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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Dell Computer Case Analysis

    He was the youngest CEO to guide a company to a Fortune 500 ranking. Dell can be described as shy, egotistical, and a terrible public speaker. Fortunately, under Lee Walker, Dell COO 1986-1990, Michael Dell became familiar with all parts of business, overcame his shyness, learned to control his ego, and turned into a charismatic leader. Objectives The main objective of Dell Computer can be best described by Michael Dell himself: "My vision for the Dell community is to become the best in all things we do. And the best, not just in our industry, but across all companies".

    • Word count: 953
  2. Design and Technology Product Analysis : Radio Alarm Clock

    As the radio alarm clocks name suggests it also has a radio. You can program the alarm to wake you up in the morning with the radio. However the volume of the alarm is the same volume as for the radio so if you turn down the volume too much then you will not be woken up. There is also the same problem with the regular alarm where by the volume can be turned down so that you might not be woken up by it. These functions may include weekend sleeper function which means that when it is turned on the alarm clock will not wake you during the weekend.

    • Word count: 1849
  3. Food Technology Project - Low Cost Range of ‘Meals for One’

    From my brainstorm I have identified the key areas to include in my project. Each of these areas have then been developed further in the design brief analysis. Analyse the Problem As a result of the design brief analysis and subsequent evaluation the conclusions reached are: I need to identify a suitable target group that uses meals for one, which are sold from the freezer cabinet; Potential consumers of this product are people, such as students, who are on a low budget............................ Investigation and Research I carried out research using a number of investigative methods including: * Research from food industry related text books, factory product development information, and other media e.g.

    • Word count: 1643
  4. Microsoft's Illegal Monopoly

    Many claim they are using unlawful tactics to monopolize the software market. There has been many law suits taken out against the software powerhouse, thus one of these contain evidence that Microsoft has violated the rights of its rivals. Deseret News author Anne Gearan writes an article titled "Will Microsoft's own words condemn it?" Within this article, she explains how Microsoft's head executive Bill Gates has discouraged Intel Corporation to not distribute a product called NSP (Native signal Processing). This is a computer language that threatens Microsoft's. Gearan says, "Bill Gates had a three hour dinner with the head of Intel Corp.

    • Word count: 1657
  5. Analysis of chosen Product

    A test bed will be created to test one important aspect of the design. There is a variety of products on the market to cater for children's storage equipment, 1) Desk Tidy 2) Mobile storage units 3) Pencil/pen pots With stationary storage it is important for the marketed product to be cheap and enable the product to have economies of sale for large profits to be achieved. The easiest way to achieve large profits with such a product is to use mass production, to cut labour costs. Use the material as economically as possible to reduce wastage material.

    • Word count: 891
  6. Marketing a Nightclub

    I am going to use the Marketing Mix to plan to create a nightclub. I will have to consider all 4 points of the Marketing Mix to have a nightclub, which has all of the points to be successful. Product: The clubs owners will make decisions about their product by Market Research. This is research into the customer, and what they want. If their research shows that their ideas will not work, and the public give them better ideas, they would use these ideas instead of their initial plans.

    • Word count: 2114
  7. Niche Marketing Versus Mass Marketing

    Niche marketing involves a business aiming a product at a particular, often tiny, segment of a market. It is the opposite of mass marketing, which involves products being aimed at whole markets rather than particular parts of them. Tie Rack, Knickerbox and Classic FM are all examples of attempts to exploit niche markets. Smaller firms are often able to sell niche markets which have been either overlooked or ignored by other firms. In this way, they are able to avoid competition in the short run at least. By targeting specific market segments, firms can focus on the needs of consumers in these segments. This can allow them to gain an advantage over firms targeting a wide market.

    • Word count: 564
  8. Information Technology : Developing a Search Engine

    I will do this by putting together a questionnaire, which consists of various questions about the consumer. This will therefore help us to find out about our customer and understand their wants and needs. This will also help us to identify the competition; from my knowledge, our main competition will be ISP's (Internet Service Providers). These will consist of such websites as Yahoo and Freeserve. These are both huge companies worldwide although ours is set up for a specific sample group. As mentioned in Task 1 there are arguments over which outline strategy this school search engine should be.

