is required for the future growth.

    • Word count: 1275
  23. handling conflict

    If they are in the wrong then you just have to end the situation in the best way possible so that the conflict is kept at a minimum. * Apologising is sometimes necessary, there were times in my job that I was in the wrong and as an ambassador for the company, the customer should see the company in the best light possible and therefore it is vital to say sorry to the customer if it is necessary. I had to realise that in the conflict it is not always me in the right and that I had to back down sometimes but facing confrontational situations is not always easy.

    • Word count: 1160
  24. Choose a company and identify how a problem they have faced can be analysed using PESTLE.

    Ross exposed in lewd terms that Brand had engaged in sexual relations with Sachs's granddaughter. They repeatedly phoned several times following this, leaving messages apologising, although these were just as insulting, mentioning that Sachs may hang himself on hearing the news on his Brand and his granddaughter. This sparked a furore among both the general public, the media, the House of Commons even commented, all which lead to an investigation from Ofcom due to the vast number of complaints regarding the incident.

    • Word count: 1774

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