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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. marketing communication

    Normally, many organizations already have longer-term orientation and develops between parties which to build long-term supportive relationships because they wanted to make sure however infrequently, the consumers will choose to buy the same brand. (Fill, 2006, p.5) 2.0 The characteristics of marketing communications using the 4Cs framework Marketing communications involves a mix of three elements: tools, media and messages. The primary element of the mix has customarily been the mix of tools that can be used in various combinations and different degrees of intensity in order to communicate with a target audience.

    • Word count: 3306
  2. Romanian healthcare market overview

    The representative bodies of the Ministry of Public Health at the district level are the 42 district public health authorities (DPHAs). Also at district level, 42 District Health Insurance Funds (DHIFs) are responsible for contracting services from public and private healthcare providers according to the rules set by the central units. Two national insurance funds have been established in 2002, one belonging to the Ministry of Transport (CAST) and the other to the Defence System, Public Order, National Security and Justice (OPSNAJ Authority).

    • Word count: 5361
  3. Business Strategy - Kellogs Case Study.

    Any attempt to bypass our plagiarism detection systems will be treated as a severe Assessment Offence. 1. Communicate a copy of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the assessment item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking). Student Name Anne Loughiln Student ID: H1109016 Signature: AMLoughlin Date :270412 Business Strategy ? Assignment No. 1 part 1 Question 1 What are the below key terms for Kellogg?s? KEY TERMS Kellogg?s Mission Statement , this gives an idea of the overall purpose of the organisation ?To drive sustainable growth through

    • Word count: 3301
  4. Rosewood Hotel and Resort Corporate Branding

    This defines Rosewood?s Sense of Place philosophy (Dev & Stroock, 2007). However, because of this strategy guests who have stayed at Rosewood properties were only aware of the property brand and not of the corporate brand. Given this lack of brand awareness, Rosewood has not been able to capitalize on repeat and multi-property guest stays in the way that a corporate-branded hotel with clear brand recognition such as that of Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons (Dev & Stroock, 2007). This is an issue for a company like Rosewood since the hotel industry relies on return visits and brand recognition for profitable customer relationships.

    • Word count: 5091
  5. The findings of this research study will help the management at Red Bull to understand the reason behind their declining sales and consumption in New Zealand

    Questions regarding post-purchase consumption experience and the factors that play a role in decision making along with the possible gaps in the market remain unanswered and need further research. The findings of this research study will help the management at Red Bull to understand the reason behind their declining sales and consumption in New Zealand, and will help them in solving their management problem. ________________ Background Red Bull, the brain child of Austrian businessmen, Dietrich Mateschitz, is the global leader in the energy drinks market which by 2013, is expected to grow by 64.3 percent to a value of $44.3 billion (Datamonitor PLC, 2008).

    • Word count: 3478
  6. E Marketing analysis. In this study I will try to make an introspective analysis of six sites regarding the methods they are using for production of profit

    The same goes for the gender distribution as it is represented by more males than females. Visitors are by 82.5% residents of Greece, followed by 2.3% from U.K and 2.2% from Germany and the same from the US, which is quite reasonable numbers for news site to have more domestic audience. Sites relevant to in.gr are pathfinder.gr, Sport24.gr, sport-fm.gr, naftemporiki.gr, kathemirini.gr, Jungle.gr and more. Important information is the upstream sites, the main input of visits is most deriving from google.gr by 15.3% and followed by facebook.com by 7%, mainly form search engines.

    • Word count: 3577
  7. Phien Phuong Coffee Marketing Strategy

    4. Easy to promote P&P to a masses company. Coffee has been growing industry for the past ten years. The most notable growth has been in Europe (Germany, Swiss, England, France, Netherlands, Italia), America and Asia (Japan, Singapore, China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia) According to recent research of WB pointed out the potential consumer coffee can reach 70,000 tons per year on the domestic market in Vietnam. The number of specialty roasters has increased from a handful of well-known companies to thousands of independent entities. There is a constant struggle within this market to produce the best coffee and serve one or more niches within the larger market.

