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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Nike's Analysis. Firstly we are going to introduce Nike and its main stage from the start to today. Secondly we are going to expose the strategies of this company and what its assets are. And finally we will see why the strategies are not perfect and how

    Firstly we are going to introduce Nike and its main stage from the start to today. Secondly we are going to expose the strategies of this company and what its assets are. And finally we will see why the strategies are not perfect and how Nike managers could improve the brand image. First and foremost, we would like to start off with a brief introduction of Nike's history. Nike was founded in 1958 by a man called Phil Knight. Initially, Nike only started off making sneakers for track runners. In 1962 Bill Bowerman, an athletic trainer for the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight, a student in accountancy and runner, got the idea to import inexpensive athletic shoes from Japan.

    • Word count: 3770
  2. Marketing research tools - Assignment on Factor and Cluster Analysis

    Discounts & Promotional Offers: Often organized retail stores tend to attract customers by offering discounts and various other incentives to a prospect buyer. Through this variable, we intend to measure the influence of these marketing strategies on a customer's mind. (Code-F) Price Advantage: This is basically an extension of the above said sub variables where we test whether customers get the products at a cheaper cost as compared to the unorganized players in the market. (Code-H) Regular Buyer: By regular buyer, we mean that then when a customer visits a mall/retail chain does he always buy something, however small, insignificant it may be.

    • Word count: 7388
  3. S.W.O.T. Analysis of Dalda Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    aspect 34 Recommendations 35 Managerial aspect 36 Recommendations 37 General aspect recommendations 38 D.S.R. daily routine 39 Working in Regional office 40 Questionnaire 42 Annexure 45 Contents Page# List of tables Target market of Dalda Foods in detail 05 Portfolio of Dalda Foods Pvt. Ltd 06 Width and Depth of D.F.L. 07 Price of MBP 24 Price of MCO 24 Price of DBP 24 Price of DCO 25 Price of Olive Oil 25 Price of PCO 25 Price of PCCO 26 Price of TCO 26 Price of TGCO 26 Price of TSCO 27 Price of TBP 27 Price of PrBP 27 Price of PrCO 27 Contents Page # List of Charts Organizational structure 03 Target market of Dalda Foods.

    • Word count: 6055
  4. Jaguar Land Rover - Strategy to expand in China

    Furthermore, the global exposure and education has also contributed to a greater awareness of premium cars and differentiation from mass segment. There is thus a tremendous scope for Jaguar Land Rover to further exploit this opportunity. Not unexpectedly, the segment is dominated by global brands. Brand value, technical competence and price insensitivity of buyer seem to be the major reasons for absence of any home-grown competitors. Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz accounted for roughly 76 per cent3 of premium car sales in 2009.

    • Word count: 3106
  5. Tanishq a division of Titan Industries is Indias largest, most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand in India. Bangladesh is a large potential market for jewelry businesses.

    The Roaring Twenties saw a huge demand for jewelry. It was during these ancient and classical times that the basics of creating jewelry were founded. For the huge demand of jewelry in market jewelry industry is growing very fast The Reason for Choosing the Industry: Jewelry has always a huge demand in everywhere in the world. It is always an obsession for people especially for women. Now-a-days men are also using different kinds of jewelry. People from every country and every culture use jewelry.

    • Word count: 4364
  6. Nintendo case study. This marketing report takes the marketing strategy of Nintendo Wii from 2007 onwards as the object of analysis, investigates its background, makes sense of why it has worked, studies its advantages and drawbacks and attempts to find a

    Apart from its superior product, Wii also adopts a marketing strategy that embraces low pricing and simple distribution. All these factors combined boost up Wii's sales, making it the best-selling game console of its generation. Wii may seem untouchable in its area, but this superiority is achieved on the conditions that its two main competitors, Sony and Microsoft, have not decided to confront it in home game console domain. It is foreseeable that Wii will face challenges from outside-its competitors and other home entertainment industries-and inside-its own product life cycle. Is there a way to avoid the short lifetimes that are common in game industries?

    • Word count: 4327

    36 23 Conclusion 37 24 Reference & Bibliography 38 Acknowledgement It is very pleasing to us that we completed a term paper on Managing human resources. Every assignment adds a new experience and riches the knowledge. Our first assignment was denied and it entailed the second endeavour & hardship. However, it is true that it also entailed the quality task. We pay our due respect and exclusive thanks to our honourable course teacher Mrs. Sunita Kotta who gave us the opportunity to elicit the quality performance from us.