    • Word count: 3730
  9. Business Analysis of the Game Console Industry

    Nintendo's strategy seems to be based on exclusivity and sequels for established brands. The introduction of optical disks based games is a first for Nintendo, as well as an industry one, and is most likely designed to attract software developers back to Nintendo. 1 Environmental Analysis of Game Console Industry From the advent of inexpensive personal computers in the mid-1980s, or at least since the beginning of the so-called "Information-Age" with the appearance of the World Wide Web as a popular medium of data exchange in the early 1990s, the market for hard- and software has been expanding enormously, equalled during the same period of time only maybe by the entertainment industry.

    • Word count: 4689
  10. Marketing is: buyers and sellers, there are two main types of marketing.

    They need to gather information about consumers' attitudes, lifestyles and preferences, by using data directly published by other people. This also known as secondary information or secondary research. They also use field research surveying samples of the population, this is known as primary research. Businesses have to sell what they product in order to make a profit and survive, break even or make a profit. It is the role of the marketing department to increase the number of goods sold if a business wants to be successful it needs to provide products and services at a price that most people are willing to pay.

    • Word count: 523
  11. Food Technology Project - Low Cost Range of Meals for One

    Analyse the Task The process of analysis of the design brief was a brainstorm of ideas. The result of the brainstorm is represented in the following diagram. From my brainstorm I have identified the key areas to include in my project. Each of these areas has then been developed further in the design brief analysis. 3. Analyse the Problem As a result of the design brief analysis and subsequent evaluation the conclusions reached are: I need to identify a suitable target group that uses meals for one, which are sold from the freezer cabinet; Potential consumers of this product are people, such as students, who are on a low budget; Market Research, find out what's already available on the market, what people like and dislike and the costs already available meals for one.

    • Word count: 4885
  12. Barriers to entry into a market allow firms to make long run, supernormal profits at the expense of the consumer. With the aid of examples, explain the meaning of the term, barriers to entry?

    An example of a sunk cost is the cost of advertising. Unlike things like machinery or transport, advertising cannot be bought again and again. Another example of a sunk cost would be the cost of food. When food is eaten there is no way that you can sell it again. Competitors would think again if they thought about the sunk costs because this is all money that they give but never in the long run get back. However, for something like advertising it is in a way benefiting the company because it is increasing people's awareness of the product, which leads to more profit.

    • Word count: 922
  13. Deviant Science: Hawthorne’s Look at Overstepping the Bounds of Man

    Several years pass and Brand returns one night to his kiln and meets the new lime-burner there. The scene is an eerie one, with the kiln blazing and casting slits of light out of the door into the night. The lime-burner's son is afraid of Brand, something doesn't seem right about him. He has indeed found the unpardonable sin and has now returned to his kiln. The unpardonable sin is never specifically explained by Hawthorne, but it is clear that it involves the quest for too much knowledge. The overstepping of his bounds has led Brand to commit the unpardonable.

    • Word count: 1394
  14. What competitive advantage do companies have over each other?

    Other advantages can be brand loyalty, where the public will buy this product as they have done for a period of time and feel comfortable with it, choosing not to buy any substitutes. Other such advantages, including advertisement, product quality and reputation, also count. Bigger companies, such as Sainsbury's, or Kellog's, don't have to worry so much about having a competitive advantage as much as smaller companies as the scale is much different. So I have decided to carry out my investigation on two small companies, one of which being a family run business.

    • Word count: 1603
  15. Comparisons of Sure and Natrel Deodorant / Antiperspirant Products

    When using the internet I will need to go do different web sites to locate exactly what I am after. My ideas I now have a fair Idea about where I am going to begin my research. My ideas are that I need to take information from both Gillette and Elida Faberge websites to begin with to obtain any information about Sure or Natrel. Even product with indirect relevance to either of these could be helpful because it would give me an idea about promotional strategies and packaging in particular.

    • Word count: 6927
  16. Technology : Evaluation of my Birdhouse

    Again no water got in unless you turned the birdhouse on its side. This brought me to the conclusion the if there was a very strong wind and heavy rain some of the water might get in. So in short I think that I can say that the birdhouse is weatherproof. There was one specification that I didn't meet though. This was the ability to store food. I changed this because I found that I was too pressed for time and the final product would have needed to be more complicated to incorporate a feeder as well.