    • Word count: 3825
  8. Starbucks Complete Analysis

    SURVEY RESULTS: 1. The survey concluded that respondents who are price sensitive get attracted to choices such as 7-eleven and Dunkin Donuts, who offer a low price but with a low environment. The majority of people ranked Starbucks as the coffee shop that offers better environment but the price per cup is higher than the competition. 2. This survey is based on the positioning chosen by the coffee shops. By comparing price per cup and the environment or the service given to the customer, we see the different strategies taken by Starbucks? competitors.

    • Word count: 14652
  9. United Cereal: Lora Brills Eurobrand Challenge

    As a set of guiding principles, core values are the essential and enduring tenets of companies and have intrinsic value and importance to those inside the organization. UC?s two time-tested values-customer and market oriented, and constant innovation-which can be summarized from the company phrases, are embodied in its vision: 1. Customer and market oriented (?You inspire us?): It is customers who lastingly gave UC inspiration to do innovation and led UC to become a pioneer in the use of consumer research and focus group.

    • Word count: 5418

    The style and customs prevailing in a given period of time is being characterized as fashion. The word fashion includes many elements such as: Shape, Line, Colour, Value and texture. Importance of fashion In today?s society, underrated importance is being given to style and fashion. First impression of an individual is being shaped by way of dressing and looks. Some of the importance of fashion is elaborated below: 1. Identity ? Fashion helps in developing a sense of identity among the teenagers. It also reflects the independent and inclusive personality of an individual. Identity helps in signally the teenage belongingness for a particular group and team.

    • Word count: 3012
  11. Title: Analyse and investigate consumer responses towards Internet shopping and the

    (International Journal of Communication). In a recent literature about the altitude of students from the University of Greek (2010) Magee (2003) argued that the increase in the numbers of people that shop online has outgrown the numbers of internet users. These indicate people are getting more comfortable shopping online than going to the shopping mall or market places. She further argued that, not only do the numbers of people shopping online grow but the volume of purchases has increase tremendously. However, it is not only the numbers of shoppers that have grown but also is the number of purchases made.

    • Word count: 15058
  12. Determinants of fast food consumption in Malaysia

    Among the 6000 (approximately) franchise outlets in Malaysia, foods and beverages dominate the franchising sector (fast-food retail was about 32%), whereas, the local fast-food or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market was valued at $493 million (RM 1.8 billion). At present, the largest foreign franchise operator in Malaysia is KFC. It has entered the Malaysian market in 1973, and since then KFC dominates the market with 447 outlets and 46% market share in the fast-food or QSR market. Essentially, KFC and Pizza Hut in Malaysia are owned by the same group of companies, QSR Brands Bhd which in total, controls 60% of the QSR in Malaysia.

    • Word count: 8524
  13. Marketing a new snack in Vietnam.

    The company distinctly states the corporation, marketing and financial objectives as the guidelines to the business. The major objective for Poca in the next twelve months is to gain the market share up to 30% in general snack market, and 60% in potato snack market particularly. Poca?s products are suitable a wide range of social class from low income upward. However, Poca target market is teenagers and young adults, which have a high proportion in Vietnam population. The company has its own potencies of a wide range of distribution in both urban and rural areas, various flavors along with eye-catching and hot color designs.

    • Word count: 7635
  14. TNT Marketing Strategy. The objective of this marketing plan will be targeting to increase market share in the Southeast Asia region

    Marketing Objective 1. Increase market share in emerging market such as Southeast Asia 2. Increase product awareness among the target audience 3. Using Asia Road Network as its main marketing tools to market TNT branding Target Markets Asia being one of the regions with highest numbers of business and investment opportunities and when you look at it at a whole it has huge growing opportunity with the ability to produce consumer goods at a much lower price due to its cheaper labor cost (American Century, 2010).

    • Word count: 3179
  15. Marketing Mix Report on Kraft Tiger Energy Choc Biscuits.

    This biscuit have a lot of varieties such as 42g and 75g that specifically produced for individual consumption and 240g produced for family consumptions. Kraft tiger is produced more than one tastes such as susu and original because chocolate tastes can make their consumers feel tired and cough. There are some unique features in Kraft Tiger Energy Choc Biscuits, such as this product has Tiger?s design called ?Tigo? in their package is the special trademark of this product. Kraft Tiger has a unique carved object in their biscuits, written ?TIGER? that placed in the top of their biscuits.

