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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Marketing research for a new hot chocolate drink. Spread-sheet showing interviewees response

    I've always drunk tea ever since I was a nipper, but I like to indulge myself now and again with a nice milky chocolate drink before bed. 3.) Where do you shop for your hot beverages? I usually purchase them at the supermarket when I buy my groceries each week. I've found a nice little coffee shop that sells the beans, I like to ground them and make a proper mug. The smell of fresh coffee in the house last for ages.

    • Word count: 4194
  2. Addidas marketing plan

    The monitoring section provides the guidelines for monitoring of the results of the marketing campaign. 2.External Marketing Audit 2.1 The analysis of the macro environment 2.1.1 Policy: * The alliance between Adidas with Xbox have an effect on sports, lifestyle and video game (Leornardo,2005). * Adidas policy is to control and monitor harmful substance to protect environment and human health. 2.1.2 Economic: * World cup 2010 wills great success for Adidas in term of sale. Adidas expected record sale around 1.5 billion Euro because the last year record sale 1.3 billion Euro [Adidas, 2010].

    • Word count: 3367
  3. Bridgestone internationalisation strategy

    An example of such would be Michelin dealing with environmental concerns further, and therefore promoting environmentally friendly tires, or "green" tires. Among the strengths of Michelin include its globally renowned R&D centers that are known for their quality in research in innovative products and are known to be amongst the top in the world, and are therefore largely financially supported. (Michelin, 2010) Michelins strength of brand and their "Michelan man" logo is a worldwide symbol for quality of product and service. Michelin manufactures aircraft tires and that in itself is considered a competitive advantage over its competitors Goodyear and Continental.

    • Word count: 3534
  4. Build a Bear Workshop Global Strategy

    Build - a - bear workshop operates in the Toy & Hobby Stores industry in the services sector. If we look at the financial data, we can see that BBW does not have any direct competitors. It is the market leader by the revenue growth in the industry, return on equity, and the long-term growth rate (> 5 years) (Yahoo Finance, 2010). Since the opening of its first store in 1997, Build-A-Bear Workshop has been the "developer and leader of the make-your-own-stuffed animal store concept for mall-based retailing" (Business Wire, 2001). Yahoo Finance however identifies the indirect competitors of BBW as Enesco, LLC, which is a privately owned company that collects from collectibles and offers wide variety of

    • Word count: 3162
  5. Rolls Royce-Business strategy

    These operations give a value for the company's business. In response to increased orders from the market due to A380 production will recommence and Boeing787 production begins (Boeing, 2006), the firm implements a strategy towards to the best operations for turbine engine production. Main Strategies in the development of the company World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is one of the broadest philosophies focusing primarily on production (Lind, 2001). Although Hayes and Wheelwright originally defined the WCM term (B. Flynn, 1997) to describe organizations which achieved a global competitive advantage through use of their manufacturing capabilities as a strategic weapon, there is no consistent definition of WCM (Maskell, 1991).

    • Word count: 4194
  6. Strategic Market Planning for Social Media Platforms

    will be approximately $2.5 billion.7 From these statistics, it is evident that companies of all sizes are actively using different social platforms to reach their target segments. However, a shift of focus to social media marketing will bring substantial transformation to a company's strategic planning process. As such, this paper will answer a question that companies should ask when engaging in social media marketing: will it be more beneficial to leverage publicly available social media platforms or to build a platform in-house?

    • Word count: 5678
  7. Walt Disney

    • Word count: 5630
  8. Project on PSO

    The per capita commercial energy consumption in the country is very low at nearly 1/2 of the average of the developing countries. Whereas, the global per capita commercial energy consumption is 59 Giega Joule (GJ) and Pakistan is only 8 GJ. Historically, the country depends mainly on imported oil within the annual growth rate of about 7 percent. The current annual oil import bill runs at about US $ 1.5 billion, which equals nearly a fifth of the country, export earnings.

    • Word count: 4821
  9. Analysis of Target Market, Positioning and Marketing mix of Indian Bike industry

    The two-wheeler industry has been in existence in the country since 1955. It consists of three segments viz. scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. According to the figures published by SIAM, the share of two-wheelers in automobile sector in terms of units sold was about 80 per cent during 2003-�04. This high figure itself is suggestive of the importance of the sector. In the initial years, entry of firms, capacity expansion, choice of products including capacity mix and technology, all critical areas of functioning of an industry, were effectively controlled by the State machinery. A Growth Perspective of the Bike Industry Two wheelers segment has been the most vibrant in the automobile sector.