    • Word count: 8425
  8. The following report is an Analytical Account on Evian. I will be analysing how the Evian Brand has developed over time and the factors that have influenced Evians performance in the market place. I will need to examine Evians current situation with

    Present in the 5 continents, in 125 countries. There has been a differentiation in culture differences in terms of Evian's brand name. For example, in some parts of England, Evian logos have been made with Evian name becoming Naive (Evian in reverse) while the French use the logo as propaganda for Human Rights replacing evian with egalite (equality). According to www.businessweek.com, Danone's brand was worth $4,638 million in 2006, which is a 3% increase from 2005 which was $4,513 million Brief history of Evian's brand development Evian water has been differentiated from most of the other bottled water brands because it is not processed or filtered in anyway.

    • Word count: 5123
  9. Red Bull Marketing

    The original formula was altered to satisfy the Western palates. Some ingredients were removed and carbon dioxide gas was added to the beverage. Some components of the legendary elixir include B-complex vitamins, glucuronolactone, carbohydrates, sodium and caffeine. One ingredient called the amino acid taurine, was derived synthetically and not from bull testicles, as some rumors said. Dietrich Mateschitz: `` When we first started, we said there was no market for Red Bull, but Red Bull will create it. And this finally came true''.

    • Word count: 3403
  10. McDonalds Marketing

    Business Model: It is a Franchise Model where only 15% of the total number of restaurants is owned by the Company itself and where the remaining 85% is operated by franchisees. The company sticks to a comprehensive framework of training and monitoring of its franchises to ensure that they adhere to the Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value propositions rendered by the company to its customers. The product consistency effect is happening at McDonalds because with the development of a sophisticated supplier networked operation and distribution system, the company has been able to achieve consistent product taste and quality across geographies.

    • Word count: 8071
  11. Strategic Mkt for the North Face

    According to consumers' interests, they provide the highly functional, highest quality of products in order to achieve and preserve customer loyalty. Different from other competitors, The North Face has their own method of competing which is "Make the best product possible, price it at the level needed to earn a fair return, and guarantee it forever"- summarized by Hap Klopp. A mission needs to be translated into everyday actions, so that, TNF also provide different kind of policies such as return/exchange, warranty, repair .ect policies.

    • Word count: 3711
  12. MKT research on Latrobe University

    3 23 Summary 24 Limitation 24 Conclusion 25 Bibliography 26 Appendix A: Questionnaire 27 Appendix B: Summary of all the discussed objectives, hypotheses, questions and statistical tests 29 Appendix C: Respondents' email 30 List of figure Figure 1: Gender of respondents 12 Figure 2: Age of respondents 13 Figure 3: The average income in respondents' family 14 List of table Table 1: Response rate 11 Table 2: The importance of different university characteristics (choice factors) 15 Table 3: Usefulness of information sources 16 Table 4: Image of Latrobe University*other variables 18 Table 4.1: Image of Latrobe University * University location

    • Word count: 7227
  13. This papers aim is to measure the mediating effect of Customer satisfaction of customers willingness to switch service provider and the indirect effect of Perceived price and Perceived Service Quality on willingness to switch. Further, the moderatin

    Research limitations/implications - The data set on which the research is conducted was 155, which is a small sample size compared to the number of mobile users in India. Also the data set is limited largely to the age group of 20-35 years. Practical implications - The research findings show that the switching costs have become insignificant after the advent of mobile number portability and if customer satisfaction is not maintained then there is a high chance of customers switching to other service providers.

    • Word count: 6181
  14. Transforming Greenwich as a tourist centre

    In the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. This is expected to lure even more visitors into Greenwich. Our aim is to take advantage of the Olympic visitors to Greenwich in 2012 to launch a Classical music festival that will promote Greenwich as a tourist destination. We intend to align this event to the Olympic brand. Around the world, sporting events has being known and used as tourism drivers. In 1990 Barcelona received 1.7 million visitor arrivals, making it the 13th most visited European city destination, whereas by 2005 the number of visitor arrivals had jumped to 5.5 million, Making Barcelona the 4th most visited European city (after London, Paris and Berlin)

    • Word count: 11877
  15. COMPORTAMENTUL DE ACHIZIIE AL Sc Vegetalis prod srl

    El primeste comenzile, le onoreaza, gestioneaza stocurile si le contabilizeaza continuu. Fiind vorba de o cantitate medie de 30 de tone de ciuperci produse lunar care necesita recoltare, exista unsprezece culegatori care actioneaza eficient si in timp util. Materia prima, compostul si turba, sunt importate din Ungaria. Societatea se aprovizioneaza cu ajutorul unui autocamion de tip TIR dotat cu semiremorca frigorifica, inchiririat de la o societate de profil. Cei doi soferi angajati se ocupa de distributia ciupercilor catre clienti prin intermediul autoutilitarelor specializate pentru transport alimente.

    • Word count: 3469
  16. Marketing Analysis for Adrenaline Air Sports. The purpose of this report is to find the problems and suggest some strategies and tactics to Billy Cockrell to make Adrenaline Air Sports a more profitable and an improved drop zone.