    • Word count: 3048
  16. Marketing Research on a Fitness Center aimed at Women

    of Descriptive Statistics ? Questions 4 to 7 Table 8: Descriptive Statistics for Question 4 Table 9: Personal Income and Fitness Centre Location Table 10: Fitness Centre Location and Place of Work Table 11: Number of Dependent Children Table 12: Personal Income Before Tax Table 13: Respondents? Home Location Table 14: Respondents? Work Place Location Table 15: Summary of Results Figures Figure 1: Conceptual Diagram Figure 2: Fitness Centre Features Important to Women aged 20-40 Figure 3: Fitness Centre Services Important to Women aged 20-40 Figure 4: Personal Benefits Sought from a Fitness Centre by Women aged 20-40 Figure 5:

    • Word count: 20422
  17. Horlicks Foodles Marketing Strategy for Repositioning

    Using the responses, we used laddering approach to map the attributes, consequences and values. Detailed transcripts of the interviews are attached in the appendix. Phase 3: Based on the information gathered so far, we did an industry study to understand the current pain points of the Foodles brand. Statistics was performed on the market data to help us understand the constraints on the brand. Phase 4: Recommendations are proposed on the marketing strategy that Foodles could adopt. We have elaborated on some of the promotion plans that can be used to increase the market share.

    • Word count: 5615

    Part 1: External Analysis: PESTLE ANALYSIS: Political: Taxation policy: If Starbucks charges high tax to the consumer then lot of consumers won`t come to Starbucks as they will have to pay more, so Starbucks will lose customers which will decrease their sales which in other words occur a loss in their industry. Government stability: A change in government policies affects the industry as they may bring in new laws or new or existing government who might involve taxes. When mentioning new ventures the political turn oil or civil war should be taken great care.

    • Word count: 5906

    bring forth the fact that within the last two decades the manufactures preference for foreign goods and items. After the Asiad games in New Delhi the market for color television has increased phenomenally. The companies, which entered the Indian market whether foreign or Indian, could en-cash the ever-growing demand of consumer goods particularly color television. Such products are considered to be status symbol. A review of the sudden mushroom growth, electronics industry along metropolitan cities is very interesting as well as informative. As if not to be left behind even the public sector units started the manufacturing CTVs largely based on Korean and Japanese technology.

    • Word count: 12824
  20. A critical analysis of how ethical factors concerning children as consumers affect Disneys advertising strategy.

    With morality being such a subjective and culturally determined matter, the perception of what is right and what is wrong varies with different organisations and environments. As the evolution of economics, business processes, and technology has unfolded, the definitions and domains of ethical business practice have become more ambiguous and seemingly less categorical (Vermillon, 2002). Notwithstanding, a failure to properly consider ethical guidelines in the conduct of business run the risk of specific practices being adversely judged with the attendant likelihood of consumer backlash and its negative economic consequence.

    • Word count: 3737
  21. Research method report -attitudes to GM technology.

    For the ecosystem in the world, it is the alien organism. What they are more anxious about is the possibility that such self-breeding and hybridization would get close to other species, which might lead to the genetic contamination when that exotic species spread to the traditional biological system. Apparently, genetically modified crops are not different from the ordinary plants, and it just has more additional features with regard to the gene. In Europe the opposite voice against the genetically engineered crops is common to hear. Even the European Union has cautioned the public that the rational and reasonable attitude toward the genetically engineered crops should be taken in that the Europeans have suffered from the genetically engineered crops, Schubert (2002).

    • Word count: 5078
  22. Marketing . This audit report analyses and evaluates the present performance and strategies implemented by Qantas Airways Ltd.

    Corporate travellers are likely to be willing to spend more on the luxuries. Apart from the core benefit of getting from one location to another, customers who travel with Qantas also experience quality service. Qantas is a prestigious brand that focuses on quality. The current strategy of Qantas? product and branding aspect is the slogan ?Spirit of Australia,? but from their previous incidents, they need to build their reputation by providing more commitment to safety. They should position themself this way to avoid changes to the perception of the brand name. In regards to pricing, Qantas? strategy is purely profit based in that they aim to increase profit as much as possible.

    • Word count: 11112

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