    • Word count: 690
  17. Management Case Studies

    In this respect the company have to look for an alternative than to directly exporting to Thailand, as there is import duties levied on ad valarem basis or specific rates, which is higher. However it is minimal in case of exports done in Thailand. So the Rollers Inc. may adopts a business strategies in following steps, p.t.o 1- Fierce branding & visual merchandising inside the Thai market as well as similar strategies in the U.S domestic market, after the ROCE is better after the second season of penetrating the THAI market.

    • Word count: 4321
  18. MBA Marketing Assignment - Colonial Candles

    A new product range, centred on the launch of the 'safe' scented candle aimed at the Air-care sector, will take to company forward in its move away from the now aging present range of candles. As a company, the brand name will continue for the next 3 years to be associated with the production of the Emergency Candle, after which the product is to be phased out. The long-term future of Colonial Candles is as a manufacturer of quality hand finished candles that will be sold direct to a variety of retailers for self-branding, and which encompasses the identified target end customers.

    • Word count: 5904
  19. Case study on Rose Toys

    This push along train will be more basic and could be produced in masses. However the owners themselves have to resolve their differences. There are two sons and a father who own the company but one son is trying to convince the other two that changes must be made before the company goes bankrupt. He suggests to them that Rose Toys should get rid of their old styled train and replace it with a cheaper more basic one. But they still believe that sales can pick up again and they seem to be trying to cling onto the idea that fad toys will die out.

    • Word count: 844
  20. Product Case Study : Carlsberg Ice Beer

    And will this product be a long lasting one or is it merely a passing fad? The formulation of the real product, the sales force, production facilities and marketing knowledge, all basic requirements were readily available. Should the company take advantage of this opportunity, or let the competition preempt this market segment? Establishing a lasting product: In order to make Carlsberg Ice Beer a long lasting product the following has to be thought about: * How to create a valid product with recognizable benefits, taste, appearance etc... * Explain the above and convince consumers through advertising and the use of Public Relations program.

    • Word count: 940
  21. Report on the UK Grocery Retailing Industry

    Supermarkets now stock exotic foods that would have been unheard of 15 years ago, and have moved away from the core of food retailing to offer added value to their customers by stocking electrical goods, books, and other non-traditional stocks. In spite of the trend toward broadening the range of goods offered, the industry is characterised by largely homogenous products, and as a result is extremely competitive, with all the major players spending very significant amounts on advertising and marketing in an effort differentiate themselves, and emphasise their corporate identities, in an effort to establish brand loyalty.

    • Word count: 4113
  22. To evaluate the marketing campaign of Pepsi-Cola.

    Pepsi-Cola then became the first American consumer product to be produced, marketed and sold in the former Soviet Union. Pepsi had 49,000 employees In 1975 Pepsi Light was introduced as an alternative to other diet colas. It had a distinctive lemon taste, which offered an alternative to traditional colas. In 1976 Pepsi-Cola becomes the single largest selling soft drink brand sold in U.S. supermarkets. In 1977 PepsiCo passed the$3 billion mark in sales. It also acquired the successful Pizza Hut Inc.

    • Word count: 1215
  23. Analysing the Production Techniques of Golden Wonder

    This chart shows directly how the money spent on advertising and promotion effects sales. As you can see in a branded snacks market the money spent on advertising and promotion correlates very closely to the sales of the products. This is why golden wonder have been increasing there sales and promotion every year to get a bigger hold on the snacks market. Recently golden wonder have only concentrated on promotion for the snacks side of the market and not of the traditional crisps market the reflects the increase in the snacks market and the decrease in the traditional crisp.

    • Word count: 2982
  24. Discuss different strategies which Coca-Cola and Pepsi adopted against each other and their behaviour towards local soft drink producers in Germany, Italy, Japan, France and the UK.

    Theoretical Analysis With Coca-Cola and Pepsi being almost identical products, the market they operate in can be considered to be oligopolistic. This means that there are only a small number of large firms that dominate the market. Why is this the case? Well as Coca-Cola and Pepsi both spend vast amounts on advertising, there are certain barriers to entry for new firms. For example Pepsi spent a whopping $1.9bil. on advertising in 1996. Including the fact that both companies have well established links with other companies such as Coca-Cola's ties with McDonalds and Disney, and Pepsi's with KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (AKA Tricon).

    • Word count: 2179

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