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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. AirAsia. This report aims to analysis the marketing strategies that the airline adopted into its marketing management practises, and focuses on the 7 Ps; price, place, product, promotion, people, process, physical evidence.

    This will continue to happen until the end of time. If you were to start a business, Internet or otherwise - one way to increase your chances of success is to start within an industry with lots of Prospects, find places they're not being served properly, and then offer your products/services to them. People: People need to move from one place to another for various reasons that include business trips, holidays, studies amongst other ventures depending on the where the venue is, their budget, intentions, necessity amongst other reasons and circumstances.

    • Word count: 2354

    Orasul Pitesti a fost ales datorita pozitiei geografice, strategice dar si datorita avantajelor logistice pe care le ofera. �n anul 2002 s-a �nfiintat �n cadrul fabricii primul laborator de control al calitatii, care verifica toti parametrii de la materia prima p�na la produsul finit. Grija pentru constanta calitatii mezelurilor �ncepe la Caroli de la alegerea cu atentie a materiei prime exist�nd cazuri �n care s-au refuzat loturi de materie prima din import deoarece nu corespundeau calitativ standardelor pe care firma si le-a impus. �n decembrie 2003 a fost achizitionata marca Gourmet, una dintre cel mai cunoscute marci de mezeluri de pe piata rom�neasca, �mbogatind astfel portofoliul de marci de renume al companiei.

    • Word count: 2758
  3. Pricing Strategies in Airline Industry

    Generally, this essay gives out the mode operation of two airline companies heading to different priorities when they offer their products. It will study and represent the result of the comparison between a low cost carrier and a normal one. ROLE OF PRICING Price which is one of four Ps of the marketing mix talks about the value placed on something that is exchanged. The work of calculating the price for a product is called pricing which can influence directly business performance.

    • Word count: 2443
  4. Marketing In British Airways

    Controls have been imposed on where airlines can fly what products they can develop and pricing structures. Though in recent years considerable regulatory reform has meant companies have the opportunity to increase market competition, primarily the EU-U.S. Open Skies Agreement [1] ratified in 2008 has enabled airlines of the European Union and of the United States fly between any points in the European Union and the United States. Legally BA has suffered under the power of the trade Unions, currently embroiled in a lengthy dispute with its employees over conditions and changes to working practices, the next round of strike action is scheduled for February & April 2011.

    • Word count: 2419
  5. Marketing Report for a Proposed Arthouse Cinema in Melbourne.

    Target market opportunities analysis; 2) Target market evaluation; 3) Target market selection. And provide a preliminary plan to suggest either they should process their ideas or not. 2. Industry definition Exhibition is the retail branch of the film industry. It involves not the production or the distribution of motion pictures, but their public screening, usually for paying customers in a site devoted to such screenings, the movie theater. What the exhibitor sells is the experience of a film (and, frequently, concessions like soft drinks and popcorn). Because exhibitors to some extent control how films are programmed, promoted, and presented to the public, they have considerable influence over the box-office success and, more importantly, the reception of films.

    • Word count: 2435
  6. Innocent Marketing Proposal

    Competitors Finally I had to do some primary research to find out the cost of other smoothie's before I could price mine. The best place to do this was supermarkets as they always sell different brands of smoothies. Once I have done this I decided the price my smoothie. This shows that before pricing I considered my competitors. Having done all my research into my competitors and what the customers want I would see this as strength as now I have more knowledge about the market and my product.

    • Word count: 2789
  7. The purpose of this report is to analyze and learn from PepsiCo and Coca-Colas entry into the Indian market. It involves many international marketing aspects, including the impacts of Indias political environment on both companies success

    That was 'Principle of Indigenous Availability', which policy banning imports being sold in India. Due to this political environment, Coca-Cola had withdrawn from the Indian market in 1977. The new government of India was founded in June 1991. In order to expand liberalization of the Indian economy, new government introduced some new industrial policies, such as bureaucracy and regulation to foreign direct investment. These policies intended to dismantle complicated trade rules and regulations, foreign investment increased dramatically, beneficiary industries included processed foods, software, engineering plastics, electronic equipment, power generation and petroleum generation. Pepsi and Coca-Cola were required many India laws, for example, foreign businesses were prohibited use of foreign brand names on products selling within the Indian market.

    • Word count: 2394
  8. Research Proposal - Is proper brand extension necessary for the survival of the parent brand?

    Once the customers lose loyalty, brand extension leads to wastage of money, time and labour etc. Customer's unawareness of the brand's ability in new category makes the product suffer from the problem of incredibility. Customer behaviour towards brand extension may differ in quite a lot of ways. The understanding of these differences can play a significant role in the brand extension besides providing competitive advantage to any business establishment in growing market. INTRODUCTION This research proposal is based on the conceptual-theoretical Research method and the final research will attempt to test the hypotheses that have been derived from the review of literature.