    • Word count: 10393
  10. LVMH: Strategic Integration and Expanding Brand Dominance in Asia. We will suggest our recommendations on strategic sectors and we will explain why LVMH has to focus on Asian market to guarantee its future growth.

    LVMH and its Environment A. The Luxury Market and its Segmentation 1) Analysis of the Luxury Market: " The Luxury-goods Industry " * The luxury-goods industry has known four different phases since the 19th century: - The elitist industry (19th to mid-20th century) emerged during the Industrial Revolution when major entrepreneurs created exceptional products, reflecting the elitist lifestyle of that time. As business grew more and more important, the reputation for exceptional quality evolved in well-established brands. The customer base became broader as the elites of the world became larger and more diverse.

    • Word count: 6763
  11. Free essay

    Service Marketing gap analysis

    Other backstage activities that are unseen by the customer include a kitchen staff preparing meals and laundry staff washing the sheets. (McColl-Kennedy, 2002) A hotel stay experience is determined by the brief encounters with the front-desk staff, bellhops, housekeeping staff, restaurant wait staff and so on. (Rust, Zahorik and Keiningham, 1996) These people who play an interactive part in the production and delivery of the service may be management, service providers, support personnel or even other customers. As other customers can directly affect how the service is delivered, as well as the overall satisfaction level, it is important for management

    • Word count: 3386
  12. Service Failure Recovery

    There is a focus on the work of Andrew Demind and Ni Deng - their journal article "Can service recovery help when failures occur", Is a valuable source as it gives results of surveys undertaken in hotels where service recovery has been utilized and demonstrates the difference of customer satisfaction both before and after service recovery has been practiced. In essence, once a service failure has been discovered, a clear strategy to recovery is desirable in order to minimise any risk and maximise recovery.

    • Word count: 3856

    If, for example, low price is important, they can buy an inexpensive economy car. If status and luxury are important, they can buy a fancy sedan or racy sports car. Many of our wants are emotional, social, or psychological rather than functional. One way we communicate who we are (or want to be) is through the products we purchase and display. In terms of our economic framework, by adding value to products, advertising contributes to self-interest - for both the consumer and the advertiser.

    • Word count: 4141
  14. Dairy Industry

    The competitive edge it has in the market and the opportunities available in the market. A report provides a comprehensive detail about the product and how it should be launched (marketing mix. A different web sources have been used during the report preparation which are mentioned in the end. Dairy industry in Pakistan Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of milk in the world with a total production of 28 billion litter of milk in a year. With the every passing day, dairy products are becoming expensive because live stock farming has not scientifically grown with the increase in population and also it did not match with the pace of urbanization.

    • Word count: 3016
  15. Renault Marketing Project

    and Renault Laguna (2002) have all achieved runners-up in spot in the competition. Renaults most recent models are well known for their safety, all but 4 of the current models have achieved the maximum 5-star rating by the EuroNCAP crash-test assessment programme. Renault has regularly topped the French car sales charts, fighting off fierce competition from Citro�n and Peugeot. Overseas Accolades Wheels magazine has announced its Car of the Year every year since 1963, with the exception of 1972, 1979 and 1986 when no cars were considered worthy of the honour.

    • Word count: 13422
  16. Marketing Management by Nivea

    The company operates primarily in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and employed about 21,766 people as of December 31, 2008. At present the company has grown to be a global company specialising in skin and beauty care (Beiersdorf, 2009). Nivea is the most famous brand of this company. Nivea is so successful as it always orientates its marketing towards consumers; it invests in Research and Development and is leader in terms of marketing policy because it always tries to proactively anticipates and satisfy the needs of consumers.

    • Word count: 3851
  17. Marketing case study on Cell C in the South African phone market.

    Marketers can choose niche, local or customisation type of marketing (Kotler and Keller, 2006:240-246). Kotler and Keller, (2009:248) confirm that segment marketing consists of a group of customers who share similar set of needs and wants. Cant, Strydon, Jooste and du Plessis, (2007:103) are of a similar view that market segmentation is the process of dividing the total market into segments or a target market of consumers with common needs or characteristics. Longenecker, Moore, Petty and Palich (2006:267) define consumer profile as a collection of information about a customer including demographic data, attitudes, preferences and other behavioural characteristics.