    He needs to include BASE jumps in his drop zone to provide more activities for the customers (3) He needs to expand days of operation from three days during the season to seven (4) Devote self to full time at Adrenaline, quit the other job. The company's growth rate in its first few years shows that the demand is there. This would require going out and finding more first time jumpers and initiating programs to get them to return again.

    • Word count: 6728
  17. Markeking Project

    The second option is the customer to use the online software to file their taxes online. The third option is to buy H&R Block's At Home Software and file their own taxes at their convenient time at home. Market Areas Sells To H&R Block provides tax preparation service to the general public in the United States, Canada, and Australia. It can be classified as a vertical market because it specializes in preparing tax returns for its client base. The company provides tax preparation service to individual income earners who are obligated by the IRS to file their tax returns in order to report their income.

    • Word count: 3300
  18. Consumer Behavior and Holiday

    There are different views and beliefs about the way customers make decisions buying a holiday. Studying this case can help marketers understand clearly what may happen in fact, so they can find out the inference to market and promote holidays. On the other hand, this case provides a chance to challenge the traditional problem solving model of consumer decision-making process and see the differences between it and practical situations of holiday decision-making. Therefore, it will bring out the divergence in theory and reality, which shows the necessity to be flexible applying theory into changing external environment.

    • Word count: 3415
  19. Free essay

    Marketing Strategies

    Conducerea societatii este asigurata de catre primul asociat, care are functia de director general. Societatea comerciala TRITON SRL are ca obiect de activitate comertul cu ridicata al masinilor pentru industria miniera si constructii- Cod CAEN 5182. Societatea dispune de patru locatii in care isi desfasoara activitatea: Constanta, Cernavoda, Galati, Urziceni. Sediul social al societatii este in Constanta 1.2. Procesul de management in cadrul agentului economic: procese de munca, resurse umane. Firma este agentul economic de baza al fiecarei economii, principalul generator de valoare si valoarea de �ntrebuintare �n cadrul careia �si desfasoara activitatea majoritatea populatiei ocupate �n fiecare tara, indiferent

    • Word count: 14461
  20. This essay has 3 objectives: (1) to gain a better understanding of Harry Potter Fans as a strong brand community; (2) to discover the process Harry Potter Fans create value; (3) to explore the link between value creation and brand community.

    to discover the process Harry Potter Fans create value; (3) to explore the link between value creation and brand community. An enhanced understanding of how Harry Potter Fans create brand value will aid an enhanced understanding of brand community. In addition, it will help marketers "build and nurture brand community and enhance collaborative value creation between and among consumers and firms" (Schau, Muniz, and Arnould, 2009). The essay is organised as follows. Firstly, I will review literature on brand community and value creation. Then I study Harry Porter Fans to explore how it creates value for Harry Porter brand.

    • Word count: 4142
  21. Cleaning Marketing

    Imbs & Mejeans (2008) describes elasticity as the responsiveness of demand to changes that may affect it (such as a recession). Of the domestic service market, 70-75% is dominated by the domestic cleaning industry. The cleaning industry is characterized by small local businesses and franchise ventures. This makes the industry a highly competitive market, with a large amount of company's each controlling a small fraction of market share. They all offer a similar a product with no one company being able to control the price or any other aspect of the market.

    • Word count: 4370
  22. Free essay

    Managing Market

    This company produces products like rubber bands, raincoats and tires. Later in 1922 Nokia partnered with Finnish cable works which produces cables for power, telephones and telephone equipment. In 1960, Nokia entered into electronic market and it started to focus on research and development in semi conductor technology. All these investment made a base for Nokia to enter into mobile phone market. From 1980's Nokia started to concentrate on mobile phone market. And in this century Nokia is one of the largest mobile phone providers. In mobile phone market Nokia have achieved 38% market share.

    • Word count: 3188
  23. Marketing Plan for the Boundary Hotel in London.

    Our clientele focus would be on local corporate client as they are large in numbers and provide frequent business to the hotel. ACCORDING TO BOUNDARY HOTEL BROUCHURE (2010-2011). 1) SWOT ANALYSIS FOR THE BOUNDARY HOTEL FOR ONE YEAR (2011-2012) STRENGHTS 1) Newly renovated 10 suites which are costing around 1,100,000gbp. 2) Close to good attractions and market such as London Bridge and spitalfields market which is approximately 10 minutes walk. 3) Each room with unique design and space of around 37 sqm of each room.

    • Word count: 3119
  24. Paul Smith's marketing in CHina

    Should Paul Smith Ltd. Enter into China? It is important to conduct analysis before deciding even to enter into a country. No doubt that Paul Smith Ltd. has been successful as an international brand of clothing line especially in Japan. In this paper I will discuss and analyze should Paul Smith Ltd. enter into China as the largest market in Asia. I will conduct PESTEL analysis to gauge the attractiveness of the country and if should Paul Smith decide to enter; what are the entry modes that suit the company best.

    • Word count: 3083

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