    • Word count: 2672
  9. The essay is going to examine that why customers are discerning and reducing their spending in unpredictable economy and the challenges faced by marketers to regain the customers to maintain their sustainability.

    which reflects that customers are moving towards low cost products. Hence major retail companies are finding it difficult to win and retain customers in a global recession. According to Engel's law, "as real income goes down so does the share devoted to luxury products" (Burr Ridge, 2004). Customers are cutting down their spending on luxury items. Alistair Sandy, director of Sussex Orchids, said demand had fallen for luxury items and people have stopped spending on practically anything that's a luxury item (BBC news, 2009).

    • Word count: 2464

    They state that their vision is to "proudly serve the best burgers in the business, plus a variety of real authentic foods....all freshly prepared.... just the way you want it" (www.burgerking.ca/en/1121/index.php). One of their goals is that they try hard to continuously increase their image and product line. Having integrity, diversity, fairness, team work, and commitment to excellence are only some of this fast food restaurants values. With Burger King's unique values and slogan they have created a position for themselves that separates them from other fast food restaurants.

    • Word count: 2596
  11. Free essay

    Consumer Behavior Theories Overview

    to focus on the apparently irrational purchasing requirements (some studies of motivation) and the use of logical flow models of bounded rationality (Howard and Sheth 1989). The latter approach has depended on in what is often called "information-processing model (Bettman 1979). Processing model of information relating to consumers as a logical thinker who solves the problem to your purchasing decision (Holbrook and Hirschman 1980). Compares the four basic approaches to creating successful interorganizational relationships and combines them into a single recipe for managing important relationships between firms (Palmatier, Dant, and Grewal, 2007). Service failed to meet the clients and the development of customer loyalty over time in the business-to-business markets. Cyert (1956)

    • Word count: 2654
  12. The choice of distribution channel(s) in international marketing decision

    As Frazier (1999) suggests, distribution channels play a significant role in the process of market expansion, and how to organize and manage channels of distribution is the key to multinational enterprise survival. The significance of this topic is that if Apple Inc chooses the suitable distribution channel for Apple iPhone, then its sales revenuer will reach the optional level. Thus, this essay will relate the distribution channels of iphone to the discussion of three factors that have an impact on the decisions to choose a particular distribution channel when marketing an international product, after that, this essay will analyse the development of iPhone in china rely on the PEST model.

    • Word count: 2526

    Some companies establish a matrix organization consisting of both product and market managers. Finally, some companies have strong corporate marketing, others have limited corporate marketing, and still others place marketing only in the divisions. Effective modern marketing organizations are marked by a strong co-operation and customer focus among the company's departments: marketing, R & D, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, operations, finance, accounting and credit. Companies must practice social responsibility through their legal, ethical, and social words and actions. Cause marketing can be a means for companies to productively link social responsibility to consumer marketing programs.

    • Word count: 2006
  14. Ecommerce can be dividing into four main categories: B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C. E-commerce is clearly defined is a part of method of using E communication and computer technology to performance business.

    Many businesses use e-commerce for the direct selling of goods or services online. Every transaction handling through the internet, including order confirmation, invoicing and payment, and deliveries and returns. It gives more advantage for customers and organization. When companies introducing the new product using the e commerce, email campaigns or online advertising it help to attract visitors, to company web site. And improving the company sales limit. Organization can also use the internet to automate aspects of customer support to reduce the number of routine customer service calls. Aspects of E-commerce Law New E-Commerce laws 1.

    • Word count: 2258
  15. Pricing and marketing. The pricing is a important factor in marketing both in getting the product accepted by the target market, and in generating sufficient revenue for the organisation.

    * Taxation (e.g. V AT) * Cost of borrowing or credit for expensive items * Delivery cost * Installation cost * Costs of the product in use (e.g. electricity, spare parts etc.) * Servicing costs * Expected life span of the purchase before replacement * Depreciation * Pre-qualifications required (e.g. license to purchase a gun; school leaving mark sheets and certificates for talking admissions in a college course) IMPORTANCE OF PRICING Pricing is the process of determining what a company will receive in exchange for its products.

    • Word count: 2802
  16. Obesity and Marketing

    Gallo argues that the consumption of advertised foods is higher than consumption of foods that are not advertised and advertising expenditures are generally greatest for the most highly processed and packaged foods (Gallo, 1999). This essay intends to outline various perspectives about the debate on the recent rise on obesity and its cause, specifically outlining the existing blame where Fast Food Marketers have been held accountable. Fast foods are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. This is primarily because they are cheap, indulgently delicious and are often more convenient to access.