    • Word count: 5425
  18. De Beers and Ethics

    This involves monitoring the internal and external marketing environment of a business. It is in fact the initial phase of planning and facilitates marketers to center on important issues. The word SWOT denotes S-Strength, W-Weaknesses, O-Opportunities and T-Threats. STRENGTHS a) High-class diamonds b) Capable of manipulating prices when selling to manufacturers c) Possess more than 40% of the rough diamond Industry d) Ownership of more than 50% of the US diamond market share WEAKNESSES a) Outlets found only in selected locations b) link to blood/conflict diamonds OPPORTUNITIES a) Discovery of existing new markets in Australia, Middle East and Europe. b) Capable of increasing brand appreciation by intensively promoting De Beers THREATS a)

    • Word count: 3718
  19. The main advantages associated with implementation of co-branding are the possibility of jointly communicating brand image and reputation in a global market where consumers tend to have similar preferences and coherent lifestyles. The strategic cooperatio

    Literature Review In recent years, regardless of mobile industry, car industry or at other industry, co-branding has been widely used by business. Co-branding has become a trend in the future which could extend the company's customers and also benefit the company in long-term. Co-branding could be explained as a marriage, if the company chose the wrong partner that might affect the performance of the company. On the other hand, if the company made the right decision that the partner could benefit the company not only sales performance but also brand image.

    • Word count: 7837
  20. STARBUCKS / COSTA COFFEE: Marketing analysis of two leading brands in the coffee shop market

    Historical Background Starbucks The history of Starbucks began in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, when three partners (Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Brown) wanted to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment. They opened a local coffee bean roaster and retailer. It was successful and things began to accelerate in the 1980's when Starbucks became the largest roaster in Washington with six retail outlets. In 1982 a marketing manager was hired, Howard Schultz and after being sent to Milan to attend an international house wares show, he wanted to test out the concept of selling espresso by the cup.

    • Word count: 5932
  21. Analysis of Coca Cola. Coca-Colas vision serves as the framework for their Roadmap and guides every aspect of their business by describing what they need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

    Around the same time, the company began selling syrup to independent bottling companies licensed to sell the drink. Even today, the US soft drink industry is organized on this principle. Until the 1960s, both small town and big city dwellers enjoyed carbonated beverages at the local soda fountain or ice cream shop. Often housed in the drug store, the soda fountain counter served as a meeting place for people of all ages. Often combined with lunch counters, the soda fountain declined in popularity as commercial ice cream, bottled soft drinks, and fast food restaurants became popular. On April 23, 1985, the trade secret "New Coke" formula was released.

    • Word count: 7126
  22. Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings) Limited (VMEPH) is one of the leading manufacturers of scooter and cub motorbikes in Vietnam. nfluences on VMEPHs making decision for dual-branding strategy

    On the other hand, some definitions have described as a business function and also as a business philosophy. For example Dr. Kotler's (1997): "Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others." according to Marketing concept, online book. Another definition which is provided by Adcock et al is related to 4P of marketing mix: "Marketing is the right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price", following website marketingteacher.com. This is a more recent and very realistic definition that looks at matching capabilities with needs.

    • Word count: 3561
  23. Blackberry Marketing Communication Campaign

    0 APPENDIX Page 40 1.0 Executive Summary Apple has decided to expand its product portfolio and wishes to take the opportunity to use its extensive knowledge in personal computing and portable audio equipment and create a whole new dimension to the Apple company. Here at Apple Inc. we have decided to develop a High Fidelity home audio entertainment system and use the UK as a launching ground with the view to expand into Europe in the near future. We also recognize the potential to have another worldwide must-have such as the iPOD.

    • Word count: 16507
  24. IPad Advertising Plan

    It was essential to carry out detailed analysis about the market environment where the company will operate in. Moreover, clear understanding about Apple Inc. and its main competitors was essential and information needed to be gathered about product portfolio with emphasis being put on the iPad, as it is the product that the campaign was created for. Apple is an American multinational corporation with a focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and software products. Apple's best known products include: the Macintosh line of personal computers, the iPod and the iPhone. Apple who has an extensive experience in the consumer electronics market through the development of computers, laptops, portable media devices and the smartphone has now developed a

    • Word count: 16723
  25. McDonalds Analysis and Strategy

    2. Value Proposition McDonald's Mission Statement is: "to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat" (McDonald's, 2010). In order to do so, McDonald's offer its consumers value in the shape of consistency of quality food, fast service, cleanliness and value for money, better known as the QSC&V. They produce consistent meals in a consistently clean environment at an affordable price as well as delivering a customer experience that has value far beyond good food at a great price. 3. Functional and Symbolic Associations The underlying value of a brand name is often the set of associations and its meaning to people.

    • Word count: 4939

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