    • Word count: 2252
  17. Marketing Plan

    Try and get Nivea to drive the product into the market through the promotions stated later in this marketing plan. Marketing strategy To market this product the main approach would be getting trial kiosks put into busy malls around the country. This would attempt to show the consumer the quality of the product. Because of Nivea's big name loyal customers, we hope, will buy the products by us even if they are new. As this product is aimed at the 'young ones' most of the mum's will be looking to buy the product for their children, therefore there should be an emphasis on the location of where the kiosks are located around the malls.

    • Word count: 2061
  18. Give an example of a recent purchase of an expensive article (hand-phone, camera or notebook computer). Explain your decision-making process, and what source of information did you use in making the decision to buy the article?

    I am a heavy user of mobile, so I demand high specifications of the mobile. Brand I have used most of the brands of mobile, so I know the quality and after sales services of different brands very well. Here is the priority of mobile brands I preferred: SAMSUNG > LG > Nokia > Google > SonyEricsson > Motorola > hTC > Apple Price Price is an important consideration factors in buying a mobile, this time I am willing to give out SG$1000 to purchase a perfect mobile.

    • Word count: 2575
  19. Lucozade was chosen to be investigated in this report in order to understand the current situation of the energy drink market and to see how Lucozade could remain its position of market leader. Also, the growth of the industry would be investigated in ord

    Its main product was easily digestible glucose drink which could help recovery from sickness by providing energy when people did not feel like eating food and soon it became the symbol of recovery. By the healthier trends of people life style, Lucozade had repositioned as a healthy provider of energy to help people recover from the natural daily lulls in energy people might suffer during the day. Thus "Aids recovery" was replaced by "Replaces lost energy". Finally, Lucozade became a brand that could provide energetic, busy and successful people with the energy they needed to perform to their full potential.

    • Word count: 2318
  20. Marks & Spencer Essay

    Since then, the company used different strategies to recover the company lost. By the end of 2002, the market share of the clothing market raised up sharply to 14.8%. Marks and Spencer were able to bring back the customers temperately. However, they experienced another rapid drop in market share again in the 2 following years, which was between 2003 and 2004. Fortunately, the company picked up the market share in 2006 with strong performances from menswear, womenswear and childrenwear. The Christmas sales even rose up by 9.2% in 2007, which was officially recovered.

    • Word count: 2361
  21. Marketing audit. Viet power marketing communication corporation (abbreviate PMA) is founded in 2000 with two branches in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, PMA is one of the most famous companies in events management. PMA provide media Marketing effe

    ; Strategies consultancy (Marketing Strategy, Brandname Buidling and Promoting Strategy, Organizing Promotion Activities Implementation Management) Task 1 Appraise the processes and techniques used by the company marketing audit for the marketing environment A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a company's -- or business unit's -- marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company's marketing performance (Kotler et al, 1988).

    • Word count: 2159
  22. CRM - Database and customer Relationship marketing

    HSBC BANKING SERVICES 3.1 Background HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC state that they are 'the world's local bank' by promising to get personal and local by offering a wide range of services designed specifically to meet customer demands. (source:http://www.hsbc.com) 3.2 CRM and Database Activities HSBC are practising CRM strategies supported by technology to retain existing customers by understanding their needs and having the correct information available to acquire potential new customers.

    • Word count: 2766
  23. Marketing Value

    has stated that "Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object form someone by offering something in return". Pentax have to sacrifice the customers, which includes the buyer, user and payer. An individual may buy T10 and pay for it, however, this individual may not be the only one who use the T10. Pentax also have exchange with partners and stakeholders. The exchange with partners can be exchange with retailers, such as selling T10 to JB Hi Fi, Myer etc. The other exchange party is stakeholders, this individual has an investment in Pentax, and they can be the director, employees in Pentax.

    • Word count: 2396
  24. Marks & Spencer. M&S uses demographic segmentation to select its target markets for its product. It targets its customers by age, income, social class and lifestyle. There are 3 different ranges of M&S for autumn 2001, including The Perfect and Classic Co

    A., 2000). M&S uses demographic segmentation to select its target markets for its product. It targets its customers by age, income, social class and lifestyle. There are 3 different ranges of M&S for autumn 2001, including The Perfect and Classic Collection, Per una and The Autograph. 1.1.1 The perfect collection and the classic collection Marketers are increasingly interested in the effect of consumer "lifestyle" on demand. The market segments serve at this range targets on those consumer who want to save time and feel convenient when buying because of their busy lifestyle.

    • Word count: 2217

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